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If that lazy wanker of a landlord isn't going to open up, I'll do it myself. It'll be easy. Look, he even left his recipe list right here.

What a faggot.

Anyway. Something on your mind chief?

Gimme a shot of some decent whisky.

I've been suspended from my university for drinking and drugging and yes, I'm a failed normie who deserved it, but I'm not really looking forward to going back.

I don't really like my major, but I don't have any drive for anything, including working on my passion (writing music).

There's no way I'd ever make it. I'm really stuck on what to do with my life.
>recipe list
You dont need a recipe to pour me two glasses of vodka. No, I wont be having company, just drinking twice as much.
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Hey 'keep, you got a nice rye to make me a Manhattan?

A 3/10 who wanted the D in high school is sending me phone calls again. I'm only 22, who the fuck tries to suck a 22 year old dry of alimony money?
I've got 2 travels planned for the summer, but it's still possible neither of them might happen. I don't want to get my hopes up but I'm afraid it's too late for that.
Hey there barkeep, can you get me a couple shots of some nice whiskey?

My ex has been trying to get back with me, I don't want anything to do with her. She cheated on me and the dude she did it with knew good and damn well that she was with me. It's bringing up some bad feels.
Well that sucks. Maybe look into transferring? Try keeping a diary too. It always helped me when I was feeling low.

She owes someone money. Ignore her.

Where were you planning on going?
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That's a tough one. Stick to your guns though.
I'm from a Balkan country, first trip is me and two friends going to London and Amsterdam, very basic, I know, but we haven't been to those places and we found good deals on everything so why not, y'know. One of those two friends might not have the funds for it, but he said he'll likely go

Second trip is to Dublin to play a show of some sorts as a DJ. I'd rather not give much away. But I'm looking forward to both things just the same. This is very probable as well, just that it's not fully arranged yet and is also like 6 months from now.

I'm probably just too paranoid about both things, though

Sucks having bad feelings about someone you know damn well they're not worth them... I know man
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im always unhappy wherever I am
if I'm in place 1 for instance, I think about how much i hate it and how much id like to go back to place 2
and when i get to place 2 i want to go back to place 1
Considering I binged on alcohol all week, I'll take coffee.
>quit my $19/hr job to focus on grad school
>too late, get kicked out of grad school anyway
>parents want me to come home but I have 7 months left on my apartment
>$600 credit card debt, $2000 in student loans down the drain, $60 in bank account
>too fat to join the military
I'm feeling really stressed. I regret quitting my job, not withdrawaling from my classes and fucking up my GPA and not apply to local colleges sooner. And my parents keep pressuring me to do medical school.
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Are you the same barkeep who was gonna make an instasync for bar chats and music last night?

Also, I'll have half a glass of vodka, and the rest of the half with a quarter cranberry juice and a quarter orange juice. Thank you sir.
Yo, barkeep. I'm back. Hand me some cranberry juice. I've been trying to do stuff and lately it isn't going well.
One flaming homo, coming right up.

No I'm not.
Dubliner here. WHat show? ... if you wish to divulge the info
I'll take an old fashioned. So who else /scaredofthefuture/ here?
thats simple: go for medical school mate
A music label showcase that my label has from time to time. By chance I got to go to one of those before but not play, it looked cool, and I always wanted to play a show so this was my best bet.

Crazy how it's easier for me to get a gig across Europe than it is in my country.

Also, I love your city, from the time I spent there i got the impression it was a pretty easy going and social place. Some robots might not like it for this reason but to each his own
Hey barkeep. I'll take a Brugse Zot Blond if you have it. I'm missing my favorite Belgian beer. I'm also stuck fantasizing about just leaving and not telling anyone. This past week has been awful. Bring me two, actually.
I'll take a glass of pure feminazi blood

My pan sexual girlfriend of 3 years keeps getting manipulated by her feminazi drug addict friend to think that she's a lesbian, even though it's really just her friend trying to reflect her closet lesianness on her

Had plans for a week to hang with a friend at his place and just drink n chill. He decided to dog/housesit for somebody in a city like 30 minutes away. Told him I'm not going to spend the night in a strangers house, now he's all pissed at me. Fuck that.
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>got my first paycheck today
>taking even more shifts for the next month
>already feel beat up and tired from current schedule
Do yourselves a favor and never become wagecucks

I'll take a lemonade friend, can't treat my body poorly unless I want it to fail
That sucks m8, ur friend should have been more understanding

But chilling at someone else's house just with your friend sounds kind of cool, not gonna lie
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Give me something strong barkeep, I need to forget these feels

I'm going to see a doc to check if I have brain problems soon and tonight when I saw my workplace, part of the reason I'm so down, I just walked straight past and went on a 3 hour night walk in the rain then went home. My manager sent me a text but I haven't read it yet
I'm too dumb and I got kicked out of grad school with a GPA of 1.0 cause I was a dumbass and tried to have a full-time job on the night shift. Financial aid checks your grades.
>Maybe look into transferring?

I would if I didn't have such bad grades. I kind of want to help people, and giving them technology that actually betters their lives (not make it more convenient, like Uber or Grubhub) seems like the best way I can do it.

Took a break from the album, but I'm on this song now. There's something in Frank's voice that can voice emotions purely.
give me a couple AMFs, i need to not feel these feels anymore
And will look into keeping a diary, that sounds like it could help.
Out, out, brief candle! Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage and is heard no more. It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.
I'm just uncomfortable with the idea, since if I had somebody housesit for me (as if I'll ever have my own house, lel), I would be pissed the fuck off if I found out they had people over.
Hey boss, good to see ya. Hit me with some Tequila please, any brand.

Here's my story -
Good news: I'm officially a registered respiratory therapist after passing my board exams
Bad News: I've knocked up a black girl who's 9 weeks pregnant. Have a racist senpai who'll likely disown me.

I'll be honest and say suicide has crossed my mind.
Yes anon I am terrified. After three years of college I have had enough. This week I will leave only knowing that nothing can be worse than those three years I wasted doing something I hated in an environment I never fit in.
Is this from something?
I suppose it's okay if your friend asks those people prior and they say it's ok
Macbeth, can't remember if it's in the newly released movie version or not. Either way both the play and movie are worth a read/watch
Whiskey please

This is my year guys. I'm going to have to figure out what to do with my life. I'm considering the military because it's something I've always wanted to do. My family hates that idea. But fuck them. They're all miserable cunts.

On a happier note I have a girlfriend now. In august of 2013 I told myself I'd become a normie. I've improved myself so much that I forgot what I was originally looking for. The confidence I gained is more than I could have possibly imagined. I have hope for all of you
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iktf. Probably why I'm a drunkard right now.
>go into college wide-eyed and optomistic
>realize by junior year I'm a fucking moron and wasted my dad's GI Bill to hole myself in my room
>alternate between NEETdom and minimum wage jobs for the next 2 years
>flunk grad school
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just watched lemmys funeral
Just a coke please.

Can someone tell me if I have fucked up or not for applying for a uni course in Computer Security and Forensics? Haven't started it yet but I still cant decide if it's going to be worth 3 years of my life
A hot toddy
Wish I was fucking dead
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