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Does any robot here have experience with...
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Does any robot here have experience with psychiatrists? I wanna see one for my anxiety problems and depression, I'd also like to know if I have a personality disorder. How do I go about this without looking like a nutjob on my first appointment?
>not just getting your meds from your GP
A GP can't do shit for disorders.
I'd recommend looking at alternative viewpoints from those in the anti-psychiatry camp. The medications can possibly make you worse. Have you tried therapy yet?
>having a disorder
fuck off normie
No. Actually I don't even know how that works. Is it like help groups? Because that sounds time-consuming.

I don't know what the fuck I got, I've never seen anyone for brain/mind shit.
There's individual and group therapy. You can see an individual therapist for 30-60 minutes per session.
Is it like hugging and talking about my feelings? Because if it is I'd rather stay mad
More or less. I wouldn't expect hugs though.
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I used to attend a psychiatrist for the medical prescriptions and a psychologist for therapy or whatever.
The psychiatrist gave me some shitty anti-depressants that would neither have any good properties, nor even side-effects.
Just nothing. Especially when I mostly asked for something to ease the moodswings.
As for the psychologist, he was genuinealy nice and everything. But the poor guy seemed even more lost then I was.
He told me out striaght that he has not clue of what the cores of my troubles are, nor how to help me.

And so up to this day I just cope with myself in anyway I can, either by psychological, philosophical, spiritual and/or occult insight.

Fairly enough I too this whole time suspect, and suggested even back then, that I might suffer from some personality disorder.

Used to think of something more in the lines of borderline, but now I come to the conclusion with the likes of schizotypal.
I might be just as well schizophrenic, I really have no idea what to think or do about all of whatever this is. I can't even tell if I'm not just lying or deluding myself. I really do not know the truth.

So that would be my expirience, just as before I cope on my own, better or worse.
I do however worry that things are getting worse, from memory loss or degradation to more violent emotional instability.

Hopefully others had better luck.
Nah you just have the super special snowflake syndrome. It's quite rampant on places such as Tumblr. Go check it out.
That's not really what I had in mind..
I do not want to make a victim of myself, and as said I really am lost in regards to truth.
Does my writing seem so bad for you to accuse me of special snowflake syndrom?
For fucks sake.
As long as you are not suicidal or literally having hallucinations, there is nothing really wrong with you. You just have the personality of an artist (the world revolves around your thoughts, constantly preoccupied with them, trying to form an identity around those) if you get what i mean.
Yes I do get the idea, besides, it would be rather accurate, not to mention somewhat common for folks. I still do am worried however about the things such as the unusual memory degradation, mentioned incoherence and what not. Even for example it's just so odd for me how I can fairly well make relations with others, appear somewhat kind and pleasant, yet seem unable to maintain them. Or the frequent drops of anxiety, sure it's just as common for folks, but how come one day, or even moment I can normally preform basic tasks involving others, and another I am paranoid or as said delusional about walking up to someone just to ask something, if not just paying the cashier. Lesser or not things such as unreasonable hesitation about starting up conversation or inability to ask anyone for help if not just guidance or the damned time. Not to mention the lack of any sense of time whatsoever. There's just so much with which I do not even know how to speak of/express.

I really don't know, I'm just so sorry for sounding like a hypochondriac or who not. But despite how miscellaneous and lesser all the troubles might be I just have no idea whether what might cause them or how to treat/solve them.
Thus propably the search amongst personality disorders, I am just desperate to find the core of the certain abnormalities that make it harder with everyday concepts.

Again, my apologies upfront but as said I really am lost in regards to all of this, while I just want to strive for the better. However not knowing how or what to work on even.
Some guidance by any chance?
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