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You will never have a girlfriend you grow...
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> You will never meet each other at a young age, both innocent.

> You will never grow up together, learning hardships while still being together.

> You will never have the innocence of a first love that says yes.

> You will never also have your first girlfriend to be the one you marry, at an innocent early age.

> You will never die together with your childhood QT gf who was also your first and only lover.

> You will never enjoy the ignorance of what it's like to be rejected, and stop being yourself just to get a date. Let alone sex, let alone GF let alone wife let alone love.

> You will never have a GF who's there from the start. While you're still developing.

> You will never experience what it's like to have a relationship without having to seek online for approval or tips.
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> By the time you get a legitimate temporary GF, both of you are jaded as fuck.
> You will never have the clear conscience of not wondering if they have an ulterior motive.
> You know your time with them is temporary, in 5 years the other will forget your name.
> You are the 30th guy she said she loves you to, and might not even be the last.
> You didn't go to prom together, she wasn't there at your graduation, and she definitely as fuck wasn't there when you struggled.
> You will never get the feeling of what it's like to start from the bottom with your QT childhood innie GF helping you out.
> You will never be her first at anything, anything she tells you could've been told to the previous 29 guys (plus the ones that didn't count)
> You will never be able to experience this alongside a group of friends who you hang out with often, because they're wagecucked.
> You will never experience this innocent love alongside all your other friends who also have qt childhood girlfriends you grew up with.
> You will be 25 years old, with completely new friends mostly online and the others you have to make an appointment with.
> You will never know what it's like to never have to cry alone, to have someone make a sacrifice for you.
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> You will never have a love that's so strong they're willing to stay by your side even if you ended up disabled.
> You will never have a QT bf that stays near you even when you're not having sex, he still listens to you without coming off as desperate.

> You will never have a boyfriend who could've picked thousands of other women, yet chose you.
> He is only with you because he literally couldn't find anyone else, you will never know if he'd stay by your side if he had options.

> You will never have an ambitious boyfriend who doesn't play video games or shout anime memes.
> You will never have a boyfriend who can financially take care of you enough to start a family.

> You will always have to worry if you're just a practice GF, or if your boyfriend would've dated you if you were no longer young & pretty.

> You will never know what it's like to have someone genuinely interested in you as a person.

> Your hobbies/opinions & interests have literally no impact on the partners you find.

> Everything about you is decided from birth, your genetics and there is nothing you can do about it.
Sadly life isn't like fiction, son.

Plus, why begin dwelling on opportunities that never existed to start? If you can effectively communicate these type of concerns to your partner, finally finding the one person who wants to burden themselves with your woes and vice versa, then that makes it all the more while than these circumstantial situations you draw out from cartoons.
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fuck this thread and fuck you too op
>tfw I moved around too much to know anyone from childhood through adulthood.
Fairly certain I'll lose my virginity to a prostitute. Not sure if I'm setting the deadline at 20, which is soon, or 21. Either way, at 21 I will not be a virgin. I hope sex turns out to suck, so I can forget about women at least for a bit.
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I don't really know how to react. I never had a choice.
It's not all that great. Friends you had as a kid fade away. Some you still speak to, but the bond is changed and often more distant and water down. The reality is, as you grow up friends will not stay except for a lucky few. Making new friends every so often is your best bet.
Had a childhood friend at around 15, played MMO's together, she left the state. We dated for 6 years online into adulthood.

I broke up with her, had an addiction and she was supportive of me and I felt bad. I knew deep down she was unhappy but she was insanely loyal, and it was taking forever for us to meet up again to the point I just broke up with her thinking it'll get nowhere.

Today I rejected a girl who wanted to start a family with me just because I felt absolutely nothing from her. I have ZERO desire of commitment to people I haven't grew up with.
I'll never fall in love with a woman again, it's too late in life for that to happen.

Its been many years since I broke up with her and I still think about how happy I was back then being around people I knew since the beginning.

A lot of you robots think that if you just had a girl approach you, you'll be happy.
Wrong, you just want to lose your virginity or you just want to stop feeling lonely. It's impossible to fall in love with people late in life. They were never there for you from the beginning, you made it this far without them.

You will never experience the innocence of them being there when you need them. Women only appear when you no longer need them in your life (acquired money, house, status, toughened up and learned to stop being desperate.)
Past the age of 25, a woman can only give you sex, not love.
>falling for the "I'l love you forever bit"

oh anon
I lie to myself, thinking that getting a relationship or sex will somehow make me happier. Mostly because I can't stand the thought of being unhappy even if the one thing I'd actually want doesn't bring me happiness. I have no other goals or aspirations. It's a defense mechanism for me.

I'm 19, so I'm still young. But the time of carefree times are over, so I'll never even come somewhat close to that ideal of falling in love and spending all my time with that girl. I doubt I'd even have time for or want to put the effort into a relationship.

Sorry, I feel like shit tonight, anon
damn man, it takes a lot for you to say that from such a perspective at that age.

I just been feeling jaded today, finally had a girl interested in me, and I realized that I felt nothing from it. Yet the days before I been begging to get laid, the year before I was begging for a relationship.

They show up when you're a Jaded broken robot.
Life's not fair. I would be happy right now if a woman showed up earlier in my life, not wait till I go through hell 10 times and back.

I really believe there's a time limit, if you don't find someone past then you're going to remain bitter forever.
Yeah, I almost psycho-analyse myself the way that some people psycho-analyse others. In a way it keeps me from lying to myself. On the other hand, it doesn't stop the shitty thoughts and behaviours, it just makes me aware of them. Sometimes I wish I were naive for just a few years more.

To have a girl interested in you that you feel nothing for seems alien to me. I'm so fucking lonely that I can judge a girl as being some weird bitch who I could never be with, then once she talks to me I still wonder "does she like me?". Probably loneliness.

I hope you find a girl who you care for and who cares for you, anon, I truly do. Life's not fair, but that also means that you could get more than you deserve. Luck is what I'm hoping for, and maybe we all should be.

My parents met after 25 I believe, so there are exceptions. But I don't think they had the whole typical romance shit, they're just too realistic, pragmatic and intelligent for that.

I'll drink away my sorrows tonight. Cheers.
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this is an impossible pipe dream in the world of hookup culture, globalism, tinder, etc. this doesn't exist in the western world, you'd have to be born in some desolate shithole in Kazakhstan for it to be true. there are no such thing as villages now in the west. women can fuck whoever they want, whenever they want, even if they already have a partner. it's their choice and they use it to the full extent.
listen. 3d women are natural whores. they are unfaithful and absolutely will always give up their pussy to as many men as possible. they love to be dominated and won over. everything in your post is a fantasy.
3d is shit. 3d is shit and always will be. even if you have a childhood friend you've known since you were kids and date for years, she will some day find someone else. these women, they get off on the idea of cheating. it makes me sick to my stomach, but it's true. there is no real woman who would never cheat. you have two options from here:
-accept it and use the knowledge that women are whores in order to fuck as many as possible to satisfy your animalisitic instincts
-refuse to participate in the game. withdraw completely and resign yourself to a pure and fantastical world of 2D.
make your choice, i've already made mine.
You could make a case for withdrawing yourself from the game, essentially choosing delibacy for whatever reason, but for Christ sake, just jack off to porn. Don't get into this 2D bullshit, don't be like one of those faggy romantic sonnet writers of 300-400 years ago.
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well i'm incapable of falling in love so it's fine right? i just prefer 2d as a whole, everything is perfect about the girls.
If you can't love, then shit, you got it made in my book.
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Do you think these threads/discussions cause people to commit suicide?

Are we contributing to the death toll?
No, discussing your shitty feelings makes you feel better, at least for a bit. Maybe one or two hopeless dudes off themselves, but this is a place for me to express my feelings without it having any repercussions. Also no therapy bill.
Oversexualization from a young age is the quickest way to destroy a society. Western world is in figurative flames and the train has no breaks. Hope was cast off and left to drown long ago.

Nice trips.

No, that's not the case - at least for me. Baww and feels threads help me release all the pent-up emotions I have, and I feel better afterwards.
I'd give you a hug if I could, anon. We might hate each other if we met irl, but right now we share these feels. Makes me feel happy, at least for a little bit.
Clannad is the one thing that can always make me cry, like really cry for a while.

Thanks, friend anon.


Katawa Shoujo makes me cry.
What's really dangerous though, is when you see personality traits of said 2D characters in real life people. Boners in public are not acceptable.
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Nothing in this world makes me as sad as this, I will never experience young love
It's too late for me
File: REEEEEEEEEEEE.gif (2 MB, 500x270) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Okay, well, thats your own experience anon as well fault. For many anons to come who luck out with that opportunity, we have to look forward to meeting quirky women who will see past the bullshit we tend to see. The redshilling and blueshilling shit.
File: sorryRobots.png (667 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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OP here, sorry for making this thread robots, I started crying today and didn't want to suffer alone. Had to take some of you down with me.
I cried as I typed it all.
File: 8984.gif (619 KB, 500x280) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I was already feeling worse than ever! Why would you do this to me?!
It's alright, mate, we've all been like that.

Share some more, and I'll read them all.

I need to have my monthly cry, or I start bottling everything up and lose it like I dis in Army basic.
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these two were high quality and hit me with the early morning feels.

the writing style suddenly changed, along with a poor choice of music especially with an anime that has numerous different songs. Probably some "fembot" wrote this last one, its absolute shit and you should fuck off.

>you will never experience young love
>the only thing you'll be loved for is your social status and job
>you will never find actual love that is as pure as one you grow up with
File: 1449638205054.jpg (17 KB, 285x279) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Angel Beats
Just no.
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What makes them sad is that you know they're literally impossible of happening to you at this stage in your life.
There is no possibility of the faintest bit of hope of them occurring, it's a feel that's too late to feel.

Then the second post is there to tell you about what to look forward to, which sounds depressing as hell.

The 3rd is for women, everything is their CHOICE, they choose not to have a boyfriend that they grow up together with so the only thing they can be sad about is their inability to lock down Chad.
I used to, it was pretty great being each others' first everything.
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I don't get these feels at all anymore.
It's a nice sentiment but it's just pure fantasy.

I hope all of you can move on one day and stop feeling depressed over our mediocre reality.
Ran into a woman that told me everything I wanted to hear from a woman, then she takes a 180 and says she's not looking for love, LIKE SERIOUSLY?

She just told me that she almost killed herself cause no one loves her.

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