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In memory of last night's thread where OP an hero'd. Post your music when you feel some heavy feels.

First post in memory of OP, who was a faggot.

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/R2LQdh42neg" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

FFS, why can't I do anything right.

Is he confirmed an hero?
Was there video of it? Or was it just posts.
>I'm going to do it!
>I really mean it this time!
For that matter, how do we not know it's not you?
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1000 yard stare.jpg
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Been listening to this for the last 2 hours. I'm feeling it heavy tonight, friends.
OP are you from /b/?
>le OP is a faggot xD
>using the word an hero outside /b/

I can't confirm I'm not him. I live in the UK for one thing so getting a gun would be impossible. Don't care if you think so t.bh, just enjoyed last nights tunes, some more would be good.
more info on what happened last night? I fell asleep too early I guess

here's my feels music anyway


OP made a thread to say bye before he killed himself.
I dig this.
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if you dont mind some harsh vocals, have this

each album follows one story. each album is one of the person's perspectives who is involved

the story is about a family ruined and broken by world war two. mom turns into a junkie, dad beats one of the kids, kid kills the dad and runs away then comes back to face up to it and finds his mother is dead. heavy stuff

this one is from the father's perspective and gives some insight to why he is such a dick. the song is about him mourning his brother he lost in the pacific theater.


lyrics are here

seriously gives me goosebumps and makes me feel in my chest
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I always feel really sentimental when a robot anheros
rest easy space cowboy
more of this OP, it's pretty gud!

Here's my contribution: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SpwZr5LY6MY
Honestly that's fucking sad. Yet here I am wanting to cry over not going to graduate in the top ten of my class.
i gave away my faith when i gave my brother a coffin..
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It was sad. I hope he found peace.
Damn anon, this is some good shit. Thanks for sharing.
If it makes you feel any better, I graduated 3rd in my class 2 years ago. I went to visit during holiday break and only 2 teachers and maybe 5 other people remembered me.
Glad you like it. It has a very mellow rhythm and overall tone to the song. One of my favorites by them. Try these and see how you take the,:



I looked into more of their music after last night. Pretty good stuff.
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This album is literally mindblowing, a masterpiece of suicidal depression

Wow, this is some really awesome stuff. I really should be doing some homework tonight but I'm probably just gonna listen to their albums all night.
Start with their older albums. I haven't kept up with their newer stuff as much as I should but some singles I've heard have a far different sound and I'm not personally a big fan.
This song has always evoked something in me that I can't quite explain
Rip anon.

Rest easy brother.
Feelsy feels
It's not just that I'm at risk of falling out of top ten, its the fact that I'm at risk of falling out despite working much much harder than they are, all because of my Pharmacy Technician class. AP classes get 10 extra points added on my GPA, but this Pharm Tech class doesn't get that. And it counts for three classes. I do things like make gel caps, suppositories, and even go on hospital rotations and see and do all kinds of medical stuff high school kids don't even dream of doing at their age, and all I get is my GPA being brought down. The system really is fucked at my school, all because "Pharm Tech isn't AP"

this one has special meaning to me from my high school years, about 5 years ago now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MMEpaVL_WsU
>implying that wasn't an attention whoring thread
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Jan 12th and /r9k/ already 3 people here have an hero'd. It's gonna be a tough year brobots.

works best for those who are down and have watched Clannad, the feels hit hard
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wait does anyone have proof that a guy actually killed himself?
RIP In Peace friend Anon, we'll all see each other again in a better place one day.

Wow Ascension day on the second album sounds like a good song to get stoned to on lonely nights. Thanks for the share.

We can never be free
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I like that one too

Anybody got any good electronic or ambient feels?

Burial- Night bus and Forgive

Lorn- Acid rain and Sega sunset
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Max Richter- iconography
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Final Hours and the zreo remix
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Gonna bamp with,some sad pics
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Makes me want to be a better person.
There was another thread before with a guy who said he was jumping in front of a train. He never replied to his thread after so people assumed he did it.

i don't even watch anime
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Forgot textless wasn't allowed fug
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