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I need an advice brobots
>my sister is pregnant
>her husband died yesterday
>I'm her only support
>I know that I'll help her but I haven't worked a day in my entire
>neet for 2 years
At least I have a college degree in civil engineering but I hate that shit; any similar experience? will I have to raise that child? I don't want to be a father and I'm really fucking scarred
Its your sister you wont be a father, youll be an uncle.
I know that, but will I have to act like a father? like being a role model and all that stuff; I know I'm a weak ass shit, I'm not a good example for a kid; but I don't want him to end like me just 'cause he doesn't have a dad
No. Just make your sister date. Then shell have other options when the baby is born. So long as you don't live with each other you'll probably just be an uncle figure, not a father figure anyways.
howd he die?
>Just make your sister date.
Are you retarded? She is not going to get over her dead husband and baby daddy within 9 months and OP has no control over when she dates. She will probably still be grieving by the time that baby is born and every time she looks at its face she'll be reminded of her loss.
car crash; the guy was nice as fuck but he drived Grand Theft Auto style
Just leave her alone and get your own place, put that degree to work or be a homeless NEET
I can't just leave her alone, she is my sister and a good woman (he was her only boyfriend and she is 29) not a fucking whore
>a good woman (he was her only boyfriend and she is 29) not a fucking whore

Lmao, you deluded faggot.
Your sister definitely took miles of Chad and Tyrone dick.
Her husband probably killed himself in that "" accident"" after learning he's not the father.

If I were you, I'd take advantage of her pregnant horniness and cum in her a few times then kick her out.

Also, didn't Mr. Cuck have life insurance??
she told me once that he was the only guy she has ever been, and she is religious; the guy was happy as fuck about being a father and no, he had no life insurance
>women never lie
You deluded faggot

Have you ever been attracted to her though?
Now's the time to get your dick wet.
I fucked my sisters and cousins when they were pregnant
>implying you didn't make them that way first
And if it's true you'd greentext it faggot.
She is 29, she's a grown fucking woman, let her make her own choices, plus what good is a unemployed NEET going to do for a 29 year old single mother?

You're not going to fuck her and she has a child to take care of, pack your shit up, get a job and leave now or your not only going to end up raising a child that isn't even yours, you are going to be wasting your life away on something that has zero value to you
>elder sister, 24 at the time
>me 16
>similar situation to you, her guy left blah blah
>moves back in with me and parents
>parents have to work more shifts to pay for her meds, sonograms, etc
>just us home alone more and more
>she asks me to rub lotion on her bully, back rubs, etc
>always had a huge sistercon fetish, but she was way older and gone by the time I was 10
>anyways, rubbed lotion on belly nightly
>started talking as adults
>hadn't seen her in 6 years, and we were never close, so had lots of catching up
>she tells me family secrets and I tell her stuff she's missed out on
>tells me about babydaddy
>tells me to never leave my gf if she gets preggers
>lol never had a gf
>omg you're still a virgin
>asks why?? Cus normies get sex so easily, she can't understand
>one day giving her a back rub while watching TV and she falls asleep
>her big pregnant swole titties were under a braless shirt
>decided to lightly touch one
>she didn't wake up
>started groping more
>hear soft moans and mutters, but it's normal for her to do that anyways
>decide that's far enough and leave
>start playfully slapping/groping her ass around the house
>one day I'm giving her a backrub and some hip hop comes on tv
>she starts lightly shaking her ass into me
>immediate boner
>she feels it and starts grinding in harder
>she grabs my hands and puts them on her tits and gropes for me
>starts moaning and going on about how it felt so good last time and she needed the touch of a man
>puts my hand into her panties
>she's soaking wet
>>this is just like my Korean cartoons!
>eventually we disrobe and I missionary fuck her
>cum inside
>continues until the baby is born and she finds some cuck beta provider on okcupid
Cousins? desu desu
Cousin 1
>qt blonde
>fooled around a lot as kids
>hadn't seen her in years
>family moves into our town cus whatever
>she's preggers
>I'm 21 and live on my own
>cousin lives in house with my parents and hers
>tired of old people, she comes to hang out with me and my doge a lot
>cooks, cleans, chat, play vidya, etc
>she started sleeping over for a night here and there, another night, a few nights in a row, etc
>basically moves in at one point, and I don't mind
>the one night she was out, figured I'd have myself a fap in the living room
>she gets home and I don't hear her
>porn blasting on big screen and I have big cums
>>not doing big cums
>hear giggling from behind
>"would you like me to clean that up too"
>leal up and start to grab clothes
>she grabs my hand and sits me back down
>on her knees, with me sitting on couch
>she puts my dick in her mouth and moans like it's a fucking popsicle of heroin
>immediately hard and again and she swallows it all
>basically becomes my live in fuck puppet from then on
>baby comes and I graduate and have to move cities
>she's gonna stay with parents who finally got their own place
>last night of fug
>your sister said you wouldn't disappoint

Only sex I've ever had was with those two
Oh, and cousin 2 was someone I didn't even know I was related too.
I obviously picked up a preggo fetish, so I lurked around online dating until I found some big bellies to fug.
She was looking at my family pictures one night and recognized grandpa and yeah
She wasn't down for more incest though, baka and she vomited and dipped
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OP's sister's husband literally cucking from beyond the grave
>Father, husband, brother, and friend
>In life and death
>A cuck beyond the end
>big deal
can't believe she'd have such a strong reaction
>Anon makes thread about being worried about his pregnant sister
>Thread turns into some other inbred anon's experiences in fucking his family members
Good ol' /r9k/.

yea good ol arcanine...

whats your point?

you expect advice here?

the only real advice we will offer is to tell OP to man up get a job make his sister happy and them eventually make his sister fall in love with him.

we want OP to be happy - this is true
but happy under our rules - this is expected.

this is our way
for we are of the r9k
>Good ol' /r9k/.

exactly faggot
File: 1410765820208.png (767 KB, 1246x4914) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
767 KB, 1246x4914

>not having a sister+cousin harem...

you make me sick...

dont listen to that retard you're arguing with, man. he's gonna kill himself pretty soon, way too far up the ivory tower


it's his sister you dumbass and he will be the uncle


damn man dont come here for advices on this matter, r9k of all places.
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Thread images: 4
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