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Tavern is open, grab a seat, order a drink.
What's on your mind today?

Also there is a chatroom with youtube links where you can stop by to listen to music with fellow alcoholic robots.

How you doin barkeep? I'm feeling a woodchuck cider today, it's a bit early for anything hard.
Life's been alright, I'm waiting to start classes for my rate in the Navy. I found out yesterday my security clearance got approved though so I'm pretty happy about that
Navy huh? Gotta say that I envy you a bit as I really love sea myself. Good for you, hope it works out for you.

I am doing okay, just got to work. Got mildly upset because a friend scammed me over a bit of money but it's no big deal. Gonna get a six pack on my way home tonight and watch a movie and drink, that's what I am looking for to right now if I'm being honest. Generally I feel pretty alright today, can't complain too much.
Hey there mate. Nothing too strong yet, I just want a coffee to wake up properly now. I've been alright, classes in university restart soon. Gotta work hard this semester since it will be my last one before I graduate. Hope all is good with you too.
Line us up a GT Turbo. I need to feel the thundering brute oblivion Montague wrote of. It is the only Zen state achievable through a cash transaction.
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I'll just have a cider, boss. Say, is there a back room?
There is a backroom, but it's empty. Nothing but whisky boxes, empty beer kegs and rats.

Coffee, black, coming right up. Milk and sugar is on the side, help yourself.

Gotta admit I never ever heard of that, will google it up.
I didn't get it last time I was here, but how about that merlot? Sun came up and I have about 12 hours until I have to shower and be presentable for work so lemme have it.

As for what's up...I don't know. I've been talking to a girl on a daily basis for the past six months now, online. We watch anime, porn, and the occasional bad movie. What sucks is she seems to have a Tumblr-level twitch reaction to things she thinks is negative, or "dumb". She records power levels for Saint Seiya, yet hates Jojo's Bizarre Adventure and says it's dumb that Pillar Men can just drain men of everything until they're nothing but skin.

I seriously dig her, and I won't let little bits like that turn me away because I also enjoy her as a friend, but it's...Iunno. Too drastic on the opinions; it's either love, or hate. Very little is in the middle, you know?
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Here you go lad.

Try to be open and vocal about what you don't find so attractive. People don't need to change but they can at least acclimate a bit I guess.
I would rather advise you to not get tanngled in a long distance relationship. I had experience with that, it never works out man.
>Shilling your stupid chatroom

The original bartender wouldn't do this, fuck you.
Mucho gras, Barmino.

Oh, I'm vocal. It's not really a problem since we both rag on what the other likes, but it's just one of those things I wouldn't mind if it was less twitch-reflex.
To be honest? If she vanished today, I would be sad, for sure...real sad. But I'd be happy, too. I spent six months hanging out with her, watching stuff. I was there when she needed someone to talk to because of home issues. I made a difference. I can be happy with that, y'know?

It's not mine, and people have requested it. Ease up on the autism man.
Fuck off normie
You're not our bartender we know and love
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Barkeep doesn't run the chatroom. He isn't even the room owner.
I don't like how after I drink something and burp the liquid comes back out.
Have you tried being an adult?
That shouldn't happen. Does this happen with every liquid? Then you should get yourself tested for Hiatus hernia. I've got it, liquid comes up with burping and stomach aches frequently.
Why do we have a tavern? Why not a saloon?

Hey barkeep. My first time in these threads.

Give me something strong, anything really. Never been picky as I drunk mostly 60% daily some months ago.

I feel so fucking lonely, yet i'm basically just a failed normie. I think about killing myself daily, but i'm scared as fuck of death. I just want to be painless.
Not gonna ramble your brains out barkeep.

Keep'em coming
Ramble away dude, it's all good. Tell me more about your current situation.

Here's a shot of jameson for starters.

I've been on SSRI's for a while now, worked fine until recently. Now I just have this overhanging feeling that i'm going nowhere. I feel stuck, suffocating. I hate people around me, yet I feel lonely. I'm diagnosed with major ptsd and the flashbacks are ocurring more and more recently.

Also had my first panic attack about a month ago, screamed and cried while hiding in a forest. I can't even remember why.

I'm constantly scared of being weak, I can't convince myself people care about me, all because of about 10 years of constant physical and mental abuse.

Now to make matters worse i'm constantly tired and can easily sleep for 15 hours and still feel sleepy as hell. So i might have diabetes or something like it.

It just piles on, it feels too much, and yet I can't even lean on someone else. Not even the several psychologists and specialists i go to. I just can't become vulnerable.
That is some heavy shit. I can tell you one thing though, try getting a new bed. I've had that constant fatigue issue for a year, constant tiredness in my shoulders, could fall asleep literally whenever if I wanted to. Got a new bed, fixed everything for me.

The rest is.. obviously more complicated. I would suggest spending as little time at home, pick up riding a bike or something, just make excuses to spend your free time outside among strangers.
Stop role playing you fucking faggots
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all smiles.webm
2 MB, 1280x720
Feeling a little shitty. I found out I'm not nearly as good at something as I thought I was and it is crushing my spirit.
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Come on in guys, the water's fine.
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>tfw dead board, dead thread, dead anon
I'll take a double of Jameson neat.

>at college
>3 hour free time between classes
>I have no friends here
>wandering aimlessly around campus
>really need a drink
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