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>You will never have a shy NEET gf that...
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>You will never have a shy NEET gf that never talks to anyone other than you and cries whenever you're not with her

Why even live?
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why is this so rapid?

She looks like a crazy person who probably has bad breath and smells like ass
I am in this position and neither of us are happy. She wants to suicide and it's hard to keep her happy with her depression. I love her but you don't know what you're talking about OP. I know you are probably so insecure that you can't handle a girl even making eye contact with another man, but no one can be happy being a friendless NEET for long and hanging around a miserable person who clings to you 24/7 is not fun. It's not worth it.
so, the female version of you?
I basically have that sans the NEET status
she's definitely not a NEET or a shy/quiet person.
look at her face, she is smiling, and no real bags under her eyes, and her eyes are kind of happy looking too.
her chad bf probably took that picture.

the only NEET females who would ever think of browsing this board (even though they still don't belong) is 400 pound hambeasts who would stink out the house so bad you wouldnt even want to live nextdoor to them.
Why don't you put her on drugs that will make her more cheerful so that it's more enjoyable to spend time with her?
She doesn't look NEET. At worse she just looks like that slightly odd girl in every class who sat there drawing horses.
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>live in germany
>my previously normie gf is like this now and she's terrified of being alone or leaving my apartment because of the refugees

pretty cozy tbqh
shes jerking off made a motion blur
>that slightly odd girl in every class who sat there drawing horses.
I wonder what it's like to fuck that kind of girl
if you don't have a horse cock they aren't interested, believe me I have tried many a times
>tfw my gf is exactly like this

stepup your game boyos
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+1 can confirm
Horses are like their Chad to them, big, muscular, big cock, 'He's nice to me'
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>You will never force one of these horse whores to watch as you slaughter her horse Muslim-style and slash open its throat as it makes horrible sounds, spasms around, and sprays her with blood


you are probably chad and won't appreciate her qtness
>neutered and basically cucked from birth while Chad racehorses get to beed
>have to cart around fat roasties for some hay and endure their juicy flaps squishing on your back, that is all you live for and you will be killed when you can't do it no more
>enraged human beta REEEs and halals you because it is jealous of the attention you are getting
>tfw horse
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>gf starts showing an interest in horses
>Make her watch as I chop off its big horse dick and throw it at her
>The horse is screaming and panicking while blood gushes out of it
>Shoot it in the head
That will stop girls from fantasizing about horses and show her that you are superior
>just want a nice gf that likes staying indoors
>remember that pretty much every girl that likes that stuff has mental issues
I just don't want to get abused or cheated on
>I just don't want to get abused or cheated on
This is going to happen regardless. Go for the type of girl you like, Anon.
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>enraged human beta
More like human alpha. An enraged beta is a beta that transcends being beta and becomes even higher than a natural alpha. The moment of becoming enraged is like the super saiyan transformation.
I'm too autistic to be a chad

if anything I can't get enough of her cuteness she's my only female friend, best friend, and waifu

feels comfy senpai
There a lot of autistic chads

Autistic people can rule the world if they tame their autism. Socrates was autistic.
well I'm not doing a good job of it

why do you think I still lurk this place instead of being out there
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this, i know that just by the nature of these girls it makes it a paradox and basically impossible, but i hate these normie whores that just want to go out with their friends all the time when they're dating someone

why can't i just find a girl with an us vs. the world mentality
Pahahaha, that's fucking brilliant.
>why can't i just find a girl with an us vs. the world mentality
Just create one. Women are extremely malleable.

>The fundamental feminine characteristic is changeability. Thus, the female is associated with water, which is fluid, and adapts to whatever form it is put into, just as matter is shaped by form. Evola writes that woman "reflects the cosmic female according to its aspect as material receiving a form that is external to her and that she does not produce from within." This fits in with Carl Jung's description of woman's animus, which is not self-created, but instead is a subconscious collection of the thoughts of men.

>This changeability is related to woman's tendency to live for someone outside of herself, due to the fluidity and changeability of her nature. For Evola, this means following the path of a mother or lover, fixing herself to a virile force in order to obtain transcendence. In contrast, "modern woman in wanting to be for herself has destroyed herself." By believing that she is merely her personality, she loses her transcendent aspect.
>Evola also describes the correct relationship between the principle of water and that of fire, associated with the male: "when the feminine principle, whose force is centrifugal, does not turn to fleeting objects but rather to a 'virile' stability in which she finds a limit to her 'restlessness'"

A good example of this is women that follow far right/politically incorrect ideologies. They are almost always brought into it by their father, their boyfriend, or their husband. They never reach these ideas on their own, they first have to find a man that is strong enough to smash through that layer of left-leaning political correctness that is passively programmed into women by their society and then they flow into their boyfriend's ideology like water into a cup. The same applies to everything else in life. It's also why most cult members are women.
who is she and why is she so perfect?
I've seen this picture a lot, but have no idea who it is
she looks like she could be my sister
I've done this, and it's not some sort of dream come true at all.

If you're happy, she will bring you down with her own problems. NEETs aren't known for being mentally stable and if you're all she has to talk to then she'll dump all that baggage on you. Odds are you will become codependent especially if you have issues yourself and it will usually lead to a slow downward spiral.

If you manage to help her, which is not going to be an easy task by any means and will likely take years of your time, she will likely reward you by cheating on you whenever she feels like she can do better/gets mad at you for something/whatever. If you help her become more social she'll get normie bitch friends who will encourage her to do stupid shit behind your back like go to parties, do drugs and cheat.

It happened to me and she kept a secret, and her problems got worse and worse and she became a huge bitch before she finally came clean. I attributed the changes to her unstable mental health and she played that card but in reality she was lying and stabbing me in the back all along.

You can't win, even if you love a girl like this and do everything for her and help her out, she can still become an absolute whore if she sees a better opportunity roll by.
I just want to be miserable with someone else.

checked btw
>You can't win, even if you love a girl like this and do everything for her and help her out
That's where you screwed up. You're not her therapist, it's not your job to try to fix her. You just have to take advantage of her mental instability/vulnerability and use that to make her dependent on you as her primary source of happiness in life.

To avoid this:
>she'll dump all that baggage on you
You just have to discipline her properly. If you're the only person that she talks to and being treated kindly by you is the only thing that makes her happy/stops her loneliness then you have to turn around and treat her like trash when she starts trying to use you for emotional dumping as if you're some kind of female friend that will listen to her whiny bullshit for hours.

You have to make her understand her place in the relationship and that this is not some kind of equal partnership bullshitl. You should only make her happy insofar as she makes you happy. If she's not living for you, trying to make you happy, and being subservient then you should be treating her like shit because she has wandered out of her place.
Codependence isn't a bad thing, I don't know where this meme came from

and misery loves company
thanks for this link to bradley, was just discussing esoterica in relation to feminism directly on this theme, including jung's views on women, yesterday with a friend. didn't know about evola's views. bradley (pseudonym or not) looks very interesting.

thanks brah.
>she will likely reward you by cheating on you whenever she feels like she can do better
This happened to me. I've never recovered.

I actually had one like that. Was a LDR tho. Here's the story.

>she wanted to talk to me daily
>complained and worried if I didn't respond within 5 minutes of her messaging
>really really felt affection toward me
>build a nice friendship over the week
>we hit our peak
>after a bit, I'm the one starting the convo now
>convos get shorter and shorter by the day
>she begins to stop replying mid convo
>being a supreme beta, I was bothered and cried (not literally) about this
>ignores more often and starts ignoring my "hey"s
>she becomes completely uninteresting and boring
>continues to fall

This girl is super addicted to leeg, is homeschooled, almost never leaves the house, and does mostly online dating.
lmao max par
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Lets not pretend that you faggots would ever date a girl who was like this nor would they want to date you.

Two miserable people don't exactly mix well. It's going to turn into a competition to see who can be more miserable or one of you will get tired and give up on the relationship.
>he actually wants a gf that is clingy

you're in for a very rude awakening, op
rasizm is rong
the problem is that I'm not, I wish I was
Better to have loved and lost than never have loved at all
I want a career-oriented person, not some fucking baggage I have to worry about suddenly becoming ann hiro whenever I work late.
A girl like that is going to be really unhappy dating another NEET. You could only live a happy life together if you get a good job and are able to completely provide for her financially so she can be a housewife in your own home and not in your mommy's basement.
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Dependence is perfectly normal and healthy. Humans are hierarchical and so it is only natural for a woman to submit to a man and be dependent on him for both protection and a sense of meaning and purpose in life.

Codependence is a step down in the sense that it's not as good of a relationship as it would be if she was dependent on you but you weren't dependent on her. This relationship is the sign of a man who is reluctant or afraid to take his place in the relationship, there's no clear hierarchy and there's no clear leadership, so it's dysfunctional.

Independence (what's promoted today) is just ridiculous. It makes no sense because any relationship, dependent or codependent, is a fusion of two people and that fundamental basis of any relationship just isn't there if they remain as independent people. Relationships like this, if you can even call it a relationship, will snap like a twig because they aren't rooted in anything. All you need to do is look no further than the modern day divorce rate to see evidence of this.

>The husband depends on himself and it is his beliefs, his convictions, and his duty to protect his family that gives him a sense of purpose and meaning in life
>The wife directly depends on the man for both protection and serving her husband and protecting her children gives her a sense of purpose and meaning in life.
>The children directly depend on the mother and by extension depend on the father because the mother depends on the father.

This is healthy and fits with the natural order of things.
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>this entire post

iktf familia
Fastest way for a woman to lose all feelings of sexual attraction for you.

Aside from wearing a diaper and taking a shit in front of her, there's not a lot that looks more pathetic than the mental image of your boyfriend jerking off while reading text on a screen and feverishly typing out this "I put on my rope and wizard hat" tier shit with his other hand.

Sexting is a shit test. If she even suggests it then you should laugh at her.

She decided to turn an innocent rp into a sex rp. This was back when I was an rp fag.

Rp is gay.
Shut the fuck up Andrew
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>traditional values
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Hello Reddit nu-male
Thread replies: 53
Thread images: 14
Thread DB ID: 399648

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