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Bunch of normies here these days so I'll...
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Bunch of normies here these days so I'll just go ahead and ask this question:

Let's say I'm with a girl on a date. We're in a pub drinking beer. I met her on tinder. How do I into fucking her or at least kissing? I'm an absolute moron when it comes to this so I'm gonna need some decent tips.
get her shitfaced and do whatever you need to do. lie. play with her mind. be everything she wants.
then slip it in boy
I need more step-by-step on how to do it. I mean I've already been on like two dates with two different girls and didn't manage to do shit. We sat beside each other, drank our beers and talked. How the fuck do people actually do it?
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It's 2016 bro
Thinking that what you say matters is a mornie meme. In reality, whether you're getting laid or not is decided in the first 10 seconds.If you're handsome and she feels like getting the D tonight, its done. You can act like a fucking doofus and you still gonna land a pussy. If she finds you unsuitable, no amount of witty jokes or charismatic compliments matter, in her eyes you're nothing but free dinner by now
So what, are you saying that she'll initiate the kiss or whatever? What if she's shy?
If she shows interest by touching you, looking down at your lips when you're close together, or (better yet) outright says that she's interested, go in for a kiss when you have to leave, and see where things go from there. If she invites you back to her place, take the offer. If not, arrange a second date where you meet and chill together, then see where things go.
I'm saying to relax because you never had any say in the outcome. How you behave literally doesn't matter.
So I should give it a shot when we're saying goodbye?
I get it but I'm here to learn about how to actually take the opportunities should any present themselves.
act like you've been there before even if you haven't. try to be calm, bullshit with her, and have fun. towards the end of the night just ask her to come over...if she says yes, guaranteed IN.
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1. lots of eye contact without excessive staring
2. playful talk might include a compliment or a soft joke about her (if you need this explained you're probably not going to make it)
3.physical contact
After a few hours you should be able to estimate if you have chances for first base or not. Imagine the whole process like trying to start a fire but your lighter is your desire to fuck her and the better(i.e. in an acceptable way) you manifest this desire the higher your chances are.
Go for it. If she rejects you, move on with life and go and find someone who does reciprocate. If she accepts, then it could be the start of something beautiful.
1. You need to take her on more than one date.
2. Don't compliment her, they feed on it and it makes them more powerful.
3. Ignore her between dates, only contact her to arrange a second date.
4. It's not 1954, don't arrange an official "date". Tell her, "I'm going to do X on (day of the week), you want to come with?" You are going out to do your regular awesome shit and you are allowing her the privilege of tagging along.
5. Spend the minimum amount of money necessary. You can get by for less than $20 if you're smart about it. Nothing says bitch like dropping $200 on a date and not getting anything in return.
6. You want to make out with this chick? Get her somewhere semi-private, it's not happening in a bar. Take her for a walk on the beach or through the city, whatever bullshit works.
7. Remember, if she accepted a date with you, she's already willing to fuck you and is just playing hard to get. You don't care, it's not even on your mind.
8. Remember, dating is a numbers game. More dates= more opportunity for stinkfinger. Be willing to take any girl out even if she's a wheelchair bound autistic with only one tit. Girls talk to each other, you'll get nice guy points.
9. Be nice, but not too nice. Remember, you don't really give a shit.
10. Don't talk shit about any female for any reason. This is not optional!
11. Grow a pair, she's just as nervous as you.
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