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>SSRIs are literally poison, they fuck your brain and dick up
>just take benzos, man

What's the deal with these junkies?
OP has clearly either never done SSRIs or has just started them.
I've been on Effexor for 3 months and it's working great. No dick problems or blunted feelings.
Not OP but I've had 3 years of Effexor and it has made my life livable so I can go to therapy and stuff. It's a godsend. I also found out I have no withdrawal symptoms. One time I couldn't get any pills for two weeks and aside from one headache and the anxiety that I have without them anyway I was great.
That's an SNRI you dumb faggots.

Nice try, Effexor marketing team.
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The five stages of SSRIs:
>sickness (1-4 weeks): major side effects like nausea, insomnia, sexual dysfunction and general malaise
>adaptation (1-6 months): no major effects besides a decreased libido and withdrawal upon missing a dose
>dependence (6-24 months): reduced depression and anxiety, increased motivation, good feels
>degeneration (2-3 years): the tranquility starts turning into apathy as your brain gets used to the drugs, motivation begins to decline
>zombification (3-5 years): total emotional numbness - inability to truly suffer or enjoy, motivation returns to pre-SSRI days, you don't notice this happening until it's almost done

Followed by either (take your pick):
>unfulfilling life as a soulless husk of a person
>discontinuation of medication and 3-12 months of withdrawal, followed by major depression and anxiety but also the ability to once again enjoy things like music and video games

I took Effexor for about 5 years until I quit about a year ago. I figured that the risk of suicide due to discontinuation was worth it since I was already dead inside.
Dependent on effexor here, tried coming off them, couldnt function in even a basic way after a while, back on them, held by their sweet arms i feel that i can manage
Anyone who is dumb enough to not use CBT while on the lowest, most effective dose while minimizing side effects is a fucking idiot.

>only on 20mg Celexa
>still mellows me out
>dick still works
>know when major depressive thoughts are about to kick in
>utilize CBT to challenge these thoughts so I don't go into a cycle of rumination
>been doing this for years
There's a reason why the best treatment for depression (not the "WAHHH I HAVE NO GF/BF IMMA KILLL MUHSELF!", the actual legit stuff which is extremely rare), is a combination of medication + therapy. There is no cure for it, just treatment. Once you get the dumb delusions challenged and realize how illogical they are while being on a low dose medication to help with the flood of thoughts, you'll find depression to be easily treatable. I could go easy route to 40mg or go on thr med-go-round and have all those side effects, but why bother?
Haaa, I don't know much about SSRI's, personally. (Aside from the fact they're dangerous when combined with other serotonin-enhancing substances).

But I do know that taking benzos (particularly high doses of RC-benzos) fucked me up to an unimaginable extent.
>herp, lets forego a med that does its job but with a boatload of side effects and do this addictive drug that leads very quickly to tolerance and dependency
Nah, despite how much SSRI's are ineffective, I still wouldn't go for the addictive drug. I'd rather just forgo both and actually get a good therapist that knows their shit like REBT, instead of some paid friend.
I work in mental health. Fuck SSRIs, They are no more therapeutic than placebo but definitely have life ruining side effects. Fuck benzos too. Tolerance builds way too fast and then you have rebound anxiety after stopping from upregulation of OHSHITOHSHITOHSHIT receptors.

What worked for me was amphetamine and testosterone. Unfortunately amphetamine makes you feel terrible. It's literally impossible to get addicted to. I don't why so many pattients pretend to be addicted or say they like it, but whatever, I guess they like the stoner culture and are just trying to fit in. I used it to get my shit together and then quit altogether. My doctor couldn't believe me when I said I wanted to stop and just control my blood pressure anymore. I keep my vitamin T use a secret of course, but he has to know considering my weight gain and my blood pressure not being controlled at normal doses. That shit is the cure for depresion, anxiety, depression, anger, fatness, skinnyness,really everything but homosex. Homosex is as much from browsing /fit/ as it is putting things in my butt though. Everyone should try it. I know it seems scary but only the first pin is like that. After that I just reach around, stick, push, and go about my day. I don't even feel any pain from it.

As an added bonus it stops my swimmers from even being made, shit is male birth control, exactly like women's really. They take girl hormones and no babby. Man takes male hormones and no babby. Unfortunately in this gynocentric society women are the only sex given free access to their hormones. Ridiculous too since estrogen makes you into an evil destructive bitch where as testosterone makes you all virtuous and shit.
>lol my poison is better than your poison

Why are you people so childish? Why would I deny a person whatever chemical mercies allow them to exist in peace on this darkling plain?
>tfw not unhappy or anxious
>just numb and unmotivated
>stimulants like adderall would help me go to school
>doctors outright refuse and just push me SSRIs

Meh, il just stay comfy neet till I kill myself from poverty.

That's basically the idea behind every holy war ever. Fuck those faggots who like things I don't like. It's my way or the dieway.
I have panic disorder/GED and I just take Xanax. My therapist wanted to put me on SSRI's but I really hate the idea of being drugged ALL the time. I like just taking Xanax once a week when the panic starts happening. I'm happy with that, I can live with the constant anxiety.
>diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder (major depressive disorder + schizophrenia), panic disorder, and HPPD (hallucinogen persisting perception disorder)
>can't take any SSRIs or any other category of antidepressants because they fuck with HPPD too much
>can't take any antipsychotics either
>can't take amphetamines either because they fuck with HPPD and schizo
>can only take benzos and some anti-seizure medications
>all I feel is dead inside
>like, there's nothing there, no thoughts, no emotions (good or bad), no motivation, just emptiness and the voices
>can't enjoy anything I used to anymore
>all I want to do is die
>only thing that keeps me from offing myself are obligations I have

Benzos are alright. At least they help with the anxiety and let me actually sleep for once. Been on clonazepam for about 9 months no intention of ever getting off it.

I just really wish I had the balls to say 'fuck it' with regards to my obligations and just kill myself.
Psychiatrist? No, you people are overpaid enough.
SNRI are better because they tend to not make you so lethargic, unlike ssri.
I just got put on 20mg of celexa every night. I'm only two days in so far, so not enough to notice anything yet.

everyone I've asked said it's worked for them. I just hope it does the trick for me
should I start taking antidepressants or is it not worth it in the long term?
>he doesn't take tricyclic antidepressants
enjoy your sugar pill SSRIs
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