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>i have depression doc there's nothing...
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>i have depression doc there's nothing you can do for this very fucked up individual
>ok here have my approval for neetbux

It's that easy guys.
It is but I hear the cons outweigh the pros

I'll just take the meds and do things the hard way.
I want the neetbux so fucking bad though. I hate leaving the house
What country are you from? And I seriously doubt its that easy. Here in America requires extensive testing and evaluation, and even then from what I hear only severely impaired people get it, even if you legit have autism, social phobia, depression.
>go to doctor's
>I have depression
>here's a referral to a specialist
>why do you have depression?
>because everything is fucking terrible and i want to die
>here i'll give you these meds and a two week medical certificate, come back if you still want to die
>take in the certificate to the neetbux office
>get independently evaluated by someone who asks you a series of questions specifically designed to entrap you into saying things that make it sound like you're not that depressed
>spent your entire two weeks worth of money on meds that do nothing and a certificate that did nothing
yes, it's very easy, so easy i would pretty much have to be pronounced dead from suicide to get neetbux for being depressed
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> suffer from sever social anxiety
> Barely leave the house
> Most likely un-diagnosed autism
> Spend weeks visiting doctor and revealing my power level
> Application for neetbux going through
> Asked for interview to assess my wellbeing
> Get asked all sorts of irrelevant questions
> Do you have a big dick / what colour is your hair.
> Denied neetbux

meanwhile some fattymcgee is getting 400 a month to buy mc donalds.

So now i have no money to buy food, pay to live at home, will most likely end up homeless, no one will hire me because i have a shitty CV and no experience in any field.
UK. eventually you get an assessment and then you can enjoy maximum neetbucks without being hassled.
>go to the doc
>"hey doc"
>"sup niggeranon"
>"doc my penis is only 4 inches"
>"son thats a healthy normal size for a man"
>"but chicks think i'm massive cuz im a nigga"
>"son you just have to bee yourself size doesn't matter lol"
>"fuck you doc it does and im depresed"
>"son your not depressed you just have baby dick now get the fuck out of my office you useless sack of negro shit"

Actual conversation I had 2 weeks ago trufax
>Have anxiety
>Get terrible customer service job (butcher)
>go to work high every day for past six years

This works

Enjoy spending the rest of your life as a poorfag.
That's all you poor neets get for bux Damm fampai I'm on good old unemployment insurance 802 fat ones deposited by weekly you guys should look into E.I
>Be schizophrenic
>shit getting worse reaching my middle 20s
>Have worked/gone to school since 19
>Afraid going on disability would ruin my life
>Hopeful going on disability will help me start fixing it
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>parents ask me to do something
>tell them I'll kill myself
>they stop asking
What will you do when your parents die? Probably kill yourself.
>thinking that it is this easy
>thinking tbat you're not going through months and months of seeing random people that know that you're here for neetbux and will try their best to deny it to you
>not thinking that there are disabled people that get denied neetbux because their disability isn't that important
It's not easy, and not worth it
Anyone from Germany? Is it that easy here as well?
I think youre just a lazy idiot, did you cry during the evaluation?
Du beantragst einfach hartz 4 oder ALG II

Wirst nichtmal gezwungen dir Arbeit zu suchen.
some of these robots are seem to be fine being a poorfag as long as they can browse the internet and not do shit. others like to be comfortable neets with assloads of money from bs ez jobs.
My parents received HartzIV and they had to prove they are applying to jobs and also got offered job interviews from the jobcenter.
Neetbux isn't a sufficient income for the lifestyle I desire and aren't your future employment prospects fucked if you've been on neetbux?
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I'd rather have an cruisey, stress free job with an above average income.

Just don't know what job has such things to offer.

Thats because they are "able" to work.
Depression can count as unable/disabled you just gotta talk to the guys at the arbeitsamt and convince them, hope that you get some dumb women.

What do you even have?
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This is probably a common way to get tendiebux, although personally I haven't tried that.
Social anxiety and depression, diagnosed by a psychiatrist, but since I finished my bachelor's while having it, I doubt that it will fly anyway.
Should work, whats your degree?
Can you get the therapist to vouch for you?
I know they will tell you

>anon its bad for your progress to admit this sort of thing

But fuck that, you will have good cards being 25+ and having a degree so they wont try to load you onto your parents.
Physics. I think I can, but I haven't been there in half a year because I realized it didn't help a bit.
eh not really I've been diagnosed with shizoaffective disorder and bipolar. been hospitalized involuntarily twice and voluntarily twice. Still got rejected for disability saying I hadn't payed enough into to SS. I could probably get it if I hired a lawyer though.

>legit autism

Kek for days.
No offense but why are you depressed with a degree in physics?

And its not necessary, just tell them theyre allowed to call your old therapist and sign the paper that lifts the Schweigepflicht.
you can only get ssi if you have never worked which is like 400$ a month and thats fucking nothing
>be me
>have ADHD and severe concentration disorder
>assburgers and socially inept
>caved in chest
>major insecurity
>clinical depression
>generalized anxiety disorder
>social anxiety
>panic disorder, constant panic attacks
>did not finish school because of emotionally abusive stepfather
>applied for like 100 jobs but no one wants me
>decide apply for neetbux
>get it without question
>it does not soothe the pain of being a failure

If you are able to work, get your ass up and work.
>No offense but why are you depressed with a degree in physics?

Not that guy but you clearly have no sweet clue how depression works or even what it is
There are many different types.
>Living in poverty with nothing to do
No thanks lol
You have a reason to not be depressed! Why are you depressed?


Fucking REEEE.
You're still a fucking idiot for presuming that one's accomplishments can somehow negate a physical problem that actually exist within one's brain.

>What? You have a broken leg?
>But you finished that marathon last year!
Thank you.

I'd have a rage boner right now.

If the drugs hadn't muted my boners.

It's the small things in life.
not that easy at all in the UK
well, it is to get half-neetbux where you're interviewed every few weeks, but if you want true neetbux you need to be pretty fucked up.
Haven't seen anyone post "trufax" for years.
Every time my parents nag me to get a job or anything I panic and start thinking about suicide, but I don't have the heart to tell them. I don't want to seem over dramatic or manipulative, but I really do feel like the walls are closing in on me and the only way out is to die.
Everyone's on a list, somewhere.

Keep that shit to yourself. Everyone is alone, all the time. They have enough to deal with. If you want the right to opt out, fight for it. You can't do it until it becomes a socially acceptable norm.

I just said norm. That's right, you have to push this, or your situation will be irrelevant.
It's obviously your parents fault for raising a useless sack of shit who doesn't even want to try in life

Your suicide will be on their hands my friend
I'm sorry.

This isn't original content.
This thread..

I got my assessment for esa in 2days and bricking it, here is hoping they grant me the benefit. Any tips on how to succeed the first time? Suffering from social anxiety and depression and haven't left me house in over a year
Would be a nice little windfall though if i get it as they would owe me over 2000 pounds in backpay.
OP I've held a job for 2 years, they are telling me that I can hold a job even though I have Bipolar and BPD diagnosed.

What can I do based NEET?
Im actually curious. Does your illness make you dangerous to other people? I kind of have a fetish for schizo guys for some reason but I am not sure how likely it is to get murdered by them.
Don't fall for the neetbux meme brother, if you're able to work, do it or try and get help for your tardness.

Trust me, once you enter the grasp of the neet life, its very hard to get out of.
>My parents received HartzIV and they had to prove they are applying to jobs and also got offered job interviews from the jobcenter.

that's not how Harz IV works

Harz IV is basically for the people who are fucked and have little chance of ever getting employed ever gain (like say, for example, a man who works in construction who breaks both his legs in his 50s)
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Thread images: 5
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