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Why do you blacks leave the hood life?
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The most disgusting kind of male is the anime loving black who hates rap and stays in the house. Girls just want to have fun, not listen to little bitches whine and articulate shit.
Get back here nigga, get some swagger, toughen up and join us in all this pussy.

America might be done for, but you aint.
"hood life" that they show in rap videos is just glorified garbage

Real hood life is dealing with crack addicts breaking into where you live for food and anything to steal, gangs jumping you, and having everyone you know eventually die in some petty argument that led into a homicide
>I have never experienced life in a low income neighborhood
>the one who stays in the house, watches anime and doesn't talk to girls is least likely to get shot or robbed
>thinks pussy is the answer to all of life's problems
You could always lie about it, just letting black people on here who are depressed virgins realize that they don't even have to put tons of effort, just get swagger and turn into the latest fads (YOU) play the part and get women.

You could work a beta job and lie to women saying you do drug dealing.

Also, make a mixtape if you want to get laid. Never imply that you made nothing from it.

But if you have nice fashion and you keep your career a secret, she'll jump to conclusions and assume you're a successful rapper. This will get you laid with the most conservative white women.

Doesn't work well on black women, they know how to catch a nigga lying and will call you out on that shit, but white women just want to impress their friends.

Your song can be absolute shit and it doesn't matter, have an expensive gold chain and fuck her in your car while it's playing.

You guys are just so betafied, it's fine if you don't want any pussy it's guys like you that make it possible for a black guy to have 10 girlfriends.

I just see a lot of friends about wanting to get laid, and lose your virginity. Black guys have a ticket out and just wanted to bring it up.
>she'll jump to conclusions and assume you're a successful rapper

Do you even live in the US, people can look up shit in 3 seconds because everyone has a smartphone
You're ridiculous, do you know the basics to flirting?
Giving her your name has no positive impact on getting laid.

Let her call you a nickname or something, this is ONS material, not girlfriend material.
You use swagger and hood game to get her to go on a date with you, while she's in your car you put the mixtape in and she goes "i-is that you a-nonny-D?"

You look at her, and smirk. "Eh, got to make a living somehow."

You obviously don't know how to be a professional bullshitter if you mention that.
Seriously, what 3rd world country are you from if you think this would work in the modern world
US, how about you tell me the times you bullshitted about something to a woman and got caught?

Oh, you never attempted it? Ok.
Saying you're a successful entertainer is harder than bullshitting something simple like "I have a good paying job", if you say you're a successful entertainer people will want to know what name you use and look you up so they can brag that they met you on social media
Swag is for fags, real Gangstas hate those skinny jeans wearing mother fuckers.
I don't hate rap, I just like rap from the 00s
Always have to act on the fly, be vague as fuck about everything you say.

If she asks what you do for a living, you do a lot of things make a little money here and there, from at home and with the crew.

She can't brag she met you if you never gave your name (girls you pull from the bar are ONS's 100% of the time.)

If you're concerned about her bragging to her friends, then you just tell her that you didn't put it out yet, just finished it and wanted to know what she thought about it. (If she's not a black girl or a hood white girl, she will like it always.)

Your clothes, car & demeanor matter a lot for this though. If it looks like you're already successful it gives her the confidence that you're a smart guy that knows how to be successful, so if you made the decision to put out a mixtape then it's likely going to be a success.

To her you're "already famous".
I have a book that's not published that I show to women and they already look at me as a famous author (I'm not bsing to you about this bro, they brag to their friends about my unpublished book LOL and call me the "best writer" lol they didn't even read more than one chapter, retards.)

You might feel a bit uneasy doing all this, but the only thing that matters is what works, not if it looks stupid or if you feel it's mean/wrong.
If you already have nice clothes, car, and demeanor then you won't have to bullshit about being a rapper because she'll be interested in you without the lie

What's the point of this thread, no one in the hood has nice clothes or a nice car
I was speaking for black people, they're literally screwed if they don't fit the stereotype, they will die alone as virgins all because they like anime, play video games and are introverted.

A 8/10 guy can drop to 0/10 from that alone if he's black.
You could have a really good job and it simply doesn't matter (well you can get gold diggers or 30+ year old women with high partner counts who rarely have sex with you.)
Worst kind of rap nigger
90s rap a best
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There is not a single woman on the planet who wants to seriously date or ONS a black man who is introverted, likes anime, play video games.

I am warning black men to give up hope of getting laid if they tell women they like these things

If you are black you have a 0% chance, you simply don't exist to women.

You can work a $10/hour job and get laid a bunch, if you "waste" your money on a gold chain, a tight fitting shirt and some swag.
$200 on shoes, etc.
Then play the part.
Having a good paying job just opens you up to like 99.99% of women.
Don't blame your genetics so much, for white guys genetics determine their fate.

Probably less than 1% of black guys are doomed by their genetics.

However you can be working a $60k job in the US, and be an introverted black and die a virgin.
Women fuck anything with a good job regardless of race

That's why Indian people can have sex despite being the ugliest race on Earth
I can't
I'm a failed black and other blacks hate me.
What do senpai?
I was speaking from experience after over 150 rejections within a year, then my demeanor changed and I played thug game and changed my clothes.

Having a good job gets you considered, it gets you dates and propositioned by women who aren't doing too well or don't have options or have an underlying motive.
I'm not talking about paying for sex, I'm not talking about being sexually attractive. Having money does not make you sexually attractive believe me man, I have been cucked before.
It does not make them wet, and masturbate thinking about you at night. It makes you an accessory, you will be beta boy with the gf of 3 months who still hasn't had sex yet or you'll be the guy who's paying for prostitutes.

(Which is why you see losers on twitch giving camwhores $10k dollars out of nowhere. They shit out money, and you see men on craigslist offer women free rent just to be in their presence not even have sex. )

I was a failed black also, you have to learn how to reject yourself and admit that your personality, behavior, attidude is all wrong.

I don't know how long it'll take you anon it's one of the hardest things to do in the world, to reject yourself.
The black men who get laid are "good people"
You, a black guy who doesn't get laid is a "bad person".
That mindset alone will encourage you to constantly try to change.

I'm never going back to cuck life.
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I like animu and games more than pussy. I don't care for women like everyone around me does. Unless we share interests I just stay away. Nothing like being in the same room with an idiot or worse would be a boring idiot.

The hood life was retarded and I just can't wrap my head around nigger speak. I'm told I speak too proper or have a country sounding accent so I just never fit in with the rest of them.

I don't mind modern rap. The mainstream stuff is getting gayer (literally) by the year and the smaller guys are throwing up pretty good tracks on a regular basis.

Enjoy your pussy op. I kinda want my own little shits but id rather not pass on the shittu health problems my parents passed on to me.
Im black and OP is a retard. Anime and video games are pretty much all I do and I still managed to get laid twice. Just go to a college party and ask a bitch about herself, insert some humor in there and it's an easy lay.

This. Real hood life is the city equivalent of white guys who live in cowtowns with no jobs and tons of meth addicts.
> idiot tells people to just talk to women and expect to get laid.
> on a board full of people committing suicide because that didn't work.
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