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Who /boring/ here?
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Who /boring/ here?
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Wait meant to put /sleepy/
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Im really sleepy but will not sleep, i can mae coffe and have cigs so this should work
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I can think of things to talk about no problem, and worst case I can tell someone about my life/ask about theirs if they aren't interested in my hobbies. The only thing I have issues with is initiating conversations with people.
In this case, I was napping earlier, meant to only sleep for 40 minutes, and slept for two hours so now I'm fine.
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Welp thread ruined
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>inb4 because of me
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Well what if you know youre boring yet they keep saying you're not?

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Shh, go to sleep
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Do i have to now?

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then you act under the assumption you're not, if they're that much of a pussy to not say it straight then you treat them as such
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Do you have to what?
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Excellent plan senpai
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Bye then
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Nothing im just bored

Never said to kill yourself
gonna kill myself mainly due to being bored eventually
im boring but this world is definitely too
there is just absolutely nothing to do
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Oh, do you like sharing?

Just go outside and dont stop walking, there.
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bring me along senpai, it will be fun
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Sharing what?
I am a boring person and I know this
I can't hold friends because of it unless they like imaginative things, but I've performance anxiety when it comes to DM stuff and I never had friends that acted interested in D&D growing up so I don't know how D&D works on top of that.
Yes, yes I am.
Please help
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Objects..people..anything really or would you rather keep them to yourself..

D&D is fun?
I don't know, I've never played it but it'd be right up my alley

except now I remember I'm even boring with creativity and would make the blandest things fml
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>wrote leave
>he went offline
kill me

There is no reason to share anything with you but i gave some people my steam games via family sharing
Yup. Can't hold a conversation with most people without that uncomfortable silence a few minutes in, because neither knows what to talk about anymore. There is nothing noteworthy going on in my life, all my interests are way too autistic for most normies, and it's probably for the better we don't start talking about the news or politics.
Then what do you do all day?

I dont want to share anything with you baka! Oh I guess that is fine
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>see a spooky booty thread
>open thread to investigate
>cancer is already here

Naw I'm out.
This world is definitely not boring. You're just that depressed.
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If the other person doesn't share my extremely narrow interests, I'm screwed

That too

good taste
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then why do you ask, it sounds like you want something from me
Lethargy with time killed with video games
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Thanks senpai

Hmm nope. Just wanted to ask you a question.

I see, now tuck me in
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Post more for me to harvest.
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Yea sure senpai
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here senpai not him but I have my own ougi folder I'll share with you
>I cant have him to myself

Why even live desu just meme me up
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Ahh there someone will do it for me noice, there you go anon
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That's not spooky booty that's worst girl.
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and that's best girl so we're ok now
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best monkey.jpg
192 KB, 1920x1080

Best character, sure he is. Best girl? Naw.
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>he doesn't want to get filled up by kaiki and call him daddy
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Sorry, I'm not a raging homosexual faggot.
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>implying kaiki doesn't make it no homo
it's not gay if your balls don't touch and you say no homo
Notice how the thread has derailed, and anons entering are deterred from posting due to the avatarfags.

it's a beautiful life.
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it was started by us to begin with though
What's happening in this thread ?
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Why are you awake ?
Because I woke up, went to the kitchen to drink a glass of water, and looked at my computer while drinking it and here I am. I intend to go back to bed in a few minutes.
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Go to sleep you idiot
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Pls sleep anon
I'd sleep better if I could use you as a dakimakura.

Bye bye.
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I'd need to wear gloves so I don't catch anything. Sweet dreams
I'm going to take a nap. I sure hope you slept well. We have anime to watch soon! I'm probably going to be up all night again.
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either rename your stuff or set it to randomize the filename in 4chan x please senpai
Depends on who's playing. If you got a boring GM or a boring group of players, it's gonna suck.

My current group seems to be enjoying the current campaign, and the new guy fit in perfectly.
I'm on my phone laying in bed. Too lazy to care! Now say goodnight to me
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is your internet still out? good night
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Next you fags are gonna tell me traps aren't gay.
File: 1439130104121.gif (1 MB, 640x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I wouldn't know or argue that, I'm a sub
File: 1441657990092.png (405 KB, 900x946) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
405 KB, 900x946

Well they are. They're really gay. Lot of gays in denial think it isn't though. Or shitposters I guess.

I've got a movie to watch now though and the other spooky poster is gone. Know that I'll keep the thread tabbed to harvest from your circlejerking later.
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