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ITT fictional characters that are literally you
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ITT fictional characters that are literally you
Bud Bundy from MWC
You're a mech pilot?
I'm a coward who is always running away from his problems.
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You like effeminate blondes anon?
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Lizards stealing my gf
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This is probably the closest I've seen yet. Maybe with a bit less outgoing, not much though.
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she's a bitch and I used to hate her but then I realized it's because I've done a lot of the same stuff and have been treated similarly, minus the medusa bits and the killing the snakes
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I want to do justice but what's the point?
Fuck off roastie. Plz die
>you can't snap in school as a male
>you can't be treated as the cute one when you just want people to shut the fuck up
Wanna be my cumslut qtboi trap pet?
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I'm not a big guy but I like the dark.
Hello reddit

Original comment reply
>Hello reddit
I saw this coming.
I've been here longer than you though.
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yes laddy
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I would but I'm into some really degrading stuff, you might not be up for it
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bondage, hitting, forced toilet drinking, cleaning things with just tongue and face, getting drugged and raped, exhibitionism. off the top of my head. When I say toilet that excludes scat
Yeah I'd probably go gay if someone showed me as much affection as Kaworu showed Shinji.
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If i had to pick, this faggot.
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Except I'm the older sibling.
Are there any characters that are so shy/introverted that they literally can't speak to a stranger unless there is a friend or family member with them? Not in a cute anime girl way either, in an ugly awkward dude way.
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bring me the bourbon
Tatsuhiro Satou would be the closest I can think of.
whoops wrong pick
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As long as you let me put a leash on you im up for anything
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>uses monkey
>wants to put me on a leash
yes anything I don't care how hideous you look that's good taste
I haven't met you and I hate you.
me The undefeated reaper of the ccg
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Do you think you can handle the ungodly amount of hot gooey cum I'll pump into your ass? I promise to get you pregnant from your boipussy by the time i through with you <3
Shinji Ikari and Peter parker before obtaining the spider powers.
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I'm not derailing this anymore than I already have but yes you can make up for the lack in what I produce
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>tfw homosexuals ruin your thread
So you're really not Shinji at all then.
Shinji was a coward right up until the last few seconds of EoE senpai
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I'm intelligent, nihilistic, with a wicked sense of humor and a dark past.
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I can't take it anymore


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>tfw no Ms Fuyutsuki GF
>so shy/introverted
>has friends

Seriously I used to think I had social anxiety then I learned from the internet that virtually everyone is, its just a normalfag way of saying you're a little slow with social situations. But this begs the question as to what the hell do I have?

sounds like something a dumb person would say. Actually your whole post just reeks of edgefag.
>he doesn't knowyourmeme.com
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I know a place,
without any harm,
a magical place,
with magical charms,

I am literally Teehee.
Then again, Teehee isn't fictional.
LOL the Reddit meme. Such a hilarious anon you are. Unparalleled.
It's more like he was scared of a lot of things. The kid was alone most of his childhood, and it's not like fighting Angels isn't scary/traumatizing either.

This sometimes led to him running away, but other times he lashed out or went mad (remember when he fought Shamshel?). He also showed backbone prior to EoE.

Like that time he attacked NERV after Gendo almost had him kill his friend Toji, and when afterward he left NERV instead of latching onto his father for his approval. Even when he came back because he realized he was the only one who could save humanity from the Angels after the other Eva units failed, that took courage.
Not trying to be edgy or troll or anything.
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closest i can think of
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I think Fox Mulder is relatable
Just about. Except my guitar is purple, just like my dick ;^).
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>6' manlet
>work hard all the time to have a mediocre body
>always seem to be behind everyone else
>widows peak
>making life plans with former whore

I don't understand the hate;

I greatly enjoyed Kylo Ren in Episode 7. His character was menacing, even if he threw a tantrum occasionally.
Nope, no defense. He is a main character and they are not allowed to be anything other than macho alpha fucks! Anything else displeases me!
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>ywn cum inside of and impregnate Scully in her prime
Feels fucking bad, man
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>even if he threw a tantrum

What do you mean "even" those were the focal moments of his character

Pic related, literally me tbqh
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soon tm.jpg
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Maybe in 5 more years.
>tfw no hyperbolic time chamber.
You're indeed alluding to one of his strong points, which is that he's not your typical western gary stu, or that shounen main character who starts out weak and becomes strong by the end through friendship and effort. He's not a flat coward either though, his character is more nuanced than that.
Thread replies: 61
Thread images: 37
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