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>On a bus, sitting by the window, minding...
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>On a bus, sitting by the window, minding my own business
>A girl sits next to me
>She's a total qt3.14
>Suddenly starts talking to me
>I don't sperg out and we actually have a great and funny conversation
>We go for a coffee
>Turns out we are a perfect match (videa, animu, cycling and other hobbies etc.)
>Thinking to myself: "Wow, this girl is absolutely amazing."
>Suddenly she gets sad.
>Tells me how her parents are disappointed with her since she's never had a bf
>"Anon, I've never loved anyone and it makes me sad. Is there something wrong with me?"
>Grab her hand, look into her eyes and say: "There's nothing wrong with you, lots of people haven't."
>It feels like an eternity...


Well, so much for my "once-every-two-months" >tfwnogf dream.
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>walking around town with my (imaginary) oneitis
>having a great time
>holding hands, best feeling ever
>about to kiss
>wake up
>continue lying in bed motionless staring at the wall for half an hour

It's a bad feel familia
>have cousin come over
>we go out and get some groceries, chat up
>get home
>play some games and watch some anime she likes
>she tells me she's getting cold
>wrap my arm around her, she rests her head on my shoulder
>we continue chilling, watching tv while under a blanket
>feel complete tranquility inside
>i rest my head on hers and close my eyes for a second
>wake up

Sometimes i try to force myself back into sleep, but that never works.
Dreams often have clear messages tho senpai. Remember it well, remember how cool you've played it, and you'll be fine some day.

Patience is a major key to succes #DJKhaledVoice LION
>have gf
>have vivid dreams about sex with other grills

pls brain make it stop
i agree but in those dreams everything seems to go perfect. the whole
>girl sits next to me and starts initiating conversation
is a dream in itself.
I feel ya OP, just had it happen to me again the other night.
Legitimately hurts when you wake up, shit sucks.
i've only had a dream like that once that i can remember. i really hit it off with an older girl only to wake up back in reality with my loner self..
>never had a gf dream
>all dreams are morbid, edgy, gory, and lead me to think i should be institutionalized
>wake up, feel like shit

I honestly wish I had a dream GF. Even if she would only come once a month. I'd be so happy.
Iktf, OP.
Waking up from a great dream and remembering it was all a dream and you have to live your shitty life again is the worst.

Maybe I should try falling into a coma or something.

If we lived in a world where people just went up and talked to you on the bus, life would be very annoying.

For the most part, it would be people you aren't attracted to trying to talk to you. What a dumb fantasy.
>Maybe I should try falling into a coma or something
what if we already and it's all just a nightmare?
Anyone else an alcoholic? The fucking dreams you get when you take a sober nap are retardedly realistic. Sometimes I wake up wondering if it was a dream at all, which either a good feel or a horrific feel. It's usually like 25% dream and 75% nightmares.
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>Maybe I should try falling into a coma or something.

OP here. I was actually thinking the very same thing yesterday before I fell asleep.
>"I wish they could just put me into an induced coma or something so that I would never have to wake up again and deal with this shitty thing called life."

And then I woke up with >tfwnogf feels.
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Alcohol is bad for you, m8.
I know, but it's not like I have much of anything to live for or look forward to. I just wageslave and drink steel reserve.
Did you really delete your post and repost it just because you put in instead of and?
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You know it, sempai.
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Seriously, senpai?
I was being ironic. :3
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Keep that shit in your >tfw no bf threads.
>tfw I never have GF dreams

Not sure what's worse. Experiencing the feel of having a GF only to have it crushed by the harsh reality upon waking up or not experiencing that feel at all.
At least you still dream
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Why'd you have to call em' out.
Rude, I have moments like that, you do, who doesn't here. Though it's rare to see people act on the impulse to fix them.
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It excites me.
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Destroying the evil in the hearts of men at the expense of the growth of mine is what excites me, have at you.
Do you have any hobbies, anon? Do you do any sports? Physical activity's good for your mental health, m8.
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Just woke up an hour ago.

>In some kind of social gathering
>everyone is standing listening to something
>my gf leans with her back on me and I wrap my hands around her
>we just stand there pressed against each other
>move my arms around her slowly, lean my head against her shoulder
>feeling her soft curly hair, feeling her breathing, feeling her heartbeat, just absorbing these feelings of warmth and bliss
>she turns her head towards me and we look at each others eyes for a bit before gently kissing
>wake up

Why can't I just stay there forever.
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>Woke up quick
>at about noon
>just thought that I had to be in feelton soon
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>meet up with my ex at a mutual friend's house
>we all hang out and her and i end up making up
>i'm fucking elated because i love her more than anything in the world and she left me like a year and a half ago
>she's sitting in my lap and she leans in to kiss me
>i wrap my arms around her and return her kiss
>tears form in my eyes and i close them tight, i'm so happy i can't help it
>we finish kissing and i open them
>i wake up sitting on the same couch at my friend's house
>i look over at them and ask if i fell asleep
>the three of them confirm it
>i feel tears welling up in my eyes again so i close them
>open my eyes and i'm laying in my own bed, alone
>heart is completely crushed, can't even cry
Goddamn it, I miss her so much. Using the "close my eyes" technique to wake myself up from nightmares bit me in the ass. I had no idea that would happen.
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>Saint Valentine's soon
I wish I could've had your dream last night
>Be at some sort of hotel
>get kidnapped
>wake up on a table
>I'm being kept alive while this person slowly cuts pieces off me and ears me
>he leaves the room
>realize that even if I survived I don't want to live like this
>reach for a razor
>roll off the table on the floor and slit my throat
>hope I die before he gets back
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>we're cuddling on the couch while watching a movie
>i look at her
>smiling, she looks totally content being with me
>seeing that puts me at ease
>all social anxiety gone
>its absence shows me how painful it was--i had gotten used to it like a rock in my shoe
>finally able to truly be at peace
>wish I could stay like that forever
>wake up

I don't even remember what she looked like, family
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reading your post gave me bad feels anon
>saying saint valentine

cringe tier t b h
A lot of people on 4chan have coffee dates. don't they? God, I'm so boring.
You didn't even bother reading the whole thing. Fuck off.

>tfw secretly in love with ex
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