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Guys, enough charades and lies.

I want us to be honest with each other, I've talked to some of you guys on skype, you're cool people. Yeah, you have some wierd hobbies, but no deal breakers. If one were to believe the hype you would all be unfit for existing, so low IQ you wouldn't know how to make a toast. So let's be real, how well do you guys NOOOOOT fit the robot stereotype.

I'm really curious, because I know most of you, if not all, have some major incongruities with the whole sad loser virgin stereotype.
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modern women 1.jpg
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I garden, fish, forage wild edibles, hike, workout, course video games and tv a bit too.

I guess the only real robot thing about me is that I am a kissless virgin. Shit, I been offered sex and stuff but I just avoid it if it is one nigth stand type of stuff.

After getting older and experiencing women i friendships and seeing them with friends in relationships I came to the conclusion it is a waste of my time.

So I guess you can say I am one of those mgtow type dudes.
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Well, I'm not virgin. I lost it when I was 18 to a girl who was 16 and became my gf for a year, she wasn't the last either, I've had two more relationships since then. All in all I've slept with eight people. My last relationship was with a very much younger boy, just because I wanted to try that too, so I'm pretty sexually fulfilled, I want to fuck an asian, a tranny and a niglet too, I've not done that yet. But I don't think I have it half as bad as some of you guys.
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I have friends, I have five of them living very close to me. Sometimes we meet up and play vidya, rocket league, and we troll the other team spamming "gg", "kek", "lol", "gel?", "mirin?" and "Salty?" every time we score a goal. If they score we say "lucky" and "jk". Everyone brings something to the table, chocolate, chips, dip, soda and we all have a very good time and laugh together.
I have a pretty high rank in martial arts. So I work as a personal trainer and group trainer, it's nothing big, but I earn enough to have a slightly better lifestyle, with cheap vacations every autumn. And my students respect and look up to me. It's pretty cool, and I have a big chest and abs.
> I garden, fish, forage wild edibles, hike, workout, course video games and tv a bit too.

How interesting. How do you do all that? Do you have your own house and boat too? Do you ever grown any weed or ingredients for Ayahuasca? What do you think about farming insects for eating?
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I have a car with great stereo blasters. I'm also not a virgin, but I'm pretty sure I only got laid because I was older than her and had the car. I also have some friends, but when I go to parties someone is mean to me for no reason almost every time.
>picture of figuarts first order trooper is ifunny.co worthy
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>not knowing le ebic traitor trooper maymay
reddit pls go

totally orig commento
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i hate to be a special snowflake but my case is somewhat unique

i started coming to this board when i was very, very young. i was 14, and i found this place back in 2011.

i sympathized with all the feels, because all around me people were getting their first girlfriends, first kisses, even having sex and i was left out

i started spending most of my free time here. this place indoctrinated me. this place taught me most of what i know about people and life and society

i studied the threads, robots successes and failures. the only reason im not a virgin is because i started lifting some weights and went on okcupid and started talking to fat girls when i was 17. i always had something of a chubby fetish, and these girls are easy to talk to i guess

still dont have a single friend besides my cousin though

when im here, i usually just lie about myself. i take up the robot mantle. i tell other normals to fuck off, i tell fembots to fuck off, you know the drill. i usually just post in threads that dont pertain exactly to the kissless virgin feels
>doing well in school/have a job lined up for when I leave
>have had a couple short relationships that didn't end up going anywhere
>hobbies: hunting, fishing, hiking

I'm here because I'm an autistic fuck who has trouble connecting to people and interacting in social situations. I have one friend (who would most likely not consider me a close friend) and spend most of my time with animals or alone in the woods.
I'm honestly no longer a robot. I'm no longer a KV, have a decent part time job, go to school full time and have a long term GF. I still come here because old habits die hard. I used to be a pretty typical robot, but things got better.
Twenty two year old cabinet maker with a young daughter and a psychotic abusive girlfriend/wannabemotherofmychild. Sup /r9k/ first timer
eat shit
fuck off back to fucking reddit
I've never had sex
I've never had a gf
I don't have interesting hobbies

But I do have a small group of loser friends and we play MtG, watch anime, and drink so I'm pretty content with life and don't feel like killing myself
I have 2 friends who I sometimes hang out with and sometimes they even ask me first. also have no problem interacting with other people without sperging out. Though flirting/dating/getting intimate is a whole another thing.
i imagine a conversation with you and the average memester would be something out of batman. "you merely adopted the meme, i was born in it"
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This must be how the Germans feel senpai.
I have a job. A real one. I'm a software developer. They even pay me! In American dollars!

As for hobbies, I don't have many. I dabble in music a bit, I suppose. I play mandolin and ocarina.

I don't have many friends, but I have a few that I see in real life. I keep in touch with one with whom I went to college, but we only text.

I'm not a kv, but I haven't had sex in like 9 years, so I may as well be.
i know people that are pretty happy with an more isolated life that you describe. are you actually trying or is it just this tfw no bf stuff? being with animals and in the woods doesn't even sound that bad.
I don't sperg when I talk to people and somehow competent socially. I have friends, people think I'm just a normal guy. Thing is I'm extremely avoidant, depressive, negative and cynical. I just form shallow bonds with people so I don't stick out as a loser but don't get too close to them so I still have my alone depression time.
I would be a normie if I never had mental illness and got into hard drugs. So I suppose I'm a cyborg or a failed normie. All the real robots are either dead, turned normie, or went to another website.
>Go kayaking and occasional other outdoors activities, generally exercise now and then, probably healthy though not /fit/ or anything
>Self employed, earn some money at least, though not a lot, drive
>When I'm forced into conversation with somebody I get by, probably seeming like a normal if quiet guy.

on the negative:
>severely socially anxious, cannot handle groups of people, friendless. Only talk to non close family if I'm forced to by circumstance.
i have a few really good friends reaching from social outcasts to total chads and normies. i can speak pretty well even to strangers but still kv because of bad luck i guess
I live by the sea so I occasionally go surfing other then that I spend most of my time studying and watching Mongolian moving pictures
Duck off slut.
Of course I know what it is.
My point was that they're just using a picture of the toy.
I try to have friends but they figured it's better to meet new people. Always called them and they did call back but now they just stopped. Figure I will embrace my loneliness.

I try to interact with people but it always seems fake on both parts. Looking at how they interact with others and always realize I could never get that with them.

26 and I've only stuck my dick(and still doing) in one vagina all my life. Completely missed out on teen shit.

I try to have nicer subjects to chit chat than the normies do (travels, furniture and the most trivial absolute shit) because they bore the fuck out of me but that always deters people for some reason.

No matter how much I try to be a normie, I belong here.
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>have a passion for art
>drive a motorbike
>dress well, confident
>don't have insecurities or anxieties

Pretty much only things that don't make me a robot. I'm a 24 yo hhkv loner seeing a psychiatrist. Plenty there to make me unfit for a partner.
I don't have an actual job but I'm not really a virgin either, I sell weed to meet people and not have to spend money on it, I'm pretty quiet though even as like the dealer I don't really mind normies because they're at least more interesting than most autists.
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I do the same thing, except I am a khv friendless robot, I have a decent inheritance, when I'm not posting here I go out and read to kids because they're still innocent to this world, I helped force the waifu meme in the west, I started lurking at 12.
Also self improvement nut as I have a shitload of time, and being socially isolated to the outside world has made me see the people I see here suffering(whether true or not) as my family so I give normalfag advice when I can.
Sex and gf doesn't seem that interesting to me, think a child who is magically turned into an adult who then gets hit on and goes gross, a manchild who happens to look like a Chad.
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Sounds samesies. I had a blast in the army with my bunkmates but me nor them kept in contact after getting home. Haven't socialised at all since then. That was 8 months ago.
I'm a rich (700k+ income/yr dad) kid that has never had a friend.
Growing up I tortured animals and played video games.
I recorded a few of my kills.
I have no motivation to do anything because I already have everything and my father is starting to criticize me because I turn 20 soon, and I've never had a job, etc whatever. He compared me to the affluenza teen recently
Every night for the past 15 years or so I have gone to bed with the exact same thoughts: that I am going to freeze and that by the morning, my body will go gangrenous. Not a single FUCKING NIGHT has passed without this thought crossin my mind. I know it makes no fucking sense whatsoever but whenever I lie down regardless of how tired I am, I will fucking feel that uncomfortable feeling and be convinced I will wake up with 3/4 my body rotting away.
anybody who chats with people they don't know on skype is a normie, so you have a pretty shitty sample for starters.
>never had a gf
>had at most 4-5 close friends at a time
>presently down to 1-3
>they are constantly threatening me with moving cause they like the attention
>they have many friends, and gf's so they dont care
>one of them makes fun of me for not having a gf, like he's some hotshot for scoring a 4
>never talked to a girl intimately (no female friends since i was 6)
>really bad self-esteem
>think everyone is better then me and that nobody wants anything to do with me (Probably stems from the fact that everybody who was respected in elementary school played some sort of sport, and I played nothing)
>never approach girls
>first generation immigrant so the only family I really talk to is my parents
>worried about dying alone
>stopped being depressed and sad around 2 years ago, around the time i became a social recluse and avoided friends
this board gave me a lot of happiness now its filled with normies. If I got a gf tomorrow, I would not only acknowledge that I'm a normie, but acknowledge that I was ALWAYS a normie. Why is that so hard to do for some people?
Virgin but I had a few short "relationships" with ugly girls in high school, so I know what a vagina or a tit feels like. I've got friends I hang out with regularly. I'm in good academic standing pursuing a degree in Electrical Engineering. I guess my most robotic trait is that I don't feel some way about everything. I'm not a complete autist in that I know and perform the appropriate reactions to, say, the death of a family friend, but I don't really care. I do feel emotions. Mostly shame, embarrassment, joy, anger. Very self-centered emotions. Which is weird because I'm very self-conscious. I dress well and am in decent shape. I'm more handsome than ugly. I notice girls looking at me, but I either don't care to talk to them or am too afraid because I do care to talk to them. I have a plant named Bill who is a mini jade. I love Alan Watts and meditating. I'd say I'm more of a Taoist than a Buddhist. I seem to be more well liked than I think I am. I lurk here mostly, usually to feel better about myself, sometimes to laugh at autists, and rarely to commiserate.
notice how he didn't say 'laugh at the robots', because he still want's to piggyback off the self pity on this board full of normies
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