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What is /r9k/'s opinion of this strange drug?
Have you done it? If so, how many times?
How does it make you in social situations and alone?

>tfw did MDMA crystals alone every second weekend four times in a row
>tfw it lost its magic
>tfw keep reading about neurotoxicity and dunno if it's reversible or not
Four times in a month? Magic is gone forever brah. Surprised you didn't get seratonin syndrome.
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No, two weeks inbetween
But didn't take a fuckload, maybe about 100mg each time
MAPS is sponsoring a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled exploratory pilot study with dose escalation to assess the safety and feasibility of MDMA-assisted therapy to treat social anxiety in 12 MDMA-naive adults on the autism spectrum. This study is also obtaining estimates of effect size based on two experimental MDMA-assisted therapy sessions in comparison to an inactive placebo control group. If the results warrant further investigation, data from this study will be used to design additional studies.

How the hell are you supposed to do it when it's in the brownish rocks like that? Getting it doesn't seem to be a problem, it's all over the DM.

But if I got a shipment of a bunch of brown sugar like that I'd have no idea what to do with it. Like crush it up and snort it? Crush it up and bomb it under the tongue?

I'd prefer pills because it's an easier delivery method I guess.
Just eat a fucking crystal you moron. Chew it with your front teeth and swallow it.
Crush'n' eat or snort.
I like the latter.
Burns like hell for ten minutes, then it's all good.
Wayyy too good.

Enjoy your 2C-b or whatever
Also can't snort pills because of their binding material
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you are only supposed to do it ever 1/3 months senpai.

dont be retarded and read up on it before you try it
i met my gf at a rave (EDC vegas) while we were both high as shit on it. it was a magical experience and we fell in love immediately. we are getting married soon kek
It was much needed in this time period.
Something very uncomfortable happened to me, and it was the cure that time.
here in britbong land at uni I used to crush the crystal to a fine powder which turns white, rip a rizla paper in half and add some of said powder and wrap it up then twist it
We call this technique the MD Bomb
I can tell you I felt more comfortable in the public clubbing environment but still anxious, was always excited to just get home and have a spliff, makes music a lot better combine with weed you have reached euphoria.
I remember me and a housemate were just smoking listening to afroman and the other housemates got back and we all stayed up smoking until sunrise
I miss having social contact 2bh, also miss having a dealer

Another story is I went to see a show alone and had no sleep because to save money I had to get an early train like 12 hours before the show. 30+ of no sleep I dropped about 1/3g of MD half an hour before it started, eventually got inside and I was the most anxious I had ever been (saying a lot, really excited to see my favourite band and MD rushing through my system faster than normal, could have been the isotonic sports drink), had to go back outside, asked for a refund but couldn't and caught the next train home, started messaging my oneitis who I hadn't spoke to for a few years and made a fool of myself, everybody on that train knew I was buzzing my tits off, wasted about 60 quid for a 12 hour trip in liverpool to watch captain phillips
A story for the potential kids as to why not to do drugs
> started messaging my oneitis who I hadn't spoke to for a few years and made a fool of myself
Oh shit
Been there, lad
Happened a fuckload the first five times I took it
It looks retarded if you read it in hindsight, but when you type it, you just do not give a single shit and become naive as fuck.
You faggots killed the scene.
Don't forget to get some gum guys, you could damage your teeth or jaw gurning too hard
i do drugs 3-4 nights a week (mdma, coke, lsd, speed/meth)

mdma is my favorite, i was doing it around once a week

a few weeks ago i dropped lsd then mdma, and then did mdma for the next 4 nights straights with either speed or coke every night

on the 5th night of my mdma bender we (me and my mate) both dropped 5 caps and after the 2nd cap i knew i had no serotonin at all. I took the next 3 caps hoping to feel something but all i got was the physical effect

when i woke up the next morning i couldnt feel anything emotionally, was very strange. My friend on the other hand had really intense depression and felt suicidal for the next week. after that week we were both back to normal, took a week break from mdma and then continued doing drugs

stuffs definitely lost some of its magic, same with coke, lsd and speed most probably because we've built a strong tolerance and of course do the stuff so consistently our dopamine/serotonin reserves stay relatively empty
I heard that chewing gum is actually bad because it encourages your jaw to chew more.
How the fuck do I prevent jaw bruxism?
Tried taking magnesium before the roll but it doesn't seem to work much.
I look retarded everytime I roll because of my clenching face
The scene is always changing
i've been rolling all night, i need to get a medical certificate from the doctors and if i stay up all night ill actually go.

just been playing some csgo
and been listening to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5_sJWCphX9c
Not were I live. Candy ravers and happy hardcore party's every weekend. Only place I've ever fit in.
Coke kills MDMA IMO.
Either it makes you badtrip or it just straightens you up.
I can see speed being a nice redrop thing instead of MDMA since the empathinogenic (or w.e. it's called) gets removed, but you get physical effects.

>stuffs definitely lost some of its magic, same with coke, lsd and speed most probably because we've built a strong tolerance and of course do the stuff so consistently our dopamine/serotonin reserves stay relatively empty
Is that reversible?
If you stayed off MDMA for half a year or so, would everything become back to normal when you roll?
JUNGLIST!!!!! My fucking nigga right here
Used to do it a lot at uni with my socially retarded friends. Was a lot of fun, always did it with weed.

Funny story about a time we went out to a clubnight though.

>first MD in public
>shitting bricks, flatmate has got us in with his huge group of normie friends
>we're talking 20 people split 50/50 man woman
>go for a big bomb because I'm a big boy
>half an hour later
>sweat begins to pour
>sweat everywhere
>face/arms/hair shining in the strobes
>have to sit down
>correction, have to lie down
>hide under pile of coats
>stay hidden until I realise I'm seriously overheating
>somehow float to the bar
>ask for water maybe
>jesus what have I done to myself
>leave before I get a drink
>try to roll cigarette
>hands too sweaty
>friends are staring at me now
>go outside for air
>bouncers staring at me
>kind normie group member gives me a cigarette
>drop it
>get another one
>don't drop it
>teeth chattering like a fucking novelty toy

>Coke kills MDMA IMO.
very true, i try not to mix them and do coke only after i feel the mdma high is gone

>Is that reversible?
i don't believe so

>If you stayed off MDMA for half a year or so, would everything become back to normal when you roll?

i don't really know since i've never taken a break anywhere close to as long as that (longest i've been without mdma is 2/3 weeks).

there are however nootropics that you can stack with your roll to increase the high (Piracetam) which apparently make your roll almost as intense as your first time

i'm considering buying some piracetam just to see if it really does work
Anyone here tried MDA as opposed to MDMA?
How is it?
>hiding under a pile of coats
Kek, nothing causes more panic then to much mdma. I miss rolling
It's trippy and less stimulating. I took at camp bisco 10 during bassnectars set. Every time the lasers hit me I feel down for some reason lol
I'd try 2cb before mdma because of the serotonin issues. I've never met any people with either though, and DNM are too sketchy for me, especially nowadays with the high turnover. Closest thing I've ever gotten to it is 25b and bk2cb.

More because I have nothing better to do.

>speech is spilling out of my mouth like waterfall
>inhale cigarette
>wipe sweat with more sweat
>this carries on for a while, eventually cigfriend goes inside
>My phone tells me about 40 minutes has passed since I started foaming at the mouth
>feels like years
>head back for start of set
>need to sit down again
>need to stand up
>sit down
>hover over the seat to pre-empt next move
>set starts,
>must dance
>entire body becomes sine waves

I don't remember a lot of the set, to be honest. I tried dancing near people for them to leave quickly. Had to go and sit down a few more times too.

>ask for beer at the bar
>bartender laughs at me and gives me water
>don't realise my mistake until I sit back down

lord I am so tired.
I enjoy it
Was never as good as I imagined it would be before I tried it. Makes for a great night with a few friends.

People like to downplay how dangerous it actually is. People who don't even take it that much have gotten absolutely horrible long term comedowns.

The people in these threads have gotten so fucked up from md
File: 1440485789725.jpg (8 KB, 250x189) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
8 KB, 250x189
>try to buy MDMA or ecstasy 10 years ago
>only need a small bit for 1 - 2 doses so i can try to fix my social anxiety
>no one can get it, get called a 'junkie' asking for it
>try getting it from /b/ and nightclubs for a few nights but no luck so i stop
>developed severe problems that could have been stopped in their tracks years ago with a 20 dollar pill and now my life is ruined
>still never tried MDMA or anything other than weed, speed and oxys i found when looking for the MDMA

my cousin was talking about tripping on MD recently and i just had to walk away, knowing that it could fix my problems permanently and this little shit uses it to get high every weekend.
underground communication is good MDMA fuel

Yeah about the pills, that's how I've had "MDMA" before and I'm sure it actually wasn't it, I had a lot and I felt good, but not great.

So I'm definitely doing it on my own if I do it again, order on my own, measure it on my own, do it my own. I said I like pills because it's, in theory easier. I meant I'd like to KNOW it's mdma, like I bought it and someone else pilled it for easy use/transportation.

I've had my fair share of 2cs and I know when I get one as opposed to something real.

I just need a scale. How much do you usually dose to what you buy?
>notice one of my sperg-y friends
>standing mid-dancefloor with his head back
>eyes closed, legs and arms spread
>people dance around him but keep respectful distance
>start talking to people sitting at table I'm at
>not on MD
>every time I say something they laugh
>guy asks me if I can go up and buy him a drink
>tell him I sincerely don't think so
>more laughing
>maybe I'm funny on E
>try to tell joke
>only remember first half
>stop telling joke
>look at my feet
>get out of chair and shake head like dog
>go outside to look for cigfriend
>get nice girl to roll me one from my pouch
>tell her warhammer stories
>ask if she plays
>does not
>hands me cigarette
>goes back inside
>try to talk to people walking past the front of the club
>roll a 1
>"don't talk to me you freak"
>finish cigarette and go inside
>couple I was talking to earlier get up when I sit down
>on my own with the coats

The rest is less interesting. Went back to normalfriends' flat and sat in lotus position for hours while rolling joints and not speaking to anyone.

I rate the whole night like 8/10.
How the fuck do you dance on E without looking like a retard?
It's a great drug. But only if you do it occasionally. Every other weekend is far too often.
You are a fucking moron. Wait 3 months between each use.

Not only are you forever tolerant, I guarantee you have caused long term or permanent brain damage via dopaminergic and serotonergic excitotoxicity, oxidative stress, and possibly repeated brain overheating.

I bet you didn't even take any magnesium or anti-oxidants before or after your roll, did you? Enjoy your brain damage. It might be almost back to normal after 4 or so years, but the tolerance will never fade away without other serious experimental substances.
Anyways I've done it about 8 times by now. Next time I'm going to try candy flipping (acid + MDMA) to up the ante. But MDMA is magical. It transforms me into someone I am not: a happy and sociable person. And somehow I can pick up qt3.14 girls at a rave when I'm rolling
People should be required to take a class before ever using it. It can be used safely, but few people do.
Pretty OK. Makes my jaw hurt so fucking bad.

I candyflipped when I was living at a sober house a couple years ago and almost threw up from laughing so hard. Really fun, but I kept thinking I was cold because my jaw was shivering so hard from the molly, so I was walking around with a blanket on in sticky 95 degree heat. Worth it.
After a dozen rolls over the last couple years I've grown to dislike the brain damage and the high. Mindless happiness for no reason? Nah, I'll take psychedelics over mdma every time desu
I took magnesium.
And is it that dangerous if I took low doses?
Btw it was four times.
Pls halp and be accurate.
How can I fix shit if shit is bad
three times
what the fuck
that'll be that brain damage then
but desu I don't feel much different.
In 'the man who mistook his wife for a hat', Oliver Sacks talks about a man who had a stroke that robbed him not only of his sight, but of all his visual memories. He didn't remember seeing things, and had no idea anything was wrong with him.

Brain damamage is subtle, since it affects your perception AND memory.
That's entirely untrue.
MDMA tolerance falls. It's very, slow, though. Comparable to the length of time required for opioid tolerance to reset back to zero.



>Further studies specifically designed to investigate chronic tolerance, involving low intermittent dose regimens, are required. Most animal research has involved intensive MDMA dosing regimens designed to engender serotonergic neurotoxicity, and this may comprise another underlying mechanism. If distal serotonin axon terminal loss was also developing in recreational users, it may help to explain why reducing subjective efficacy, dosage escalation and increasing psychobiological problems often develop in parallel. In conclusion, there is extensive evidence for chronic pharmacodynamic tolerance to recreational Ecstasy/MDMA, but the underlying mechanisms are currently unclear. Several traditional processes are probably involved, but one of the possible causes is a novel mechanism largely unique to the ring substituted amphetamine derivatives, namely serotonergic neurotoxicity.

>In the observed patients reported experiences MDMA tolerance did fall back to levels where the effects of the drug were comparable to that of the first time they had ever taken it. It's unclear what mechanism MDMA relies on to produce these effects... from the observed results the patients were able to achieve the same level activity of recreational effects after a substantial break.
MDMDA is pure love in crystals, love it ma nikkas.
once every 3 months maximum. Any more than that and you'll ruin your ability to be happy, or make yourself slip even further into a depression
MDMA and house/techno/funk music combined with being around other young attractive people dancing and talking is the only enjoyable thing in life. I'm going to kill myself when i outgrow it.
I dunno, I seriously do not think it occured to me because of the low doses (and it was three times, not four).
But it's for the best that I stay off it for a while either way.
It was meh

I prefer being comfy

Ppl who abuse MDMA are shitty boring people to begin with and lack real serotonin/dopamine release
>tfw enjoy mdma because it makes me super social and happy
>tfw no friends to do it with
>tfw all "raves" here are recorded for some reason and put up online
>tfw no places lets you in if they see that you are rolling even if you are less likely to cause any disturbance compared to the drunks
>tfw one friend I can roll with never wants to meet grills or go outside when rolling
I took MDMA with my best friend of 10 years and we ended up sucking each other off. Things are really awkward now.
>I'm going to kill myself when i outgrow it.
good idea
>tfw European
>tfw can go to free party and teknival innawoods
>tfw there is mostly good quality stuff
>tfw took my first extasy hit listening to gabber while dancing in the mud

Raves are awesome, but fuck, listening to acidcore under the rain, innawood, at 4a.m. while completely fucked up with extasy is one of the greatest thing I've experienced
File: 1452294099083.jpg (157 KB, 623x623) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
157 KB, 623x623
By already knowing how to dance

Literally kill yourself, normie fuckfaces.
Hope you all get arrested raped in prison
Did xtc at hardstyle party. Was pretty dope.
Last time I ever did drugs

>snorted MDMA
>3 tabs acid
>bunch of bong bits of some intense kush

Went to some gay ass EDM set. Came back and played FIFA with my roommate's friend.
I completely left the planet and was flying through some weird universe where planets were flat blue smiley faces.
My FIFA partner turned into this chattering rainbow monkey.
This guy also looks like Elliot, like almost exactly the same.
So after realizing I'm not really in space, I look at him and forget this isn't anon, that's Elliot FUCKING Rodgers.
Started babbling about memes.
Fell asleep.
FIFA dude didn't remember shit.
Now I have hppd
Not worth it
>getting fucked up on mdma to compensate for my shitty life is normie
Sorry i went outside, dont judge me please
I call bullshit. Bruxism and the erectile dysfunction would make that really, really difficult.
>having access to drugs
inb4 muh dnms
>going to raves/clubs
>approaching women

>>LOL I'm just a cyborg
>>not like other normies teehee~

Why do you faggots come here to brag?
Fuck off to literally any other website or forum.
There's an entire 420chan to talk about your degenerate addictions.
There a plenty of other chans and subreddits to talk about all your rad parties, brah

Fuck you
>tfw got so fucked on 25I-NBOMe that I had to go to hospital and be treated for seizures and irregular heartbeat
>still didn't get HPPD
is it that bad?
literally anyone with a chemist and/or internet connection has access to recreational drugs
you will look like a retard, but probably everyone else there will be on md as well so no one will care, least of all yourself
it really wouldn't fix all your problems permanently. just buy it online if you really want it though.
The last time I did ecstasy I felt really bad and had weird seizures. I stay away from this stuff now.
You think i talk to women? Ha, wouldnt that be nice.

>degenerate addictions
I wonder why you dont have friends. Maybe because youre a judgemental cunt?

I get my drugs from the friends i go to the parties with. I cant believe youre trying to make me feel BAD for having at least somewhat of a social life. I have been friendless in my life, but never have i pretended that having friends is something you should be shamed for. Jesus fuck youre pathetic.
Idc what anyone says, 25i is a clean acid imo
Most I ever did was 3 tabs, so like ~3000mg(?).
Trips were always shorter, like 8 hours.
My acid trips were like 13 hours, and I'd still be feeling it for 48.
Doesn't help that I also did shrooms+acid+salvia all in one night.
That REALLY fucked my shit up.
Think I actually did that after the EDM night.
Scared me from drugs forever.
Even hitting a blunt will cause me to have severe disassociation from this universe.

Anyways, like I said, I think of 25i as being a cleaner acid, in terms of time of trip/lingering visuals. Last time I did 25i, my cat scratched me, and I suddenly felt all of his nails scratching the inside of my bones.
Way too intense.
Sorry about your trip.
Fuck acid tho desu
Britbong trash detected
Completely disregarded anything you said.
Enjoy your drugs before Sharia law moves in.

I don't have friends because I'm a bitter narcissistic misanthrope who's only been mocked, abused, and ostracized every time I try and connect with a fellow human.
Fuck you faggot.

>has friends

I'm not making you feel bad for having friends.
You fucking normalfags are always getting offended.
I'm mad that you come here to brag about them.
This board is for loners and autists

Congrats on your faggot friends.
Go to Facebook or Instagram or reddit and brag to other normalfags about your friends.

Fuck you
Fuck you im staying. I didnt know there was an /r9k/ version of "muh sekrit klub". This ones just more pathetic.

When i gkt here i sympathised with robots, because i had at least felt their pain in the past. But i realise that if you act like this, you deserve it. Youre not a victim, youre actovely insulting people who are talking about things they enjoy.

So for any robots out there who arent total cunts, i hope you do well. As for this particular motherfucker: i hope you suffer another decade of depression and then try to kill yourself. But then you fuck it up and youre disabldd for life, unable to even off yourself. You deserve it cunt.
Never said it went well m8, neither of us could get hard even though we were watching some really fucked up porn. It all seemed like a great idea at the time.
>this thread
wtf here in germany we eat up to 30 pills per weekend or snort spontaneously 1.5g after working.
Wow so cool. Also no you dont, unless you want to die fairly soon.
Lmao you can't even spell correctly.
Fucking buttrumbled normalfag.
You sure showed me
>NO, I'm gonna stay right here where no one wants me. It's a free country XP
MDMA is fucking incredible at high doses, probably the happiest/most euphoric 2 hours of your life. Never did low doses, and I've only ever took it at an electronic music event - where everyone else was on it (so dancing like a retard who's put a fork in a toaster didn't look out of the ordinary) wouldnt do a high dose in a regular setting because people will be laughing at you and really kill your buzz.
Why are people snorting it? That is a terrible idea
MDMA is fantastic
i've done it maybe 100 times
makes social situations awesome unless you get to the awkward state where you want to touch everyone. it's okay if everyone else is rolling too.

i love the nasal burn.
Do ketamine instead

You are so fucking retarded.
>>go outside to look for cigfriend
>>get nice girl to roll me one from my pouch
>>tell her warhammer stories
>>ask if she plays
>>does not

My sides
Used to be big into the rave scene and did it quite a bit

It was fun but eventually the magic sort of went away and I just stopped doing it forever

I was -generally- a bit more responsible than most people though, except for maybe one or two times I always waited over a month before dosing again

I know/knew a lot of people who would do it every two weeks and it always made me cringe, literally ruining their seratonin receptors

I was pretty much the only one I ever knew who did their research at least somewhat and wasn't full on "YEA BRO MOLLY IS FINE FOR YOUR BRAIN PERFECTLY SAFE JUST WAIT A WEEK IN BETWEEN 500MG DOSES LOL"
on nye a friend of mine had mdma and offered me some at 5 am i then went to the pub and talked with my friends and also my brother, i rarely see my brother when i go out. but i also drank alot so i just felt really great the entire time

i also forgot that i took it sorta so when it hit me i was like like sheet
initially it gave me euphoria and energy. did not make me want to socialize but rather just chainsmoke cigs

now it just makes me dehydrated and nauseated. waste of $ and time desu.

however no drugs make me social, especially alcohol so take that with a grain of salt. i've been looking hard for a social drug but i think i'm just an extreme schizoid and will only ever feel comfortable in solitude
I mostly dislike it
Pure mdma is not that great
I did like 120 milligrams of supposedly good MDMA and felt next to nothing. I don't really care enough to give it another shot when I could just get opiates.

Enjoy your brain damage. Use drugs responsibly, fucktard.
Piss off fucking junkies reeeeeeeeeeeeeh
i'm pretty sure all the MDMA I've taken has been cut with speed. I' m an anxious person to begin with so that probably has a lot to do with it.

the first time I tried it I was with my boyfriend. we were at this point where I had fallen in love with him and I wanted to tell him and he had been anticipating it but he wasn't sure how he felt

we took mdma

instead of making me feel good and affectionate, it made me really REALLY fucking anxious, grimey and I couldn't sit still

I was gonna wait til I came down to be lovey dovey with him but he was feeling anxious too so he wanted to talk about how I was feeling. kinda tainted the whole confession of my love but whatever

later I tried it again when we went to a show. made me anxious and when I was coming down I had these feelings of doom, like I was looking over at him in a taxi cab and just thinking "our relationship is going to fail". it was totally unprecedented, no reason to feel that way. I started to panic that our relationship was over now because I wouldn't be able to continue being in love with him knowing now that our relationship would end, I was terrified to say anything about how I was feeling

when I woke up the next day I was totally back to normal

tried it again later. it must have been better stuff. It did make me a tiny bit anxious but I suppressed the anxiety pretty well, although I've noticed when I'm on MDMA I have this feeling like I'm going to say something that's not true and ruin my relationship. I pushed that in the back of my head and we went for a long walk and it felt really good. Like I've never been on a walk where like every step was enjoyable, just the feel of my feet hitting the sidewalk was enjoyable.

I've decided not to do mdma anymore because there's nothing really there that makes me feel like it's actually worth the fuss.
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