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who /weed addict/ here?
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who /weed addict/ here?

also, before "hurr durr you can't get addicted to weed", yes you can.

>tfw schizotypal
>normally neurotic, anxious and aloof, act like a hormonal pre-teen in love while sober
>tfw weed almost makes me a normal person
>have never had a manic episode while high
>don't mind being around normies and stuff while stoned, everything is great
>tfw run out of weed and the world starts to fall apart
>tfw feverishly brushing random weed debris and refuse together in an attempt to get high

you don't know weed addiction until you're rummaging through ash with some tweezers, looking for the brown bits or the stuff that's gooey enough with resin to stick to the tool. I'm about to smoke a bowl of ground-up stems and scraped-off resin in order to get high until I fall asleep.
>I'm about to smoke a bowl of ground-up stems and scraped-off resin in order to get high until I fall asleep.
god damn I was doing this last week just to put myself to sleep too
Id marry you, but I run out of weed a lot to, it wouldn't be a good match, we both need someone to depend on to supply is with smoke. we are the same person though btw I know your struggle, the longest I've been without smoking was 2 days
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dank frenriz gif.gif
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I've smoked at least 5 days a week since April last year.
She's the only lady that won't let you down, that is until she makes you paranoid that you're going blind from a glass particle from that glass you smashed to feel better about that girl who thinks you're a beta now because you didn't try anything on your first date with her because she told you about all these creepy guys who came on too strong.
sober 5 months. changed me as a person. fucked my shit up senpai
how did it change you? I'm a complete degenerate stoner now, I don't even remember what my life was like before weed
You ever get diarrhea for a few days when you go without?

Thought it was normal, but I'm beginning to think I have IBS that my daily weed use was covering up.

>>tfw need a new dealer
>>don't know anyone
>>hate going to bars
>>do pot dealers even hang out in bars?

Fuck man, I'm going to have to end up going t a Reggae concert...
I smoke all day long. Youre a fucking faggot dude.
Youre not addicted to weed you stupid fuck.
Youre addicted to being a pathethic loser and you need a crutch to blame your personal failures on.
All weed does is make you happy and childlike for about 30 minutes and then its gone.
You fucking faggot.
if your weed only lasts you 30 minutes I feel bad for you
i started using people to get more, became super manipulative, ruined relationships and friendships.
oh damn I just use US dollars when I want weed :p
It helps me not want to kill myself and other people. I'm so used to being not feeling any emotions when I'm high they're all over the place if something upsets me while I'm sober.
haha i wish i stuck with that. i just got to where i couldn't come back, had to quit.
I don't know about addictive per say but it definitely becomes habitual.

I've been smoking almost daily for 2 years now; only skipped a few days here and there. Smoked the minute I got up to the moment I went to sleep, anywhere to .3g to 1g on whatever day (average .5g/day though). I smoked as soon as I woke up, before working out, class, every meal, before vidya, etc.

I'm in asia right now visiting the grandparents so I haven't smoked in about a week now and while I noticed changes, I didn't really have any "withdrawal" so to speak. Here's what happened though

>Hard to sleep the first few days, easily remedied by 50mg benadryl
>not as much of an appetite/can't eat as much. However I think that went away after 3 or 4 days and I'm eating fine now
>just a bit bored in general

I'm still a bit unmotivated and lazy at the moment, But no pain or psychological WD's so to speak. I'm actually surprised at how nonchalant it's been. Really it's just I smoked all the time because I had access to it and there was nothing better to do, but if I need to stop smoking again I'll simply not buy more.
Well done, you've realised that weed isn't addictive and the people that think it is have never actually experienced proper addiction.
Shill harder for your psycological dependance you maggot
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I dont feel bad for you that youre a crackhead.


Im high right now, Ill be high when I wake up. In the morning, I think Ill make a fruit smoothie for breakfast and finish watching alexander.
Have fun smoking your dirt and doritos chip fragments youve scraped up.
I am, does that matter? and why be mad? I have no problem with people smoking. I just couldn't do it
go and buy cask wine or something, it's better than smoking tar in the hope of getting a 30minute high.
stupid for your lungs and it's not worth it

cask wine costs like 5dollars, 10 percent alcohol and 4 liters
a faggot that is, forgot to clarify
I'm watching my figure
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>ran out of weed
>decide to check my kief stash
>almost completely fucking full
>holy shit
>pack three seperate bowl slides full of kief because im so giddy
>run out of the room to fill up my bong
>come back in, bong in hand
>slip on absolutely nothing, sending myself careening into the bowls full of kief I just packed
>spill bong everywhere, smells like shit
>kief is completely gone, somehow managed to empty all three bowls in my slip
>my fucking face when

I actually cried. That was probably almost the whole summer's worth of kief.
can somebody please gif-ify this whole post with the greentext included

im fucking obliterated right now holy shit that is too fucking funny
tried weed last week
>smells bad
>tastes bad
>made me giggle for 5 minutes
That's supposed to be a life changing substance?
fucking pathetic
holy shit i feel you anon
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Oh man I can feel that one in my bones.

Reminds me of the day my dog chewed up my rubber oil container... lost a gram of crumble :(

Aye I've been there, rummaging through ashtrays and shit.

Luckily it's legal in Oregon now ayyy lmao

Something tells me you got placebo'd senpai.

Smoking for the first time often doesn't get you high whatsoever. Trust me, the first time you REALLY experience a weed high you'll be hooked.
>addicted to weed

I sure like being retarded and everything around me being fucking boring and uninteresting because I can't actually interact with anything in a way that isn't frustrating.
>tfw used to literally be you
>tfw hit 27 and now weed regularly gives me panic attacks

need to quit for a while desu sempai but I still don't feel normal without it either
all this projection.
>All weed does is make you happy and childlike for about 30 minutes and then its gone.
You're retarded
>girlfriend is a stoner
>inb4 normie, shut the fuck up
>enjoy smoking, but not a stoner
>end up smoking almost everyday due to girlfriend
>start craving weed
>wake up in the morning, immediately want to smoke
>when my girlfriend tells me she's smoking, I drop whatever I'm doing at my house and drive over just to smoke
>end up smoking her weed 24/7
>don't really put in too much
>she notices and starts to let me smoke less and less
>my fiendish nature almost couldn't handle it
>gf goes out of town for about four days
>didn't smoke at all during those four days, no longer want to be constantly high
I'm sure some people can get psychologically addicted to weed, but it isn't an "addiction" in the same sense that opiates or benzos are an addiction.
at least you don't have to worry about getting dope sick or spending $150 a day just to feel well.
Smoke weed and then fuck her
He's not wrong, yallnowatimsayinmain
the shit is too expensive how do you neets afford it

its literally lighting your money on fire and smoking it

Cannabis isn't a real addiction and if you say it is you really haven't experienced a real chemical dependence and might indicate you are emotionally retarded. It's entirely a psychological dependence and how bad it gets is completely depends on you.

In my old trailer park of a town in the american south all the marijuana smokers would use each other for marijuana like it was some sort of friendship leverage tool or just a moneymaking tool to extract as much money as they could from the people they knew while providing as little product in return as they could get away with. Even a childhood friend of my sibling sold me the equivalent of oregano a couple of times and when I called him on his bullshit he feigned ignorance with the same tact and skill as a small child caught with his hand in the cookie jar. All those people were pathetic and disgusting and will clearly go nowhere in life and it makes me wish I had never resorted to dealing with that scum. It's such a shame America has become such a corrupt fascist nation as to prevent you from just buying a fucking nontoxic flower from the fucking store. Rant finished.
smoked the last 9 years daily.

started to catch up with me.

quit for 60 days and stopped eating as much which made me feel like this

have now gone for 8 days without weed while maintaining my diet and i feel great. no longer do i just sit, stoned, over thinking shit that doesnt matter.

some people can use it to slow their brains, but if anything it just made me more manic. time seemed to go very slow too (obviously, but in a bad way. too much thinking)

i enjoyed my time with weed and it helped me be comfortable with myself. i know a lot of people that void weed because they get too introspective, which i think can be a good thing in moderation.
I feel you anon. Before weed was legalized in my state, I'd have to deal with some of the most lowlife people you've ever seen. People giving you bags that are grossly underweight, sketchy deals in an Arby's parking lot, people just straight up stealing your money, you name it. I'm just glad it was finally legalized in my state; it's such a weird feeling to be able to go into a store and buy it.
So you can post it on reddit?

Fuck off shithead.
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I'm glad it worked out for you honestly. As soon as I can finish school and gain a decent employment I'm moving out to a western state that has a little more respect for freedom. The southern states truly just suck, and I'm not just talking about cannabis laws.
Also addicted to weed. At the point where if I don't smoke in the morning I'll feel nauseated and there's a small chance I'll puke. Can't force down more than half a sandwich until I've been getting blasted all day. I'm probably a bit above a gram a day right now. I wave a sign, so it's a hikkikomori job, I make money, spend it on my car to have the job and the rest on weed so I can do nothing throughout the week
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Satan living up to the record with just 2 days without taking a toke in the midst of aeons of time.
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>started to grow my own
>hq gram now costs me like $0.7
>tfw I haven't run out of weed last 5 years
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