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I couldn't get to properly cry in too...
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I couldn't get to properly cry in too much time, and seems to be nearly time to finish myself after so much time wasted.
It's becoming really painful.

Thus I ask you to suggest literally ANYTHING which could/should make me cry.

I'd suggest for whomever wants to seriously try this to link his Steam account, and he MAY get some gift.



I couldn't even cry after seeing "The Wind Rises" and "Graveyard of Fireflies" at my cinema, even by trying...

So I beg you to please avoid suggesting continuosly light novel faggotry, shitty music or banal things of such.
I'm pretty sure someone lurking and hiding around here knows the real pain and could try way better.

Watch through the whole video faggot.
Any game will do

Am I the only motherfucker laughing at this?

That's like, so disprectful.
Did you watch Mary and Max yet nigga?

>Mary and Max

God, people...
>Get a dog
>Be a good friend to the dog
>Dog dies due to old age

> OP asks to not suggest shit;

> People immediately start suggesting shit of all kind;

I would only suggest you OP to stop searching for pain on r9k, since people here just pretend to be lonely and feel pain.

Neither I have been able to cry for at least five or six years so far.

OP Here.

> Implying I like dogs;

> Implying I feel it's okay to get an animal home instead of letting it be in what should be its habitat;

> Implying I would give a care or either cry if it died even after 20 years together;

I've already lost people of all kind, but I just wouldn't give a damn.
Also the only people I've tried to care about in life would've just turn their back on me.
Maybe OP should just accept he is fucked in the head and cannot cry, instead of throwing a pissy fit when the very saddest things cinema or literature have to offer do not work on him.

OP really wants to cry? Jump off a high wall and break some bones. Go to a desolate place and smash your kneecaps with a hammer so you have to crawl with them broken back to civilisation. Talk your way into a children's cancer ward and watch a kid die.

Take just enough of some illicit substance to cure your depression such that you feel what happiness is again. Cry with happiness, and then cry as it wears off.

Or, just fuck off and stop shitting this board up by repeated threads asking the impossible.
Try Gundam...

You must be way fucked in the head to think such violent things, bro.

Wanting to emotionally cry from some work is not impossible, it just proves how many of you people are just wannabe depressed faggots who never really suffered in their whole miserable lives.

I feel very close to that kind of situation, perhaps OP has already been through such kind of times?
What do you know?

I've already seen people die, lost everything in life as I worked hard and neither to me many sad work have any effect, even being sensible.

Not being able to cry from life anymore hurts, since you have no way of relapsing.

OP here...

As the previous user was stating, yes, I already asked for some work which could make me cry.

I already tried to open up on some banal matter always concerning visual works, even tho I'd really prefer not to talk about myself, but instead hope to find some good work which would at least touch me.

I'm already sure I won't ever be able to cry again until the day I will most likely just die by myself.

Too bad.

And this

my best ones
Why Renchon though?

OP here

Because that was one of the last scenes which touched me about some random visual works.

Renge seems the real type of "poker faced-Frozen" character living without being able to feel worse, not to mention she's a little girl as well.

Watching her slowly getting in pain and sounding like that made me shock a bit.

I feel like having always been a really sensible guy, even tho I don't feel emotional anymore, especially about feeling worse.

If what you say coincides with how I'm feeling right now, that would mean you DON'T want to even bother feeling worse, am I wrong?
The most of the time will is what is missing from a certain misplace like unemotive resposnes.

I know it sounds crazy since emotion is commonly perceived as spontaneous, but if OP here is a dominant mind and can decide almost everything at will then will is what he's missing instead, not emotion.

I've been there and probably still am.
The fact that even such scenes like Renge crying touch you even by far means you're not accepting your emotive responses or either they just have to touch you personally in order to, like being able to represent the particular situation you're actually into.

You have to be open about that tho, since not everyone feel like that and mostly never will, otherwise you will still common shit and mediocre works as advices.

Live more as well, OP.
I felt like that when keep closing in myself.

I say that because by what you have been waying in both threads you sound like a very decided misanthrope.
Have you watched Dear Zachary?

I'm now imagining OP talking to a kid until he dies and just closing his eyes while reciting "Requiescat in Pacem", omg.
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