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SO what was your first sexual experience...
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SO what was your first sexual experience and how was it.
my cousin kissed me on the knob when I was 7

I think he might've been molested or something lmao
how old was the cousin?
8 or 9

he said you have to kiss goodnight to mine and I'm like nah bruh
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>be me, like 2008
>17, her 19
>drinking at her place
>we met playing WoW
>watching weeb shit
>shes a ham planet
>episode ends
>"a-anon, i-i-i could ummm give you a b-b-gobby if you wanted?!?!"
>"uhhh ummm sure!"
>cum in her mouth
>watch another epsiode
>walk home
I made out with a hot loli when I was 9 and she was 8 for like 10 minutes while her 5 year old sister watched
>get gf in highschool
>we go over to her friends house with some of her other friends
>everyone chilling in the basement
>people decide to head upstairs for some food
>move with the herd
>gf grabs me by the hand
>pulls me into other basement room
>starts making out with me
>dayum lips are soft
>cut it a bit short because i wanted some food

its ok though, we fugged eventually.
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Still nothing sadly
19, still haven't even had a kiss
>be 15 years old
>going out with gf for like a month
>only ever made out before and shit was fuckin' sloppy
>her parents go out of town
>"anon you can stay at mine tonight if you want"
>fuck yeah
>shave my pubes for the first time
>went from a fucking bush to ground zero
>go to hers
>handjob and fingering commenced

it was lit
Pretty disappointing. I let my practice bf make out with me, finger me and suck on my tits. I didn't think it was that great honestly, I feel like sex is pretty overrated.
>My furthest experience is being kissed
Get fucked
File: maxresdefault.jpg (595 KB, 1500x1500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
595 KB, 1500x1500
The furthest I got was kissing on her parents' bed. She didn't want anything further so we just laid next to eachother, hugging and talking, for hours.
Was nice, probably enjoyed that more than the shitty first-time sex I would have attempted, and the awkwardness which would've followed.
File: vgrfgergrb.png (533 KB, 611x392) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
533 KB, 611x392
Wait actually I take that back, Was kissed by a drunk girl at a party. Gave me a shitty grandma puck, then proceeded to make out with the person next to me. My guess is she felt bad...
>get online gf
>she flies across the country to meet me
>day after she gets there we lose our virginities to each other in my bed, bust inside raw dog

If it makes you feel any better, she left me for someone else and I'll very likely never have sex or a relationship ever again.
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Fingered a girl, me 13 she 17. she was big and dumb and played basketball and did weights, just kinda grabbed my hand and put it up her skirt. i was afraid of her kicking my ass so i just went with it. in the school library. had a boner all fucking day until i could get home and try and jerk that fucker limp. she kept trying to fuck me, but she was a fucking titan and i wasn't ready for the survey corps yet.
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these threads remind me of how weird I really am
>ITT normalfags with something to contribute
Jk even robots have eros smile upon them for a fraction of their lifetime
Although, not me.
I used to sleep naked without covers in the summer, and my dog licked my dick while I was sleeping.She kept doing it until I "woke up"
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117 KB, 750x571
KHV at 18
File: 00 lood.png (54 KB, 315x320) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
00 lood.png
54 KB, 315x320
got jerked off in a parking lot when i was 15 by some blonde chick who i was going to prom with.
Try 27
>at uni
>get with a grill classmate on kissing terms
>walk her one evening to her dorm after class
>ask her if I can come in
>fuck, Im being friendzoned again
>"but you can come next week, because my roommate is there now and she leaves in a few days"
>next week escort her from her class again
>sneak inside her dorm
>first just chat and pretend like nothing is gonna happen
>then start kissing her and throw her on her bed
>start taking her clothes of
>okay so this is what vajayjay looks like
>fortunately I knew this is comming, so I spend the week watching youtube videos on how to finger a pusssy
>finger her, feels warm and wet man
>nervous as fuck, no boner
>tell her to wank my will
>she does, boner achieved
>put on comdom, I practiced that as well
>finally enter vajayna, feels wierd man
>feels nothing like I expected, its wet and warm and kinda doesnt feel like anything really, because of condom
>also its much softer than hand, so I constantly feel like Im going soft
>only thing going through my mind is that I have to cum before I go limp
>finally the deed is done, pull dont the condom and throw it into trash
>like in bed for some time
>i stay at her place all weeked, we fuk more
>but from 6 fuks, I go limp like 4 times
>spend next week watching youtube videos about male performance anxiety
>come next week again
>we fug again
>realize Im actually not going limp, it only felt like it, because pussy is much softer than hand, and when it grips my dick, the dick itself also feels softer although it isn
>finally get my mind off trying to keep boner up and focus on the pleasure
>fucks 3 times that evening and 6 times next day, succeesfully finishing every time
>spend whole next day sleeping
File: aXm3305xjU.jpg (144 KB, 650x650) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
144 KB, 650x650
>feels nothing like I expected, its wet and warm and kinda doesnt feel like anything really
>also its much softer than hand, so I constantly feel like Im going soft
>realize Im actually not going limp, it only felt like it, because pussy is much softer than hand, and when it grips my dick, the dick itself also feels softer although it isn

Virginial learning...
I learned some some shit today.
>coitus confirmed for mediocre
I've never been so glad to have fetishes.
...A member of the leanandcuisine ginyu force?
Shame I don't know that one's name.
>gf and I both 17
>three weeks into relationship she invites me over
>things get saucy and next thing i know she's blowing me
>her on top after, riding me
>felt real good
>after she wanted me to go missionary
>i suck at missionary
>sex didnt last very long, but my inability to fuck missionary made me go limp
>just cuddles for a little bit then i walked home
>later on skype she says her vagina hurts and it feels like razorblades slicing her vag when she pees
>"d-did i do something wrong?"
>apparently i was big and she hasnt had sex for a while

god while it was a disappointing first go, i guess i didn't do too bad.
I wouldnt say its mediocre. Its pretty good. But it will be mediocre for the first few attempts. Also if its with a person you love its much better.
File: 2823923783232.gif (2 MB, 500x333) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 500x333
>for the first few attempts.
>with a person you love
There have never been and never will be
gow did you feel the vagina with the condom on??

got you, you liar
hey, here's a science experiment, even though you're most likely baiting.

Take a plastic shopping bag. and put your hand in it.

Now stick it in the toilet.
i feel u m8. im 19 and have never held a girl in my arms before.

hugless kissless fuckless virgin mfw.
>tfw 25 year old KHV
>I look good and am confident so everyone thinks I had plenty of pussy
>I didn't even held hand with a girl
>literally had zero physical contact
Is there even any chance at redemption for us at that point? Honestly, most people would think you're a freak if you've never even had a gf at 19.
File: 1431072941217.jpg (20 KB, 329x357) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
20 KB, 329x357
>22 years old khv
>decide "fuck it I'm gonna do this no matter what"
>get on OkCupid
>find pretty cute looking girl who's tall enough
>she messages ME
>"OMG squee You're PERFECT <3"
>talk with her for a while try to entertain her
>she's all over me
>wow this is easy!!!! whoa!
>drive over to her apartment to meet her
>she's a giant fucking ham behemoth
>like 350lbs
>say "fuck it I'm 22" and just make out with her anyway
>be her BF for awhile
>she's totally oblivious, blunt, and rude
>like she constantly makes people furious by just being candid
>she gives no fucks even though she's a hamlord and tells me she's fucked about 50 guys
>strangely I kind of like that about her personality
>she does have a nice face
>eventually break up because she's looking for "the one" (aka beta provider) to finally have kids with after she's ridden the carousel and crushed many a cock
>good looks
>gets trips
Gtfo, you've definitely hadvise pussy before
>with gf at ex-gf's house(they were friends)
>stay the night
>three of us share a bed
>wake up early
>gf is awake
>make out a bit, ex is asleep next to us
>gf and I go to bathroom
>get my first blowjob
>she lies down on a carpet
>last about a minute
>pull out last second
>clean up
>leave bathroom, ex is awake
>immediately knows what we were up to
>kinda pissed but lets it go

And that's how I lost my virginity in my ex's bathroom to her friend.
With a fat prostitute
If you put platic gloves on and then shove your into bowl of warm water, you can feel the sensation. And erect dick is much more sensitive. Its much more better without the condom though.

The feeling itself is not that muh better, but the subliminal effect of not having any barrier between you an your partner greatly increases the moment of intimacy and strongly cements the bonds of your relationship
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>be 11 years old at summer camp
>teenage metalhead qt shows me his dick, tickles me, fondles my penis

I really just have to socially fake it not because I would get judged, I don't care about that. I simply don't want others to "force pussy on me".

You know no girl wanted me when I was younger and when I got my shit together and developed confidence I was not willing to spend time on women because they bore me.

It's never too late friend. You and me could both score pussy in a week or on a weekend.
when I was like 6, the sister of my friend showed me her tits
when I was around 8, I sucked my friend dick
when I was around 10, my mother was going around bottmless and I fapped to her rich bush.
well i had a pretty serious relationship back in 2006

>be me
>2005, 9yrold
>play neopets 2 hrs a day at computer shop
>meet cute dolphin loving grill
>we talk everyday, trading stuff and shit
>bought her expensive petpet paintbrush cause fuck yeah im a rich neopimp
>she liked it so much and she said she loevs me
>start talkin dirdy aw yiss
>we continue to talk and talk sexy for a while
>after some time i got bored of neosex and never logged in again
>i still miss her sometimes

dont u forget me, pricessDanger97
>tfw every birthday is just another anniversary of never having had any kind of relationship or intimate physical contact with a member of the opposite sex
just fuck my shit up
There's a considerable difference between courage and recklace stupidity.

The most contact I had with a women was that I touched hands and flirted with a friends girlfriend when I was around 17 and we were drinking.

I never had not as much as a gf but literally no handhold with any women. I never touched the skin of a women intimately.
I really just find it funny as fuck thinking about it.
File: 890127371.png (128 KB, 498x342) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
128 KB, 498x342
thank you for making this post
Mine was with an old prostitute.
>did gay shit with cousin when I was 13 and he was 11
>69'd my freshmeb college roommate
>met gay student at my community college and he blew me in the bathroom stalls
>Boned him in a park bathroom.
>traveled to cuddle a qt twink and give him a morning bj (finals week, not much time for lewd)
>on my way to his place again to bone for 3 days straight and then watch star wars together in the st. Louis imax
same but sometimes i pretend like im gay and shit and they let me in with the touchy touchy stuff and i like it even if i need to pretend like im a fag

then i got close with this girl troupe and they love to hug me cause im big and fat and warm and yeah

tfw grill hugs you then you feel their boobies touching you. females are so soft. even their non fatty parts are soft. it's amazing.
When will you take over the world.
how are you a robot?

you seem to have all the facets of normiedom.

>those diabetic eyes
File: 1452373761825.jpg (362 KB, 1028x579) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
362 KB, 1028x579
Got drunk, jerked off and 69'd a friend at 22

It was strictly no homo though, we're still straight.
>If you put platic gloves on and then shove your into bowl of warm water, you can feel the sensation.

That is not something a normie says
File: 252248259_640.jpg (27 KB, 640x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>diabetic eyes
What..? What are you talking about..?

Funny this is I slowly by not giving a fuck became alpha. Really know what women sees and wants in a man, just simply don't have energy for the bullshit conversations and openings and going out.

I became alpha by not seeking and wanting womens attention, because that is what they want as well, someone desirable that they cant get.
It's not hard to do
what a slut he is
Pretty badass m8
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22 here bro

cant even recall the last time I was touched by a female
Titfucked my sisters best friend at the time and she gave me a handjob, fucked her the next day, I was 14

im invisible to women
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>tfw i havent talked to a female that wasnt a relative for 5 years
I used to have extremely shitty childhood and was bullied for the most of my life. The only thing I really wished was to become average member of the crowd and not stand out. I was pretending at school that everything is fine and Im just an average kid, while at home I was crying myself to sleep and dreamt of suicide.

At high school, I found some friends, but ultimately I realized they are really just a bunch of cunts who pretend to be OK with me only get me into awkward situations and then laugh behind my back.
I was again pretending that Im fine, but I really just wanted to die most of the time.

Then I went to university and lived at dorm with a bunch of guys that were pretty ok, but thanks to my previous experieces, i was affraid to make friends. Eventually I became good friend with them, but there was still this problem of me not having a gf, which was something everybody noticed kinda quickly. Sice I was pretending my whole life that Im just an average kid, I told them I had some gfs already but Im not looking for any girl right now.
They wanted to match me with some gf, dragged me to all their parties, even asked me whether Im a homo. I was becoming so affraid of these encounters that I shut myself in my world and every time they wanted to hang out with me or something, I made up some excuse. After some time, they realized Im only making shit up and stopped inviting me anywhere.

Then I moved to different dorm and met some grill in one class. I still had my V card, but since I was pretending my whole life that Im someone else, I acted Chad-ish in front of her and she probably began to think that Im some kind of alpha. The girl was very introvert, and i though she might be just the right for me. So we got into relationship and 6 months in, she tells me I was her first. I was happy about it but I wont probably ever tell her she was my first.
I was 13 and he was 16/17. Spent the night at his house and we watched anime together, it eventually lead to making out, taking our shirts off and him fingering me and giving me a handjob. Our "relationship" lasted for 5 months and was based around sex.
It's been 6 years and I'm still not over it, and I've only had sex with one other person and I don't care if I ever have sex again.
it hurts senpai

idk what to do - if i`ll have 30 as virgin, i`ll probably attach myself to sone single mother (pref 25-45), get it and bail the fuck out of there
spare me your sob story, youre not a robot anymore
Couldn't get it up, started crying.
Good times.
anyway, what I wanted to say is that my whole life was struggle to become average person and have some friends and a gf. at unversity, I came to the point where I had friends, but no gf. And I was embarasssed to be the only gfless person in my group, so I kinda put this friends thing on hiatus before I find a gf. I thought that with gf my life will be finally complete and I will run to my friends back and everything will be fine.

but the effect was quite different. I was looking too long for the gf, and my friends already drifted away. There is no point to try to be friends with them again, and although we communicate from time to time on fb, we are more "people who know each other" than friends.

I though getting a gf would make my life complete, and it really did, but in a different sort of way. When another human being accepted my existence, I started to accepting who I really am. Im not ashamed to be shut in person anymore. I dont want to be someone else anymore. Now Im finally ok with who I am, and having a loving gf, Im more than that. For the first time in my life, Im happy
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>tfw ran over a cat today and didn't stop

Hope it belonged to stacey
File: REEEEASONS.jpg (4 KB, 160x160) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>20 y old 2013
>Gets invited into party
>free alcohol ftw
>See woman and fall in love instantly. finds out she is 27 years old
>a few hours later when almost everyone had left we start making out.
>host is asleep
>i get too cheeky and ask her to touch my dick
>ohgodwhy wtf did i just say pls kill me
>she starts touching my dick
>holy shit it worked
>gets even more cheeky and says "wanna go to the toilet"
>fucking idiot
>she says "I think we should head to our separate homes now but I'll take your number"
>she calls 2 days later and we meet up at hers
>Have a lots of drink and socialize as there are 2 other guys there.
>They leave. Instantly start to make out again. this time we take it to the her bedroom.
>very straight forward she undresses and so do i.
>I ask for condom. She says she got a Contraceptive Coil.
>She helps me enter her vagina
>fuck yes fireworks in my brain
>my inner animal kicks in and i start ramming mercilessly
>shes a moaner. Hell yes
>Im really fucking drunk so im having problems cumming and it takes about 20mins
>Stay there for 2 days straight for beer pizza and sex.
>She told me im a natural tallent.
>first time i felt Alpha in life felt so good.
>fuck everyone i won everything
>Not really. 4 days later i get drunk as fuck and "cheated" on her with her friend. Cause fucking for 2 days is a relationship.
>Was in love with her so ended up crawling back to her for an apology
>Became the cuckiest doormat ever for her.
>together for a year. Then brake up, i lived with her so need new place to live.
>Her neighbor dies, an opportunity arises. Gets apartment cause house owner knows me
>Still her neighbor and still her cuck doormat although we are not together.
>We have sex very rarely, only when she asks. I never ask cause i have lost all sex drift cause cuck doormat.
>Even bigger Cuck cause Sweden Yes
>she kept trying to fuck me, but she was a fucking titan and i wasn't ready for the survey corps yet.
Holy shit fucking kek, I laughed probably more than I should've at that
>be me, 15
>first gf, been dating for a month
>14, has F-cups
>dragged me into a bush at the park
>made me put my hand up her shirt
>drag down bra because can't undo her bra in a public place
>get to feel those monsters, holy fuck this is so good
>big and bouncy, nipples fuck as hard
>had to go home shortly after because a friend thought it would be funny to spike me with laxatives that day
>shit like 10 times, asshole red raw
>after it's all out my system I remember the experience from earlier and have the most compensating fap of my life
>mfw got cockblocked by my ass
>mfw all balanced out in the end anyway

Sadly that girl dumped me about a month later, and came out as a lesbian shortly after. Did get a handjob out of it though.
Cuck side story

Snow Sweden and the seven cucks
I paid for it, does it counts?
Maybe for a normie
No. Losing your robotness requires some kind of affection.
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Thread images: 23
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