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what animes are you robots watching on this...
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what animes are you robots watching on this fine Sunday afternoon?
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Today I've watched the latest installment of One Piece, feels good to conclude the Dressrosa arc soon, hope they run a few chill eps after it.

Beyond that I've been watching 6 eps of Akame ga Kill, seems like a fairly average battle animu thus far.

How about yourself?
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Rewatched a couple of Joshiraku episodes for the 4th time now.
Yesterday I started a third sitting of JoJo's Bizarre adventure. Not really enjoying any new animoos that gets released.
Still very much open for suggestions tho
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While it's not much like Joshiraku or JJBA, some anon rec'd me Zipang a while ago, I thought it was excellent.
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I'm working my way through golden time. I feel like I should be enjoying it more but something about it bothers me.
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>bumps guaranteed.arc
I finished Plastic Memories today.
It was fucking shit.
After that I watched through the first seven episodes of Initial D, been pretty good so far.
Rewatching SZS for 7th time, and I picked 9 anime this season

are you reading the new Kumeta's manga anon?
Oooo. No, but I really would like to give it a try. Mind giving directions to where I can find info about it?
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I should add that I don't speak Animese. So some sort of translaion would be real swell.
A really cool /a/non is working on Kakushigotou, the last chapter came out like 4 days ago iirc and it was posted in the zetsubou threads.

those threads start everyday at 8:00 pm (GMT -5) with subject SZS and now they're posting one Katte ni Kaizo chapter daily; check the archive or ask in the thread today.
Finished OPM yesterday. Maybe start watching Haganai. Is it any good?
Nope, and the LN ending is shit; the fans were so fucking pissed
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I understood only about half of what you said, but I'll try to check it out. Thanks mang
>inb4 mangafox
I think it's in nyaa too, but I'm too lazy to search; and search the threads on /a/, they're nice
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Ohhh, thank you, sir!

Now to start looking up all the other shit this author has spawned. You got me intrigued dawg
Katte ni Kaizo is awesome (lewder than SZS or Joshiraku for sure), and the ending is another mindfuck
interesting tidbit about Katte ni Kaizo - when the author was writing it was the lowest period of his life and his blog posts from the time are incredibly dark
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Kumeta is a robot too
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One piece is pretty comfy. Akame ga Kill is a pretty generic shounen anime. I dropped it after a couple episode
I'm watching World Trigger so far. The manga is way better though.
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I'll be off for the night now. But I just had to thank you again for both giving me tips on new animemes/mangos for me to watch, but also opening my eyes to this author.
Cheers again bud
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I watched Petit Eva and Mitsudomoe S2.

Micchan makes me feel funny.
>petit eva
I bet you love Puchimas and Hanamaru Youchien too I love Hanamaru Youchien, it was funny and cute
I've only just started the former and I intend to watch the latter.
Was planning on watching genius party

I hear its great to watch on drugs
It is, Yuasa is probably the best anime director alive
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just finished mushishi zoku shou(second season) today was alright I mean i've seen everything else mushishi related so was nothing to different..

Finished ergo proxy recently aswell, was awesome apart from the two terrible filler episodes

I heard it outweighs satoshi's work, kinda skeptical about that.
Haikyuu because Hinata's a cuteboy.

>ywn have a 5'4 cutie
I'm thinking about starting to watch Psycho Pass. Been watching to many moe anime recently, so I think it's time for something different for a change.
Satoshi died too young, Yuasa has more time and is more experimental; I'd say Kon is still better, but Yuasa will probably surpass him with time
Psycho Pass S2 doesn't exist, believe me
First episode of 'Boku dake ga Inai Machi' was pretty good.

>satoshi died too young
Painfully true, but think of it this way, due to social structure dead directors, musicians and artist get more attention for their work so he truly will not be forgotten.
just finished kaiji, gonna watch akagi
But he didn't need more attention, he was already highly recognized

Prepare for "what the fuck is he doing"
Also, you'll learn Mahjong, and I'll be waiting you in tenhou and start One Outs first

Yes he does but it only takes one of his masterpieces to change a shounenfag's taste. We need them to see the light.
Watched the first episode of Dagashi Kashi. Always nice to start off the year with a new meme girl. Also watched some Love Live S2 which I'm watching for the first time. Then in a bit I'm gonna watch some more Charlotte which I'm halfway through.

Yeah, I'm pretty slow at watching anime.
Her eyes are fucking great, I love that style; and dropped Charlotte, it just gets more retard in every episode
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