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Hey there wagekeks.You could die right now...
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Hey there wagekeks.You could die right now and the economy wont be effected, but if you were in charge of an organization and decided to shut it down and go NEET, then yes..that would actually have an effect on other people, but if you're just 1 person working within that organization doing wage-kek work you're so incredibly disposable it's not even funny, you're basically a parasite yourself doing some work for someone who actually had the intelligence and ability to build something up. You're really not that much better than someone who sits at home all day or someone that just digs holes.

How do I know this?

Everyone in my family tells me how jealous they are of me. Even my own mother, she works as a lawyer and is on $200,000+ a year and everyday she comes home and says how she wish could just stay home all day and never work again. She constantly complains about her jobs and the people she has to deal with. My father quit his job and is now NEET as well and he fucking loves it. The only reason why my mother wont just quit is because she has built up a lifestyle that she wants to maintain that requires her to continue working, she is too far gone into the materialism meme to actually do something about it and stop.
Wagecucks of the world unite and become NEETs! You have nothing to lose but your chains!

the filter for cuck got removed weeks ago, you can stop saying wagekek now.
>work my ass off all semester
>wish every single day that I was a NEET
>finish semester strong
>get home
>do nothing but sleep, eat, play video games, and exercise
>feel like an utterly worthless piece of garbage after 5 days

It's not all it's cracked up to be

>feeling self-hatred when you aren't slaving away for your boss/slaving away for a degree that will allow you to find a job to slave away at for your boss

Discussion: is wagecuckery a legitimate mentall illness?
it's good if you have a lot of hobbies.
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It's a problem on your end if you are unable to find something fulfilling to do when your not wagecucking.
>He bought the hard work makes me feel good about myself meme
So your mother supports the whole family

Does that make your dad the bitch and you a bitchette?
i know wagekeks and threads like this have become a frequent shitposting meme, but i just wanna point out that i work a real job (mechanical engineer) and literally nothing in these threads applies to what i've seen in industry.

maybe if you're working a shitty retail job, yeah, but that's not a real job to begin with.
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Wagecuck Wagecuck, can't you see? Society doesn't give a fuck about you or me.

Thankfully, after reading the works of the wonderful Ayn Rand, I have learned that there is no shame in simply 'shrugging' the weight of the world off of your shoulder and acting in your own rational self-interest.

Give Atlas Shrugged a read sometime, wagie.
I love how worthless, unemployed omegas think everyone is a menial worker in a gigantic corporation.

It's a reflection of their complete lack of intelligence and imagination that they simply cannot fathom any work that isn't as soulless, boring, and ultimately worthless as they are.

You see, once I got off of school I underwent a shift from always being on a schedule to never having anything to do. This illusion of infinite free time caused me to slack, and drag my ass, and in general not care about when I did what. "Stay up till 3 or 4am playing video games? No problem. Woke up at 1pm? Ah well, I have unlimited time"

I started realizing waking up everyday only to see the sun set is a depressing, horribly depressing, existence. I made attempts at studying the science that interested me, but again "unlimited free time? Why not do X and I'll just do Y later"

If you have found the motivation to be productive as a NEET, I would not consider you a NEET. While you are not working in the sense of earning a living wage, you would be working in the sense that you work to better yourselves.

All the memes: piano bar celebrity, memoir writer, symphony composer...all commendable acts. They all take hard work. People would actually respect these threads if any of these things were actually accomplished.

Until then, we pity you.
Thread replies: 12
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