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You are stuck on a deserted island with only...
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You are stuck on a deserted island with only these people for the rest of your life. What do you do?

Kill the three males and assert my dominance over the females.

I'll breed them both but the one on the left will obv be my favorite, so she'll get extra food rations.
enslave the females, impregnate the males
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Cannibalize both women and create a perfect utopia consisting of 4 men
Engineer accidents for all the men once shelter and necessities were established
Then fuck the young one
>Kill the three males and assert my dominance over the females.

I don't think I'd kill the men unless they tried to usurp me or tried to take the women from me. Actually, since I'm such a kind leader, I might even let them use the bitch on the right from time to time. The shorter girl would be my wife and be absolutely off limits, though.

The years would pass and I would have my own island community/village. The next village chief would be the strongest of my sons.
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Jan 2016 - We immediately assess the situation. #1, #2, and #5 along with me, get to work at once. We are halfway through with building a makeshift debris shelter when #3 and #4 are screaming at the top of their lungs. We rush to them at once and ask what's wrong, only for #4 to point at a wild tarantula on the bark of a tree. Sighing, I tell them to calm the fuck down and get to work. They nag at me about the patriarchy.

Feb 2016 - Keeping track of the time via a makeshift calendar (basically just guestimated the months and date on pieces of wood we cut down) I realize it's been an entire month. Our new clan is not doing well. #5 was met with disease and #1 is getting aggressive. My attempts at leadership don't go well, as my no-bullshit attitude constantly causes #3 and #4 to freak out and act like bitches. Obviously, #5 goes along with it. #1 agrees with me but doesn't want to say anything as he's in love with #3. #2 is neutral.

The girls often want most of our resources even though #1 and I have implied that equal pay for equal work is going to be the standard if we as a collective unite want to survive.
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Obv fuck the one in pink
I'd eat them?
Dose it need to be a question?
She's obviously only into jewish guys.
Look for it.
Wow man. A for effort.

I'm white so... of course I'm godking of a brown slaverace before end of day one. And I'd force the white boy to be trap queen -- natch.

Pic related LARPing is mandatory.
i feel like i'm in shittty disney show
kill all except the one in pink desu
if you left both the women alive they could conspire against you
I guess work with them so we all survive. If they're useless I'll just fend for myself, if they come after me wanting to kill me for my goods I'd set up some traps so they can't hurt me.
I high enjoyed reading that. I think #1 and you should make hawt gay sex in the sun set.
Become leader of group
Assign the other guys different task so they are away most of the day
Stay with the girls and work on stuff that can impress them.
Develop an utopian society so no one wants to go back to civilization
Eventually it will develop into orgies.
Ravage pink girl's anus until I get bored of it
i would probably kill myself. I'm not cut out for this survivalist shit. Plus they all look like mongrels.
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>ITT beta manlets who think they can just "become leader"

You would all get killed in your sleep you fuccbois or straight up laughed at.

I would become leader because I'm white, handsome, and 6'1". Then I'd fuck the girls and make the 3 betas scavenge for food.
That's the point they are less cut out fr survivalist shit than most of us.

#1 Seems the most apt, probably has some degree of physical strenght but probably lacks in the thinking and planning element. You could probably give him orders.
#2 Seems like the kind of guy that will end up crying at any adversity
#3 Seems healthy and athletic, may be able to survive, but she is really small sized, so probably needs protection. Exchange it for sex.
#4 She is the kind of girl that is too old for cute stuff but she still wears panda tshirts. Probably inmature, will ge afraid easily, and will trust on you really fast. You could get sex from her too ifou want.
#5 Might rivval you on the smart department, but seems like a bro. Probably would be the guy you can trust your life to. Your penis is probably bigger than his, so you still have more chances of impressing the girls.
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Fucking enjoy my desert island, build a shelter, get food and ignore those ching chongs. I have finally achieved my dream of solitude.
>run off in the woods and build a lean-to shelter
>make some rope and fashion a noose
>observe them from afar and find out who the leader is
>visit them and threaten to hang myself if they don't give me NEETislandbux
>pretend i'm watching anime as i observe them
>make an imaginary friend out of sticks
>find jugs that washed up from the ocean and piss in them
>steal water and replace it with my pissjugs
>blame it on the women
>ask the guy on the right if he'll give me NEETislandbux if I suck his dick
>cry and bang stones together
>make a giant wojak in the sand
>fill the sand wojak up with my cum
>build a shrine around cumwojak and declare myself the founder of a new religion
>kill myself

that's about it
Order egg rolls and chow mein with fried rice
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>Assuming they know some english
>Assuming they're atheists
>Assuming the Island is big, bigger than lord of the flies

I'd separate from the group,
flintnap, make fire, boil some water, make a hut.

I'd share the fire, but keep to my self 6 days of the week,
out compete the other guys.
Also, since I'm 100% aryan, I'd probably end up cucking one of the girls
man you guys are fucking delusional idiots
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