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ITT what's the nicest compliment(s)...
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ITT what's the nicest compliment(s) you've got not based on appearance
>I feel like I can tell you anything anon
>you're sweet
>you have a great face for radio
>you're like the most approachable person I know
hard mode: compliment each other too
>>you have a great face for radio
this is an insult to your looks, friendo
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>i know we joke around, but in all seriousness thanks for being here for me
something like that, felt good.
as for OP you're probably not a faggot.
They tell me I have a cute face or comment that I am very short.
>I want to kill myself less when you're around
felt good man
>holy shit your dick is so big
>you actually are so hot

Im not even trolling, these have happened to me

oh, >you just gave me the best orgasm of my life

\am i a chad guys?
>You have a soothing voice
>I feel so comfortable around you
Shit like that.

And you seem like a cool guy OP.
What part of "not based on appearance" did you not understand?
You realize being called approachable is being called a giant beta manlet right?
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>you have a great face for radio

That isn't a compliment, anon...
I suppose another compliment you got was:
>can you look after my kid while I go out with some friends
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"you're the most modest person i've ever met"

that's the only compliment i've gotten as far as i know, which took me by surprise
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>>you have a great face for radio
The girl I'm orbiting tells me I'm funny.
are you biting?
>I'll find a flaw in you, just give me time!
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people generally think im some autistic genius, when in reality im just autistic and they watched too much tv.
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A girl once said this to me, feel like that may have been my peak

>i really like your music anon, it's so trippy and cool *stares into eyes

>inb4 i fucked it up with her lol

Sorry op didn't see the apearence
I used to get "cute!" Last christmas I gor "youre so big!" Lol i dont even give a fuck
>you have great potential
Dumb people think I'm smart because I got a biology degree. I came in at the bottom of my class.
> I really like being around you
Was a really quiet girl who i never actually noticed was around me quite often.
I can't really think of any compliments I've received that weren't from my mother. I tend to blend in with the furniture in a room and people don't really notice or care about me.

When I used to work as a cashier, somebody told me I have a radio voice, but I think they were joking around because I hate my own voice and I have a small lisp.
>You're the smartest person I know.
>You actually know what your doing.
>You seem like you would be a good kisser.
>You would make a good dad.( top KEK)
>You have potential.
>You should work full time brah.
I act nice to normal people for work purposes, recommendations are important.

My favorite is," You're the worst person I've ever known."
Bitch, I talked to you to be nice.
>how are your cheeks sunken its not fair you look so good

T-thanks sis

>be wagecuck
>waiting tables
>group of women around 30 years old, one pretty hot
>go up to table
>"oh wow nice arms " or something to that effect

And finally
>meet new flatmates for first time
>leave protein in corridor for sec
>"who's is all this protein?"
>"well its obviously him, he's huge"
>y-you too

Used to never get any compliments until I got fit; now I get them all the time and have lost track.

Thanks god for /fit/
Oh shit I can't read. Thought it was based on appearance.

Normie out
>I used to get "cute!"
If a girl ever calls you cute you tell her she's looking "really handsome"

She'll cut that shit out quick.
This Jesus Christ.

At my old job in the break room people used to pull up their phones and give me a math problem like 162 x 172 and be amazed. I always felt like a fucking fraud
Fucking this. Blox
>>I feel like I can tell you anything anon
Classic friendzone quote.
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>you look so pale anon, thats a good thing

Thats all I got, pic is me
>I always listen when you speak. You're very bright. You're going places
-Girl in my class, the first time she talked to me
>You have a great voice for radio
-Friend's mum

i guess thats all i remember atm
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>you are the sweetest. i bet you would make a great bf
If we were alpha people our immediate response would've been, "well it looks like you're my new gf"
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Somebody posted this about my music once, it was very nice.
In person the latest have been
>hey why didn't you tell us you're actually a little genius
>I wish I could pick up some of your strength
A friend also said I was "the most stubborn dreamer" she knew. It sounded weird but nice.
>you smell nice today anon
i-its just old spice...
I've gotten loads of compliments on both my classical guitar playing and my choir partaking. Without music, I'd be competely and utterly useless.
>was always the smartest kid in class.
>often got compliments like "You're so smart anon. How do you do it?"
>never understood stupid people because I could just listen to what the teachers say and put in minimal effort to my assignments and get straight As.

also one time when hanging with a couple friends:
>"Anon you're so cool."
>"What do you mean?"
>"I don't know. You just are."
I guess he was referring to how accepting I am of people and how I hide it when I get hurt.
How is waiting tables? I'm desperate for a job but i'm pretty autistic and a frail manlet, so i worry its not for me.
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I have an IQ of 149 so people generally compliment me on how smart I am.
>I know we make fun of you a lot but we love you, you know that right?

People say I'm a smart guy just cause of how I look and the way I act.

I always disappoint them sooner than later. =')
I can't think of any. Is that bad?

People tell me I'm funny, but a lot of my humor is unintentional or self-deprecating, which I fucking hate doing.
"That's because he knows everything!"
It's good to be decently smart but entirely intimidating.

>People tell me I'm funny

Well you solved your problem already.
Sometimes I don't like being around my friends because they often talk about stupid shit and it's hard to get in on the conversation without telling them they're wrong.
>Anon, you have such a beautiful voice.
I don't know if she wants to be nice or she wants my wurst.
>anon, you're pretty funny, you know that?
>you're such a good listener.

I don't even try to do either of these things, mostly I just make sarcastic, self-critical comments and "joke" about how I wish I was dead. I'm not even listening, I'm just not saying anything.
You're a consummate professional

Said by my platoon commander, idk it stuck with me
>you're such a bizarre guy, anon. I dont think i'll ever forget you.
Or something along those lines.
Felt good because there's about 13 people outside the family who even know my name lol
>nice hair faggot
>dont kill yourself yet
>you can be funny when you try
I could easily see myself falling in love with someone like you.

>"You always smell nice, Anon!"
I work in a smelly part of the automotive industry and don't wear any sort of fragrance. Dunno.
>"You make me laugh, Anon. I'm happy for you."
After a terrible joke.
They seemed really sincere. Fucking weird.
>I know you're a good person
This exactly

comment original
>For a person your age, you're really smart
>You're naturally gifted
>You're the most amazing guy I've ever met
>Gosh anon you're making me blush
>You have such a good first impression
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>you should be a model
>you look like ed norton from fight club

Why are you bullshitting me?
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>from the way you speak and hold yourself, you're obviously very smart.
>you're probably one of the coolest people I know.
>you're the only person I know that speaks honestly, no matter much it hurts.
>what the fuck are you doing working in this dump?
>You have a great radio voice
>You have beautiful eyebrows
>You're the most handsome guy in the room

I'm pretty sure she was obligated to say the 3rd one because she was my date to a dance but I'm not good at reading people.

I still have low self-esteem and feel suicidal though
People tell me funny when I'm doing something I hate.

Imagine if people only liked you when you were having anally-devastating fiery diarrhea. That's what it feels like when I have to make self-deprecating humor to get laughs.
>wow I forgot that you're intelligent
>beautiful face
>nice hair
>thick cock

off the top of my head
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>live in mexico
>i am pale with dark hair
>Anon, why are you so pale? get some sun!

fucking brownshits
>you look really handsome today
>I like the way you dress
>your really honest
>your hot anon why you don't have girlfriend?.... Are you gay?
louis ck explained this well on O&A

he said that, racially, mexico is like america. there are some white people and some brown people. but mexican colonialists murdered waaaay fewer natives than american colonialists. that's why the typical mexican is "brown" in our minds. white people flourished in america because america committed an almost complete genocide.
You have very good time management
>Being with you makes me so happy that it makes me want to believe in God just to have someone to be thankful with.
>my pussy is so sore
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I don't remember the last time that happened
>sometimes you're kinda funny
>162 x 172
Post pics anon, I wanna see this Ed Norton lookalike myself
>Anon, I'm so proud of you.
The second last words of my father to me.
>you make me feel safe
>I just want to fall asleep next to you
>At least you can get someone better
I'm so sorry for letting us fall apart, Siiri.

Your mood lightens up from ordinary compliments but the ones I remember just kill me inside.
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>Me sitting alone in class with headphones
>Semi-qt who i've barely talked to comes up to me
>"hey can i sit here? That fag over there keeps trying to hit on me"
>Points to pale as snow, visibly beta kid with braces, acne, the whole shabang.
Thats it, my best complement was a girl saying im not the biggest faggot there. Woo.
nigga why tf u be trippin over ur iphone smdh
>"Can I borrow like at least ten percent of your brain?"
I have this problem too but,
>Father is 6'0 with blonde hair, hazel eyes, and is also a native born Mexican with pale skin
>I'm similar looking to my father but have black-brown hair
>People never believe that I'm Mexican even when I start speaking Spanish so I usually say I'm Argentine or whatever.

Growing up in a Hispanic community sucked, I'd always get called a gringo.
Only if you don't like putting yourself down.
It's the easiest way to get laughs for Robots, learn to love it.
>>"You make me laugh, Anon. I'm happy for you."
>After a terrible joke.
>They seemed really sincere. Fucking weird.
was it a girl?
>i cant appreciate you enough
>since you left no one in this place has been as high quality as you
This, only remember my mom complimenting me one time but I don't think I've heard a compliment that was meant in a serious way
>>you're probably one of the coolest people I know.

that's actually really pathetic considering you're here
All of my compliments come from my playing. I vaguely know that feel.
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Thread images: 17
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