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why can't i find a virgin girl ?
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why can't i find a virgin girl ?
i will love her and give her anything she needs.
i'm not asking for more than what give.
i'm just looking for a virgin, average looking who would love me as much as i love her.
i seem to only attract degenerate sluts.
where can i find a virgin qt ?

>inb4 mad rostie be like: hurr durr there are perfectly "good" used up women out there who would make grate gfs.
>hurr durr single moms can be good gfs too.

eat dicks and die.
You can't. You have two choices. Either you will die a virgin, or you will grow up and realize that your criteria are fucking stupid and insecure.
fucking a virgin.
well, cant say i like that.
it was hard, she wasnt wet enough.
You can't find one because 99% of women start having sex when they're 10-12

thats how it was in my school
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>muh insecurity/awkward sex

virgin FAQ below

>Blood all over your sheets the first time you fuck
it's cute and pure, as well as ceremonial and traditional, it is the mark of a relationship taking a huge step, unlike sex with a whore which is about as remarkable as a bowl of store brand cornflakes

>Inexperience means she will be shit in bed
we can improve together honing each other after our very own wants and needs

>Implying virgins are more willing to explore sex than non-virgins
implying I want them to be, sex should not be the foundation of any relationship having crazy degenerate fisting parties isn't that appealing to me

>Wanting a clingy girl
yes I do

>Wanting a girl that relies on you for everything
that would make me feel very masculine, it is a desirable trait

>Wanting a girl who's too shy to express themselves, needs and wants

>Not wanting someone who's independent
you're in a relationship, she's not supposed to be independent, neither are you, you are meant to complete each other, it's clear that you have lost the grasp on what makes up a healthy romantic relationship

>Not wanting someone who has their own friends to engage with in your absence
she can have wholesome female friends, even the girl depicted in the OP has

>Not wanting someone who's confident and will actually communicate
you're just using meme words, virgins are just as capable of speech as non-virgins

Normies getting BTFO by science. It's like poetry.
i'm a virgin myself (by choice)
>inb4 you're ugly
i had many occasions to lose it with regular rosties but i didn't.

i don't see why i should settle down for less.

It's a thoroughly debunked "study" commissioned by a religious anti-sex group.
sauce ?
(unoriginal comment)
It should be in the pic. It's commissioned by an abstinence-preaching religious group. Of course they quote statistics from a US government agency. But they don't tell you about the actual source data, they simply use it to completely misrepresent it to fit their own view. They started with the conclusion of "sex is bad mmmkay" and then did data mining to try to support their conclusion.
you really believe that a government agency would put that online knowing that its BS ?

you're working on suppositions here.
You misunderstood. The raw data is from a US government organization. The anti-sex religious group is using that data to fit their own conclusions.
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>why can't i find a virgin girl?

because women want to have their fun with the bad boys first before finding a beta provider like you. enjoy being that chump who takes care of the bad boys sloppy seconds.
Hey OP, here is a story on how I dated a "virgin" (= turboautistic ) girl

>me a failed normie
>fall in love with a robot qt
>get drunk with the mentioned qt
>we watched a movie at her place
>I started to get mildly drunk
>We're sitting next to each other
>I start to touch her crotch
>try to stimulate her for like 5 minutes
>I look to my right and see her shocked face
>she looks at me
>I asked if I can go further
>she just shook her head and told me to leave
>and I took the booze and left

I sometimes think about her autistic face when she realized I wanted to fuck her.
was she qt ?
how old ?
how did you meet ?
>tfw had my chance with an actual pretty qt virgin somehow (we were both 18)
>lost our virginities to each other, she was crazy about me, everything was gonna be perfect,
>breaks up with me out of nowhere, under a month later dating someone in a different country
>told me over and over before we broke up the guy was nothing to worry about, it was nothing like that, she wasn't going to just date someone else right after me, tons of other stuff
>says maybe we can get back together at some point
>then turns back on it all, just like that

I'll never trust anyone again, and I'll never find another virgin gf, I'm almost 20 and it's just all over for me relationship wise. I'll never ever have a happy relationship again.
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