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Do you ever feel like you're a terrible...
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Do you ever feel like you're a terrible person?

I just can't shake the feeling.

I've never assaulted anyone, I've never touched a girl without her permission, I usually try to listen to my friends' problems.

Sometimes I make offensive jokes.

Do you ever get the feeling that you're awful when you really haven't done many things society would consider bad?
I feel like a terrible person in the sense that I'm a tragic failure at humanity. I'm not evil, I'm kinda mean but it's just bitternes product of how deficent I am.
It's not just you OP. I still feel like a shitty human bean, even though I never do anything bad. It's definitely due to my depression and anxiety. I hit the lottery having both, I hate my life.
i kinda feel that

where are you in life right now if you dont mind me asking?
I keep having really bad dreams that people hate me. I didn't even do anything that bad at all in the dreams

People don't hate me and I know that.

I have done nothing really bad IRL. Nothing that would cause people to dislike me.

I also get that feel though that I'm bad and am paranoid sometimes that people dont actually like me and just pretend.
im actually autistic and apparently paranoia is part of that

so i feel ya m8
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Nah, I am not a good person. There's a grill that likes me for some reason and I had to tell her that I'm not really a good person. Kind of frustrating.

I don't put myself above others I just don't care for others. People have their own lives and their own problems, me caring for them does jack shit. Only time I'd ever interfere is if I notice they understand their issues and are actually going to do something instead of whining and looking for sympathy

>don't want kids
>don't want relationships
Selfishness, again. I'm awfully direct, not offensive and keep my mouth shut unless asked, but I'm not going tot ell white lies to make someone feel better, not going to do something I dislike out of social conformity, and I simply want to be alone so a partner would be a hassle often.

>don't like people being dependent on me or me on them
We're on our own. All of us.

>I put respect above love
Value in the person is worth more than love to me. Dunno if I'm capable of romantic love any more even.

>Think that people should work on their flaws and don't hesitate to point it out when they seek any form of help

>Usually I'm just isolated, ignore people trying to get close because it's boring and frustrating, can't simply be bothered to interact with them

I'm not an outright cunt perhaps, but definitely not good.

no not really. kind of the opposite, i know i'm a good person and beee awesome.
if you've never assaulted anyone then you are doing pretty well by human standards

that's the weird thing, people who are just a bit shy have the lowest self esteem and think they are complete pieces of shit but someone who beats the fuck out of their kid every night thinks their the last bastion of morality
In many ways I know I'm good or even better than average
but I'm also far enough away from the norm that most people don't understand and think I'm weird, and when enough people play the social isolation game you start to wonder if there's something wrong with you

That's just how it is, you gotta learn to live with it
you sound more socially disconnected than bad honestly
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By the standard of normal people, I'm an ass.

It's okay. not like there's true morals.

I'm bad because people think I'm bad, but that doesn't mean anything to me.
what have you done exactly?
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Not conformed and am sincere.

That kind of looks like I'm seeking pity or something. To be told that I'm not a 'bad' guy.

I brush people off, see that I hurt or insult them by disregarding things they see as big or important. I don't sympathize well for people, especially the ones who are struggling through the shit I've wen through. I let people be people, offer advice or any form of input once if tempted, if there's no reaction I leave them be. Have no problem telling them I'd rather be alone or spend my time alone, have no issue telling them why. Ten to call people out on their bullshit if they see no reaction out of me regarding things, like feeling bad for someone's death or something self focused.

I kind of use people around me, but I try to keep it mutual at the very least, I enjoy leaving an impact on people's lives, that is till I get bored because I just go back to my introverted nature. I push people way, don't hesitate when talking or dealing with them. Often the shit I say is taken in an offensive manner because they don't want to deal with truth or a negative view (not that they're bad, just have issues dealing with some aspects).
fuck are you me?

not insulting or joking, do you have autism? because I do and a lot of that is how I found out
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No. I'm aware of people's emotions, understand their intentions and reactions, I've just stopped caring long ago.

Think I developed these autistic symptoms from simply not caring.
people's emotions are too much to keep up with

i tried for a while but they almost never reciprocate and its just to much work
I just don't them to react emotionally because it bothers me. I like logic more.

Emotions have their time and place for people.
I think i'm a shitty person c'cause i really never do anything good for other people. i mean, yeah, probably little things, but nothing really important. Also I don't really go out of my way to help anybody and don't really care for people...
In other words, i don't do bad to people but I never do good... it's like i'm just inert
I've been to hell and back in addiction and certainly like offensive, dark humor, but I never directly victimize someone and am actually probably a little too polite for my own good when interacting with people.
I do quite often based on the fact that i don't have any close friends. I can't seem to get along with anyone, and i enjoy being alone for the most part.
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