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This should be fun. I'll post these to snippits of conversation and you guys guess how it turned out, which i will later show in a snippit from right after the dance. If you need/want more snippits, they can be provided.

And if you have any critique about me being the most beta faggot ever, feel free to let me know.

Now presenting 1/2
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Now presenting 2/2
no you faggot that's fucking retarded just tell us how it turned out
You can't guess? I'm on r9k right now.
you wouldnt be posting on here if you didnt manage to completely fuck this up. keep posting.
Where did you go senpai?
Yes. The answer was fucking obvious >>25639528
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OP here
>have above conversation
>go to school next day
>now i cant talk to her
>barely talked to her for next two weeks (i asked her to the dance way too early)
>know at this point i'm fucking up
>she even moved back to sit next to her friends in the class we had together
>talked real at next chessclub meeting, but strictly platonically because mutual friends was there and we didnt want to cause drama in the whole group for no reason
>get to dance
>we talk well, but there's a catch
>she knows 90% of everybody there
>they keep pulling her away, and i'm really bad at meeting new people and am now at absolute worst
>she leaves for 15 minutes at a time like 3 times
>people asking me if i'm alright, if i want to dance
>i'm fine, i say
>at the end of the night, i tell her i thought it went ok but there are definitely better venues to try for a second date
>direct quote
>"i see this more as a date thing, and not really a dating thing
i appreciate her honesty but feel i wasnt given a fair chance. but that's ok, even though it's been awkward since and we dont talk im person anymore
>pic related, i may have fucked up here. She asked why i asked her
Her name's Kendal
>once again the guy fills 90% of the screen with his typing

hate this shit so much
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<le unique content>
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Screenshot (121).png
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More good feels gone bad. I'm over it though, but she was smart,,funny, and cute. She is the reason i believe in practice gf, because if had a practice gf, then maybe i wouldve done better
Is that it? Why do you even like this girl OP? You should've danced with another girl that asked you. You would've either made this Kendal girl jealous or gotten with another girl. Quit being so fucking beta. She's in the chess club, I'm sure she looks like a fish person.
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Screenshot (123).png
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Telling her a story, fucko

Anyway, the moment you've all been waiting for, the post dance message.

Alao, that last pic was about how she would help me fix my tie at the dance
lol, wtf are you talking about? I'm so confused.
>analyze tongiht objectively
>research purposes
oh my fucking god how beta can you be? You're telling her not to feel bad and shit, and talking about using her for research. The fuck man. Does it get worse?
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Screenshot (125).png
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>thinking a girl would ask me
Man, come on. Also she is cute, but i'm too scared to post pics

Posting a little more for no reason. I thought it was funny
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This is the only screenshot I have from back when I had no confidence and had a crush on a girl. We dated for nine months after this and I'm still stuck on it. In a way she was my practice gf, I'm much better off now that all of it happened.
I know, i know...
My autism has yet to be diagnosed. I like her though, she's a good friend, and i thought she could help me. Obviously she didnt reply to that.
Post pics anyway, don't be a pussy.
Sounds like you actually were dating and not just a date thing
by dating I meant we were practically living together in a much too serious relationship for our age. I'm no OP by the way. I'm just some random guy chiming in to a skype thread.
Holy fuck why are there so many literal autists here getting girls left and right?

I mean, you're not even trying to hide your autism. You just fucking embrace it and so do they.

Only thing left to assume to preserve my sanity is that they were ugly as fuck/massive autists themselves.
beside the obvious I think the biggest flaw of your approach was that you implied to her hat the only reason you ask her out is that you literally don't have anyone else to ask
which is of course a double mistake because it shows you 1. are not really interested in her and 2. no one else wants you

you don't have to be alpha chad with smooth pickup lines, it probably wouldn't suit you anyway or even work for you. just say what you want and no more. cut all the patronizing and apologetic stuff next time
I know, because i'm op

remember the be yourself meme?
also, op here, she is definitely not ugly or autistic, i was extremely surprised she said yes

Good advice. I feel like not only was i too honest but also kind of insulted her. It's not evwn true, because there's this chubby girl who's a reallym good friend that probably wants me
>mfw i intentionally ask her for dating advice to see her reaction
>mfw i realize i'm just as bad as Stacy
Friends don't let friends stand on their own at a party, they introduce them to their other friends.
i cringed so fucking hard at this
>analyze tonight objectively for research purposes
jesus christ OP
Well, she did, i just stood there smiling awkwardly, and felt weird about following them and not saying anything. I actually did once (she left and came back multiple times), but now that i think about it that may have been the worst cringe of it all.
Here's a pic i drew of her the night before i asked her out. We were going to draw anime versions of ourselves and each other (SHE insisted on it, i have no art skill clearly). Neither of us like anime that much, so no weebs here, but it'd be fun. Never showed this and she never showed me hers though we both drew them while on skype video chat. Mine looks really generic though..
That's not anime.

What you drew goes under the "12 years old girl" style.
I was going for it, definitely failed though. I've watched enough to know that.
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