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If Hostess clubs were a thing in West, would...
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If Hostess clubs were a thing in West, would you go to one?
>Hostess club
You mean strip clubs where the girls never get undressed?

No thank you.
None of those women are really that special. I mean a few of them have nice soft features but a lot are kind of... jaunty.

Not worth giving money to keep company with /10

Not that I've ever, or ever would, pay for sex / company / etc.

>only get massages from licensed and professional individuals in chiropractic clinics for the sake of deep muscle working and relaxation with no preference for the female gender

Feels nondegenerate, man.
No. Hooters is terrible on every level.
exactly what I came in here to say
Ah buymedrinkie girls. I kinda sit on the fence on this one. Like most things they have their ups and downs. I've actually "dated" one before. I'll green text story if anyone is interested.
I'd rather hire an escort. hostess clubs are for businessmen with cash to spend desperate for affection since they don't see their wives but don't want to cheat, either.
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I'm interested enough to wait

Not all hostess clubs are above board, or places rich people go. Some are legit hole in the wall bars, with girls on the payroll. Some might as well be brothels or strip clubs.
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>You mean strip clubs where the girls never get undressed?
>No thank you.
Strip club you can't touch?
Strip club where you pay to be in a room where everything smells like smoke, booze, and old man ass full of horny ass fat old men all getting off to 1 girl dancing and slowly stripping?

Or would you go into a nicely air conditioned pub/restaurant. Have a bunch of fancily dressed and nicely groomed girls greet you. Pick out a few that you want (or more if you're with m8s) and have them talk, flirt, and entertain you while serving you drinks too? Also you can touch to a certain extent (sometimes they touch you).

Both don't offer sex and each are different. Strip club is to see stripping, hostess clubs are for drinks and entertainment.

Pretty much how I feel about strip clubs.
Probably not.
Would probably go as a one time thing or if the m8s wanted to go for some occasion.
I live in Canada and a lot of the strippers are escorts on the side and a lot do offer sex or sexual acts on the side tbqh famiglia
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Hawaii has theses. They are very similar to clubs in Asia. I mean who doesn't want a semi attractive girls to talk to?
>be me 19 marine in oki
>the closest off base bar was a hole in the wall hostess
>my squad presses me into going
>find out these girls don't do extras(at least in site) so they won't end up on the ban list
>visibly not having a good time but drinking hard
>buymedrinkie girl comes over
>qt but far from the best in the bar
>buy her a drink and get to chatting
>legit start to lust after her
>look on her board and see she is about 4 drinks to quitting time

Now a pro in the scene would know you should be finding out if she does extra and how much is her personal price, before a buy out. Let's just say I wasn't a professional.
>say fuck it and buy her out
>we leave and she ask where I wanted to go
>I ask her where her favorite spot is
>she takes me to carryout place then we go back to her bunk

They are mostly foreign(flips, thai, korean) and live in a big room separated by sheets. 20 or so girls and I notice in the only dude there.

>we talk until I pass out, to scared to even ask for a bj
>next morning I find out I'm not supposed to be there and get kicked out by some old bitch
>next night I go back to the bar sober and my girl gets my number and tells me to leave the bar
>she calls me later and asks to meet up
>we hang out eat and watch TV for a while she leaves but gives me a peck when she leaves
>this continues for a couple of months, a couple of nights during the week, and me and her would stay at one of my friends house on the weekends
>never full on sex but some foreplay tier stuff
>one night she finally gives it all the way up
>the next morning she tells me she is leaving
>tried keeping in contact but lost it after a while

They generally work in 3 month shifts and then travel to the next country or city, to keep the girls fresh.
>I live in Canada and a lot of the strippers are escorts on the side and a lot do offer sex or sexual acts on the side tbqh famiglia
No shit. Canada ain't some special snow flake.

But they don't escort or offer sex when they are AT THE STRIP CLUB senpai
I thought about going to a male host club if I ever take a trip to Japan but a while ago I watched a documentary about one that was really depressing. It seems more like a place people (ie female sex workers) go to just to get shitfaced and feel appreciated, and the guys get pretty wrecked from it too.
Yeah they will. They will prop you while at the club, and tell you to meet after their shifts. Some rauchier clubs, do it on site. You'd be surprised at the upstanding citizens that own operate or work at these places.
They won't. And even if they did you would be paying more than you have to.

Cover if they charge any.
Drinks if you want any.
Lap dances to get to the room.
Tips for strips.
Extra for extras.

If you want to fuck just call an escort and avoid the old men farts and sleaziness of the strip club.
A lot of girls don't drink heavily, while working from my experience. Most times you're paying for a $20 grapefruit juice with maybe a little alcohol. Some of their quotas are in the hundreds of drinks a night.
Oh I know the cost alone can be terrifying of doing it, but a drunk man and his money is easily parted. Even though a lot of the low tier clubs that do it, the women sometimes work for drugs. It's not what most guys go into a strip club looking for, but can easily end up into. My brother is a bouncer/doorman at a less than respectable club and has seen it many times.
I'm not sure why you are so insistent on this.

I already stated it's possible but not worth the time/effort for the experience(rather bad).

What are you trying to get across? My original point is that strip clubs are different from hostess clubs which offer different things.
(i'm pretty sure if you paid enough you could get some at certain hostess establishments)
Makes sense if they're doing a lot of business and need to avoid any serious damage or getting too drunk. In the documentary the male hosts talked about how they'd occasionally binge drink/chug bottles during days with the big spenders and that they'd have to throw up inbetween customers to be able to do it again.

I wouldn't even want to drink, just have someone to talk to and joke around with. But the drinks are what get them the most money.
You're original statement is false, because it does happen, and frequently depending on the establishment. Whether it's worth it or not was never part of my equation. Even your statement about hostess clubs is wrong because I've been to quite a few, where the entertainment might as well been a stripper. These places don't follow some imaginary rules, when some barely follow the laws.
>You're original statement is false
My original statement is correct. Strip clubs are for stripping and not sex.

Rather I tire of arguing with your hypothetical situations and made up stories.
The only thing tiring is your obvious non experience in either a strip club or a hostess club but talking in definites like you know everything. Yes in theory they are for what you stated, in practice it can be a whole different thing.
Greentext time /r9k/, I never got to do one of these so excuse me if it's shit

>be 20
>in China, pretty shitty city visiting a friend
>decide to go to one of these clubs
>it ll be my first time ever, kind of a strange feeling
>head out, they already got 2 regular chicks they go to check them out
>we enter the club, literally like 40 women turn their heads and look at us
>some of them are great some of them are okay, no uglies, but i know they got a shit ton of makeup on and i was a bit drunk
>friends sit with their girls
>they ask me if i want one
>say no, just wanna check out the place a bit
>there was one milf like 2 tables ahead of ours she was a literal 10/10 fucktoy
>just check her out all night and drink, gets nowhere

To be cont..

>a few days later
>decide to go to another hostess club
>same crew we go again after a drink or two
>different set of chicks this time
>i get this random woman sit next to me
>pretty hot actually, looked a lot like rihanna, same tan and side of the head shaved
>turns out to be cuban
>pretty boring girl but i get to touch her legs and shit
>not allowed to do shit except for touching arms and legs
>she doesnt touch you at all
>she got up for a dance at the stage
>apparently im supposed to send her flowers which cost like 30-40 bucks
>sent one
>she came back, text on her phone, she replies "im at work"
>she got back up for another dance
>sent another flower
>end of the night approaching
>drank like a bottle of tequila on my own almost
>say fuck it and ask her for a fuck
>i ask you wanna go home
>she goes "to have sex?"
>i say why not, pretty retarded now that i think about it
>she goes ah no i dont do that with anybody, kinda belittles me since she s a lot older
>fuck it i tried
>go out, head out to a massage salon
>call for the masseur i managed to fuck a couple of days earlier
>she wakes up from her sleep apparently, we get on with it
>gives me blowjob, i try to fuck her again but she s against it
>kinda try to force it, but she s all like no and eventually i give up
>tfw almost raped somebody
>tfw im drunk as shit
>she gives me a blowjob as part of the payment
>i leave

thats about it folks
no, i would just feel horrible and want to commit suicide afterwards.
This, there's literally no point in having these here because the same man could walk into a strip club and actually get laid pretty easily if he's willing to pay enough, Hostess clubs take a lot more time, money and effort to get pussy from.
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Thread images: 4
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