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What would your perfect woman be like?
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What would your perfect woman be like?

Describe her in as much detail as possible
will only be around when i want her around
looks 10/10 with 10/10 body
has 10/10 personality etc
wtf if i can ask for a perfect woman then i will ask for one
Looks decent, likes me, agrees with me
Cute face
Brown hair
Light Brown/Blue eyes (heterochromia would be top tier)
Kind and caring
Lover to cuddle and do cute things together
Clingy as all fuck
Mentally stable
Nice family
A woman who never cheats on me or talks to other guys behind my back and then schemes on leaving me for them.

There aren't any women who won't do those things.
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>likes me
>thinks I'm cute
>wants to spend time with me
>values me
>has cool interests and thoughts
>generous, thoughtful, respectful, trustworthy, loyal, affectionate, romantic
An asexual shut in like me with a lot of money.

Has to be QT
Prefferably short
Doesn't want to go out
Likes single player vidya
Rich enough to sustain a one bedroom flat with good internet and food
Doesn't talk to anyone else
>Small sexual past (0-3 people she's had sex with)
It aint ever happening.
You can't find all these qualities in one woman.
Why does it matter if she's qt then?
>shy but occasionally feisty
>likes animals
>wants a couple dogs
>wants to start a family someday
>goes into a relationship ready to accept the other person's flaws
>doesn't mind if I get rough sometimes
>can enjoy the little things
>gets along with her family
>likes the things I like
>has disdain for weebs
looks can be overwritten if the above is met.

that's about as good as a list I'll be able to get out today, you get the general idea of the type of girl I'll never be with.
Alison Brie.


Just her but she loves me

And no not anime waifu fag bullshit. I've always liked asians, particularly Jap or Korean.

>mfw walk into college first day and 65% of my school is foreign exchange students, mostly Asian women
was wondering the same thing, they're probably using it in the Tumblr term where they use it simply because they want to feel special.
you didn't post a face, anon.
at least have the decency to post this under
>mfw I have no face
>light blue eyes
>black hair/platinum blonde
>in shape but doesn't have a man's body
>enjoys playing vidya and smoking weed
>supports me wanting to make a game company
>likes electronic music and willing to go to a show with me
>initiate's conversation
>feminine, sees through modern feminist ideals
>likes to cuddle, hold hands, have sex with me
>won't get bored of me

at least in my dreams it's real
a clingy and affectionate NEET who likes me as a person and likes staying indoors and playing videogames and playing/listening to music and cuddling
And agrees with everything thing I do while retaining free will and a personality to allow discussion and brainstorming.
>not having a tulpa gf.
>current year
>5'8 is the perfect height for me but can be any height it doesn't matter, I'm 5'11
>doesn't care about money or try to change me
>unconditional love
>has eyes only for me

that's it and it's not hard but woman are shallow nowadays that I'm closest to become gay than finding a woman like that.
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white (or whitish)
maternal, warm and kind
wants to help everyone
kind of shy but more outgoing than i am
patrician tastes, but not pretentious
lewd sense of humor, but not slutty
adventurous in the bedroom
girly but not a stacey
whatever the female equivalent of a man child is

also this >25673549
My niggah.
She is unbelievably fine.
>functional drug addict
>depressive, dark tendencies
>good at faking normal
>weird as fuck
>5'9 110 lbs, fit but not gymrat fit
>medium sized boobs
>tight pussy
>tight ass
>most hair is on top of head
>good teeth
>8 to 9/10 face
>intelligent but only kinda humble
>bitch better be street smart
>into the arts
>high sex drive
>cuddly in private, somewhat touchy in public
>good communicator
>but still mysterious
>somewhat unpredictable
>good fashion sense
>clean and hygienic
>can cook b/c i cook too
>also loving
>girly, but not princess girly
>good sense of humor
>loves me more than I love her
>interested in self-improvement but not so ambitious she makes me look bad
>likes similar music and comedy to me

what I want is an attractive me with tits
File: 1452028229947.jpg (49 KB, 900x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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sometimes I daydream about how much better my mental state would be with someone as great as that, get motivated and fix myself, not just for them and myself but for the children we'll have someday.
Kinda looks like this. Nicer boobs, face, feet and hands probably.

Comes from a rich family
Pleasant personality
Likes me
Doesn't mind me living off her money
>small breasts
>either brown or blonde hair
>blue eyes
>easily amused
>dependent on others to function properly, like she shouldn't be able to do her own taxes
>tries her best though
>hostile or wary towards people she does not know
>wants children
>wears a ponytail sometimes
I already met her

and ill never be with her again
Not taller than me
Green eyes, or blue, but pls no brown.
Red hair, preferably with brownish tone. Might be blonde, or brunette tbqh
Pale skin
Wears dresses and other shit minimum to her kneels.
Doesnt wear jogapants and other slutpants.
Has boobs bigger than i have.
Has this funny blush under her eyes, on her cheeks
Nice ass, not too big, but not flat

It doesnt all really matter, becouse personality is a lot more important

Personality :
Not that fucking social like all fucking girls are.
Read some books, and wont cry about how big, or difficult the books i recommend are
Is smart enough to talk with me about important stuff
Can't be echochamber and just taking my views and agree with them
Christian. Maybe other beliefs, but not satanist, buddhist etc

Baneposter, or at least Banelover, but i'm the big guy for her

Doesnt take offense over opinions
Is interested in things i'm interested, but does have her own as well
With strong morals
Can cook
Has a little bit of innitiative
Loves me
Wants to have Kids
me but a girl without a penis
Barbara Palvin looks, despises social media, sweet, loyal and supporting, likes girly stuff (no tomboy)
File: -meRT0lXJbk.jpg (47 KB, 426x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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A busty mexican girl that wants to start a family and grow old together
good taste senpai
original bloxx

There is nothing more appealing to me than myself as a woman.
is it weird that i've never really thought about this in that much detail?
not at all, haven't thought of it myself other than when confronted with these threads and they're never physical attributes since my tastes are so varied and don't have a strong preference, it's just personality related things.
>afraid of your perfect partners success.
>Holding back your soul mate for your own selfish insecurities.
Why are such a faggot?
File: 1450428868622.jpg (89 KB, 498x693) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
89 KB, 498x693
She's not white, but god damn.
Like this guy but without a penis
>Around 165 and 172 cm.
>Around 45 and 53 cm.
>Subtle muscle definition.
>Long legs in relation to torso.
>Carries most of her weight on her lower body.
>Small waist in relation to her hips.
>Bubble butt.
>C cup perky boobs.
>Milky white skin with no scars, discoloration or stretch marks.
>Smooth skin.
>Pink nipples and innie vag.
>Thin wrists and skinny hands with long fingers.
>Size 6 or 7 tapered feet with no calluses.
>Hairless body.
>Long hair straight hair around the face and curly on the bottom with no frizz. Any hair color is fine as long as it's natural.
>Heartshaped face.
>Almond eyes with long thick lashes in any of the following colors: light blue, bright green or light brown (almost yellow).
>Thick brows.
>Small nose.
>Pouty naturally bright pink lips.
>Big straight white teeth with small gums.
>Small amount of freckles around the cheeks.
>Small ears.

Personality wise:
>Likes to workout.
>Has talent in any art.
>Kind and motherly.
>Not lazy.
>Knows how to cook, clean, sew.
>Likes to learn.
>Likes to teach the things she knows.
>Has passion for any topic.
>Prefers solitude.
>Knows her place in the world.
Also modest and femenine.
>functional drug addict
You are a retard
She's cute, hot, rather petite and loves to cuddle with me.
Brunette, usually ponytailed hair
she's also an exhibitionist and would gladly go around naked in public places while I film it because that's my fetish

I'd also love to have a daughter who'll grow up to be just like her... JUST LIKE HER
Short, thick with a jiggly butt, long brown hair tied back in a ponytail, caramel skin, wears soft woolen clothing with Earth tones, thick, luscious lips, cat-like green eyes
File: image.jpg (24 KB, 188x305) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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You forgot
>not a meatball head
Too bad, I would have 4/4 'cept I'm a slut.
>Same age as me
>My height or ever so slightly shorter
>Pale skin
>Long dark brown or black hair
>Large green eyes
>Deep red lips
>Small nose
>Has experience with children, wants a family and has a motherly personality
>Clingy and romantic
>High libido
>Nice breasts, not tiny, but not weirdly large for her small frame
you can't be faithful if you're a whore, nor can you be modest
File: Virna Lisi.jpg (1 MB, 1486x1691) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Virna Lisi.jpg
1 MB, 1486x1691
Facially? 10/10. I will accept no less.

Comes from an incredibly wealthy family and that is all she has known. When she runs out of money all she has to do is call her daddy for some and he puts thousands in her account. I guess you could call her spoiled, but I don't really like the negative connotations that go along with the word. She's just used to always getting her way and never having any kind of discomfort in her life.

Any time I suggest a restaurant she gets really mopey for the rest of the day and I hate to see her that way so I just drive her to whatever restaurant she wants. When we're lounging around the house she will let me know if she wants anything and I always stop what I'm doing and go get it. She never gets anything for herself because she doesn't want to move, and she knows I understand that. If we're both in bed she will even have me go plug her phone in to charge.

Loves hiking with me, so she will put up with the exercise and go with me on very easy hikes. If there's a steep incline, she'll start pouting and complaining. I'll feel terrible for making her go through with this of course so I'll give her a piggy back ride up to the top of the hill. So then anytime we are on a hike, and there is a hill, she just hops on my back and has me carry her. Every single time. Sometimes it's difficult with another 130 pounds to carry, but I ignore the pain because I love her and all I want to do is make her happy!

There are a lot of little things I could describe, but here one last thing: she plans my entire day for me when I'm not at work. She means well, but sometimes I have things that I need to do. And I tell her. but she guilts me and starts pouting... which always works. I hate seeing her upset. She'll tell me in the morning what we're going to do, where I'm going to take us for lunch, what stores she wants to shop at, etc. And I'm basically her personal servant for the day who drives her from store to store, except I really do enjoy her company.
>likes weabboo shit
>bubble butt
>not a sloot but has slooty desires of me
>big heart
>likes the same stuff
someone who hates everyone and everything just as much as I do but doesn't hate me.
>likes weeaboo shit
>not a slut
choose one, weebs girls are always sluts.
chill, fun, likes my weird humor
pretty, with a nice body, but i'd rather have a simple girl with a cute smile and a cool face, i don't particularly want 10/10 face and body
also, more sociable like me.
not geeky, cause i'm not into that.
don't care about hair color, but she has to have long hair, at least as long as OP's pic. I just can't girls with short hair.

also 10/10 feet please
She's attractive
She wants to have sex with me

Thats all
>short (i'm a manlet anyways)
>cute, not hot/model tier
>nice butt, boobs are a plus as well
>dark hair
>light eyes
>submissive, but not excessively
>doesn't hang out with many people
>doesn't go out too often/at all
>no guy friends
>can cook, clean, do laundry, etc that old housewife kinda stuff
>somewhat clingy
>not excessively emotional otherwise, i.e. no anger fits, doesn't freak out over stupid shit
>not petty
>would watch me play vidya on occasion, even if she's not into them herself
>about as weeb as me
>same age/little younger than me
>understands that i'm not perfect and that I have my bad days
>shy, nice, and not rude to random people for no reason
>gets along with her family
>someone i can see a future with
>not degenerate
>can take being made fun of (i'd love teasing/making fun of her)

I think that's everything I look for, at least for a perfect/near perfect girl.
Bingorino familino
Her name would be Sydnie

She'd have a nice smile (already does)
She'd be very, very cute (already is)
The mere sight of her would warm my heart (already does)
She'd be very funny (already is)
She'd be very intelligent (already is)
She'd be very hot (already is)
Olivia Munn seems God-tier wife material. Hngggg
She will not have been made cynical.
this desu, in almost all other areas I don't have particularly high standards, but a pretty face is an absolute necessity
Hate how shallow that makes me, but it's how it is
>brilliant at something that makes me admire her, preferably intellectual or creative
>ambitious as fuck, driven, I'm not the centre of her entire existence and she isn't content to rest on her laurels
>loving and intuitive, possibly extremely empathetic but not necessarily (maybe just very conscientious)
>looks-wise: cute, but with some kind of intangible je ne sais quoi feature that makes some girls frustrating to look at because they're so fucking cute
>sexually: dominant/selfish/bossy/aggressive/occasional cruel streak, probably enjoys oral a lot more than penetration, but not into BDSM theatrics

Being into the "virago" type is hard, because they basically don't exist, but they're EVERYWHERE in media. In media, every other girl is a sassy firebrand who constantly surprises you with how capable she is. In real life you'll be lucky if a girl isn't passive aggressive to psychotic levels.
Women will never dominate you. You have to submit to them if you ever want this dynamic.
It's not that bad. I'm lucky in that my femdom stuff isn't that intense or roleplay-heavy, so it's easy to get vanilla girls to indulge it and even (most of the time, in my experience) enjoy it. They don't enjoy it on exactly the level my subconscious wants, but there are workarounds.

But on the personality level, yeah, doesn't seem to exist aside from bizarre exceptions. I know of one woman who fits the bill and she's an 80 year old lesbian.
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-As tall as the sun at midday in summer
-as bright as a farm house porchlight at night
-as warm as horse hair blanket that covers a family by the fire place on a cold winter evening
-covered in a landscape of flesh welcome for me to explore
-a hand to take into the future
-legs to run with our amibitions
-a mind to make love with as much as her body
-stong enough to carry my ego,or the better parts of it, when i cannot.
Coaxing vanilla girls into enjoying your fetish is a surefire way to lose them. They start looking down at you for your beta-ness.

The reason they don't enjoy it on the level you do is because they're females and you're male; women experience sex from a romantic perspective where as men are mostly sexual. This is known biochemically. Feelings of submission towards your partner are almost primarily romantic ones, seen in the brain as oxytocin. Women experience this hormone much more intensely (on average) than men. This certainly explains rape fantasies, being in part an amalgamation of the typical image of a manly man (takes what he wants, is aggressive etc.)

I say if you want a chance, drop women into it slowly. Try to see things from their perspective and not in the perspective of a sex-crazed weirdo who likes qt3.14 feet. You're already going in the right direction, denouncing flamboyant BDSM gear and other toxic subculture of shit and garbage.
File: 1434633242496.png (821 KB, 1330x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
821 KB, 1330x1080
>smug stundere qt

All I want
>likes me
>won't cheat on me
>doesn't care about my social retardation
The kind of girl who needs to be gently coaxed into that kind of weirdness never interested me to begin with. But I've always had bizarrely good luck with finding weirdly empathic chicks who can understand my brain disorders.

It is good advice though. Most normalfag women will either be disgusted by it, or at best they'll tolerate it or even enjoy it, but in a way that sacrifices their respect for you. Those are fun for FWBs but don't date them.
File: pretty_hot.png (130 KB, 441x419) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
130 KB, 441x419
>tfw don't know what your perfect woman would look like
That kind of girl is 99% of females, Anon. AWALT.

There is a way to tap into their love hormones the way a dominant man does, you just have to be smooth. If you do it in a masculine way, I'm sure they wouldn't even find you to be a repulsive beta. The biggest hurdle for most women I'm sure is self-consciousness. "Oh my God, he's seriously eating my cunt right now. Does he think I'm fat? Do I smell down there?" Stupid shit like that will kill a romantic situation 9/10 times, and is the reason many women are uncomfortable with receiving in sex. Think about it, those ambitious women you like do not exist. When was the last time you saw a women take initiative? Too much work.

I don't think it's a disorder any more than other sexual freakisms humans possess. Not to say a group of literal fucking cucks is a good base for general statistics, but around 45% or so of men involved with the BDSM subculture are submissives, compared to like 80% of women. There's probably a socio-psychological-biological explanation for that, but I'm too lazy to pontificate right now.
You're retarded

>Don't want to sleep next to a hambeast
I don't get sexually aroused, don't want to have sex with anyone, but I still find women attractive, but instead of thinking "She's attractive, I want to put my dick in it", I go "she's attractive, i'd like to spend time with her"
What do you mean, brothrinho?
Whats the most attractive way for women to dress?
I know, I just aim for the other 1% or find ways to accommodate more basic girls.

I think you're conflating the fact that my ideal waifu is an ambitious go-getter (which I acknowledge is basically nonexistent) with the fact that I also like facesitting. The former is a daydream, the latter is easy enough to indulge if you can ensconce it in other shit.

Sexwise, I do OK. Once a girl is into you, even just at the level of a hookup, they are surprisingly cool about doing your weird fetishes. Even if those weird fetishes are extremely submissive.
For me it's just a plain t-shirt and sweatpants. Don't even know why
File: alizee-021[1].jpg (949 KB, 2560x1920) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
949 KB, 2560x1920
This with a smaller forehead.
>As tall as me or taller than me
>short hair
>nice ass, modest bust

>loves me and genuinely cares for me
>enjoys being the dominant one
>similar interest
>don't care about her beliefs as long as she doesn't force them on other people and respects others opinions
>not petty
>easy to talk to
>has patience
>not overly emotional
My age
Not openly disgusting looks
A thinker
No a whore
>mfw even this much is impossible
File: 1447219972656.jpg (1 MB, 1000x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1000x1000
>Japanese citizen
>Easily manipulated
>Easily controlled
>Inherited tonnes of money
>Completely loyal to me
morbidly obese, self-loathing and sex-starved.
Asian with Aussie accent
10/10 looks and body
Funny, smart
File: image1xxl.jpg (166 KB, 870x1110) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
166 KB, 870x1110
>classy, glam, modest
>likes girly things, shopping, make-up, jewelery, clothes
>likes to wear skirts and dresses below the knee (i really have a thing for such girls)
>reads books, is intelligent
>very compassionate, empathic
>also tall, because i'm tall myself, skinny and preferably blonde
this is me but i've got green eyes :(
hello friend
let's embrace together on this journey to find gf
So modest and non-delusional! <3
Huh, I didn't know that was a thing. I thought I was the only one who felt like that... ta for the inspiration there dude.
File: future plans.png (15 KB, 300x188) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
future plans.png
15 KB, 300x188
>1-2 years younger than me
>lil bit chubby body and face
>blue eyes
>thinker. has her own opinion on things, not just repeats what other peeps say
>same with taste in things
>likes the same music as me
>artistic a bit
>little bit shy

But now I'm at the point like 1 out of these would make me more than satisfied.
For the majority of men, it's literally:

>Be semi-attractive
>Don't be a bitch
File: 1452514178776.png (426 KB, 675x675) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
426 KB, 675x675
well maybe I'm not cute
It's a thing, but it means your gay.
File: 1423946036041.png (321 KB, 970x726) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
321 KB, 970x726
she'd actually care about me.
Sporty, dresses casually and comfortably but still feminine
Has lots of energy and is cheerful
A leader personality type
Just a bit tomboyish
Full of passion for life
Always has ideas for things to do and new adventures to have
I care about you a lot, bro
File: hella.png (611 KB, 626x978) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
611 KB, 626x978
Just like Zoe
Do you not think Max would be more suitable? Zoe has some pretty strong opinions
Could literally crush my head with her thighs
Looks good with a ponytail, preferably long blonde hair
Smart, smart enough to know that when it comes right down to it intelligence is only important in specific aspects. Your ability to learn or solve problems isn't your personality, cheeky banter is her personality.
Can cook. Bloody steak is her favorite meal
Big titty.
Puts me in her pocket when she fights bad guys.
File: 1422657263572.png (327 KB, 468x351) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
327 KB, 468x351
>shoulder length hair/hime cut
>face that i consider cute
>shorter than me
>loves me, eager to please
>enjoys one of my own/traditionally feminine hobbies
>is a fucking dork

Race irrelevant, tits and ass irrelevant as long as it's not sagging granny tier

Of course, it's hypocritical for me to demand such a feminine woman without being masculine myself, so i'm getting in shape
I'm right here anon-kin~ Nya Nya
>Appearance wise (don't really care as long as not skeletor or landwhale)
light eyes (blue/light green/gray)
dusting of freckles on nose/cheeks
rosy nose/cheeks
wavy hair, somewhat short
athletic-ish/average build
small breasts
shorter than 5'9"
no piercings, tattoos, unnaturally dyed hair (no weird colors)
Dresses for comfort, rather than style
Doesn't use much makeup/somewhat disheveled

likes me for me
Friendly/kind, but not the false facade type
Fairly direct/blunt
Good sense of humor
Somewhat sarcastic/cynical
Not antisocial/shutin, but prefers staying in more often to an extent (enough to get us out of the house)
Faithful, but not clingy
Likes vidya, animu, scifi, or other similar interests
Has hobbies outside my own that I could get into
Can play a musical instrument or sing
Likes to cuddle and do things
Has similar kinks or is willing to try (bondage, etc)
Small number of past relationships (if any)
Doesn't make unnecessary drama in friendships/relationship
Likes, has, or wants a dog (not a toy breed, those aren't dogs)
Fairly intelligent
Likes to cook together
File: 7dXLKR4MyvI.jpg (95 KB, 700x508) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
95 KB, 700x508
>has a passion or interest.
>inquisitive mind
>accepts my loner habits
>doesn't lie
>can listen to reason
>doesn't mind my fucked up life and nature

Kind of pathetic when your ideal is a person with their own personality who simply accepts you. Even then it's hard for me to develop romantic feels. Just kill me.
File: 1450721747651.jpg (106 KB, 692x563) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
106 KB, 692x563
>6/10 at least
>good ass, tits don't really matter but can be a bonus
>a little chub to her but not a whale
>good sense of humor
>against all SJW bullshit
>not a tumblrite
>female, not a trap
>down to earth
>no drug addictions
>doesn't need kids
>good at video games
>cute face
>preferably white or asian
>an actual introvert. none of that special snowflake bullshit
>anti-social. would rather spend time at home and play vidya than go to parties
>has many of the same tastes I do
>not a slut, actually has dignity(VERY hard to find these days)
>actually loves me
>a good cuddler
>tfw I know a girl just like this but I can't seem to get her attention
Short hair
Fit or muscle
Older than me
Assertive relationship-wise
Dominant or at least switch sexually
Very affectionate
Loves music
Likes dry or dark humor
Some outdoorsy hobbies and willing to get me into them
Nerdy inside hobbies as well

I met a girl sort of like this but I wasn't good enough for her
not a cunt

will also not lie to me about important details

pretty much it


>slender with a flat stomach
>long dark hair
>bright green eyes
>wears glasses
>small or no boobs
>pale skin
>no tattoos or piercings

Personality is something that I would have to 'click' with but

>able to talk to for hours without growing bored or losing interest
>doesn't play mindgames
>doesn't wear a lot of revealing clothing
>doesn't start arguments for the sake of starting arguments
>doesn't act like a child
>likes me as much as I like them
>caring and willing to show it
>doesn't want kids
>tfw you will never live up to someone's highest standards by virtue of being an ogre mongloid

>not wanting kids

I had no idea that you could get more insufferable desu
Pretty, but not drop dead gorgeous.
Big butt. Preferably DDs
I'd also prefer her to have a sadistic streak and enjoy making me smell her farts.
somebody who loves me
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