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>be a robot kv for my entire life
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>be a robot kv for my entire life
>ugly and fat
>no social life
>playing video games and later watching chinese cartoons entire time when not studying
>the only redeeming feature is that I'm pretty successful when it comes to studying, and that I'm at least pretty tall (6'2)
>once tried to be friends (yes, friends) with a girl in middle school, she turned out to be a manipulative bitch
>unable to trust women at all
>go to uni
>meet a really cute and smart girl
>she also focused on studying for her entire life
>never had a boyfriend or even kissed
>muster all my courage and talk with her while trying to hide my social autism
>seems to be really perfect
>start trusting her
>keep talking with her for a month
>finally ask her out
>rejected, but politely
>start talking to her again a few days later
>after a short time, everything goes back to how it was before
>we get to know each other more and more
>gradually a romantic relationship starts developing
>she actually starts making moves on me as well (though I was too autistic to notice that)
>2 months later, we are a couple
>turns out she initially thought I was a Chad and asked out every girl, and couldn't acknowledge the fact that someone could genuinely like her, and that was one of the reasons for rejecting me the first time
>life becomes a bliss
>everything before seems hollow and meaningless
Continued in the next post.
Part 2:
>go on in a very loving and happy relationship for over a year
>we keep no secrets, talk every day, spend as much time as possible together and can't imagine life without each other
>we even start planning our future together and all that stuff
>after that year, things start getting worse
>she feels inferior to me due to my slightly better grades (even though her grades still were good enough to get a merit scholarship)
>it keeps getting worse over the course of the next year
>everything is still fine during holidays and such, when she doesn't try to compete
>but when she gets stressed, she treats me very poorly
>love her too much to even consider breaking up
>sometimes she brings up the idea of a break (like, being apart for a month, but still exclusive)
>too dependent on her affection and love to let her go with no contact for a whole month
>convince myself that everything will be alright if we manage to stay together through the uni, since during summer holidays everything was fine, even though we both had jobs that were sometimes pretty stressful
>things get a bit better thanks to a long winter holidays break and a trip we had
>back in uni after the break
>things aren't looking bad
>make a mistake which as an effect caused her to be humiliated (and which was entirely my fault)
>breaks up with me
What do I do now? I can't handle it at all, or even think about anything else for a moment.
Well anon? What was the mistake? Also if she dumped you over something trivial it's good to be rid of the Stacy
Jesus fuck that hoe, she was mad because u got better grades? Fucking 12 years old mate
You skipped the most important part. What was the mistake?
All you can really do now anon is kill yourself its not like there's hundreds of the same girl going to the uni
not reading this shit btw OP
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We need to know what stupid bullshit you did to piss her off.
Treat her like she matters only a small amount to you and that you could move on without her but could also move on with her. But unfortunately that kind of strength is reserved for Chads like me so give me a pussy/tits pic and her number and I'll take care of it for you.
To be honest, she didn't dump me just because of that. As I stated, things weren't exactly going very well. Even though everything improved thanks to the break, it still wasn't perfect. And that thing was just the last straw.

The humiliation that resulted from my mistake was a huge deal, even though the mistake itself was trivial. I fucked up something simple she asked me to do. She asked me to send an uni-related mail (she couldn't have done it herself at the time and really needed to have it sent, and knew she could count on me), and I fucked up by accidentally saving over a file when confirming it was the thing I was supposed to send (I didn't change anything, but the date of last modification got changed and that got her accused of cheating).

I hope what I wrote is somewhat coherent.
sounds like she was autstic - I wouldnt spaz over such minor things, especially if in the end everything worked out

got any boob pics?
come on dude, you got to have them
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Fuck it, she's a bitch. You'll find another one, eventually you'll get over it.
Or end up emotionally numb like I am.
how was she character wise - erratic to be around, overall relaxed or...?

i had a girl - my first and last GF - and she was weird.. like one moment she would want to cuddle, then suck my dick which she did and then 15 mins later she`d throw a fit that I forgot to buy bread or something crap like that... and not like ''oh come on how you could`ve forget'' but ''AW FUCK SAKES YOU FUCKING IDIOT''.
holy shit, man - the sex was worth it but never again. got sick of that abusive and patronizing crap.
It didn't work out. The lecturer apparently thinks she did cheat and got 0 points for that assignment.

She usually was very affectionate, warm and caring. She usually got emotional whenever something went wrong for her, though - but when it wasn't related to uni stuff, she didn't take it out on me.
post boob/body pics
come on man

what is she up to now? already found herself some Alpha Chad?
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