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Anyone almost get their oneitis here?

post your story...
not really oneitis but pretty much the cutest girl on my old school imo... she looked pretty much like this blond girl with glasses from this picture i saw a lot here but forgot to save )=
>be me
>end of 13. class
>theres one last party behind the school
>we had a few partys with most people of our year
>she's there the first time
>we burn our papers and shit
>drink enough to grow balls
>somehow end up talking with her her fat friend and 2 friends of mine.
>later end up talking just with her
>she's cold so i say i could get her my jacket from my backpack that lies around somewhere
>find backpack
>too drunk at this point
>fall asleep on my backpack
>later got woken up by some ginger
> she's gone
>never saw her again
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> 18 or 19
> see girl on facebook
> shes a 7 but shes an 11 to me
> turns out shes joined our friendship group through a friend
> see her in RL and instantly fall in love
> shes shy, cute, mysterious, funny, sexy, honest, cold and kind of broken, but warm hearted too
> we hit it off really well
> deep convos, flirting, laughing every night
> always excited to go out just to see her
> everyone says we're so coupley and cute together
> talk on the phone at like 4am
> spend about 5 random nights together over the whole summer
> really intimate kissing, cuddling.. (no sex cause im an awkward virgin, scared what she'll think)
> raving about her to all my friends
> one night we're out and i decide to ask her out "just as a formality"
> shes surprised and acts like iv said something CRAZY, she says "were just friends"
> i cry, she comforts me outside and we hug for like 20mins
> i say its ok
> its not ok

it irreversibly fucked me up to fall so hard in love for the first time, be made to believe it was real and then find out that the joke was on me all along.. i was made to believe that it was my fault as well, that i had the wrong idea, a crazy imagination, was too clingy.. but what other idea could i have!?

the worst thing is iv had no closure. shes still in the friendship group and i have to pretend to be casual with her.. if she says or does anything nice toward me i feel things again and its like kicking a hurt dog all over again..
found her... first pic on google i saw... sorry .__.
I'm getting too old for this meme shit.

When did "JUST" become a thing and what does it mean?
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thank you. the internet is becoming full of nigger tier memes. Im 19 and I dont even get this shitty ass pic in OPs post.
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Lurk more newfags.
>About 14 years old
>Crush on girl
>In hindsight, she was 7/10 at most
>Talked to her fairly often
>Seemed pretty interested, though I wasn't really aware of it at the time
>One day during P.E. me and some friends decide to act like a bunch of hyperactive jackasses for some reason
>Literally hear her say "So this is who you really are?"
>Pretend not to notice, too caught up in the moment to think about it
>Later realize I fucked up
>She gets more and more distant
>While I was focusing on her, one other girl straight up asked me if I wanted to go out with her, but I was too shy and still had my eye on that one girl, so I awkwardly refused
>Teacher had assigned seats, had to sit next to another girl all year
>Got really close by the end of the year (she hugged me but I froze up and didn't hug her back),
>Again I was stupid and only had my eye on that one girl
>Passed up on two potential gfs and ended up with nothing
If I had a time machine I'd go back and punch my past self hard in the face repeatedly.
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This one's kind of funny. The very last oneitis I had was with a girl I didn't even know--a camwhore named lizzie higgs. She used to come on here and quietly post pictures of herself.

I found her on some dating site. For some reason I decided to make an account and friend her, despite there being, like, 50 other dudes on her friends list. Later on the same day I decided to delete my account.

I felt embarrassed having done that. I never got oneitis after that.
My oneitis is on this one
I think the girl I like likes and repects me, but doesn't find me attractive. Does that count?
>be me, 14
>met girl on Facebook
>thick 9/10
>We hit it off
>We really like each other
>become really close and start talking on the phone
>she lives close by so we arrange to meet
>I bring my best friend along because we go everywhere and do everything together
>big mistake
>INSTANTLY falls for my friend, not me
>so close to first irl gf
>a couple years later, after they've dated and broken up, we hang with her again
>wanted to see if she'd fall for me this time
>had to watch her sit on his lap and be all over him
>we''re a manlet pair so it looked really weird for them to be like that
>towards the end of our play date,once again, I had to suffer and wait not 10 feet away while they make out behind someone's house

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