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Can we start a /feels/ thread? Post your...
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Can we start a /feels/ thread? Post your feels and pains.
>be total cyborg in High School
>never date girls
>be junior
>meet "her"
>fall in love
>date her for 4 years thinking im going to marry this girl
>total oneitis for my GF
>she moves to her dad's to be closer to school
>cheats on me with a chad
this experience ruined love and women for me in general.
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>got a speeding ticket for going 10 over
>Have to appear in court and request that I take a first offenders class and keep the ticket off my record so my insurance doesn't increase
>Fine is $136

How was your guys' day?
chequed desu
>had divorced parents

there you go m8. learned your lesson.
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My mom died when I was 12
>sitting infront of the computer is my only hobby
>wrists and hands fucked from strain
>asshole is a itchy and painful mess from sitting too much
don't trust girls from a broken home.

didn't say anything about an empty one.
>Have fake online identity and friends for years
>Know I need to stop and try to make a real life for myself but I can't

I should just kill myself I think.
I strongly feel that I have to leave my parents house one way or another when I'm around 25 years old. I cant explain it, something inside me just makes me strongly feel that way. I just wouldnt be able to handle the shame of living with my parents when I'm like 29 or something.

I gonna study to become a teacher, I've done a lot of research into what teachers are in demand in my country, I'm gonna go to a student counsellor for the second time soon. But if I'm unable to get a job, I'll probably give my parents all my shit, take a small amount of my money and clothes and become a wandering hobo.

I really, really dont want to be one of those guys that lives with his parents into his late twenties.

Maybe try taking walks while listening to music or something? Worked wonders for me when I had the same problem.
>tfw your internet persona and irl personality have diverged so much it's practically like you're two people
>tfw deathly afraid of either crossing into the territory of the other
I feel the same, except for the hobo part. I got less than three months to go. I should probably reach for help in getting a job but that feels like a failure in itself.
>blame all women for one slut

That's what you get for speeding faggot.

Goto /fit/ and start lifting. That deadlift one they keep talking about will strengthen your lower back so much you'll be forced to sit with proper posture and no longer strain your wrists.

Yeah good attitude, those guys are fucking losers.
Maybe. It's been -20 C and windy lately though so I'm not keen on stepping outside.
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>Be me
>Social Anxiety out of the roof
>Scared to look at people in eye
>Hate the public
>Knowing that no one knows you're anxious as shit in the public
>Feels like you here people talking about you, mocking you
>Knowing that people will have no sympathy since i'm black
>Wishing people could just understand my problem and act like i,m not there
sorry for the atrocious grammar and spelling.
>went bouldering (climbing without a harness) for the second time ever today
>realised how much I dislike heights
>can barely support my weight with my arms, and I'm not even fat
>most of the bouldering walls were sloping inwards, which is much harder
>didn't reach the top of any of the full-size walls
>pulled a muscle in my back
>couldn't clench my fist after, because the tendons in my wrists were all sore/numb
>tfw enjoyed it anyway, even if I would probably go somewhere else for it next time

>tfw thought about no gf today
>tfw extra pressure created by almost everyone you know being in a relationship that is at a stage where they are moving in together
>tfw I'm falling behind even further than I was before, and I'm only 22
>tfw can't see how I'd get a gf at any point in the near future

>tfw haven't matched with anyone on tinder in ages, which is odd, and no motivation to message any of the matches I do have because it never goes anywhere
>tfw nothing to put on a dating site profile, because I don't do anything (bouldering was a rare exception)

Here are my feels, bid frogs come reply to them
>Tfw when you got a job and pretty much shitpost irl
>Say stupid offensive shit all day and people seem to love it

Everything went better than expected.

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I just want to be a cute trap and be in a loving relationship with a robot.
>be me
>wizard training to become a Grand Wizard one day
>Ever since I was young I never was able to hold a friendship/do any kind of social interaction
>it always stressed me out
>as well as the fact no one liked being around me
>have accepted I will always be alone and will not be able to hold a relationship higher than acquaintances
>tfw will never have any one love me
>whenever I have nothing to do or about to go to bed this feel hits me
>looking forward to the rest of my life being a watcher...
Wear sunglasses everywhere. You are black so you can do that without repercussions. Makes it easier to look people in the eyes.
Goddammit man
I'm not quite so bad, I do have some friends, but I'm never an important part of their lives, no matter how much I try to be.
I'm getting used to spending all my time alone, but I don't think that's a good thing really.
I have psychosis NOS (similar to schizophrenia) and am probably going through another breakdown right now. I'm terrified of being put in the hospital and never getting out and dying some useless bumblefuck.
>tfw learning a language I will never speak with anyone
I don't know why I chose to put this suffering on myself but I'm too far in (~1 year) to give up.

Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Koennen wir auf Deutsch reden?
I've spent all my time alone. I usually avoid this feel by playing vidya, anime, MMO

>although I have shit computer atm

People usually think its a bad way of living but I understand now that you don't have to make friends to live a successful/happy life or partner.

When I was young and early of experiencing solitude, I had dream. I would live on a grassy field isolated of people and live in a tower. The sun would be shining, peaceful animals would be around and the the rivers would glisten.

Hopefully one day I will be able to live this.
Ich spreche kauf Deutsche.
>I understand now that you don't have to make friends to live a successful/happy life or partner
I don't know, I've never really been able to convince myself of this. I feel like I'm missing out on a massive (possibly the most important) part of the human experience.
Are we deluding ourselves into thinking we'll be fine like this? Or can we actually be happy, living alone and with no contact with the rest of society?
Don't get me wrong, I do like quite a bit of time to myself - I now choose to eat lunch alone at work, whereas before it made me feel bad. I don't think I want to be like this for the rest of my life though, I think I'll have killed myself before I'm 40 at that rate. I'm floating the idea of killing myself if I reach 30 without getting gf already.
It all depends on your mentality m8.

From my stance I believe you can live a normal life. If you compare yourselves to others then you start believing you are "fully not living". I feel fine although I get my moments of doubt, I still get back together.

>only because everyone around me keeps bothering me and telling me I'm a failure because I never had x, y and z
do a bouldering course, you have to grab stuff and climb in a certain way so your limbs wont hurt. Once you get the hold of it, its really fun, a lot of grills do it too, so you might get to know one
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>still can't get over the ex-bf who left me a year ago
>working a shitty low-wage dead-end job and can't find anything better
>no friends or acquaintances, complete lack of a social life
>still living with parents
>no money

I hate being alive so much
>Had thick hair all my life
>See my hair line slighty receded a few years back but think nothing of it
>Now 22
>Noticing myself shedding hair like crazy throughout my day
>Notice my hair line and crown are thinning
>Go to a derm and get on Finasteride and Rogaine
>tfw the wait of knowing if these treatments will work on me is killing me
>tfw I have a huge forehead so I would look ass ugly bald
>got some much-needed physical affection last night
>had a nice lengthy talk with a good friend
>gonna be cold tonight and I am going to freeze
>tfw need a box of tissues because I'm almost out
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>Be me senior in high school
>never had a girlfriend
>not physically fit as peers because of my Cerebral Palsy
>Everyone shows me pity instead of actually caring about me.
>I started to wear longer pants to hide my leg braces.
>So far no results.
>Suddenly this QT junior came up to me and said can I have your number my friend thinks you're cute.
>I give her my phone number and got a text saying [Hey :(]
>[Just kidding bye]
>10 minutes later I get another text from a different number.
>We had small talk about we liked.
>Feels good talking to another girl besides my mom
>Then next day she texted "You want to meet for lunch?"
"Of course."
>get lunch, waited for her for about 45 minutes
>Get a text saying "sorry you aren't my type."
Got stood up by two QT junior girls on the same week.
Are girls just mean to handicap people or is it just me?
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Thread images: 10
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