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ITT: Goals
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Post your goal, rate other robot's goals, and give advice on how to reach those goals.
>tfw want to earn, win, find $50,000 and invest it in a CD or something
The BofA Rates for CDs are like .15%, is that even good? Googling CD Rates brings up places that are like 2.50%.
Mutual funds, you mongoloid. Some have been giving solid 12% returns since the 1950s. Go listen to some Dave Ramsey and educate yourself. CDs are literal memes just slightly better than regular savings accounts.
To kill myself after 25
I'm going to eat Chinese takeout once a week.
What are you gonna order?
Sweet and Sour Chicken and some eggrolls.
>want to learn Japanese
>want to get a decent body
So far I've only been memorizing kanji and vocab. I need to do more grammar practice.

I've started walking to university instead of taking the bus. It's a 25 minute walk there, and 35 minutes back going uphill.
Not sure where to go from there.
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>tfw want to make friends
>tfw want a gf or bf
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1. Learn to draw
2. Understand Topology and Large Cardinals
3. Write a book
4. Find a bf
5. Gain Financial Independence

All 5 are impossible, but sometimes I like to fantasize about them.
What would you write about?
My goals:
>Become a martial arts legend
>travel the world
>not be poor forever
Where do you plan on traveling anon?
I'd like to tour Asia. Ever been to Cambodia before? It's really nice there. Gets sticky in summer though, I'd recommend going in Spring.

Basically taking all my frustrations and distilling them into a story. Something involving a robot-like protagonist I'm sure
Please don't just write a childishly perfect self insert so that you can indulge in self pity
>All 5 are impossible

That is bullshit unless you are a veg from the neck down (and even then some of that is still possible).

Any dumbass can (and does) write a book. Even adhd short bus elementary schoolers have written books. I am sure even your lazy ass can shit out a book if you actually wanted to.
Anyone can learn to draw (though learning to draw well take a lot of effort, which you seem to be unwilling to do). But you really, you just get something to draw on, something to make marks, and start from there. From that point you keep at it, learn, and practice so you get slightly better over time.

For number 2, just read a fucking book then watch a few vids/lectors on the subject.

You want financial independence then you have to get a fucking job. I know that is easier said then done, but still odds are you can find something to do that someone else is willing to pay you for.

You are on your own when it comes to getting a BF though. I have no "advice" there.
>Where do you plan on traveling anon?
>Ever been to Cambodia before?
no I am literally to poor for a passport, and I sure as fuck can't afford to fly out of country.
I have to work on the not be poor part before I can travel. Don't even have a car or working bike anymore.
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Meme tier advice. Go back to facebook

My goal:
>acquite qt 3.14 wife
>Do lots of cool computer shit until I turn 40
>Get a job teaching high school computer science after that
>During summers off, go on long motorcycle camping adventures
>retire at 60

To achieve this i am:
>investing in S&P 500 index fund
>working on a grad degree
>working on getting /fit/ by lifting
>learning how to ride my first motorcycle

I've been a lazy piece of shit for a long time, and things are finally starting to turn around.

Cardio. /fit/ seems to hate cardio for some reason but consistent cardio works wonders on establishing discipline for a fitness regime and tightening your core. Makes you live longer too, just be sure to eat enough. Good luck!
Nearly all of those goals are absurdly easy and have little in the way of barrier to entry.

Their is literally no good reason why they can't "just do it".
That is what goals are you dumbass faggot. Things you want to do.
With shit like write a book or learn to draw or learn Topology in this day in age their is nothing really stopping anyone who could post here from doing any of those things but themselves being lazy faggots.

Go back to you fucking hugbox faggot.
> just be sure to eat enough
Is this like a legit problem that skinyfags have to worry about?
Like if they don't remind themselves to eat regularly they risk passing out or some goofy shit?
What you studying at uni anon? I'm trying to do some extracurricular learning and will be hitting topology at some point (probably not for a few months though, got some less complicated stuff to learn first). I'm only really just getting into set theory now because my autistic uni hasn't exposed us to it at all.

>combinatorics is bullet to the head tier boring

It isn't as simple as "Just DO IT" but at some point you need to get started. And then if your don't want your goal to take forever, it helps to ramp up the pace as much as you can. Even if you start really small you can get somewhere eventually. I'll throw in something concrete I did:
>need to run for first military fitness test in 8 months
>am lazyfuck, swam a year ago but have spent lots of time drinking and self pitying since then
>started off with a weak jog, made it about 1 mile slow as fuck
>walked home, decided that was the minimum
>ran that 4 times a week, added short stretches every time I felt up to it
>5 months pass
>can sustain a run for 2 miles
>starting to feel better
>4-5 runs a week, incorporate days of interval sprints
>test day
>nail that shit

It's more than just do it, more like just get started

If you want to put on mass while doing hard cardio, you might need to eat more. It's a balancing act, some folks who lift skip cardio or minimize it to "protect their gainz". More power to them, but I feel like cardio should be a bigger part of the equation
Never been a fan a cardio myself because of chronic health reasons (asthma and bad knees) but I do tons of it anyway because I LOVE martial arts.

I will say that for most people it is counter intuitive to try to actually build mass while starting with hard cardio. Actually I have never seen someone starting in to hard cardio work outs not lose weight until their body acclimatizes to it. Only after that point would it make sense to try to build functional mass.

As for what should or should not be a bigger focus on training, it STRONGLY depends on training goals and personal preference.

mah nigga, you make good points.

I try to recommend cardio for anybody who has no clear focus because "I wanna be healthy" or "I wanna get in shape" usually lines up with cardio's benefits. Serious lifting for aesthetics or strength is a whole different ballgame and I don't know it nearly as well as /fit/ does.

Nice to have an actual balanced discussion of fitness on /arcanine/
I tend to stay away from /fit/ myself.
Used to main /asp/ when it was the martial arts center of 4chan. But Hiro fucked that up so the place is almost nothing but pro wrestling threads.
Because I have got a gym membership last month. I actually have been doing even more cardio as well as lifting since they have ellipticals. Low impact cardio is really nice to my knees, and I have been slowly improving my endurance and strength over the last month.

It is a little weird that I can take being thrown around and beat on 4 times a week just fine, but running or even jogging a mile or two around town puts me out of action for a few days.
I wanna touch boobies!
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