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why am i alive. why was i born
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why am i alive. why was i born
You are such a beta dude, holy shit.
at least youre talking to her in a friendly way

youre a cuck for having feelings
Here lies OP

He never scored
Same thing happened to me OP; fuck her, don't bother being her friend anymore. She's used to having male attention all of the time, and possibly enjoys the power of holding their attraction to her over their heads.

What's the full back story on this situation?
I am way to depressed right now to explain the entire back story but i agree with you. Shes also the type that has like 30 friends and then she like oh ma gawd i am so alone
Dude, are you me from a month ago? I had the same reaction

Don't worry, after this one, you won't give a shit about women for a while.

Dumping the abridged version of my story:
>know qt for a few years, never really close with her, see her here and there, friends on normiebook
>break up with ex in July, shit fucking sucks for a while
>run into girl, she's tipsy
>talking with our friend, as she's about to leave she mentions her and I should hang out and, without being prompted mind you, asks if I'm still with my girlfriend
>I kind of brush it off and say "no'
>oh we'll definitely hang out, definitely was inflected
>my friend hears and when she leaves we talk about what it means
>tells me to talk to her, I brush it off as her being drunk and dumb, message her anyway on normiebook because fuck it why not
>"i'm free these days, let's hang out" "ahahah for sure!"
>whelp, that was fucking stupid
>a few months later, run into her at a concert, she's with her boyfriend
>talk for a bit, she's about to give me the whole "we should hang out" spiel, I give her a look and she notices and says "I'll see you around!" or something like that instead
>a week later, I run into her again in a train station
>talk to her for a little bit, she tells me to get her number so I can text her
>my train is pulling in, tell her I have to get on it. she says she'll message me on NB
>next morning she actually does
>we text back and forth, pretty decent conversation density
>she just broke up with her boyfriend because of this guy we both know who she "dated"
>we talk about FWBs and how they're more desireable than relationships
>I actually end up ignoring her for a day or so
>she asks me if I want to go to another concert with her, I work that day anyway but I told her I'd try to make it
>a few days later she sends me a weird text almost as if she was trying to get me to not go anymore
>I say we should hang out a different time, she kinda blows me off and I minorly sperg out on her, saying she seems to be hard to get a hold of.

cont. if interested? sorry this is so dense, but I don't want to leave out details
>message Maryam
lmao what sort of half-baked censoring is this?

kill urself my man
Sorry OP,looks like I'm taking over your thread

>we text here and there, but it tapers off drastically
>whelp pt.2, by now I should have seen it coming
>FF a month or so later, mutual friend with whom I worked mentioned he hung out with her and one of their friends recently. they talked about me and how I reminded them of Aziz Ansari because of his new show
>"I guess that explains why I liked him"
>she told him that I was flaky, I become annoyed that "apparently" I had a chance
>more so annoyed that I possibly had a chance, brush it off anyway
>a few weeks later, I post a picture on normiegram (i know, i'm sorry) of myself
>she likes it, texts me saying "hey!"
>anyone with half a brain knows this is the 21st century's version of "i'm interested in you"
>we talk here and there, tapers off again, my birthday comes, she texts me saying "also happy birthday <3" who the fuck sends stupid hearts to someone unless they want something from them!?
>one day I leave work, she texts me telling me to hang out with her at some bar
>i agree, I meet up with her and her friends, some other dude is there
>interesting.jpg I stick around to see in what new ways I'll get cucked, plan on texting her the next day to finally settle this whole thing and get on with my miserable life
>she flirts with him the whole time he's with us, she calls him "hot" in front of all of us
>he's some hipster dickhead who thinks it's cool to be aloof with girls, he leaves because he was probably bored or whatever
I really do feel guilty about posting so much bullshit, it's almost over senpai.

>she's obviously upset he leaves, the rest of us go to another bar, expect her to barely acknowledge my existence, I plan on leaving in an hour or so
>we actually have a good time, her friends like me and her and I are talking, lots of eye contact and physical contact
>however, i overhear her talking to her friend about some guy she wanted to bang and how she wants to get him to hang out with her, can only assume she means hipster dickhead
>her friend mentions to her that I'm great and her and I should be dating
>he says to me that he'll probably kiss me before I kiss her
>they leave, her and I stay behind
>she says her and I should hang out more, I confront her on how she always says that, we get into this conversation about texting, dating etc
>her friend told her that she should date me, I tell her I am interested
>conversation somehow gets skewed to her "ex", but she apologizes for talking about him so much and mentions that it's "unfortunate that I know him"
>we leave, she's all flirty and holding onto me, people tell us we make a cute couple, she falls asleep on my shoulder
>text her on and off the next two days, she mentions that night was a "disaster" because she talked about her ex too much
>a few days later I mention that we should hang out, she gives me a delayed and odd response, decide to double down and just tell her i'm interested
>sorry not interested in you as more than a friend
>sorta berates me for thinking otherwise, we get into an "argument ", calls me dude a bunch of times, really trying to send it home.
>fucked up by this, I'm always just going to be the "friend", in a hole of depression because of the situation, not her specifically
>run into her a few weeks later, she's kinda awkward about it, but invites me out to hang out with her and her friend later that night
>i go just to "apologize" because I didn't want her to think I was a huge dick
To sum up the end, she basically sent me a bunch of signals, but the last time we saw each other she definitely toned it down to an actual friend level, thus demonstrating that I was probably right in the first place.

I'm sure I'm not the only guy she's done this to. Fuck "naturally flirty" women, fuck women who collect friendships for their own self-affirmation, fuck girls who are too much of a fucking pussy to tell someone straight up there's a problem rather than lying and giving out mixed messages. She's texted me a few times since then but I ignored her, there's no point in contact with her anymore. Anyway OP, I hope I didn't take over your thread too badly, sorry for the long story, there was stuff left out surprisingly, now can you tell us your story?
She is very mean & rude. Why do you like her?
I'm getting paranoid that you are her but im pretty sure she has no idea what this board is.
how do you run into her so often?
>I don't feel the same way dude
how is that mean my man?
why would you be paranoid that I am this slut?

>"it took you a half hour to articulate 8 words"

that's a very rude response, it is very mean to say that after you just told her your special feelings. why would you like such a mean-spirited person????
I live in new york city, and I work in the same neighborhood she normally hangs out in

we sort of have the same music taste, and know some of the same people
Fucking cunts. Anyway I don't think this Taiwanese picture show website is for you normie
failed normies are beta males though

this is just as much my board as it is yours, friend.

i have shit luck with women, just like you guys
what neighborhood? i wish i lived in such a place where i would just run into friends like that
Yeah she is pretty mean to people but she is also very pretty and is the only female i have ever talked to besides my mother

Dude no way im in brooklyn. Small world
How the fuck do you live in BROOKLYN and only interact with one woman, you're a fucking bad liar
Because I am a fucking loser
Then accept your fate and immediately terminate all interactions with females.

it's full of stacies and chads now, but for alt normies such as ourselves, there are still a couple of safe havens for us to hang out at

hahaha what the fuck, is her name Jenny by any chance? what part of Brooklyn are you from? I live in Queens dude.

Oh look a gentrifying hipster douche, no wonder why women don't like you, they prefer alpha OG Brooklyn dick
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