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>Finally get a gf
>Wake up
The time is right
To put my arms around you
You're feeling right
You wrap your arms around too
But suddenly I feel the shining sun
Before I knew it this dream was all gone

Isn't that right, OP?

;_; pls no daft punk bully
You dont need a gf. You have been chosen to be above that. Something greater awaits us. Perhaps... the end?
I like that song because it makes me think I might not be so sad someday.
thread theme for sure
This one still hurts after a long time
>it's a beautiful day and there's sunshine filtering through the leaves as we walk down the street
>sounds of children playing outside
>we hold hands
>her hand is small, warm, soft and delicate in mine
>feel her warmth as her bare shoulder touches my triceps
>she looks up at me and I turn my head as well
>we stare each other in the eye
>her face in that moment is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen
>she looks at me lovingly and I'm filled with warmth and joy
>but I already know what's happening
>tell her "You know, this is a dream. There can be no happiness like this."
>she raises her eyebrows questioningly, then looks forward and smiles, as if she would find me silly for saying this
>look forward and smile too, knowing what's coming
>turn to her but she's gone already
>smile and keep walking
>Dream that we are together in the Arctic or Antarctic
>Furry coats, so we are /comfy/
>I stare at her, she stares back at me.
>I grab her and we collapse onto the floor of the igloo, giggling in ectasy.
>I am ecstatic.
>Wake up.
Even though I was dreaming, that was the happiest that I've ever been. The irony is that I hate the chick that I dreamt of, she is a horrible person. I'm not even attracted to her.
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>mfw the only way I've got pussy in my dreams was because of force or trickery
A rapist in your dreams, anon? Might want to go to a therapist....
I already see one.
You might want to see another as well.
I slept for eight hours and lived 2 years
>staying with fathers colleague and his amazing daughter.
>Shortish dark brown hair, 5'9', great body, super sweet, treats me like a human being.
>we're two peas in a pod
>get a whole group of friends together
>I'm an exchange student at a great college with no SJW garbage
>learn how to program
>this girl and I really warm to each other
>play vidya together almost every night
>Dark Souls, Arma, Co-op Halo and stuff
>after months of great times with my friends New Years for the first year is hear
>going to launch huge fireworks for everyone to see at a beach

Part 1 of 2.
Nothing wrong with being sexually excited by rape, anon.
True. I've beaten the meat to the "Ireversible" rape scene many times. It's when it starts to become who you are... that's when it's time to stop.
>tfw can't even have sex while dreaming

my cuck levels are insane
Stay warm during the night. Like, put 3 blankets over yourself and roast. Make sure that you spend at least 15 minutes constantly thinking about sex before you go to sleep, just don't jerk off. Ensure that sex is the last thing on your mind. If that doesn't work, lucid dreaming techniques can help.

This, in very seldom cases I am about to have sex in my dreams and shortly before I stick it in the girl I was about to have sex vanishes or I wake up.
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Trafalgar Law.jpg
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in that version the music drowns out the vocals

listen to the right version

>girl keeps telling me about how boring and alone her evenings are
>keeps asking for shows to watch on netflix
>i suggest we meet up some time
>she says that would be nice with a blushing smiley and an 'x'
>live kind of far away and we're both final year uni students with fucking ridiculous schedules so can't just pop around whenever

does she like me?
Hard to say, but go for it.
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>"Anon?" she says while getting real close.
>"Yeah?" face her
>"It's about one whole year that we've known each other, and I can honestly say its the best one I've had in a long time."
>I can feel her breath against my face
>she's nervous
>"Now that it's been a year Anon, I want to tell you something I've been holding back for far too long."
>she grabs my arms tenderly
>the fireworks launch
>"Anon, I love you, I always have"
>she kisses with an immense passion
>reciprocate and wrap my arms tightly around her
>heart burning with the flame of 10,000 suns
>go back to the house
>her father's on a business trip
>we barely say anything to each other after we get home
>we take showers and get ready for bed
>she lies on top of me in my bed
>we both fall asleep in a trusting embrace
>next year goes amazingly
>can lift even more than before
>run faster and longer
>got an awesome job at a game studio
>most importantly, got a gf thats not a roastie
>we regularly cuddle, kiss, go out, or just stay inside and hang
>it's December
>found out my dad has been put on life support from a car wreck
>my brother is still under his care, but father's on life support
>extended family are terrible people
>have to go back
>It'll be 3 years till I come back
>tell my her and she understands, her father doesn't want her to leave the country until she finishes uni
>taxi rolls up
>"I'll come back, I promise"
>"I know you will"
>in tears and deeply kiss
>get in the cab and wave
>she gives me a smile that'll stick with me forever
>waves back
>I shut the car door

Wake up.
Hurts everyday anons.
>does she like me?
Thread replies: 23
Thread images: 5
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