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Tavern is open, drinking time.

Your second favorite slav-substitute bartender working today. Grab a chair, tell me what's bothering you today.
>drinking time
I want a job but I'm too scared to actually look for one.
3 pm is perfect drinking time though senpai
24/7 feel hour baby.
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>even fat women have it easy
I work 50+ hours a week and I'm not even in my twenties yet. I want time for vidya and sleeping in (I wake up at 6 every day)

Should I quit?
I'm heavily considering cashing in all my wagecuck time and getting some neetbux. I'm afraid my life will only get worse if I do though.
Every since I was 18 and dropped out of highschool, I've been going back and forth between the nEEt life-style.

I can't hold my jobs. I always screw up something. My parents seem to have given up on me ever moving out.

Am soon to be 27 year old now. I have asked not to have a birthday party as I think it is too depressing to have all my family hear about my life going absolutely nowhere.

Worst part is, I don't got anything to blame. I'm not autistic, I don't got any disabilities. Aside from a slight depression, which I have gotten treatment for, there is nothing wrong with me (I have checked).

I guess I'm just a lazy idiot...

It would be so easy if I had something to blame...
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Aye, cunt, over here, I was next in fuckin' line.

Get me a fuckin', uhhmm, fuckin'...


Aye! I haven't ordered yet! Get the fuck back here you cheeky cunt!

I'll have aye aahh fucken, ummm.

Make it a fortified shiraz.

What you want to hear my fucken troubles? I'll sent my fucken troubles to your face if you don't get me a fucken drink, cunt.

translation: I've had a hard day, I am weary, please dispense a tonic to relieve my existential pain
It's pretty early so I'll take an Irish coffee. The girl that my friend is accidentally stealing has stopped talking to me, I think hope is lost for not having a shitty valentine's day this year.
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Long islands till I pass out please. I lost my best friend, gf and pretty much only close human contact for the last half of the decade.
fellow dropout here. dropping out is one thing that will probably continue to taunt me and set me back until the end of my fucking days. 25yo by the way.

Dropped in my first year. European dude here, meaning we have no GED easy modo bullshit, instead you gotta take exams like in uni, you got semesters and shit. Year later went for those exams, gave a few, had a fall out with my mother (she knew some teachers, they promised her they wouldn't grill me too much, turns out they would, I naturally failed, gave up). Two years later gave another exam or two, school secretary changed, some laws changed that resulted in me having to wait for a new school year before I could switch to the next line of subjects. Time passed, wasn't in the mood, gave up.
Tried one more time, decided to stick with it. Got some money for it from my grandparents to finance it, that was two years ago. Cleared first two years, got two more. Last exam I gave was a year, then work went to shit, I had to work 12 hour shifts and just couldn't balance it with working. Work settled down couple of months ago, now im back to measly 6 hours a day. Haven't picked it up yet.

Can you imagine how soul crushing it all is? Going back there, teachers treating you like you are a fucking retard despite you being in your mid 20s. Well, I guess that is rightful when I think about it. I see kids who are like 17 years old there roaming around halways, they haven't even started fucking shaving yet and they are already futher down the education line than I am. It kills you, it ruins you.

It's something that I need to get done but I just cannot muster the fucking strenght and willpower to do. And when I would actually study and do those exams, I would procrastinate like mad because even though its high school shit there is still an entire book per subject. So I would procrastinate and then pull an all nighter night before the day and prey for the best, which would somehow work but still. Stressful as fuck.
Even the bartender doesn't care for us.
Sorry, barkeep had some real life work to get done. Here now lad, what are you up for?
That's the worst mistake you can make when you get in a relationship to be honest, to just dont care about having friends and become dependable on your SO as the only form of interaction. You'll do better next time. Long island coming up.
I kind of know that feel, spending valentines day is shitty when you are a dude because all women are super desperate not to be alone then and you still end up alone as a guy. Look at it from the bright side, at least your birthday is not on valentines day. I have to spend it alone because all my friends have plans with their gfs.
Nah, don't do it. At least as an employed person you have some resemblance of selfcondifence. Neethood is just a downwards spiral into shit.
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Hey barkeep, how's your day? I'll have a Jameson on the rocks. Been a long life, tried very hard to be social and got a circle of friends. Shit happened however and I lost those shallow narcisstic people and got a rep pill shoved down my throat. Been pretty hard since then but have seen some gains in the gym- dunno why but whenever I lift I remember that I have no friends, still a KHV and will probably die alone and then I get this feeling of "empty" power inside which lets me smash the weights and make new pr's almost every week now. Sorry for the life story, felt like sharing it.
Day is pretty aright, work is slow which isn't too good but I'm gonna get a case of heineken on my way home and yet again temporarily fix everything for a few hours. Same story different day, thanks for asking.

I think I understand what you are going through. I had a very sudden change in social terms in the past month. Deleted my facebook account which resulted in no daily conversations with some people, makes you feel a lot more isolated all of a sudden, and lonely. Lost one of my best friends due to me getting tired of him constantly being late and having no respect for my free time, constantly standing me up and shit like that. So that kinda sucks. Best friend getting married in two months so there is that too. Another friend who I considered reliable ended up cheating me over some small amount of cash. Nothing too big but enough to really make me lose faith in people, because people who I really gave everything ended up fucking me up the most. Good thing that I don't really crave human contact in that friend form, I'm fine being alone. Going out on a weekend satisfies that urge. Nogf feels are another topic altogether though.

Good for you for lifting though, don't give it up. That's a perfectly reasonable hobby. Try going during busy hours, you can always talk to some strangers.
feeling good on this tuesday, woke up early been drinking the voddy since

watched a lot of milo vids today idk why, he has a charisma about him which is inticing, alas hope everyones tuesday is going well
hey barkeep, well actually life has took a nice turn for me managed to find a qt guy i can call my bf, and well im still a kv neet but its a start right?
also ill just take some jack and cheers
Drinks on the house, thats some feelgood shit.
Need to get away from all the shitposting.

3 White Russians.
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I'm a KHV, so I pretty much get attached to any girl that gives me attention. I never thought the day would come, but I think I had become a beta provider. Actually, I don't think. I know.
Get ready for a VERY long feel.

>meet girl online (even video chatted)
>she has the same interests as me, so it's easy to talk to her
>we exchange contacts, and talk a few times a week
>over the course of 2 months of this, I notice something
>she has NEVER spoke to me first before
>think she doesn't give a shit about me, so stop contacting her first to test this
>a month later, she finally says something
>her rent is coming up and she can't pay half of it
>get pissed because the first time she contacts me, is when she needs something
>she gives me these sad and scared responses
>say fuck it, and pay the half
>instantly regret it, but she says she'll talk more
>month later and she finally contacts me
>her rent is overdue again
>get mad and just don't respond
>message after message of "oh no, I'm so scared."
>try to remind myself that this girl doesn't give a shit about me, even as a friend
>after an hour of constant begging, I do it again
>hate myself again, and she gives more empty promises

I'm done with women. I blocked and deleted her a few days later so that never happens again. No point in talking to someone like that (not like she talked to me anyways).
So to all you robots out there, never be a beta provider. It's the most disgusting feeling in the world, especially when you find out that you are in that position. Luckily, it wasn't much money. But still, it feels bad to know it was wasted.

Give me your strongest drink, and leave the bottle.
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Since no woman ever wanted me (I'm not even ugly or autistic, they just don't accept me for looking down on certain decadent behaviors of modern society) I take pleasure on ignoring women, yes, you heard right, I know it's a bad thing to do, but I enjoy it. I enjoy seeing women looking pretty wanting for attention and not giving it to them, they go batshit crazy , and I like it, I like to be disgusted by women. Maybe I'm neurotic, maybe my sad life made me into a psychopath, or edgy or whatever you may call it. Is it wrong to do it? Will I be a delusional crazy old man one day if I keep doing like this?
What do you think?
Did she even give some vague promise of repaying you or something? Jesus that's fucked up. Here's some vodka for you anon. I am easily attached too but gotta be able to draw those lines. Easy and don't beat yourself too much over it.

It's an uphill battle my friend. You might make her feel hurt but what you have to remember is that 10 seconds later her phone is gonna go off again and she will get that attention elsewhere. That kind of slut personality texts to like 15 guys daily. At that point you may as well stick it in her and get something out of the deal.

Though I do agree that bitches need to be put to place occasionally. Occasionally only because that kind of lifestyle is indeed not too healthy in the long run.
Our monetized society is the problem here. Women are not the only ones that do this shit. Opportunism became a common thing nowadays. You should keep searching for a girl, but not online, try local. Only by building a relationship face to face can get you what you want.
So, you think it's impossible to get women out of the way? We need them? :( , that's bad news.
Dont quit
Not having to worry about money is a better feeling than just getting by.
stay 2 years at least

someone who quit a high paying job to do stupid shit
I'm going to college for the second time. Dropped out last year and I've been a NEET since then. I don't know very many people at all and I'll have to make friends. Packing and getting ready right now, I hope I can meet some halfway decent people in my classes so I don't end up sleeping in my dorm and feeling like shit all day.
Nah, it's possible to get them out of the equation. You can live your life without women. But you will be missing out. Because that feeling when you are with a girl who gets you and who likes you for who you are, and who wants to please you and make you feel happy, blissful and without a worry in the world... that's a feeling that everyone should get to experience. It's always better to have loved and lost.

But do not settle, no matter what.
Dude you need to stop. Block that shit.

She is probably snickering, knowing she can play a sap like you.
Barkeep here. That case of heineken I mentioned I was gonna get today? Well the store owner just stopped by to get something for his wife and said he was closing already early today.

Now I have to settle for getting some cheap shitty sixpack in a regular grocery store. I was kind of looking forward to getting shitfaced tonight, and now my mood went to shit.
sorry dude. but thats next level cuck
ill pay for your bottle familia
Just a glass of water... With a bendy straw, fuck it.

I have severe anxiety and depression, plus OCD symptoms and diagnosed autism (burgers). Everything but the anxiety was caused by the one time I tried dropping acid like the loser I am, and ever since I've been fucked in the head. I get no sympathy from anyone, I suffer every day even just walking down the hill to get to work and going outside, much less having constant unwanted violent and sexual thoughts playing on a loop. I work at a dead end customer service job I'm only doing for the money where I'm always paranoid I'm about to be fired. I still live with my mother who both complains I never do anything, but gives me shit when I want to spend money and have fun. I'm at the point where everything is awful and I don't think I'd mind if I got hit by a bus, or had a painless, instant death. Sometimes I e ah I was suicidal so maybe I'd feel like I could do something about it, but in too afraid of death. Then it makes me wonder, so I actually have any hope of change? Or am I just so afraid of death that I'm willing to suffer constantly and have mental and emotional breakdowns every couple of weeks? Finally, I don't really have any hope for the future. Being realistic, I'm probably going to end up working 10-7 M-F until I'm 65, then dying of a heart attack on the day I retire. But wasting my life for so long because I have no passion terrifies me especially since I'm already miserable, but I have to work if I don't want to be homeless, but working doesn't allow any time to find a passion.

Just fuck my shit up, senpai. Can I have a hug?
School is awful. I was about a year away from my Bachelors but quit because I was miserable and 36k in debt, and after looking at the loan stuff I'm not sure they would have lent me more anyway. Have you considered going for a trade? They make decent money with less academic effort and you don't have to deal with university cunts.
Just fed-up to be quite honest lads.

Women are trash.
Uni is shit.

>tfw normie
Nope, just a "I promise I'll pay you back." Personally, I didn't care if she paid me back. It wasn't a lot of money, I was just concerned if she'd really contact me again.
I enjoyed talking with her, but I guess she didn't feel the same.
Definitely steering clear from online relationships. I highly doubt this will happen to me again, I'd rather see someone face to face next time though.
I did. I blocked and deleted her a few days later since I could just tell she didn't give a shit, and was using me. I didn't need her to talk to me everyday. Just a "hey what's up," every now and then.
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ugh I can imagine brother, expections for something then they dont turn out the way you want, always puts a damper on the mood :/
Nah, not really. Might get microsoft certified or whatever at some point down the line. I started my own small business, run a small store so for the time being I am not going to die hungry or anything. It's more of a mental handicap than its a practical one in real life to tell you the truth. Like, lately I've been thinking about how now is the right time to hit the gym since I have a lot of free time. I started a new band and I feel inspired to write some shitty music. I even went as far as daydreaming lately a lot about writing a book because I love to write. But even if I tackled all of this project and got them done or progressing at least, I would still be a worthless fucking dropout. And that's where the good mood fades, motivations fade away and you just say fuck it, get shitton of alcohol and get wasted playing video games, lamenting your life choices and consolating yourself how today was one day less you have to live through.
there isn't a moment in my daily that i can enjoy in silence
>morning: construction workers working
>noon-afternoon: work, people constantly talking (even if i go to the bathroom there is someone talking on the phone there on the shitter)
>night: moronic college students around me being incredibly loud
i just want some silence for fuck's sake
I know it's not even a real problem and that it's an asinine thing, but it's those little things that make me look forward to shit, so when they fall through it bums me out in that childish "why cant anything nice ever happen to me" way.
How can I deal with normies in university? Why do they even go on a lesson if everything they do is laugh and talk to eachother
I am ugly and everyone stares at me and makes rude comments. Should I pull an Elliot?
Hey, barkeep. I'll have a glass of water since it's early.

Feeling down because I seem to be completely daunted by every opportunity I have to do something, make something or just get a hobby really.

How are you anyway, bartender?
May I suggest biking or maybe music even. Biking is great because you can put a comfy podcast on earphones and pedal away. Music is nice and if you stick with it it can lead to playing in a band and that will get you grils. Plus you can get a nice used guitar and amp for like 200$. It's a hobby worth considering.

I'm good, thanks for asking. Got another 40 minutes of work and then I get to go home finally.
I'm angry at life
I'm an alcoholic
I will probably get fired soon

Bombay (neat) and a Stiegll beer please
OP here, I'm off guys. Someone please take over until I get back.
Send three fingers of vodka my way, barkeep.

I'm finally going to nut up and start trying to get with the high-test girl I work with.
Its not even high paying. Its min wage with slave hours.
That's craigslist. 40% are bots and the rest are serial killers
Welp. I was supposed to go running in a few minutes, but playing fictious barkeep sounds like fun, and less work too. Don't know a damn thing about alcohol, but I'll do my best. Which is really just sub par. Welcome to the Frogs and Feels! What's your poison!
Three fingers. Sure. I can do that.

High test girl, eh? I can appreciate some thickness in the right places. Good luck to you, my friend.
are you getting OT?

I'll have a gin and tonic, barkeep
Every fucking time I see someone from my state the thread gets deleted before I can ever talk to them. This is bullshit.
Well the thread's still up. What state you from.
Two threads I made today got deleted in minutes. Are we no longer allowed to talk about film here? Or was it because I said "NEET"?
Also, I'll take a Campari with club soda.
What film did you have in mind? Sometimes /r9k/ can be fickle.
I just asked what films "you NEETs" will be watching today. I think I'm going to watch Leon the Professional, The Bad Sleep Well, and Branded to Kill.
Look out guys, new trip coming through
Sounds interdasting. I tend to watch animated movies mostly. Reminds me of a simpler, better time.
Nice to meet you, friendo. What'll it be?
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Are you me? Managed to get the courage to go to trade school and excelled in it. Now I have graduated with certs and can't imagine interviewing for the position. Been a NEET for a month since graduation and my parents are starting to doubt I am applying
Oh I'm bot drinking sir, just wanted to drop by and introduce myself, thanks anyway
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Everyday I go to school. I have a few friends, and most girls ignore me. The school grind is horrible, I just want a qt grill to cuddle at night with. Or maybe just have people care about me. I think if I die nobody would care. It's sad.
File: 1446268550904.jpg (75 KB, 296x320) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>lifting for a year
>still DYEL
>don't really fit in with the fitness community because it's retarded and I don't even want sex since I'm turboChristian
Just be a bit more friendly and open up, I'm sure you can make more friends
One thought that I've always entertained while falling asleep is imagining myself cuddling with a 2D husbando.

Recently I've had a 3D relationship, which ended up in drama, but I got to experience cuddling. Cuddling (during sleep) isn't nearly as good as I had expected. It's fun for a moment, but then it feels like you are trapped, your limbs stuck in awkward positions, bed covers not completely covering you, you aren't allowed to move lest you bother him, and you get shamed for using the washroom in the middle of the night. I always woke up first, and he elected to sleep in as long as possible. I'd waste my precious wage-slave weekend lying in bed wide awake until 6pm, not fully covered, in an awkward position, needing to pee, trying not to move, in silence, waiting for him to wake.

I've grown to dislike cuddling, and I can't even imagine cuddling with 2D anymore.

Gayfag btw.
File: 1438315417498.jpg (39 KB, 697x943) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
39 KB, 697x943
>BRO lets drink some beers and have a squatting contest
I j-just want to stand here and chill like a regular person
Well that's a shame. Feel free to come by again any time and chat.
As a NEET myself, I know this feel quite well. If I had a job, maybe I'd have a reason to wake up in the morning.
School's rough buddy. But be glad you have a few friends instead of none. Want something to drink?
Hey m8, as /fit/ would say, lift for yourself. Whether it's for health reasons or aesthetics, feeling good about yourself can do wonders for your self esteem.
Ahh yes, the grass is always greener on the other side. What kind of cuddling? Spooning, laying on each other's arms...or did you kinda just flop around a bit
File: image.jpg (125 KB, 1252x1252) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be me
>dating woman I met off craigslist
yes. Craigslist
>I realize things may work out!!!
>she leaves to visit her family overseas
>I get herpes on my lips
I have no idea what to do, she is gonna dump me if she finds out I have herpes.
>and have a squatting contest
this is what a /fit/ meet-up would be
Today I went for a jog with runkeeper. I never used it before. After my jog it said that I went 14 km/h. Now I know why I am tired after 1,7 km.

Other thing today that I noticed is that my older brother is hating everything, basically some kind of /b/ mixed with /r9k/ person. It is influencing me, and I hate it. I want it to stop.

Also give me a Gin tonic.
How do you think you got the herps? If you really haven't been with anyone else and you think you might have gotten it from her, then she might understand. Best case scenario is it goes away before she comes back. Lots of people have herps but don't know it. Maybe she'll be cool with it. Gotta hope.
One Gin Tonic for Anonymous.
Well, as for jogging, it gets easier. But you have to do it every day. That's the hard part. But it does get easier.

As for your brother, well, is there any one else in your life that gives off a more positive disposition? Maybe you could spend some time with them.
I was faithful I have no clue how I got it. Apparently you can get it from sharing sodas, which is the most likely route.
>Well, as for jogging, it gets easier. But you have to do it every day. That's the hard part. But it does get easier.

I normally train for football, but that is a lot of sprinting.

>As for your brother, well, is there any one else in your life that gives off a more positive disposition? Maybe you could spend some time with them.

Well, that is hard. My dad isn't the smartest person, but he likes to get informed by smarter people. My mum has insane depression sometimes (she even got sick from it).
Already told you about my brother. I've got another older brother who has a gf, so he is away from home most of the time.
I am also trying to lose weight, but its hard when your whole family is overweight and eat a lot.
Yeah, after 8 hours I start getting OT. I feel depressed though, not having time for myself anymore. Literally get one day a week to myself.
There's nothing you can do about it now, you're stuck with it forever. It only really shows up when you're stressed. So...try not to stress?
Well, you've always got 4chan for friends. I know how terrible that sounds, but if you hang out on other boards, you'll find some pretty decent anons. For you, I'd suggest /fit/. One of the best boards, and perfect for your new lifestyle.
I can't tell if everyone's super fucking entitled and pampered or if I'm just so used to shit going wrong.

So many things people complain about I find perfectly normal or not even that bad.
Yeah, I visit /fit/ a lot. I want to lift weights, but need to "switch" it in my head the "Just do it " mode.
I need something to kill myself. Had a chance to get laid after 2+ years and didn't do it.

>add femanon
>talk to femanon
>actually she lives quite close
>see her on webcam
>insanely cute
>she drives over here
>have some coffee, then dinner, then she asks if she can stay over
>kissing on the way back
>gets ready to sleep next to me
>start panicking
>femanon starts kissing and fondling me
>actually panicking
>start getting flashes of how I ruin everything
>start imagining her laughing at my cock
>femanon notices something is wrong
>"you're not feeling it?"
>say I'm tired
>femanon turns around and falls asleep
>hate myself the entire night
>femanon leaves in the morning
>she's no longer talking to me

I fucked up.
Everybody fucks up.

At the beginning of the summer I had a date with a girl which went wonderfull. I was fuckin happy for weeks. But I was sending too many texts and she hated it and she wasn't into me anymore.
I fucked up, but I know that I should learn from it and move on.
An ugly chick is into me, and i am so sad to see her suffer because i don't care abut her. Meanwhile i get my heart broken by a Stacy. I hate myself, and i hate life, i don't feel like there is anything i can enjoy anymore.
And I'll have some pelinkovac.
People, amirite? You never quite know what's going on in their head. It's all a matter of perspective
Gotta get the glutes for the slutes, my friend.
You're probably a young guy, right? Do you really think your life is worth ending just yet?
Practice girlfriend time, m8.
I'm 28. I should know this shit by now.
Hugs for you, fellow anon.
ugly girls have hearts too anon
Anon, you still have dozens of years ahead of you, please don't end it yet.
If not for women, maybe look for a passion?
>Gotta get the glutes for the slutes, my friend.

Going to work on it. Thanks for the talk anon.
Yeah, that's exactly my points. The ugly girl has more heart than the pretty one, but I'm just not attracted to her, so i feel like i wouldn't be doing anyone a favor by being with her.

Cheeki Breeki comrade

A bottle of vodka for a S.T.A.L.K.E.R?

Yes, it is much for one man, but such is life in the zone
That feel when ugly girl was into me too.
At first I liked it, then I wanted to tell her it's not going to work nicely, because I am not a dick (?), hen she started acting crazy and I told her to fug off in more or less polite way.
I'll have a sweet Hungarian wine please. It takes me back to summer. The cold rain zombified my hands.
A combination of my massive inability to empathise with people and my... unorthodox job has driven my girlfriend away. Well. She's broken up with me, but hasn't moved out of my place yet.
I am currently finding it difficult to enjoy much of the things I usually enjoy, like work/research, video games, music, films, books, etc. I'm basically just drinking until my previous ex (one of my best friends) gets online since she has all kinds of interesting ideas for shit we can work on.
Oh, also, I could have left this job and worked with her, but my girlfriend hated her so I didn't apply. One of the many things I sacrificed for the relationship.
So, yeah, pour me a triple of 12 year old Connemara whiskey.
>unorthodox job
What do you do? Night work? Crime?
Stuff that would be crime under normal circumstances, which often requires travelling, or late hours.
Last week I was up to 3am doing a job for a client, at which point I needed to be awake and out the door at 6:30 to deliver something to the same client.
That wasn't fun.
Give me somethign strong...

My gf, after more than 3 years of relationship, left me because on new years eve, after not being able to plan something with her frinds and me due to multiple reasons, I ended up with a couple of friends out of town and she was ok with this. As she didn't had a plan she spent it with a friend of hers(male). Now, she's left me, because she's no longer in love with me, of course I thought it was because of him and she told me it was not. Well, after no more than 2 weeks, the are flirting on twitter.
>>25702581 and >>25702449 here
My girlfriend used to accuse me of flirting with my ex all the time; it's not necessarily the case, trust me.
I'm drunk already. I'll just keep sipping my gin & tonic.

Did you ever kill a guy, anons? I never did. I bet someone here killed a guy.
>raise my voice slightly
>people act absolutely shaken

I'm so afraid to actually get angry if just a voice raise does this.

It sucks.
Are you physically big, have a rougher past then most, or an unconventional look?

Seems to make people very skittish when you don't look, act, or have acted like the norm in the past.

physically big? No I'm 5'9" and 132 lbs. Rough past? Nah, could've been better, but not shit. I don't think it's unconventional looks either as I have a very easy time meeting new people.
Does mental state get worse? it started with mild depression at about 15, then gotten worse with time. then I suddenly started getting anxiety attacks. now I'm anxious 24/7.. and I'm getting more and more uncomfortable and anxious around people.. It keeps getting worse with time.. what should I do?
Man, I read all these sad stories and I can't even cry for you anons.
I'm sorry

I haven't cried in almost a decade. I think that function has been permanently shut off inside me.
>finally meet someone you really enjoy talking to
>she doesn't even live that far away
>manage to fuck things up anyway with one sentence

lmao no surprise really, good things in my life never last long

back to being alone I guess

What do you mean? I don't get you
I'll have some whiskey, please. Without ice.

>Three friends of mine come to my city
>2 of them I have only met once, the other not even a single time.
>Interactions purely through the web
>Have another friend which is their childhood friend, he's going to receive them.
>(to clarify, the three are female and the other one is a gay male)
>I am absolutely ok with this
>They are here for one week
>Ask him when will I be able to meet them
>Friend starts acting like a complete asshole, he didn't even let me meet them at the airport.
>It evolves in a fight between us, tell him to fuck off.
>He's still being a complete asshole
>Don't mind him, meet my friends and have an awesome time
>Last night of their stay
>I am comfy as fuck playing in my pc
>Receive a call from one of my friends
>The asshole was drinking with them in his house, lne of them drank so much she had ti be taken to the hospital.
>His parents and their parents realized it
>tfw his parents gave him a hitting
>tfw their parents will never trust him again.

I feel like a terrible person but it felt fucking good, he got what he deserved.
i'll take some vodka please
doesnt matter which one, just make it strong

>autism and anxiety ruins my life eversince i remember
>complete lack of social skills
>barely forced myself to finish hs 5years ago (scored pretty good on externals tho)
>depression gettin stronger every year
>eternal fatigue
>not capable of working real job (tried it but had depressed/suicidal thoughts during entire 12h shift 4-5 days a week also home)
>loosing contact with old bros
>decided to go to college since I got decent score and got in everywhere i applied
>tried different subjects at uni
>none of them seems interesting enough
>skipping classes and failing uni everytime
>don't even feel sad/ashamed about it anymore
>nothing brings joy anymore
>suicide becomes more appealing as time goes by

I am just tired of life already
I want to go sleep and never wake up
wrong place hun
I'm sick and tired of everyone getting ahead and doing well while everything I do just gets me shit on, especially when the people getting praised for shit are doing the same thing I'm doing, but they're worse at it.

I have work in a few minutes but I don't want to go, I just want to buy like four cans of beer, get blotto and go to sleep for a week. I have to prepare a presentation, and I just know it'll go over like a lead balloon no matter what I do, just like everything else in life.
Doesn't seem like this thread is active anymore, but whatever, I feel over my head with my degree and think I'm going to fail this exam coming up.

I already drink everyday and it probably doesn't help but it's how I can deal with it.

Long Island Ice Tea please senpai
Thank you <3

Also tfw no gf. And all the babes I match with live in like fuckin Vancouver when I'm in Tigard. Fml
File: 1452629581649.gif (9 KB, 343x316) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
9 KB, 343x316
>I am just tired of life already
>I want to go sleep and never wake up
yes please
Good evening, good man. I'll have two parts Martini and one part of Poire Williams...

In the last thirteen months, I got a whole lot of shit on me. My grandpa was diagnosed with cancer and passed away. It was horrible seeing the transition from someone in-between Bud Spencer and Santa into someone who looks like the people you see on pictures of a KZ. My mum was single with me until I was ten years old, so I was mostly raised by my grandparents and gramps was like a father to me. Especially around christmas, I missed him very much, even moreso that I knew how alone my grandma must've felt. There is no word for this feel. I somehow manage to get my shit together the most part of the day but on evenings when I'm alone and have nothing on my mind, all this just pops right up again and I lie awake crying the whole night.


Also, my crush moved away by the beginning of last year and after I visited her once, she cut off all contact to me. Some months later she told me she got a boyfriend. Fuck, when I visited her, I even held her hand as we took a walk by the lake in the late evening in the snow. Even before she moved, we did so much together, cinema, museum, and to be honest, I was convinced that she was in love with me but I did not have the balls to take it to the next level. I want to forget about her but after all these warming memories, I'd probably still play the role of "that nice guy".
A few weeks ago, I tried Tinder but it's way too depressing. If you manage to get a match, you are being treated like some kind of entertainment monkey; If you don't say the 100 % right thing or can't keep up the convo, they'll just ghost you. They don't even have the decency to tell you that you're not their type or delete the conversation. Gramps told me three years ago that in my age, women are overrated and it seems like he was right. I tried to just not give a fuck about getting a gf anymore and to some extend, it works now: I made a lot of personal progress in the last weeks (lost some weight, getting better at uni) but more often than not, I catch feelings again.
Anyway, sorry for posting this long text. How can I stop these feels from coming up without becoming an hero? I feel like there must be more to my life but right now, it's almost unbearable, I feel like I have nothing to life for.
There was a thread earlier by a guy who had some kind of learning difficulties and he was sad because he couldn't write properly, and just wanted to talk to us on /r9k/.

I don't know if it was a troll but the way he was happy when people replied to him, and his child like wonder of the simple things gave me major feels and if it is true I wish him the very best.
It feels good to find people like you here, Anons. It feels good and helps.
what did you say ?
(i am original)
File: buscemi cat.jpg (33 KB, 268x265) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
buscemi cat.jpg
33 KB, 268x265
Evening guv'.

Not up to much lately, but been down about my looks.

>tfw noticeable face asymmetry and fucked up teeth

It's kind of a waste really, I'm actually kinda happy with my left side... it's a shame my right brings it down so much.
I'll take a bottle of anything.

I have two female roommates with which I have gotten fairly close on a platonic level. I really view them as my friends and have no romantic interest in them, yet I obsessively eyeball them as soon as they turn their backs to me. Even the flowery scent they leave behind on my furniture and chairs turns me on. Does that make me a bad person? I'm just lonely, but it feels so wrong.
some people lack contact with the other sex to such an extent that they fall for a girl that simply talks to them, could be worse lad
After some anon posted this in a feels music thread, I've been listening to it every day and I've decided to buy CDs of this musician. If you ever read about classical music, you'll occasionally come across quotes like: "Sibelius' music is about being Finnish. Beethoven's music is about being human. Bach's music is about the universe." and you'll discard it as pretentious nonsense. Then I found this recording and was absolutely stunned. I literally weep listening to this.
There's a reason why these composers are still remembered after all these years. Bach is quite literally music in its purest form, you know.
I'm really worried about this upcoming concert. Even though it's months away. It's the first rehearsal in the concert cycle today and there's soooo much music for me to learn. It's really stressing me out :(
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620 KB, 2592x1936
Bartender I really did it this time...
I almost took down my University's network and they are looking for person who did it, I just need some Vodka, extra ice
You're not even gonna greentext it?
File: 1436140079613.png (94 KB, 306x243) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
94 KB, 306x243
>optimistically get a job offer, in the final stages of securing it
>last email
>give 4 references within 24 hours
>have mainly worked retail
>retail stores are forbidden to give personal references
>old university is on break until MLK day, can't contact professors
>they're going to call all of them to verify
>have no friends to bullshit
I fucking hate this. Looks like I'm going to have to just accept a shitty retail job. Just gimme all the vodka you have, I need to blackout on life.
why not just give your parents numbers and say theyre not your parents?
File: bullshit.jpg (220 KB, 1305x653) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
220 KB, 1305x653
Caller ID. Apparently my mom tried it with coworkers to help me by testing it and her name popped up regardless if they had her as a contact.

Look at this shit my references have to fill out. I can't even fit it all on the screen, there's more comments.
OP barkeep is back.

I ended up not getting any beer on my way home, went out with a friend to a pub instead, had 3 pints. Not too much but enough, plus kept some money in my pocket at the end of the evening. Had some deep insightful conversations about friendships and general idea of social content. Realized that people generally enjoy hanging out with people they dont really like, with views they dont really respect.

Saw this gorgeous chick who was about my age but she was dressing very.. maturely. Like, I dont know, Hayley Atwell. You know those vintagey long skirts that are fucking skin tight but go up to the waist? They accentuate the legs and hips and christ I would've done some mad things to her.

>that feel when no gf

Even barkeep isn't immune to feels. At least this bumped the thread.
>Be me
>19 years old
>Decides it would be funny to take down University network
>Downloads LOIC
>Types in University IP
>Fails but takes down one Teachers computer
>Discovers it was the Principal's
>University announces that they will find who did it
Yup, I might get a suspension or jail, like I said, Vodka with extra ice
File: can a cat smile.jpg (56 KB, 485x324) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
can a cat smile.jpg
56 KB, 485x324
I just asked a girl on a date and she actually said yes, and seemed excited.
Is this an illusion?

Three shots of Jagermeister please
Fucking right lad!

Implying you can actually ddos with loic.. God your Xbox 360 is showing.
Hey anons, hey barkeep, nothing for me I gotta leave for work soon but i thought i would drop by. Nothing to really complain about I'm just feeling a little lost.. I was hoping to get some advice on my next steps or maybe some motivation. I'm in college and its getting harder and harder to want to do anything. like at all i cant find the motivation to see friends or do school work and i feel like i'm stuck in my own life... i don't have a lot of money so I can't travel and i pretty much gave up before I even tried getting a gf... I just want a spark toward my interests again... I'm not sad I just can't do anything at all with any enthusiasm
>i cant find the motivation to see friends

See them anyway, if they are really your friends, you'll have motivation to see them again, and then you'll finde motivation for everything else.
File: 01.jpg (320 KB, 531x787) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
320 KB, 531x787
Cuba Libre please, extra Libre this time.

>got internet back after a few days of it being shut down
>when I got back on everything felt different
>group of friends I had felt distant
>not even the shitposts are the same anymore
>first day of new semester yesterday but didn't go since nomonies might fix that soon
>no call from a prospective job so I can stop being a neet
>can't muster up effort to write stuff for an ERP partner though I've been on a bit of a roll
>ousted from group of friends following an argument between two members
>now I just spend all day wondering if I'm gonna make it to class and get a job soon

Things are going downhill, but I think it'll be alright if I keep my head up.
What a nice suprise, I thought this place only opened on Fridays. Get me some whiskey, on the rocks.

>tfw enrolled in IB program
>art causes most stress

Fuck those sketchbooks, and fuck that super sketchbook of a final exam.
I was playing S.T.A.L.K.E.R the other day and I shot some guy sitting down, he must've not been expecting it cause his ass jumped the fuck and he died.
I felt a little bad but laughed heartily

I hate having to raise my voice too, especially when I have to step in to parent or stop a situation.
I also hate the really sad cries of children, the kinds that wallow from the heart and not from the lungs. I also feel terribly bad if it's a mentally challenged person regardless of their age
You'll be fine, Anon. Keep your head up, do some good work, and bring yourself back.
>meet girl in french class, 8.69/10
>also pretty cool, plays vidya
>we chat a bit but thats all
>one day asks me to walk her home
>pockets full of spaghetti
>we walk and chat along the way
>buy croissants
>continue walking
>i stop to light a cigarette
>she stops and looks me in the eye
>spaghetti intensifies
>we can stand here for awhile if you would like it, anon
>spaghetti erupting from pockets
>start panicking
>start walking
>she starts walking
>she goes home
>mfw i came home
>mfw autism
File: images (6).jpg (8 KB, 259x195) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
images (6).jpg
8 KB, 259x195
It's Tuesday, time for a throwback.

Anyone /RotMG/ here?
File: 03.jpg (241 KB, 600x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
241 KB, 600x600
Tryin' my best bartender, I even have a little notebook where I jot down my progress so far. If I don't get a call from a potential employer today I'll call tomorrow. I still have to ask someone for muh bus money to get to class tomorrow.
Things are lookin sour but I just gotta keep going forward.

Thanks for your kind words, I want to improve myself this year. There's so many people who want me to succeed, myself included.

Don't worry, fuckups with girls are always in surplus. Here's one to help you feel a little better

>QT from highschool bumps into me and asks if I remember her
>I totally do but I can't remember her name so I dumbly blurt out the first thing I can recall
>what the fuck did I just say
>I smile and laugh "Wow that sure was awkward huh? Well... see ya!"
>high tail it into the snackbar and scream internally
Oh, I'm not the bartender, just an anon who believes in you. Good luck, man.
File: whatacutie.gif (1 MB, 640x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 640x360
Well then, thank you still!
I appreciate it. I wish you good luck too.
That describes me. Some dumb bitch could talk to me, and I'll wonder if they like me. It's fucking horrible man, I just want to be stoic in being a virgin loser.
I can relate. I mean, not that I talk to girls one on one, but I have plenty of spaghetti moments.
Hey bartender, get me a nice double whisky, no ice.

I just remembered what an autist I was at around age 14/15.

>have after school homework tutoring
>literally just have people watch me do homework cause I'm lazy
>girl from my class is there as well
>we hang out in breaks, spend the largest amount of time I've ever spent with a girl looking back
>didn't socially mature till 2/3 years later, so was naive and oblivious to everything
>she constantly teased me, obviously flirting with my awkward, dumb, ugly ass
>one time she asked for a sip of my coke, and I actually fucking declined multiple times
>sounds like something small, but it symbolises the moment I said no to a female who wanted to drink from something my mouth had touched
>I shit you not, closest I've been to a fucking kiss, which makes me cringe thinking about it

And that's the most exciting story about women I can tell you.
Anon, you were 14 or 15, we were all ranked on the autism spectrum on some level then.
I guess. It would be an insignificant event if it hadn't been my best story about girls I could come up with. That's what make me fucking cry.
Having a GF then losing her is worse than no gf, especially if you genuinely cared about her. Trust me, I have experience.

On a more ironic note, nice 69s.
There is a chad out there that might win the jackpot, fuck it there is someone out there who will win a billion dollars that isn't me, I am having a hard time containing my shitposting and jealousy so barkeep give me your strongest drink
Thanks m8

I don't know if loving and losing is more horrible. I guess it's both shit. Life fuck us regardless, makes us feel like shit if we're not the 1% who truly make it. How am I supposed to live another 60 years or so when the first 19 have already felt unbearable, anon?
I pray that someone who needs it, like some poor NEET robot who will use it right wins this lottery, and not some rich ass chad playing for fun.
Step one: Ignore females until you have a stable job/degree/not a NEET.

Step two: Play vidya, enjoy yourself. Play an RPG where you're working hard to get good, but not one that will consume you. I recommend this unheardof game called Realm of the Mad God (yes I was the anon who posted before). It helped me get through some tough times in school. But stay away if you hate permadeath.

Step 3: Excercise. Even just a little. Don't let yourself become a big neckbeard.

Step 4: Enjoy life. Try to do what makes YOU happy. Be your own man, anon.

GFs just hurt you unless you're serious about a relationship. Don't fall for it.
The fact that my life won't change in the slightest bit has me ready to blow honestly,
Im okay most of the time. Could argue that im relatively happy. But not tonight. Tonight i feel like shit, im lonely, im a virgin loser.
File: images (7).jpg (3 KB, 316x159) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
images (7).jpg
3 KB, 316x159
*insert obligatory Shia LeBeouf here*


In all seriousness, if you want it to change, then change it! I'm not stopping you! Make it happen anon! Make it better! Tired of vidya? Fuck it! Do something!

"But based anon, I want to meet a grill, wat do?"

Go out, and keep a sharp eye. You see an opportunity, take it! However, if any of my advice leads to you doing something potentially autistic, don't do it.

This includes sex. Don't. Sex can backfire on a poor anon so hard if rushed, blackmail and STDs being among the top. That's for, "tfw loyal gf putting ring on it".
At least, in my opinion. INB4 all the other anon's hate.
But still.

MEANT FOR >>25707801
But this goes for all NEET/ tfw no gf anons
Well, then doesn't that mean you're ok with how you are now?
To be honest, that last huge wall of Shia text was me thinking you were >>25707759

*Autism intensifies*

But hey, maybe it does help a bit in your situation. What I would've said if I hadn't gone full autismo is something like,

There's no reason to. You're wealthier and have a higher quality of life than most of the world, considering you at least have internet. You're happy most of the time. Be positive.
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