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who /too aggressive / here
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who /too aggressive / here
literally tried to get a girl to go out with me last night by telling her she SHOULD go out with me.

>tfw i thought that's what girls liked was aggressive guys
They like good looking aggressive guys.
You have to be FUNNY while you're doing it. God damn why are some of you so stupid. Nothing dries a bitch out faster than schadenfreude.
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>she wouldnt just pick up the fucking can
I used to be aggressive and I can't count the number of times I got that disgusted face/voice
Only Chad is allowed to be aggressive.

Clown game is for faggots and betas. An alpha doesn't have to be funny. In fact it's better if he isn't.
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Same here famalam. They don't understand me.
Clown game is best game, who are you tryin to pull with your wannabe Chad PUA faggotry, old ladies?
I've always gotten further being assertive than aggressive.

Y'know, current year and all that.
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you know that shit makes you nervous because its the one time its brought you to your fucking knees
trying so fucking hard to swing the pendulum of attention back on you shit for brains
Let me give you the skinny anon.

Women like one of two things: Money or looks. Have either and you're fine. Have neither and you're fucked.

If you're forcing it that hard without letting it flow nothing is going to happen and you'll simply be another beta orbiter.

Anything women say they like is just talking out of their ass. They like attractive males with money, or just attractive males period.
is that u? youre pretty cute just keep trying and bee yourself ;) XD
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no one wants to hear your shit nigger
>aggressive at "friends"
>literally I only have two friends - both Aspergers who don't have their own friends
>aggressive at family
>aggressive with strangers
>on MAOIs for depression and shit
>if I drink wine/brandy I start raging out and would yell at the sperg to shut up, wouldn't dare be a rageaholic outside
>people tell me I look calm and I'm so kind
I just want to fucking kill all of them, fucking normalfags. Literally get nauseated when I see people being happy with each other or talking about some normie shit like partying.

>of course, tfwnogf
>tfw no piece of shit as angry as you
Reality must hurt then if you can't fucking handle it.

I'm speaking the truth.

Clown game is kind of low tier. Not the worst but nowhere near the best. Wannabe Chad game and faggotry game aren't good either, and hopefully you would have enough smv that you wou;dnt need any game to land old ladies.Just keep trying to dial things in and you'll get there.


I have no fucking clue what you are trying to say. Are you some kind of foreigner? Google translate doesn't always work perfectly. Use simple sentences when you're typing them in the translator.
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your know it all bullshit is fucking lame
with that wannabe edgy twist

are you arab
because your a fucking toy

That's only true in third world countries. Anywhere in north america or europe it won't work. Have fun banging asians and africans I guess. In the part of the world that matters the formula for attraction is a little more complicated. It likely takes into account looks, social proof, perceived social status, wealth, and conversational ability. Each of these variable have an affect on how the others are calculated as well. A trillionaire will be judged differently from a well rounded guy, a 11/10 Adonis, and someone with a silver tongue.

My a fucking toy does what exactly? Try using babelfish or another translator.
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>Generally kind
>Never get angry for more than a 10~ minutes
>Takes physical confrontation just to piss me off
>Talkative when comfortable
>Overly polite
>People always ask me if i'm angry
My neutral expression is fucked. I'm too shy to approach others, and i'm not approachable enough myself. I'm alone forever.
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no bitch you are gay
and i will shoot you
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why is everyone here a psychopath with no understanding of romantic situations?

you should be able to pick up if a girl/guy likes you just by her body language and her willingness to do things with you.

follow the signs and send non verbal signals that you like her, touch her arm or upper back or hands lightly and nonchalantly to test the waters if she has given you plenty of positive signals.

positive signals include (from both men and women)
>prolonged eye contact at a close range while talking
>playfulness in mannerisms and conversations
>lots of smiling and laughing
>complements on clothing or apparel (why its very important to dress well

sometimes though a girl/guy will try to play it cool positive signs when they are doing this include.
>engaged in conversation with you
>saying yes to going for a walk (or another activity with you)
>neutral facial expressions but very active eyes. (trust me on this one)

Now for me its hardly ever about the specific look of a guy or a girl.
1. very clean and hygienic
2. are dressed well and have a good haircut
3. be around a healthy weight, if you are a little fat or boney its no biggie just not too much
4. able to listen and respond appropriately
5. able to talk about something passionately without sperging out (i.e don't get into too many details unless asked and never go on a rant angry or otherwise, keep it casual unless they are also heavily involved but its still wise not to.

if they are all of these than they pass the test and id probably go on a date with them or at least be friends.
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th (1).jpg
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either you are black or no one is listening to you
True in north america as well. Why the fuck do "chads" get laid so much then? A lot of the time they're dense as fuck, some might even be broke but social and get laid more than any robot.

I mean deluding yourself must be fun if you think it's really that complicated. I'm literally socially isolated, without any status and I've been with an 8/10 out of simply looking a certain way and having the ability to be articulate but not charming.

You're fucking delusional if you think it can't be reduced to that amount of simplicity. Some women are smart but the majority are idiotic, primal attention whores.

I had this problem too. Normies are very bad at picking up on subtle cues. I started smiling like a retard and grossly exaggerating my vocalizations like I was some kind of fucking cartoon character and people respond way better to me now. They can't into context and are not smart enough to understand words said in a straightforward way. They are constantly looking for secret meanings that align with their thoughts and biases even though they know damn well you can't read their mind and are not taking their thoughts into account when coming up with your responses in live time.

Looks matter too. If you aren't regularly called sir then you need to work on things. Generally you want a casual fashion, chinos, shirts, dress boots or some kind of oxford or loafer, and some kind of jacket like a sportcoat, blazer, or cardigan. Higher body weight makes you appear bigger, lower body fat makes you look better in every way down to like 3% or 4%, at which point it becomes unhealthy. Unless you're on drugs you won't even get close to dangerous levels so go wild with dropping fat. I never figured out hair so I just do a simple buzzcut, #0 back and sides, #3 on top. It makes me look a lot stronger, aggressive, and again makes me look bigger because normies can't into perception. They see my head compared to my shoulders, including hair, and the smaller hair makes the shoulders look comparatively larger. Hair is really complicated though. I read some social psychology bullshit on how it changes perceptions and generally hair is perceived better than no hair, but male pattern balding is viewed as worse than either of so there is a time when shaving is the best option. It doesn't tak emuch to benefit from the halo effect though. At some point you're just min-maxing and you aren't rewarded as much for your efforts. Dressing well and not being fat will give the biggest social gains.

Chad can't be dense, this much is obvious.

Being beautiful, socially skilled, good at speaking, basically having all the boxes marked except money would still put him above a guy who is average in all other areas. The average guy has more money than the Chad, but the final value from the calculation is higher than the average guy's so Chad has more success in this scenario. Women go for the best men. They take into account more than just a single factor out of two factors. a 1/10 beauty man making 120k/yr will not beat a 10/10 beauty man making only 110k. There is more to attraction than just one single value.

bitch I ain't picking up SHIIEEEETTTT

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