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ITT: we try to find people who have it worse off than us to make ourselves feel better.

I'll start off with the bar rather high. I hope there's someone who can make me feel better. Try not to make things up please.

>28yr old KHV
>Been a NEET/Shut-in for 10 years
>No friends or social life, never had a GF
>5'7" manlet and 5 inch dick
>Poorfag and no education
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Christian Weston Chandler
>tfw no matter how hard you fuck up, you'll likely never fuck up as hard as him
he has had way more sex than me
yeah, with a prostitute
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>21yrold Extra Virgin Olive Oil
>no friends
>no talents
>crazy ever since I was 10
>paranoia, hallucination, wild mood swings
>live alone and slowly drown in my madness
Whats your life like, anons:
A guy I knew from high school.
>Had legit mental problems becauase her mother had a few screws loose
>Always asking for money because he couldn't even afford public transport
>Ugly as shit
>No friends, only people that pitied him but that left him alone when they saw he was nuts and clingy as hell
>Bullied since middle school
>Had fake friends that made fun of him everytime and did shit like planning stuff in front of him without inviting him
>Tried to kill two guys with a hammer in school, but was found
>Then he was known as the "hammer boy" for the rest of high school
Only good thing is that nobody messed with him afterwards because everybody was scared.
I always remember this guy when I'm feeling bad, I wonder if he hasn't killed himself.
>full ginger
>25 yr virgin
>28 kv
>never worked a day in my life
>have 2 friend who i only see about once a month
>5'11 manlet with an 8 inch dick
>mediteranean (not white)
I forgot
>very(very) ugly
>8 inch dick

Yep, fuck off.
i'm still ugly and weird
also not white

the 8 inch dick only works well on omegle.
>23yr old KV
>ugly af
>neet for 2 years
>No friends or social life, never had a GF
>5'8" manlet and 4 inch dick
>I saw how a fucking nigger shooted my father 8 years ago and I still have nightmares
>been sick the last 3 years
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>tfw I know my pain is far greater than that of any of you
>10 years a neet
>terrible social anxiety
>painful skin disease
>overweight and ugly

>meet amazing girl online
>literally 10/10 sheltered girl
>don't wanna get into it much but moved states for her
>happy and working, lifting at gym
>she leaves me
>spiral down into depression like nothing i've ever felt
>a year goes by and i'm doing a bit better, working again and using the social skills i built up
>hit by a fucking car
>permanently disabled (nothing horrendous but i won't have full use of my arm and hand again)
>lose my job because i'm out for 4 months recovery
>no fmla protection, denied unemployment, denied disability
>depressed as fuck again, no friends or anyone to turn to
>losing all my muscle mass and becoming antisocial again
>mom is fucking worthless and i'm basically taking care of her. my savings are quickly dwindling, probably homeless (suicide) soon
and here i am i guess
>22 years old
>PhD student in neuroscience at Ivy League university
>11 lifetime sexual partners
>qt French girlfriend
>lifelong depression
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normie faggot if true GTFO
>if true
are you high ?
File: 1448046618051.gif (328 KB, 781x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>19 years old
>400 pounds
>Agoraphobic, haven't left the house in 4 years
>No friends online or IRL, never had a friend in my entire life
>Only person I have social contact with is my paranoid schizo dad who is also agoraphobic but we dislike each other too
>Haven't talked to the rest of my family in years and have no relationship with them, mother got remarried and has a new family
>Penis is so small I have to get a boner just to pee (0 inches flaccid)
>Spend every waking moment bedridden except for when using the toilet and eating
>Dropped out from education in middle school after getting kicked out for 0% participation
>Spent my childhood in psych wards for suicide attempts that failed due to my weight
>Poorfag living in an apartment with methheads, homeless people, bedbugs, fleas, other kinds of bugs that infest every now and then
>Stopped caring about all the insects in my bed and just let them eat me
>Spend all day watching anime and listening to music and absolutely nothing else
>Never learned basic life skills, haven't brushed my teeth in over a decade
>Poorfag and using a laptop held together with tape and glue, so old that I can't do almost anything, just watching YouTube videos sends it into overdrive and freezes
>My headphones broke in half a couple years ago so they're held together with duct tape and two spoons on each side to push the phones into my ears, also there are socks on each side to prevent the active flea infestation in my headphones from getting in my ears
>>11 lifetime sexual partners
refuse to believe this shit m8. how have you not kilt yourself if true?
File: Feelpepe.jpg (18 KB, 240x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
18 KB, 240x240
>have my own flat
>no rent, its mine
>attend the best university in the state (and possibly world, but many would argue, meh)
>genius, I pass all the exams easily
>a talented artist
>father is a rich CEO
>supports me so that I never actually have to work
>even if I had to, I could still subside just off a part time job
>190cm tall
>ripped as heck
>long fine hair
>cute face
>mfw shizophrenia
At least you're neet op. I'm worse off in some ways and better off in others.
>24 year old kv
>have been trying and failing with university a few times
>part time job, probably full time wageslavery soon
>sometimes have acquaintances for a while
>always briefly and never closer than acquaintances
>6'5" (only a good thing for normalfags, bad thing for robots, would rather be manlet) 6 inch penis
how can you know that? you can't experience someone else pain.
anime and music are enough for me to survive

going homeless soon most likely so I'm killing myself then
>A guy I knew

What do the voices tell you?
If they tell you to CUT YOUR STUPID HAIR YOU FAGGOT then you should listen to them!
>8 inch dick

You can fuck right off m8
>guise guise I'm not white I swear
>I'm Mediterranean
>because I'm not white I have a bigger dick
>Also I'm not white
>I'm not white
Mediterranean, usually the nationalities of Greek or Italian, are members of the Caucasoid race, just louder and more obnoxious than whites
File: TheOtherOneDummy.jpg (335 KB, 1668x1302) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
335 KB, 1668x1302
>really, really consider liking rocks just like I do
>every time I see people who are troubled, I just think "gee, a pretty rock could fix all their problems"
>also, it makes you more attractive if people know your rocks are good
>dont you get it? rock is love, rock is life!
>to illustrate: be me, 30yearold geologist
>have some lecture set up on some foreign uni
>eventually get there shortly before the lecture, no papers on me
>frickin dean tells me I should be better prepared
>I know better, I am a capacity in my field, rock is my life
>laugh at his brooding and go to the lecture hall
>emerge from the teacher entrance and start the lecture immediately
>no a pair of ears that wouldnt be listening, I know everything about my rocks
>after lecture, a female student comes about, asks me if I could tell her something more about some minerals
>my pleasure! I take her back into geomobile (my small mobile geology museum) she keeps leaning closer as I talk
>eventually, she is so close I her chest is touching mine, must be really interested in rocks! after a while, she stops leaning, tells me goodbye and leaves
>I really love rocks
>read first letter of every line
>NEET parents
>all on welfare
>No gf, friends
>dont have a phone, skype or facebook
>250 pounds with man boobs
>no chin
>yellow teeth
>almost bald
get on my level
Jesus christ anon

It's just not fair.
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why the fuck would the suffering of others make you feel better about yourself? if at all you should have some empathy and feel bad for us you fucking sociopath.
what do you think having an 8 inch dick does ?
no one knows about it, its not like i'm walkin in the street naked.
Why don't you just get a job?

How did you not leave the house in 4 years yet live with methheads?
If you have a big flaccid you can advertise your bulge. Bitches love a big bulge

>tfw lil' bulge.
It helps tremendously with confidence to know that you have a big manhood.
>ITT: we try to find people who have it worse off than us to make ourselves feel better.
I didn't even need to scroll
File: 1436052551907.jpg (86 KB, 750x523) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>25 virgin
>Been a NEET for 10 years
>5'9 manlet (Living in humongousfag country)
>No friends no Social life
>Poorfag and no education

Being tall and having a big dick is a huge advantage. Manlets actually have an aura of insecurity that is easy to spot. Tall men don't have this and just seem chill in any situation.
>24 yo neet with a college degree
>live in third world country
>3/10 face
>5/10 body
>hates his parents
>browse chan all day
at least im not a virgin

am i too normie to come in here?
thats ridiculous.
it only attracts teenage girls really, they're curious.
but thats about it
and i usually try to hide it because its just weird
Sup Serb
I wont help you I know, but you have to find strength anon. Suicide is for pussies, the fact u had a gf and u went to a gym show that you can change things, all you have to do is give some more of yourself, and after 3 or 4 years Im sure you will be happy again.
Trust me, my life was a fucking nightmare (im currently writting a book about it) but now Im happy - 29 years old, great job, no gf but a golden retriever so its even better.
I believe in you anon!
Kek that's literally why I go on r9k
File: 1426938659667.png (159 KB, 375x383) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
159 KB, 375x383
Catholic Serb, t b h.
>it only attracts teenage girls really, they're curious.

m8 you seriously need to fuck off right now
>Why don't you just get a job?

I do not function around others. I cannot be around others. I can't even function around others online outside of an anonymous setting.
File: 1451773566019.jpg (1 MB, 1500x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1500x1000

nigger robot
eee onda samo pocekaj na turisticku sezonu i silovaj picke koje su onesvijestene
>4" dick
>dropped out sophomore year of high school
>poor/no money
>NEET shut-in for the past 7 or 8 years
>very fat
>awful skin leading to blotches and acne in weird places
>face covered in dark spots from acne
>no friends
>young/feminine voice

let. me. off. the. ride.
>5'4 turbo-manlet
You're all welcome


>21yr old male
>2 years ago went to college and graduated with 4.0 GPA, had a decent sized circle of friends, had a job
>lost all of it
>got fired from job
>friends have all moved away, nobody talks to me anymore
>been unemployed for a year, can't land a job despite all my efforts
>live in a mobile home in the woods, 45 minutes from all civilization
>living off of ramen, vitamins, and a well for water
>have clinical depression, can't get antidepressants because there are no doctors that accept my health plan (thanks obamacare)
>have severe mood swings
>loneliness and isolation are driving me insane
>$9000 in student debt
>$300 in my bank account
>family members still ask me why I don't have a gf

I've hit rock bottom, gents
>dad was sadist and alcoholic
>mum died when giving me birth
>for 18 years of my life I was poor as fuck
>Im probably genius - can draw, memorise and calculate in my head very fast
>passed my mature tests with almost straight 100%`s
>didnt go to uni (wanted to become a doctor or chemical engineer) because Im too poor and have to take care of my father
>26 years old virgin working in lumber mill earning shit
Also im self taught english so please no bully
ps. i should wrote my dad is sadist because he is still alive, but he is totally disabled so he cant do violent shit
you could be alcoholic
>young/feminine voice

I haven't spoken in so long that I forgot I have this. My voice is higher than both my mother and sister, and I'm a man. I kinda like it though. Having a soft little girl voice is strange since I'm 6'4" and gigantic.
when i say teens i mean really young, like 13 - 16, the ones who i can't legally fuck
>7"x6.5" dick
(not that it matters, every women I meet automatically assumes I have a micropenis)
>borderline personality disorder
>bipolar disorder
>acne scars covering my back
>make $80k/yr yet still alone
>no friends
>haven't had sex that didn't involve a prostitute
>not white
File: that baby face feel.jpg (339 KB, 5000x5000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
that baby face feel.jpg
339 KB, 5000x5000
I also know that feel, it's fucking horrible.

>tfw work shitty retail job
>tfw customers are constantly calling me miss or mrs by accident after hearing me talk for a while because my voice fucks with their subconscious
>in the woods
>have water supply
literally get a rifle and some supplies, hunt your dinner and live life as a man. you got a made dude. bonus points when you can get a VR/robo waifu
There is a saying i heard "it takes a brave man to kill himself" theres no shame
btw this is my first time on r9k. what the hell is with everyone advertising their dick sizes? is there some meme here that lead you to believe it matters at all when you're a failure at all aspects of life? the size of my dick is the least of my problems. wtf.
>thinks his a manlet

just found out today my height in feet is 5,3477
let it sink
Aren't you legally a dwarf ?

Ibn4 ban
File: 14011371649.jpg (224 KB, 753x1050) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I have been worse myself. Just the fact that i don't have panic attacks anymore is a great improvement.
And there's more, i had 3 motorcycle accidents and i survived all 3 with no permanent damage when i could easily have died or become crippled.

But i'm sick of "at leasts".
Everything in my life gets an "at least it isn't as bad as it could be".
Sick of it.
>live alone
Do you have a job? How are you holding it down with the paranoia and hallucinations? Because it's genuinely fucking me over fiercely so far.
8 inch come on im have also 5'11 but only 5.5 this is suffering
Most people in cringe pics/videos
That's the only reason I look that shit up anyway
because I'm le no useful skills, no hobbies man and I wanna remind myself: "At least you're not THAT guy"
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