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Can we have a pleasant dreams thread? I want to hear stories that made you happy

>"I'd quite like a boyfriend," she says, looking down at the floor
>"If that's an offer, I'd like to be your boyfriend," I say, trying not to stammer
>She looks up at me and smiles, "Okay"
>We stand there awkwardly
>"So, what should we do first?"
>She puts her arms out, and we hug each other tightly
>I kiss her on her shoulder, and she's so incredibly soft
>The sensation of my skin on hers is electric
>I wake up, amazed that I can feel this much love and warmth
>I fall asleep again, and manage to have 2 almost identical dreams
>be me last night
>dream of a two girls
>one goes away but other stays
>feel something go up my butt
>goes inside butthole
>being fucked by what think is female
>this goes on for 5 mins
>move backward, hear male voice
>wake up

I wish I had pleasant dreams anon, this sure wasn't one
Those not-so-vague subliminal messages are trying to tell your something

Post a nice dream anon, think about the fun times you've had. Maybe you'll have fun tonight?
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me every day.jpg
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I wish I could have more dreams like that, why can't our bodies detect that we're lonely and hopeless and just let us be happy in our dreams
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I too, started dreaming (remembering my dreams) more often in the past couple days. And in most of em I have a gf. I even wake up with a racing heart. I-is it a sign?
>dream of trying to escape concentrationcamp
>manage an attempt with my family
>they catch us and put us in a firing squad,
>most likely to use us as an example to the other prisoners\

I love this dream, sometimes I play different roles, such as an ss officer, etc.
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Yeah man. Yeah.

>talk to her
>is good
>wake up happy

mfw I'm going on a date with her on Saturday.
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Every dream I have is a nightmare
I've decided to focus my energies on lucid dreaming, so I can have a girlfriend whilst I'm asleep, as I can't get one whilst awake.

Try waking up after 4 hours, stay awake for an hour, then go back to sleep. You can feel yourself controlling the direction of your dreams as you drift off.
The other day i had a dream that absolutly wrecked me. It was about a girl who used to be my best friend until i developed feelings and distanced myself since she had a bf.

>She's at my house
>She's emotional almost crying
>she says she needs a hug
>hugs me very strongly
>i hug back and cry a little too
>we go to a bad and spoon naked
>200% happy
>wake up alone in bed
>remember we haven't talked in 6 years
<remember the last hug i ever got from her was akward and had a sad context
>Try to fall asleep again, hoping i'll go back to the dream
>too sad to fall asleep again
>begin to cry
>take a bath
>go to work
>depressed for a week

If life will suck this much it could at least suck my dick as well.
> Dream of what could have been
> Dancing in the snow as we walk to our destination
> Wake up to colder reality
Is it real or is it just a meme? If it really is real why arent all robots lucid dreaming 12 hours a day?

Shit that might be why the board got so slow.
Same here. I usually don't dream(or don't remember them at all) but when I do they're always nightmares.
I can guide my dreams a little, but I've only ever had 2 that were fully lucid.
I have a friend who can lucid dream every night. It must be amazing.
It's said that some monks can achieve lucid dreams whilst meditating.

If I can spend just a few hours a day with a girl, even if she's not real, it will make my life infinitely better.
That sucks anon /:
Just got to think of the positives. Despite years of sadness, you're not incapable of feeling such strong happy emotion. You can still be happy if you find the right person
Most of my dreams these days are taken over by me doing violent acts
>you're not incapable of feeling such strong happy emotion
I really think i'm not capable anymore, i'm not a hormone raging teen anymore, i'm a full grown adult, i know too much about life now to ever feel like that about someone again. I know i had idealized the shit out of her and that no real woman will ever live up to that idealization.
All dreams i had in about two weeks are about people being passive aggressive and total assholes towards me.
Nighmares with monsters and murderers would be alot nicer than this.
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>"I love you anon"
>wake up
Nice dreams always make me feel like shit when I wake up.

Prefer nightmares 2bh.
I keep having dreams of having a son. Playing soccer with him, helping him with his homework, teaching him to fish and camp. It hurts so bad.
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