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tell me your stories of immoral acts.

((same op from about a month back here on same thread here.))
Fapped to feminine dicks
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>be 10
>with my cousin at the pool at a hotel we were staying in
>go back to the locker room
>a locker is open with what looks like an old dude's clothes
>we take the clothes
>put them in a toilet
>both piss and shit on top of them
>Using people to raise my social level
>Ignoring people of lower social levels.
>Backstabbing people while pretending to be their friend.

Why? Because I'm so low socially, the only way to rise is to use the weak minded.
machiavelli would like you

OP here, recently been faking migraines for a codeine prescription just so i can get through my shitty job without snapping at my boss and losing it.
>be me
>be a while ago
>smoke weed with friend
>used to get said weed from 'al'
>would get weed 'on tick' from 'al' get weed now pay later
>mfw my friend believed that 'al' wanted double the money because of ticking
>mfw 'al' didn't exist and would make 10 pounds every time because we paid 'half each'
>see this thread
>read all the underaged and edgy tales of gay teenagers being immoral
Low empathy is for normies.
Be careful with codeine it can be super addictive senpai
the intention with this thread was to discuss truely immoral stories such as >>25640842

having low empathy is the seeking of those with the inability to feel a proper, true connection to anyone else.

i want to laugh at people generally being assholes, not people being edgy
i already know the feel of tryna come off it
its nice anyway, and cheap where i live
that's literally every normie tho. socialising is like a sport to them
Not really immoral but:
>best friend's mom dies
>he looks broken, crying like a baby, in a mess all around
>annoyed by how annoying his face looks when he cries and couldn't care less about his problems

> Overhear roastie talking shit about me while on a yacht party
>throw her expensive but nouevaue-riche designer purse with contents in the lake
>see her close to tears later on, screaming at the staff "WHO STOLE MY STUFF!"
>haven't felt this satisfied in a while
>being at a party
literally get out of my board
>Choke my 13 yr old brother out until he starts crying lmao

i think most of you guys on here have been backstabbed, ditched or betrayed by someone once or more, and taken that sense of loss and come up with the mentality that everyone is a backstabbing asshole.

in some book i read, this trait of betraying without remorse, stealing, lying, cheating and manipulating makes up ~4% of the Anglosphere population(US/CAN/UK/AUS/NZ)
I'm just apathetic . I saw a toddler get hit by a car couple years ago and didn't even wait for the police to show up. I just left. Told my mom this and she freaked out started crying for the toddler and she didn't even see it.

Also when I was young I saw someone get shot and he collapsed and looked me in the eyes crying while the guy who did it ran away. I waited for him to die and then dipped. Gunshot was loud.
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>few years back
>senior year of high school
>chemistry teacher refuses to accept an assignment that was a few minutes late
>really need to bump my grade from an A- to an A
>she still refuses and makes some snide remark
>later on while no one was around get a bunch of magnesium strips and ethyl alcohol
>place them in her drawer with her laptop and papers and set fire to magnesium with a blow torch
>school doesn't call police to avoid making a scene, never get caught cause too well liked by all teachers, including the them teacher
>mfw all records of her grades were wiped out and the exam I'm certain I bombed earlier that day burnt in the drawer
>mfw she cried in class the next day at "how someone could ever do something like that"
Invited out of pity by my only male friend. Literally the only time anyone spoke to me was to ask me "why are you so quiet?" or to make fun of me under the guise of just "taking the piss".
Fucking 10/10 post would read again GG well played senpai see you next time
I saw a guy fall from a construction site and the only thing that bothered me was that my dad insisted on stopping the car and checking things out.
that's what people get for not locking a locker.
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ah, we've all been there. humans are assholes
Now das what im tokin 'bout.
Well done, Anon. Also, nice Rodge.
the first time i'd really witnessed death was my granddad on my deathbed back when i was thirteen or something. i thought to myself "i'm not sure if this is sad. should i cry?"

worst part about it was my sisters crying giving me a splitting headache desu

I have very high empathy, it just goes out the window when I feel the need to be expedient.
selective empathy. huh. i wouldn't mind that senpai. do you feel emotional bonds to people like love, asking out of curiosity?

Yep. And though the off-switch applies to them too, I try not to throw them under the bus because that'd be rather self-destructive.
little bit envious, last time i felt a connection was when i was on MDMA.

If I took MDMA or injected oxytocin I'd probably just become more manipulative desu. Never tried it.

But yeah, MDMA makes you more social per definition.
how does oxytocin make one more manipulative?

It does if you're like me!

How to explain it, you understand that there are people with certain psychological behaviors that can be very strange and destructive? Like passive-aggressive people or histrionic people (assuming no borderline)? Or people who flee into drink?

Well, what I have is one such behavior. Since I was a little child I've suborned everything to my intellect and ego via cynical, base expediency. So whenever I feel or think anything there is always the impulse: how do I make use of this? And whenever I see someone else feel or think something, it is the same. It is called Machiavellianism and is actually quite studied in scientific literature.

The negative parts are that you become a rather joyless and hollow person. Once I discovered what was wrong I've tried to treat it with some success however - I've always known how I was, just that I didn't have the "mirror and name" to point out exactly how it was a problem for me.
That doesn't make you low empathy or imorral it makes you a crack head
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so, how does increasing oxytocin tie into all this??
i ask because pic related
i know it's hard to be related, but the doc can lose his license for misdiagnosing. also it tarnishes my family's reputation, seeing as they are in the medical field and I go to the same clinic, but I dont care if they lose their jobs.

Oxytocin activates the social centers of the brain. When you hug someone, for example, large amounts of oxytocin is released into the bloodstream.

It should be harmless to try.

Do note however that it's supposed to be administered as a nasal spray so don't try to inject it.
good to know, i was wondering about that.
That bitch deserved it. New money are the biggest bunch of chads & stacys. They try so hard to fit in that they buy all shitty logo-clad 'designer' mall-tier shit.
How long have you been on your deathbed, underageb&?
You. I like you.

fuck off this is original
the thing you don't get is that people constantly make fun of everyone. You are the entitled shits that take everything to heart.
Holy fuck you sound like me.
The only reason why I do shit is to have thr higher ground, grt what I want, don't lose what's there for me (focus on me) and so on.
certified britbong
I'm just completely numb to everything at this point.
The strangest thing is is that the more I go down this spiral the more I involuntarily help people though helping them feels just about the same as washing the dishes, I guess evil requires motivated planning to a certain extent and good is just about physically acting on what's in front of you.
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That's the only reason why I've got friends desu
I used to be a really nice kid, always helping those who had no friends or those of lower social levels. In the end people saw me as weak and I was left at the bottom of the social ladder. When that happened, even those I sought to help in the first place tried to mock me and bully me in order to advane at higher points.

That's when I understood how things worked.

I began to return the favor to the betas who tried to backstabbed me. I humiliated and talked behind their back. I insulted outcasts and bullied them. I litterally became what I tried to fight when I was a kid. I slowly made my way back to the upper social levels.

I'm friends with a lot of Chads and Staceys and they are decent people. Now I always make sure to always have someone to belittle around: the occasional airhead bitch or this one fat guy. People like me more as a funny and mean fucker. I really don't know why.

When I think about, the funny thing is the most hateful and disloyal people of all are the betas and those at the lowest point of the social ladder. When I was in their circles, it was always a social dick measurment contest full of passive-aggressivity. They will always try to belittle each other around other people. They're not real friends, just the poor fucks that get together because there's no one else.
>tfw false empathy
>tfw yeah bro I totally know where you're coming from, but then it turns out I don't and I only ever knew myself
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That's pretty cool anon.
You did well, the bitch deserved it.
Hey I am pretty moral overall but that's awesome. I can appreciate something well-planned, fairly chaotic, but for the greater good (being messing with teachers).
>I used to be a really nice kid, always helping those who had no friends or those of lower social levels. In the end people saw me as weak and I was left at the bottom of the social ladder. When that happened, even those I sought to help in the first place tried to mock me and bully me in order to advane at higher points.
>That's when I understood how things worked.
Totally the opposite:
>feel when people are sad
>feel when they are happy
>feel when they are uncomfortable with something
And a bunch of other stuff, and I can talk accordingly to how they feel, but if it was so dumb bitch in my class that I knew she would go for some meme degree I wouldn't bother.
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lack of empathy =/= immoral acts you ass hole.

The only thing I lack empathy for is when people start talking about how they got hurt from a break up.
>I did not have a girl friend, then I had one for a while, then I went back to not having one
>Ive lost nothing, but (hopefully) gained a valuable life experience that will make me a better person.

Jesus Christ, 2 people will be together for as long as they both want to be. Just accept it's over and stop feeling sorry for yourself, you disgusting normie faggot!
I don't see what's the problem here m8.
I understood how things work AFTER getting fucked in the ass. You learn from your mistakes AFTER you committed them right?
Stole some stuff.
Nothing big, mind you, but that's about the height of my immortality.
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>had a high-strung, histrionic friend with cerebral palsy
>shared fantasies, she liked to be "punished"
>she was so annoying that I went from roleplay spanking to wanting to knock her teeth out, rape her with a metal pipe, break all of her limbs, etc.
>she's probably the reason I get off on torture porn now
brother as in i feel u f a m
>machiavelli would like you
>implying The Prince isn't satire
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Oh ok sorry didn't understand.

But yeah that's the terrible thing, knowing what it is to have friends only to lose them afterwards.
I was scum of the earth when I was a teenager and can't figure out why I was so horrible all the time.

>"friends" with girl
>girl was in long term relationship with guy
>purposely lead him on so he'd buy me things every so often
>this eventually destroyed her relationship because he had feelings for me but I didn't care for him, this crushed her.

>used to buy mid weed and sell it to people as high quality stuff.

>got in trouble by history teacher in high school.
>had to clean the history office for a week
>pissed in their coffee

>Friend group was full of oddballs but somehow we were rather popular
>we made one kid pay us money to sit at our lunch table and if he wanted to hang out with us

There are a ton more things I did. I was a huge cunt back in the day. Karma is probably the reason why I'm a nearly friendless NEET these days. Hell for all I know some of the people I was a bitch too could be the same people calling me a roastie whore here.
>have extremely, almost debilitatingly high empathy
>brother would be playing skyrim and kill a civilian for the lulz, I almost had to leave the room it just made me sick, even though I knew there was nothing morally wrong with it
>even if I btfo someone who deserves it, I feel extremely bad about it afterwords

Maybe I should give a specific example:
>in HS
>this stacey in my grade, total alpha bitch, everyone praises her shit for no reason, anyone who gives her shit is just put on the passive aggressive shit list, even other popular people
>her mom marries a teacher at the middle school, most of us had this guy and knew he ws pretty creepy
>one day, he's ousted as molesting one of his students, no one gives her any shit because they're nice enough

fast forward about half a year
>friend of mine is seen as pretty weird but people still kind of like him because he was pretty funny, most of my friends were sorta like that
>he'd been having a lot of problems, was fucking a 30yo teaching assisstant who bought him booze
>one day, around 9, news says he and her were arrested
>her husband walked in on them earlier that week, said they tried to kill him
>knew it wasn't true, but still in shock, just decided to get through the rest of the day
>last class, with alpha stacey, she's talking shit and joking about friend
>I'm pretty quiet, and didn't really like her so never talked to her much, but I'd had a really shitty day
>"you know, I would think you of all people would know the value of not talking shit the moment bad news gets out"
>"lol what are you talking about anon"
>"I'm talking about when your stepfather was sexting a fucking fifth grader and nobody said shit at all. That's what I'm talking about."
>get home and throw up because I just felt so bad

She legit deserved it, I just couldn't handle it.
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original cobment xD
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