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> Be me
> Freshman year of HS
> At new school, don't know anyone
> On the 3rd or 4th week, meet some qt3.14 who has similar interests, etc.
> we talk for a while
> end up becoming really good friends
> about 3/4 through 1st semester
> Play vidya together basically every day after school
> develop a relationship that is genuine
> December
> Enter trashy, douche I had a rivalry with
> We'll call him J
> a few days before winter formal, ask grill to dance
> get the typical "I want to stay just friends with all my male friends... even J"
> Don't speak to her for two weeks straight
> Sit next to her in commons every day, but don't say a word

> This builds on top of already crippling depression
> Think of suicide literally every 30 mins or so

bump, or something.......
just dump this shit, I get off to people more robotic than me

half chub
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why ask for cont you stupid dumb fuck, if you wanted this thread to get more then my reply then dont be a useless fucking retard

pic related, its a better place for you
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OP Here
Yes, I know I'm a dumb fuck, why do you think I'm here?

> School resumes early January
> Later that month, we start talking again
> She seems different before
> She's more kind, and a lot more touchy-feely
> After another week or so, she asks me out
> allofmywut.exe has stopped responding
> being the lonely fag that I am, I say yes
> for the first time in my life I'm actually happy
> For the first time, I have someone who cares about me
> after about a month of happiness, relationship goes downhill
> we talk less
> see each other less
> breakup happens a few weeks later
> devastated that I'm back to being friendless
> don't speak with one another for a long time
> nearing final weeks of second semester, we start talking again
> we begin having a great purely platonic relationship
> she starts listening to all the music I do, and things aren't too bad

Will cont
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Part 3
> Partway into summer
> I leave for boy scout camp (Yes, I'm this much of a fag)
> 10 days in hell survived
> come back
> text messages are blowing up
> mfw 58 unread messages
> all of the messages are of her going fucking batshit that I'm gone
> text her back
> ohfuckwhatisgoingon.gif
> she responds kindly and really nice
>she starts coming on to me again
Been there done that.
i am listening
Part 4
> finally get back from that long bus ride
> mom greets me with a smile, takes my bags
> she's being unusually nice/happy
> even volunteers to do my laundry without a fuss
> "there's somebody waiting for you in your bedroom"
> whattheactual.png
> open the door
> get on the floor
> everybody walk the dinosaur
Oh u fuck...
Thanks for the kek in these hard hours anon
Part 4
> later in summer
> getting ready for road trip to go see a bunch of concerts
> Literally night before I leave, I'm texting grill
> talking about my depression
> tell her what it's like
> she thinks I'm suicidal
> tells me to contact the suicide hotline
> nope.webm
> a few hours later
> receive massive wall of text
> written by her dad
> basically trying to coerce me into giving up my personal information so they can contact suicide prevention and "get me help"
> refuse
> get yelled at
> her father says that I won't be able to talk to her anymore
> she blocks me
> she refuses to talk to me
> get back from road trip
> school starts again
> German class
> Of course, due to similar last names, she gets seated behind me
> goddamn it
> don't speak a word until 2nd week of school
> before class starts
> she taps me on the shoulder
> asks "how are you"
> respond by telling her to never speak to me again
> she stormed off, and we haven't spoken a word to one another
> enter the modern day
> mfw I haven't spoken a word to her in over two years
> mfw when she stole my style and dresses like me, listens to the music I do, and does all the same shit I do
> she begins to have more friends
> she steals my already minuscule friend group away from me
> I see her every day in the halls and library
> my best friend is now my worst enemy, and it was all my fault
> I now want to kill myself every day
OP here
This is fake OP. Fuck what this guy says. He's probably a skeleton anyways.
I wish it were true though
She overstepped when she got her dad involved
>after about a month of happiness, relationship goes downhill

gonna need more context, what the fuck did you do.
OP here
I don't have any idea. It kind of seems like she lost interest. Either that, or she now knew that I was a totally depressed, suicidal fag and didn't want to be around that anymore.
fuck her and her dad. you confide in someone and they try to imprison you. what grade are you in now?
Senior/Grade 12
Be depressed no-longer. Come chat with us.

There's this smartphone application that behaves like a two-way radio. You connect to a channel number, and talk to whoever is on the other end. I really like the idea of sharing the channel number on a message board and talking to people
from all over the world. It is
really interesting talking to anons IRL.

The application is called 'Two Way: Walkie Talkie' and is available for Android and iOS.

Be conscious that others may be listening to your conversation. Be careful what you say - don't reveal your exact address or anything like that.
Be aware the app is fairly buggy and you should expect it to crash on occasion. Force-stopping and re-entering the app usually provides a solution.

>The channel number is 757575.
i felt like ending it around that time too. unfortunately i choked because someone messed up my plans.
OP here
Thanks, but I'll nah. I have social anxiety, and talking on the phone with other anons is just too much for me.
> implying this is a genuine offer, and not a shill
I'm flattered, but sorry
I know how you feel. Gotten cold feet 3 times, botched it once.
This is a genuine offer.
Btw you can just listen in.
>be me
>finish 1st semester of 1st year uni
>3.5gpa in business
>they were all courses that were general buisness, not related to my major (accounting)
>first day of accounting class 2nd semester
>prof goes extremely fast nearly done chapter 1
>half the class already took accounting in high school
>hate everyone and want them to fail, fully believe they need to all die for me to succeed
>I hear the prof with sounds coming out of her mouth but i can't hear her, just sounds coming in
>have an anxiety attack for the first time in my entire life, lasts 5 hours
>made me reevlauate if i ever had an interest in accounting or because my parents would cry if i switched
I know that feel, anon.
Is the microphone just passively on, or is it a "push to talk" thing? I have a problem with microphones just being perpetually on.
it's push-to-talk.
Thanks, anon. I might look into it. It's nice to have people who aren't complete chads everywhere
how do you know that feel?
Dont change that frequency anon.
I can't guarantee nice people or good conversation btw. But I'm pretty fucking nice.
My HS has you pick a track that is supposed to specifically prepare you for a specific major or set of majors. I'm talking all IB classes on a humanities track.
im guessing you are either south east asian or an autist, i know you prob heard this 100x but you really don't need ib, why are you working yourself like that for humanities? no flak just curious
i didn't read any of this shit after the highschool part.

OP is still in highschool or something?

fuck off. you don't know what true despair is until you're alone, sick, on the verge of homelessness, and mommy and daddy aren't there to save you.
Where I live, the IB history and language classes are taken as dual credit through a local university. I take IB Chemistry and math because I have nothing better to do, and want to challenge myself. (I'm a fag, I know)
are you afraid of getting burned out? I didn't think i would be one of those people that quit uni, but i just realized theres more than one way to leave. Drop out cause you're stupid as shit, or drop out cause you are a socially awkward mong with the maturity of a 5 year old
My mom holds a masters, and my dad has 2 masters and a PhD, so high academic achievement is something that was instilled in me since birth.
Well robots, it's been fun. I have an IB oral presentation to give tomorrow, so I'll see you later, space robots.
You can start over, OP. If this is the shit hand you were dealt you can throw it all away and draw some new cards for your life. You can begin again. You can rebuild.
>bullshit high school drama: the post
man up you colossal faggot, who gives a shit if people dont like youn it aint the end of the bloody world

You're a fucking senior. It's insipid to place any value on your high school popularity when you're going to graduate in six months. Actually critically analyze what your problems are, instead of using this dumb bitch as a scapegoat.
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Thread images: 6
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