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What was high school like for you guys?
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What was high school like for you guys?
What makes you think Im not in high school anymore?
Just 4 long years of making excuses for my intentional failures. I knew I wanted to be Neet since middle school

I wish I had an environment like HS to just go to to read my books and dodge the eyes of the teacher though, it was fun and fulfilling. Being a neet is the end of the line waiting for death

Skipped half of my classes. Last year I was AWOL a third of the year.

Dropped out, no regrets.
I was there for four years
skipped a lot and dropped out lol
lol dude
Slept half of it and aced most of the tests. I thought I didn't have any friends but nowadays the only close friends I have are from high school and I still keep in touch with a couple of guys, so I guess I at least got something out of it. Without those friends I'd be a full blown robot.
Literally tried my best every year and could only manage to get barely passing.

I am now suffering because I live in NYC where being a neet means you starve.
>went to boarding school
truly the seventh circle of hell for a robot
Fucked up first two years, didn't make any friends, thought I was a total fuckup who nobody would ever like, so I didn't reach out and talk to people until Junior year, where I figured "fuck it, might as well" and basically just pretended to be a cocky pseudo intellectual douchebag (think Tucker Max if anyone here is familiar with his work). This worked, surprisingly enough, started going to parties and drinking/smoking, had a girlfriend, some hookups, things went pretty alright near the end.

TL;DR-you're probably better off than you think you are and if you're not then you have nothing to lose by trying.
Dull and dumb.
Filled with regrets.
I hated every bit of it.
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First year sucked. After that was bretty alpha. Repeated 9th grade at a new school, breezed through the material, did music and drama, everyone thought I was gay but I was a superfreshman fucking the hottest senior in our drama department. Played piano, was in a rock band my junior and senior years. Felt good man.
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I barely remember it but I didn't enjoy it
First two years were fine, had friends got As

Then I went into running start for the next two, took all my classes online from college and got a high school degree and AA on the same day. Best decision of my life
I hardly did anything besides sleep

Even the teachers who didn't allow sleeping eventually gave up on trying to stop me because I couldn't have stayed awake if I wanted to. I smoked a lot of weed and got about four hours of sleep a night

My senior year I started going to school high every day and nobody could tell the difference because I was generally so dazed anyways. Everyone seemed to really like me even though I sort of ignored them all
Just sat in class and did nothing mostly. Painful social interactions too. If only I could do it all again.
my best years were actually in middle school

HS was where my robot status was cemented
>completely friendless freshmen year
>sat alone at lunch which was difficult because no table was ever free
>got kicked off of tables a lot

>sophomore year a fat tumblr girl decided i was her boyfriend while she was in a mental health ward for cutting herself
>too beta to do anything about, basically just became her cuck
>was really mean to me the whole time
>she was really mean to everybody
>because of her people started to hate me
>before they just ignored me
>started to hate them
she moved during the summer

>junior year was absolute hell
>got really depressed after tumblr left me
>fell behind in class
>teachers even started to hate me
>started to get bullied by these kids on the bus
>dropped out after christmas break

been a NEET ever since
>be homeschooled
>spent %75 of middle school and highschool in my room playing video games
>parents dont give a shit

now im max autismo.
Slept in class or didn't bother to show up.
Andreas if you're in this thread know that I loved bullying you and would do it a 100 times over again. I also fucked Emma at the house party you didn't come, you know which one,thanks for that by the way. Wouldn't have been possible if you didn't drop out.
idk lul i kinda skipped everyday to smoke pot instead. i spent like 100 days not going to school. people were pissed and lulz were had.
Possibly best time of my life so far
>inb4 normie scum
I had a tight nit circle of friends that were just as invisible as I was, some, more /r9k/ than others. Played lots of vidya, would sneak out and walk around together at night in our empty middle of nowhere town, started a band, had fun.
First two years I was a king. I was a freshman and threw tons of crazy parties, had multiple hot sophmore girls who wanted to hang out and spend time with me, I basically got along with everyone and was one of the top 5 most popular kids. Then sophmore year I played 3 sports, still had tons of friends e.t.c., but that summer I stopped hanging out with people and just played video games in my room mostly. Got kinda depressed. Junior year my life went to shit, got into a fight with my dad, ended up quitting the varsity basketball team, stopped hanging out with people and my friends all left. Senior year was more of the same, I didnt play any sports, I still threw parties to have friends but it didnt work out and people could tell i was being fake. Fuck high school honestly. Worst experiences of my life. At least I graduated and am a sophomore in college now, no real friends except my gf but shes graduating in the spring so im going to transfer.
Flunked out or expelled, missing two thirds of my classes didn't help either. Good thing i am good looking, otherwise i might not have gotten laid at all.
>using twitter/facebook memes

what the fuck is happening to this board
Started out pretty good freshman and sophomore year
Got expelled mid junior year for reasons and transferred to shit school
Lost most of the friends from my old school and was too depressed to make friends and do homework
I dropped out on the first day and became a NEET. Easily the best decision of my life. fuck normies desu senpai :^)
I started out weird as fuck being schizoid and distant due to copious amounts of ADHD medication that fucked with my mind beyond anything else. Tons of it to "study" my tourettes syndrome and how it was effected by medication. First year in I found the older kids cool enough to want to follow them around and do what they did so I did more fucking drugs. By the second year I was unable to find safety in my age group so older kids it all was. MY school had around 60 people in the entire building and out of classes of 3-6 I couldn't exactly find friends. Eventually I was sexually assaulted by another guy and a few days after that I stopped hanging around the group I had. I got into my computer by the 3rd year and cocaine, heroine and anything that made me numb including sleeping pills (unisoms and what not). I'd drink before I got to school too. 4th year I was so totally fucked with my grades and lack of friends I had nowhere to go nothing to do. Its tradition that they printed out the names of the colleges you got into and posted them all over the place. My name wasn't posted once. I joined the fucking army where I again couldn't fit in and my body was so fucked up from the substance abuse that I broke in many..many ways.

Highschool was a fucking nightmare.
And look where you are now :^)
I wished my parents taught me how to drive during senior year.
Highschooler. AMA
Pretty much me, I didn't really start smoking pot until college though
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>in popular crowd freshman and sophomore year
>move to new state
>new school is much, much bigger
>every class has different people in it
>make no friends, eat lunch alone for first time
>get library pass for lunch period so I don't die of embarrassment
>sit in bathroom stall when teacher wouldn't give me one
>this goes on for two years
>don't walk at graduation

It's mostly good now though. I have some good friends and a gf. I went back to talk to my old guidance councilor; he was getting choked up when I was telling how much better I am than back in HS.

eating lunch alone has to be one of the worst things that can happen to a school kid. Hope you can turn it around, man.

Damn, dude. That's horrible. Hope you're doing better now.
i was on the varsity wrestling team made it to cif. i was a fucking beast then i slipped my disc at the end of sophomore year. coudlnt wrestle for the rest of high school so i got super skinny and depressed.
Literally did not go, not even kidding.

It was alright. I was one of those students who was quiet and kept to myself.


What's your favorite class?
What year? You got your letter yet?
blew off everything, one absence away from being expelled, even if it was an approved one, came to school drunk or on something a lot of times my senior year, barely graduated

then i went to a community college and gave one extra 1/10 of a fuck, got a 4.0 and transferred to a real uni and I'm doing pretty well there too

all the fags that actually tried because "muh college admissions" can get fucked

get the same exact degree but only had to go half as long because community college is basically high school extended edition
File: DSCF2071-1-4.jpg (104 KB, 838x628) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I had a good group (6-12 people) of the same friends 6th -12th grade. Once I hit my senior year though I realized they weren't as cool as I wanted to be and didn't really hit up girls or go to parties, plus they all left at lunch and I had an extra class to take after so I wasn't too happy about that.

I started hanging out with these kids that were 2 grades below me that I had known since 7-8th grade and some of them were from my scout troop. We started drinking, mild drug use, partying, girls, etc. I got some of them to smoke weed for their first time. It was good fun. The good part was that some of my old friends were also good friends with the younger friends so it wasn't like I was totally ditching my other friends. We all knew each other and hung out but were kinda separated by the grade difference. The younger group was also larger, had like 10-18 people.

I was also in video production class grade 11,12 so I got to do a lot of cool stuff because of that. Interviewing people, filming sports, I knew a lot of people around campus and by senior year I had a lot of freedom to leave any class almost whenever, leave early for lunch, etc. I had a lot of good times. Some of my best memories are filming the football games on friday nights then driving to one of the parties after and having a lot of my friends there. That might sound like a chad to a lot of you but I was still really awkward and hardly had any experience with girls. But I was just happy to get wasted with my friends.

pic related,

The part I miss the most about HS is having all my friends close by, a lot of them have moved elsewhere, at least we still get together when we're all in town.
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Dunno, I didn't go after 9th grade.
this is the secret, they don't even ask for high school transcripts, when they ask why you did a 2 and 2 program you just tell them you're poor. Disadvantaged points=easy in. Won't be too long till they put a stop to it because literally everyone will just do it.
>only person who was friendless
>walked around like I hated everybody
>would argue back with teachers
>didn't give a fuck whether I was liked or not
>sat alone at lunch, reading Kafka and Bukowski with black flag in my earphones
>qts would walk up to me and try to chat me up because they liked the "bad boy" image

it was fucking horrible but fun staring at people like I wanted to rip off their face

wasn't nice coming home to my mom already drunk though, also wasn't nice spending the whole weekend drunk out of deperation because my week was so horrible
File: 1451940046211.png (177 KB, 266x593) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hey, I did something similar except I dropped out completely to fuck around and be a little hood.

Parents said i was "homeschooled" so as not to get in trouble and got my GED and a 2200 SAT no problem, and got into a decent UC off the back of community few years later.
First year didn't do shit since first semester had no credits for being in alternative school. Next year tried hard but school tried keeping me back for me being an asshole. Jr year in and out, sent to rehab for 6 months. Senior year I went to a shit school were I had my own classroom with no teacher, allowed to come and go whenever I wanted and all I did was google answers and fill out test on computer. Didn't even go to graduation, just went and got my diploma from the school and left.
First two years were fine barely passed. The next year I was an emo fag and was like fuck it and put very little effort into it. Senior year dressed semi normal stopped doing school work just said I didn't wanna do it, started skipping school and classes. Dropped out and went NEET for 1 and a half years before working and now at 21 a NEET again and plan on staying this way.
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That was nearly 7 years ago

I've done a few things since, got grade 10 equivalent a few years back. Not American so have to do 6 months full time to get grade 12

Never had a job
Do you want a job?
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>do I want to go outside?

Not really
File: 1451152420305.gif (2 MB, 400x321) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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How do you get by?

(original comment)
It was filled with memes
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I was a stoner. I just got high with my only friends and just played DnD and TFC. I didn't talk in any of my classes, did amazing on tests and never did any work. One of my 2 friends that I would do this with just died from a heroin OD. I ripped my bong in his memory. I'm still upset about it. I just want to go back to my d20 dmg +6 chr dick, killing orcs.
File: 1424963681989.gif (2 MB, 500x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 500x600
My parents, I got younger siblings still in school. I'm trying to get out more, was even leaving the house 2 days a week for a course regularly for a while.

Don't know when I could handle a job.
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dude weed lmao XD
How long will your parents let you continue to NEET it up?

Mine woulda kicked me out without the pretense of a goal and progress.
rebel xD

Good, dated 4 chicks and fucked 3 just because of my elite genetics.

Sadly elite genetics don't do shit when all you do is stay inside.

Also got kicked out 2 months from graduation and now im stuck in the neet lyf.
Up and down, but mostly up. Had a pretty decent group of friends, good girlfriend, decent enough grades to get into good uni, played football, fun times. Only bad part was parent's divorce but that's about it. Minimal drama too. Miss it a bit but not enough to want it back for sure.
Probably the worst time of my life, which I guess is a pretty first world problem to have. Regardless, I'm glad it's over.
>How long will your parents let you continue to NEET it up?
I'm starting another course in a few weeks (still 2 days) But dad's been telling to go apply places for a while.

Sister is couple years younger and at uni, she kind of needs to get a job too.

Don't think they'll kick me out, but they want me to get my shit somewhat together.
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It was more fun than college, I was surrounded by cute girls and other people and it was easy to make friends

college sucks, people just go to class and then get the fuck out, you never have time to make friends with anybody
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I was pretty normie (messaged/talked to girls) for first year or two, then my autism came out and I ostricized myself.
I did stupid stuff, I got into fights the first years, and because of one of the fights people tried to fight me just because of people talking about it to prove they were 'alpha' or something...

Even then it was pretty good but I was stupid and never went to school much and didn't get good grades. I mostly just stayed home and played WoW/counter strike/starcraft
Now I'm a n33t veteran with no job experience
>be me
>socially retarded and hate everyone
>somehow manage to suffer though 2 years of the shittiest high school ever
>turn 16
>immediately drop out
>live comfy NEET life til 18
>get GED
>its basically middle school level where I live
>i now basically have a high school diploma and i only had to deal with half the bullshit
feels kinda good i guess
I laughed actually.
I was popular, fucked sluts, and smoked weed.
I missed out on the opportunities for real relationships because of my libido and because I was afraid of getting burned.
10 years later and not much has changed, to the outside I look like a king... but it's lonely at the top.
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9th grade was learning to stop being a little pansy ass and hide my powerlevel
10th grade was cultivating a harem of bros
11th grade was faking Chadness until a girl I really liked blew the shit out of my cover without even trying
12th grade was realizing once you abandon ridiculous goals you stop trying to please every living thing around you

I've never even held hands but I remember I was really fucking good at faking. Feels good I don't have to force myself to do that shit anymore
Turned things around OP. I bet you wish you hung out with those cute goth girls and got their little inside jokes eh OP?
I was fat and autistic and I've mostly grown out of it

>standing in line at the cafeteria
>chad came up to me
> asked if I was single
>I said I had a boyfriend (more autistic than I was)
>doesn't even miss a beat
>"Well that's too bad because my buddy over there said he's gonna kill himself if you don't go out with him."
fucked up educationally, socially and every other applicable -ally
Still in senior year, I miss at least 3 days out of the week currently.
Somehow I manage to pass classes tho, guess it just goes to show how terrible this system is.
>that outfit
>that hair
both disgusting, wake me when she does porn
File: 1452115943617.jpg (68 KB, 592x594) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Boring and stressful and sometimes a little fun.

Towards the end I was mostly showing up high or drunk or both because I was so bored out of my tit. Meet some good people who introduced me to the wonderful world of drugs as well as were cool to play vidya and build robots with. Didn't get laid, but I motorboated some nice titties so that's alright I guess.

4/10 - would only recommend for the life experience and for the fantastically wide availability of drugs and social networking
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There was a kid kind of like you in my school.

His name was Doug. He always smelled of second hand cigarette smoke and looked like he was ready to pull a pistol on the class at any time. The jocks in the class would sit next to him and it was generally accepted that if he pulled a gun out they'd all be close enough to tackle him. Probably a few would get shot, but there were like five of them surrounding him.

Everyone was pretty nice to him because for whatever reason people at our school were generally pretty pleasant people, but he'd be a dick to them for no reason. I remember a few times he would pick on people in class while everyone was telling him, "Come on, Doug. Stop being a dick. We're all cool to you, man. What's your deal?" Sometimes he'd pick on the jocks too.

I remember one time he was talking shit to one of them and said something along the lines about slapping him. Jock said that he wouldn't do it cause he'd get his ass thrown to the other side of the room. Doug did it anyway, or at least he tried his best. Jock caught him by the wrist, picked him up and hoisted him over the jock's own body while an other jock opened the door to the hallway and the jock who had him held above his head did a full on over the head throw and launched Doug out of the class and into the hallway. Doug hit his head on the steel door frame. He looked like he wanted to cry, but he had to come back into class anyway. Kid came back in with a limp. Teacher "didn't see shit".

Doug was a real dick.

>pic related: what Doug looked like but with a jewfro and much more pale.

lol no way
Eh, all things considered it was pretty okay. All my classmates were idiots so I ended up taking the lead in group projects. Stayed for 3 years until I took the proficiency exam.

Some shitty failed relationships, but they worked well as trial and error for future reference. My friends were all either nerds or stoners, never a dull moment.
I was the man in high school. Class president, most likely to be famous, valedictorian, varsity tennis and track, lead roles in theatre productions. British foreign exchange student and salutatorian was my gf.

Now I post on /r9k/

>tfw peaked
>I had a 38% attendance rate
>I took care of myself whilst my parents were never in
>I got beaten by my junkie brother
Had a qt gf for a while but that's not going on anymore
Hey man I'm >>25665905

I feel like I peaked in highschool, too. I would get way hotter girls back then, I still fuck sluts but they're not as hot and it blows.
File: 1444313701317.jpg (45 KB, 570x487) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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nobody noticed me. nobody bullied me. nobody talked to me. sometimes the teacher would even forget my name. it was quite nice.
You tell me. I just dredged through my collection of old HDDs to find this. Green is me. Sad thing is blue guy actually played bass with me in a band for a year and a half and I thought we were bros. Fuck all normies. Even when they seem chill, you are probably little more than an amusement for them.
My last year of high school, I'm 18, it was pretty good at first. I even got a gf for 3 months thanks to tinder. But when she started college we broke up so she can concentrate on her studies

I guess concentrate on her studies meant hook up with the next guy she met cause now she's dating someone else

Fuck you ryan
My only regret from highschool is losing contact with my "friends". Pretty sure they just pitied me. Whatever.
But I did...
Hell my only friends were a few Goths and a weird weeb girls who spent all her time writing fanfics
File: 1438177645190.jpg (75 KB, 528x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I Had like 5 friends.
One of them was a failed normie, always had a gf
Normie had a twin that also hung out with us, borderline sjw and was a closeted brony
One of them smelt like they hadn't showered once in their life, he was from Hungary though...
One of them was this super rich polish kid who would always try to deny that he was rich, regardless of his parents getting him a Porsche for his 16th birthday
One of them would host a lan party that would about every month where we would play vidya 'till about 2AM then watch anime 'till dawn.
I was The guy who fucked everything up and just kinda kept to himself
I was the only one in the group never to get a gf, hell I've never even had a female friend
I was on Honor roll the whole time, until Junior year, I failed 3 classes that year.

Basically pic related.
>In year 7 i fell in love with an older boy.
>older boy turned out to just want to take
advantage and use me sexually
>too naive to realise this at the time
>kept agreeing to do things with him
>eventually he had some pictures which he used to blackmail into more degrading and humiliating stuff
>this went on for 2 years getting more and more depraved
>eventually was working as his child prostitute
>couldn't tell anyone for fear of them finding out
>had to hide the bruises and wounds
>mostly a loner, although i acted out in school and got suspended a few times
>never hung out with friends outside of school until after my captivity ended
>when i did start hanging out with school friends outside of school
>i would always wait until they went home
>before going into the nearby city to get laid by whoever was d t f
>couldn't tell my friends this either

I guess i lead a secretive life, nobody really knew me, or what was going on with me, but i was popular enough for people to just assume i was happy and treat me fairly well.
Because if your aren't then you're underageb&
I hated every moment and I'm glad it's fucking over. I'm glad I didn't drop out either.
I graduated last spring and I still can't believe it, even though I have a piece of paper that says so.
I guess i'm a living example of the failure of no child left behind.
>report him to police and let them know he blackmailed you, etc.
>he gets anal raped in prison
File: 1411146293101.png (65 KB, 338x430) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
65 KB, 338x430
>every year ended up in a class where we did fuck all and I just slept
>people started to like me suddenly
>did well in theater and band
>graduated in top ten
>now NEET
Miss it tbqh
i was too scared of anyone finding out and ashamed. it was about 10 years ago now, and im mostly not so crippled by it any more. still, that was my highschool in a nutshell

Same here. I half expected Ashton Kutcher to come out and dump a bucket of mustard on me or something when they called me up on stage.
It sucked
I did my work and maintained a 4.0 GPA throughout high school, doing AP & honors classes
I made 0 friends - I went to 3 different high schools anyway, no one really knew me.
But I am too poor, am not allowed any scholarships or any financial aid, so I could not get into a university - all that bullshit busywork for nothing.
I'm in community college now and it feels the same honestly
and now you're on r9k, where did it go o so wrong?
File: Mega milk matoi.jpg (286 KB, 1053x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Mega milk matoi.jpg
286 KB, 1053x1080
First two years I fucked around and hardly did anything to busy being a bitch and a jackass to notice I failed 40% of my classes. so I got my shit together for the last 2 year because I didn't want to become a "fifth year senior". So I got this weird girl to start tutoring me and ended up somehow dating her and becoming a lesbian couple. In retrospect I don't even know why or how that happened. I wasn't interested in girls beforehand but how my family thinks I'm a dyke. even though we broke up years ago.

Thats pretty much it. oh, and one time during swimming class my locker got broken into and my underwear got hung from the cafeteria lights.
I tried to fit in so hard, but I had no friends.

Now I'm doing the same thing in college.
I literally don't remember most of it.
I was bullied by a lot of nignogs back in the 5th and 6th grade, so I skipped 7th and 8th grade.
Grades 9-11 were completely forgettable while my senior year I had an easy year and drama-filled gf that I could've gone without.
Didn't skip many, but I can't remember paying attention for a single class. Passed that shit with average grades, didn't give a shit.

Always knew it would work itself out in the end.
Yet another edgy faggot
2.6 gpa

Slept in all my class, showed up drunk or high, never talked due to being too high, graduated but had summer school due to skipping too much but then skipped summer school because fuck it
Fun some of the time, boring a lot of the time
Lowest point in my life, and I was once an unborn fetus in hookers womb so thats saying something
>implying we all pass the first time around and don't have to repeat a grade 3 times before we make it
>used to be cool in elementary school
>became a shut-in because i got really shy after becoming paranoid of everything and everyone did sports except me
>played SC2 all day, got grandmaster
>fapped exclusively to weird shit
>got 50s and 60s
>photoshopped my report card to 80s literally every semester of school except the first one so I wouldn't get grounded
>wanted to be a pro gamer but parents crushed my dreams, also SC2 died
>now go to uni while living at home, no friends and don't enjoy video games which was my only hobby my entire life
lol my man lmao
Failed twice at two different highschools. I should probably kill myself
>What was high school like

I wanted to kill myself every day.

Still do.
Fucked everything up but magically fixed everthing at the end.
Arin pls go
First year, I was that slacker in honors classes who knew everyone but was no ones friend.

I was also the token black kid in a southern town, but was cool with all the rednecks still. Cool people at times. Until they told me to go away when Obama was elected, lol.

Moved 2nd year to a new school. Knew no one.

3-4th year, did all my classes in a community college surrounded by adults I didnt talk to. Best years of my life. Class from 12pm-3pm
Came home, did homework until 4-5. PLayed video games and chilled rest of the day. paradise. easy A
dropped out, barely showed up when I did attend.

I would just walk out the door and go anywhere but the bus stop because I hated being around people.
I Wanna put my face between those tits
File: 1436734788123.jpg (132 KB, 960x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Was pretty cool with everyone in school. Knew a lot of people, even though some of the girls hated my guts in my class

some qts were miring but i was too manlet to score

I was always stoned/high in class from the weed I leeched from my friend

Tried so hard to get a gf literally forced every girl that showed any interest in me to go out and make out with me until I got a gf in 12th grade

Once got high and did a 1,5h math exercise in front of the class - nobody cared

Forced myself in every party I heard

Raped a girl from my class for the lulz

high school was the shit desu
50% attendance in my final year, teachers kept asking if it was drugs, if there was problems at home. None of that. I just lost the will to keep going.

I guess being a social outcast and years wasted behind me made me all jaded and unwilling to go.

Thankfully they didn't fail me and I did alright and got into university somehow.

Turned my life around since that and am pretty much a normie, but still think like a robot on the inside.
depressed and wish i had access to drugs
depressed and started doing drugs daily
very depressed, doing more drugs
had first gf after that year and was super happy, she leaves at the end of summer
very depressed and heartbroken, shitfaced drunk every single minute of every day. parents kicked me out for not trying hard enough
am homeless for about a year just moving all across america trying to find some place i dont hate
File: 1307110252148.jpg (1 MB, 746x1079) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 746x1079
I was framed for starting a fire in a locker and treated like a criminal. Even though it eventually turned out not to be true, rumors had already spread, and people thought I was going to shoot up the school.
>9th grade: I got bullied for being the smallest, youngest looking kid in school
>10th grade: hit puberty and get gud at wrestling, still a small kid but I'm full smug and I get in a bunch of fights with normie pussies (and win) but I'm even more isolated than I was in 9th grade
>also a tall thick volleyball qt wanted the dick but I turned her down (for no reason)
>also OCD and Psychosis surfaces
>11th grade: full sized man now (5'9 155) and a wrestling stud so it's even more fights and more bitches to tell "no"
>12th grade #1: leave after Christmas, my Facebook had been "really weird" leading up to it apparently, kids thought I would shoot up the school but I pretty much just forget about that place
>therapy and hospital til I turn 18
>alternative school: kinda like the psych ward in a way, witness some pretty entertaining stuff, fought some guy because he was being a dick to me (he thought I was trying to steal a girl from him, I had no interest)
>work in restaurant til I turn 19, fucked tall thick Virgin qt all summer too
>19 and fall hits, go NEET again
>first semester of college coming up in a month
lots of drugs and pussy, love/hate relationship with pretty much everyone

am 22 now and only have the drugs
ah, a kindred soul

i left a dangerous home only to become homeless and will be homeless again soon

life sucks

go to class on hard drugs it makes it much easier to socialize cuz you'll scare off the normies and other freaks will naturally gravitate towards you
File: slam dunk.gif (1018 KB, 193x211) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
slam dunk.gif
1018 KB, 193x211
Tons of girls hit on me but I honestly didn't feel like dealing with them
Goddamn they're annoying
I'm not even gay, but bitches aint nothin but hoes and tricks
>full sized man
>(5'9 155)
>started off bad, fat and playing WoW from when I got home until I slept
>mental health constantly degrading as I got older, best friend died, started doing drugs, sporadic incidents of bullying but nothing constant
>eventually started to get my shit together and made efforts to start becoming a normie
>quit wow, started exercising, read a lot of self help shit and tried to become more confident
>body noticeably improved, lost weight and gained muscle, became more popular, joined clubs
>kept doing drugs, browsed 4chan, and started bullying other kids though
>was becoming legitimately attractive as well as being known as "the smart kid" and got a lot more female attention
>somehow got into situations that involved lots of physical contact/groping/girls literally in my lap but I was too socially retarded to actually bang them or get a real gf

>eventually graduated and went to a college that very few of my classmates went to
>had a mental breakdown and became a slave to my own depression/anxiety/whatever the fuck I have
>cut off contact with all former friends except for just one online one from the old wow days, no real life ones
>gradually turned into a pseudo-NEET who can't handle classes because I feel retarded and I constantly skip them because I hate people
>every person I dated after high school ended up fucking crazier than I am
>the peak of my life was the last two years of high school and those were mediocre
>every day I feel like I'm losing it more and more and I drive my self deeper into isolation and I just want to die
High school wasn't that bad, I had two close friends and went to prom with a girl that I could have probably dated if I had more initiative. The only shitty thing was that I went to hard as fuck college prep school so I actually had to study for tests. Still ending up having a 2.8 GPA (though I didn't really try that hard desu)
College is where it got really shit.
That's the truth.
meant to reply to you, not myself
original comment, censoring dicks
I know that feel. Well it wasn't 3 times, but let's just say I'm 23 and only in my second year of college.

>Started out shit(jocks beat me up regularly).
>Got better the second year when I started using drugs regularly.
>got even better when I started selling drugs(end second year)
>chads stopped picking on me. Started to be kinda like bodyguards.
>figured out I could make more money if people really liked my weed. Started to lace with small amounts of Smack.
>mfw people would only get weed from me. Made lots of money. Good times.

Funny thing. I know of three of my former daily Chad customers that are junkies now. Lol.
coming from someone who actually has sold drugs

stop trying to live your pathetic fantasy life out on the internet

laced weed with smack? rofl

you laced weed with HEROIN?

heroin is smoked on tin foil or out of a glass rose, if a flame directly touches it the heroin is destroyed and no effects are gained

come on man
explain to me how you would "lace weed with smack"

smear a bunch of black tar on your bud?

yup that's not gonna raise some eyebrows

got some powdered #4? and it was cost effective to sprinkle that shit on your bud?

ya fuckin' right kid gtfo
>"Nothing you do in high school matters!"

Why do normies say this? If you don't have sex or go to parties in high school, you are socially stunted, which hurts you in the long run and you can't get the same jobs as normalfags who have connections because they're not stunted autistics.
funny thing is he wasted a bunch of heroin, you do not smoke heroin like that, it's too hot and fucking destroys it
When normies say nothing matters, they mean you should have fun, fuck around, drink every night, etc.
Although I knew one chick who said she wants to become a doctor, so she studied hard, engaged in voluntary activities, had a mini job, and she straight out told people at school she isn't interested in friendship.
I don't know how her grades ended up, but at graduation, the top 3 students were all doctors' sons and daughters. She wasn't among them (and also isn't a doctor's daughter).
It makes me wonder how much you can really go against a shitty upbringing, when with all her hard work, she still got bested by the doctors' children. But that doesn't really have anything to do with your post anymore.
>get gf junior year
>get cucked senior year
>lose gf
>go to prom stag

It sucked
>having the opportunity to refuse girls

Which Andreas?
Went to a small school in a small town. Total size of the school was 200-some, this includes 6th grade up to 12th. Graduating class was 26.

All in all, it was probably the most enjoyable experience of my life. As long as you avoided the sports/jock/weekend party fags, it was a decent little school. Seriously, the fucking jocks are what accounted for like 80% of the misery. You were required to take gym freshman and sophomore year, afterwards, optional. The senior fags still in gym were just the worst type of people to be around. The type of guys who'd beat the shit out of you in the locker room if they somehow found out you didn't like them. 1 of the few instances where life balanced out. Most of them are fat as hell and haven't left the state in the 4 years since we graduated. People who love that they're "country" can go get fucked

Had 3-4 close friends that I still keep in touch with. My biggest regret is that I was too much of a shut in. Never went out, never did anything. Just school, work, study, games. The girls were actually gf material and worth dating, but I never acted out on it and now have no experience whatsoever when it comes to dating.

All in all, 6.5/10. Would do again knowing my mistakes.
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Pretty shitty. Glad that shit is over.

I want to say I had a shitty time because I was a bullied nerd, but the reality is closer to being shy and not talking much. I did get bullied a few times, but that was mostly in 9th grade I think, and it was a few isolated incidents. There wasn't bullying much in the older grades. After 9th or 10th grade nobody gave a shit. Which is why it was easy to blend into the back of the room.
I didn't even skip school all the time like a lot of you guys here. I was way too much of a pussy for that.

I didn't have many friends, only another autist for 80% of high school. I stayed inside my room almost every day, posting on 4chan and some esoteric message boards. I had zero idea how to socialize irl.

12th grade I made a few more friends somehow. I basically started my socializing life at 18yo and 12th grade what other people started in 9th grade. Even had sex once with a scene girl who became attached to me somehow. Started smoking weed and popping pills all the time. Those habits caught up with me a couple years later, though.
>9th grade
>severe depression, social anxiety, skipped classes, felt like an outcast but no girl ever took interest in me
>10th grade
>depression, etc first semester but this was also the year I discovered anime and found an escape from my horrible life; became weaboo basically
>10.5th grade
>Enrolled in online charter accreditted high school and watched anime all day and japanese train videos; reached maxed comfiness
>11th grade
>same thing basically as last year
>12th grade
>dad died moved to another state by myself, got a part time job, and graduated a semester late which was like 7 days ago with a 3.31 gpa.
online school saved my life
More like the academic part doesn't matter. As long as you manage to get into the school you want, high school no longer matters as everyone will be more focused on your college stuff. Good grades, advanced courses, etc. in high school all mean little in the grand scheme of things when it comes to college, beyond possibly preparing you a little bit more or saving you a tiny bit of time/effort/tuition money.

You can't replace years of your life being hell on earth, especially at a time in your life when you're still developing and your experiences are rapidly molding you into who you will be. Missing out on basic experiences or having bad ones can leave you emotionally or socially stunted.

Basically, you're better off acting like normies do, which is basically not giving a fuck about school (to a reasonable degree) and focusing on fun and social stuff so you can comfortably interact with people
dropped out after 1 year.

not made for this world
You're like an edgy version of me - I spent all my time outside of class with headphones on listening to IDM and prog rock and got kinda annoyed when people made me take them off, but was mostly liked anyway because I was a really dry/deadpan guy in class.
Started pretty bad, got bullied because I was new and still somewhat autistic. We were dispatched in groups, so I was never alone during lunch. The next years were pretty neat. I got a few friends, got invited to a few parties with them, started to have the normie life. Then highschool ended and I now barely see them, and I realised that I'm still socially awkward af and still no gf.
>That pic
>You'll never be able to wife a woman up, settle down and have kids together and live a good life
>You'll always end up alone and probably die in an empty room
Fuck this life
File: image.jpg (34 KB, 248x272) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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There is nothing worse than having to sit alone in the lunch room.
>Comepletely exposed
>Hear voices all around you
>Laughter and jokes being shared as nothing but negativity is around you
>You faintly hear something such as "is he sitting alone?"
>You can't hide it.
>People stare at you
>People laugh
>Nothing can save you.
>Try to plan an escape
>You don't want to make a bigger scene
>You can't even eat your food
>Every little piece of dignity you have left all flushes.
>If there was ever a moment of school you will remember. It will be the experience of sitting alone.
>You look at the clock, hoping that you are closer to the end of the period
>It's almost as if the clock never moves. Rather, it is moving backwards.
>if you are fat, you feel that weight of yourself completely shown.
>everything in your body has an extreme feeling of shame and emberrassment
>You just want it all to end
>You wish this pain to no one, not even to Chad.
I never went to high school.

I was home schooled after 6th grade lol

Original niggers

Same, except since 1st grade. I turned out better than I thought I would desu
I don't know I just killed that person today. He's gone. He can't hurt me anymore. I don't even know him anymore, we wouldn't even recognize each other on the street.
i dont got to school B)
Didn't have many friends the first year and was bullied because I looked very young and innocent. Became attractive fucked bitches and made more friends every year until I was generally well liked or at least given distance since I seemed pretty "edgy" to people who didn't know me. I went to a private school on scholarship and everyone else were rich sheltered fags so it didn't take much to be considered different.

About to graduate college and start my good normie job soon.
Pretty fun actually in 9th grade I left everyday at 12 since all i had after that was gym where no one knew me and English which I didn't care about then when I got kicked out they sent me to an "alternative learning program" went there for 10th grade then I got kicked out of there for poor grades or some bs then i was able to get my ged at 16 which isn't allowed in my state so i got pretty lucky all In all was good.
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