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>go to bed at 10 because I need to get...
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>go to bed at 10 because I need to get up at 6 AM
>wake up at 1 AM because of hallucinatory long loud high pitched beep
>can't get back to sleep for whatever reason
>go grab breakfast and coffee at 5 AM
>drink coffee
>6:21 AM
>suddenly feel like I flipped upside down
>then disassociated from body
>feel like I'm behind my body
>legs feel like arms

A good start to the day.

How's your morning going, boys?
Got up at 4 AM, worked 5 AM - 10 AM, back home in comfyness :)
I experienced this a couple times in my life, both times caused by alcohol, caffeine and lack of sleep. Not a very good feel tbt (truth be told) familia.
Same as every Monday anon.

>wakeup, poop, gym
>shower, get dressed
>walk to work, coffee
>lunch, brown rice, chicken, broccoli
>walk home
>cook dinner, salmon and veggies
>be now, shit posting, watching normieflix
>will bed at 10 because need to do the same thing tomorrow

disassociated state sounds fun tho, something to change up the wagecuck life.
Wait, you eat the same food every single day, or is that just what you had today?
Just what I had today.

Mon - Fri I eat a pretty small and boring variety tho, lots of brown rice, yam, fish, chicken, eggs and veggies.

Lunch will be the same tomorrow but dinner will be asparagus, steak, mashed yam.
Well at least it's healthy.
Good for you.
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Oh the usual

>be me
>have a fucked up sleep pattern
>really want a normal one so I don't miss more classes at college and get kicked out
>honestly just want to do better in college and life in general, my attendance is terrible and I'm starting to get worried that I'm gonna get kicked out, and if that happens I will actually an hero because it's all I have at the moment
>decide over the weekend that this new week will be different, I won't miss any more classes ever and I'll be up early so I can get an early night to kickstart my new sleep schedule
>planned on getting up at 9 (I'd usually have to be up at 10 so I have an hour to get ready for the train)
>wake up at 9 today
>fucking fall back to sleep till 10
>need to get the train at 11:15 for class at 12
>just 5 more minutes
>it's fucking 11:20
>I fucking missed my train and I have no way to get to town on time
>was gonna be meeting my brother after class to buy some shit
>now I'll have to commute to town with him on the bus which will take like a fucking hour

I feel like fucking shit. I can't bring myself to get out of bed when I need to, I literally am that fucking pathetic. I don't want to piss teachers off, I don't want to miss any more days I just want to get on track with my work and sleep so I can get a job and oh my fuck I want to die right now

I've improved surprisingly lately

>wake up at 6 am
>hard to get up, but easy afterwards
>brush my teeth, get dressed, go downtown
>get insurance paperwork done
>give blood for tests
>call an old friend/acquaintance circa 11 am
>he rejects my proposal to go out saying he was sleeping (could be true)
>swallow sadness (but not much)
>go back home and shitpost

So I'm here.
In a few hours I'll get an ultrasound (and I have to starve till then)

After that I'm planning to cook and eat a nice meal, then get some other stuff done (chores, look at part time job ads).

Not bad after all.
>go to bed at 2AM because I procrastinated on all of my packing for a trip
>woke up at 6:30
>realize I'm not getting back to sleep
>realize I'm far too tired to get right to work packing
>gonna smoke some weed and do a half assed job and then drive for ten hours on three hours sleep.
i sometimes these auto-pilot moments.

you might have seen a humoristic post saying "your breathing auto-pilot has now been turned off" and then you'd get frustrated and realize that indeed you most now breathe consiously (sorry).

i get this with my very body. unless i assure myself that "i exist" each time i wake up, several hours might pass, with me being unable to control my actions. ofcourse, my "empty" body will engage in routines that i approve, so it's not like i could do something crazy while in auto-pilot. but yeah, existing only subconsiously for several hours kind of sucks. an anon once told me that this is a mental disorder, but i forgot how it's called.
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>driving while intoxicated and impaired (sleep deprivation)
Night shifter herw got one more hour till I'm out of here , live 15min drive from work get home get shower and go to fucken bed have fun day workers
Driving is so easy that even women can do it. I'll be fine.
fuck off desu.
morons like you cause most accidents.
Go to sleep at a non retarded time fag. Getting up at 9 isn't even hard most of us have to be up at 6.
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>Need to wake up 7AM for grannys goodbye
>mum wake's me up in time
>get back to sleep because too tired
>granma is gone
>mom is dissapointed
>dad is dissapointed
>they sent me to wash the bathroom just because

awesome morning.
Sounds like depersonalization. That must suck.
>work ten hour night shift
>get home at 8am, go to bed
>wake up twenty minutes later, half awake hallucinate a giant spider crawling across my wall
>jump out of bed in a huge panic
>realise nothing's there
>now have headache and sweats from near panic attack
>can't get back to sleep

There's literally no evidence that smoking marijuana increases the risk of being in a traffic accident for chronic users.

Once again, anon operates on feels rather than evidence.
You didn't even get up to watch your grandma die? What's wrong with you?
that's what you faggots get for doing drugs.

>drugs threat!!1!! lol xd guise, I luv MDMA!
>yaeah m8, blaze it errday 420
>I like heroin, lol

just fuck off
I didn't say anything about doing drugs you fucking dopey cunt
go to sleep between 22:00 and 00:00 and you'll be fine
Also don't close your shutters, this way the daylight will keep you awake when you try to fall asleep again
>woke up at 2:30
>go back to sleep
>another alarm goes off at 3
>get up to shower
>get dressed eat pop tarts and have coffee
>browsing /r9k/ before heading to work
>work 10 hrs a day doing shitty physical labor
>body is constantly tired and I hardly sleep or eat
>lost a ton of weight and feel like I look sick
>no friends no gf and barely make money to live on my own
>just hoping I can die soon and get it over with
>Mom going to work earlier
>It snowed bad enough that I had to put some effort in
>car barely starts
>warm it up, drive it pretty hard
>take it through some hills
>8 hours later
>it won't start when I need to take my imouto to school
>I've failed as an onii-chan
>chad is going to flirt with her, on her way to school
>He'll keep her warm
>my car won't
>thinking about buying a new battery
>Damage is already done
>work 10 hrs a day doing shitty physical labor
>body is constantly tired and I hardly sleep or eat
>lost a ton of weight and feel like I look sick

That's the worst fucking feel. It's like you're constantly in motion and your body has decided the best course of action is to make you reject food.
>go to bed at 3 a.m.
>wake up at 11
>go to bed at 8 p.m.
>still wake up at 11

Get a light box, and use it every morning when you wake up for 30 minutes. Take melatonin an hour before bed every night. Get amber tinted glasses glasses or just shut off all electronics two hours before bed. Go to bed at the same time every day.

Your sleep-wake cycle is regulated by cortisol and melatonin. Levels of light in the blue (daylight) range trigger the release of cortisol and inhibit melatonin production.
I'll be honest, I've only done this one day in my life.

I went on a physically demanding job, which paid literally shit and included third world conditions (bare wires carrying mains power, cow shit on the floor everywhere, some guy spraying anti-rust solutions right next to my fucking face.)

At the end of the day I could barely bother showering before falling asleep.

If I had no alternative, I'd literally rather rob and kill people, risking life in jail, over doing this for the rest of my life.
that's all bullshit. I've tried them all and failed.
the real reason anons don't turn off their computers and sleep is because they need a friend and some physical exercise.
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Thread images: 4
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