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have any of you robots ever been in a fight?
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have any of you robots ever been in a fight?
Yup out drinking and I was jumped by a guy.

Broke my nose, and we wrestled on the ground and I bit a huge chunk of his lower arm muscle out.

Felt good, even though I broke my nose.
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When I was ~5-8 I was a massive bully. I would beat up guys and make fun of them. I never got in trouble for it because they were probably too embarrassed to tell on me.

Eventually we hit the age where guys were stronger than girls and some kid fought back and actually fucked me up. Both of our noses were bleeding and we had pretty bad bruises.

Since he actually fought back the teacher got involved. I cried as soon as the teacher noticed and the boy got in trouble and was suspended.

kek, serves that fucker right. one of my fondest memories.
>domestic violence in a nutshell
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You should kill yourself.
Srsly. Just kill yourself.
You cried like the little bitch that you are.
I'm kind of a martial arts nerd, so I like hearing about things like this. What was the effect of the bite, fight-wise? Did you win, or did you just get beat up by a pissed off guy with a bitten arm?
Hey, if it works then it works. It was pretty well known in my school that if a girl cried, she instantly got her way.

My parents bought me ice cream when they picked me up from school to make me feel better for "getting beat up". What a great day that was.
I stabed with a pen an assaltant who jumped me in an dark alley demanding my cellphone. That was that, I don't even know what happened after.
I turned schools into a scared straight episode
>tfw no bully gf to dom me
Never threw a punch. But I got beaten up by a huge biker who didn't like my face. I have some martial arts training but I was pretty drunk so I couldn't do anything but take the punches.
>have any of you robots ever been in a fight?

Yeah. Confronted a burglar in my apartment, stabbed him 7 times in the chest, stomach, thigh and neck with a screwdriver I had next to my PC.
You got your head so far up your own ass that you have failed to develop a spine. I'm sorry to say that you are a degenerate.

I've never in my life had someone try to fight me. I'm handsome and people always call me "big guy" or "boss", people assume I'm a cool guy.
yes but it only lasted a few seconds a minute tops. spun this fucker around by his backpack and nailed him in the side of the face. he then tackled me to the ground and started wailing on me. hit him a few times too and we pulled apart. stared at each other and then he just walked away. people spectating said it was more like rough sex than an actual fight.
I was smart enough to use the system to my advantage. How have I failed to develop a spine?

It's not like I had a hatred for guys. I honestly don't know why I was a bully. I remember wanting to beat up some girls too if I could've gotten away with it. I knew that would've got me in trouble.
I did in middle school and in high school but I was pretty noob. Now I take boxing and fight on a daily basis. Feels good knowing you can beat the shit out of anyone
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Most interesting fight I was in happened in year 10.
>Be me, small time fence I sold fags, shishas, and a little bit of weed
>School "gangsters" hear
>Try to mug me after I sold a shisha to a guy.
>Fails horribly, he's smaller than me and my mates surrounded him
>Weekend, figured he'd probably try to start shit on Monday.
>Smoke some weed, listen to gramatik
>Monday comes, chilling out in normal area
>Dude comes over, headbutts me.
>Teacher comes, we start talking causally
>Teacher leaves, I superman him
>Fight a bit, eventually pulled him into toilets
>I was winning, slammed his head into a wall
>Tall fucker, about 6,7ft punches down on me while I was fighting the other dude
>Pull cunt away so big fucker can't land any more hits
>Figure he arranged to ask the other dude for help
>Drag dude into cubicle, intended on drowning him (Movie inspired me)
>Get kicked in the back, trapped in the corner.
>Big fucker, original cunt, and some black fuck were throwing punches at me
>One of my mates eventually got them off
>MFW my eye got cut and fucked up
>MFW I got excluded for starting the fight and he got given help because the school thought I was a threat to him.
I got beat up by a kid twice my size in Hebrew school once. His mummy and daddy had given enough shekels to the temple that nobody gave a fuck.
He just got up and was obviously hurting and bleeding and people started pulling us away from each other.

Cops came we gave our statements, and I was taking to the hospital to get my nose put back to it's normal place. Fucking hurt as hell.
back when i was like 14-15 my brother shoved me in a corner and wouldn't let me leave i thought about kicking him in the chest to push him back or try knocking him out but i ended up kicking him in the nuts (cheap shot) he was in pain but he got up and started feriously punching me but his punches didn't do much and i just took it hurt and when he cooled down i went upstairs
>Yeah. Confronted a burglar in my apartment, stabbed him 7 times in the chest, stomach, thigh and neck with a screwdriver I had next to my PC.

Did he kill?

wtf is up with all the ledditors in this thread?
Gee no shit.
Figure that one out all by yourself, big boy? We literally run the world.

Enjoy your cucking, you stronk European you!
Ya I've been in quite a few fights, especially when I was like 16-20. The one that sticks out the most (and is past the statute of limitations now) is when these 4 bosnian refugees who had been trying to jack me for months finally caught up to me and beat the shit out of me/stole my shit. These huge natives I didnt know happened to drive by in a truck and scared them off, then drove me home. Then a little later I found out where they live, went to their house later with bats with a buddy and fucked up their whole house and stole everything of value off the main floor while they hid in a bedroom.

There were a few others somewhat recently that were just your typical bar fight or fight at a house party, I lost once 1 on 1, and the guy ended up ramming my face into a fence post about 15 or 20 times and split me forehead open, broke my nose and fractured my orbital bone. I havent been in a fight in a few years though
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ive only been in 1 serious fight

>be in 7th grade, sister in 8th
>sister always picked on me, but it was lighthearted stuff, i always would rage internally but pretend to keep it cool
>having a bad day
>sister tells me to hold her bag
>i say no
>she calls me a name (i forgot)
>nig friends that we would walk home with laugh
>i rage
>i tackle her and slam her head onto concrete sidewalk
>we start brawling
>fight gets broken up, i have cuts on my face, shes fine
>we both get in trouble

good times
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Once but I don't remember it

>find a house share place
>roommates are alcoholics and stoners
>keep inviting me to drink with them
>fuck it its better than drinking alone
>they start telling stories about all the women they have fucked
>"anon, its time for you to tell us a story"
>say no
>they keep pressuring me
>eventually come to the conclusion that I am a virgin
>I start panicking and denying it but it is obvious as fuck
>I start making up a story about a girl i dated
>Use some r9k "fembot" that i used to orbit as the basis for my story
>they say they don't believe me
>tell me to bring up her facebook so they can see what she looked like
>I say i will do it as long as they don't try to contact her
>they promise that they wont and shake my hand on it
>at this point i really should have just searched for a random person on facebook, but I had already drunk nearly a full bottle of whiskey so I idiotically gave them the fb of the "fembot"
>they naturally start talking to her, and asking about me
>she freaks the fuck out because we haven't talked in like 3 years and i was going around telling people that we fucked
>I get incredibly embarrassed and smash my whiskey glass
>pick up one of my housemates pipes and threw it through a window
>skull my housemates entire bottle of whiskey as revenge, so he can't drink it
>throw up
This is the part were I blacked out
Apparently he got super pissed, I kept challenging him to a fight for like 30 minutes, and he reluctantly accepted
He literally knocked me out in one punch, then carried me to my bedroom

This is why I don't even try to socialize anymore
>wtf is up with all the ledditors in this thread?

None of those posts had any relevance to reddit, anon. Go take a nice hot bath and slit your wrists, remember - down the road not across the street.
yeah, broken nose, lots of good memories. but at least now I know how to enrage myself in no time. might be helpful next time I am hesitant to land the first blow.
Do you think he got up because of the bite, or because he knew the fight was about to be broken up? I'm trying to determine the effectiveness of unorthodox techniques.
>Did he kill?

Yeah, he died a few days later. I changed my name (just took my mother's name, which is better than my dad's anyway) and moved house because of it, as I got a couple of death threats I took seriously.
Did get into a few fights.
1st grade, punched a fucking asswipe in the head multiple times while holding him down. hands hurt like hell after that.
8th grade, chocked the shit out of a bully, cause i have weak punch but i endured his punch and choked him out until people got us separated. He almost died but bragged that it wasnt even hurt. Ppl never believed him.
Last time was when i was 21, pulled out a knife when a dude bumped into me and asked me to apologize to him. He chickened out.

Yes im an asshole. inb4 only sissies carry knives.
I've always been a big guy 4u so never been in any fights, the bigger you are the less fights you're in unless you seek them out, I'd like to be in a fight and have thought about boxing. I think in every man (who isn't a redditor, male feminist etc) there is a part that wants to fight, i think this is also why fight club was so popular.
I got pretty drunk at a party and a douchebag kept showing up to parties uninvited and crashing them by getting too fucked up every single time. He had serious addiction problems including meth, opiates and spice. I told him to fuck off a good ten times then I fucked his world up pretty bad.

After about 10 minutes, he was just curled up crying with a puddle of blood dripping from his face. I walked inside washed my hand.

After a bit I went back outside to see if he needed an ambulance, at that point he was just choking back tears and sniffing blood, making empty threats.

I left. Never seen him again. My other friends there said I didn't do any permanent damage To him altogether.

that pot was pretty fucking reddit tier. It could have only been more reddit if you had written"Actually, you're wrong." at the start.
Nah. People tend to get cold feet about trying to fight me because I'm 6' 3" and 250 lbs, even though I'm kind of a mellow, non-violent sort of person.

I don't wanna fight, really. Just because I'm worried that I might unleash some kind of retard strength and wind up booked for second degree murder.

This was about 10 years ago.

I'd just moved back into town, and was hanging out with friends.

We drove off to a convenience store to get some sodas and shit because it was 10, it wasn't really a drinking time, and we were hanging out.

I get out of my truck, and like some guys are getting out of a vehicle next to us. Two guys come up to me, one comes up to my friend on the other side. He says something incomprehensible, and before I can finish saying "What?", I see stars because I've been punched in the face. Repeatedly.

I proceed to get thrown on the ground and get kicked in the balls. Repeatedly. My friend goes apeshit, takes the guy on his side down fast. I get up and recover as they turn around to take my buddy on, and....well, I do the only thing I can do, not being a fighter. I tackle one guy to the ground so my friend can have an even fight. My buddy beats the living hell out of the other dude, and I'm wrestling with this other guy on the ground, holding him down, even though I'm getting the living hell beat out of me, because he's punching me, and I'm just laying my fat ass down across him, and finally, my buddy boots him in the side of the head and he sorta stops, because the cops arrive at this time and pull us apart, and my friend and I are covered in blood, and we're not sure why.

Turns out that my friend apparently punched a dude so hard it tore out an eyebrow piercing. We didn't have any bleeding at all, and only had some bruises. My face didn't even swell up.

tl;dr survived an attempted mugging by some drunks, my friend turned out not only to be a huge bro, but demolished three dudes in a fight that I barely helped out in.

The muggers were white dudefratbros.
It's not the actual fighting that has put me off fighting, but the consequences, a black eye or broken bone will heal but getting fired or a criminal record will ruin your life.
>20 years old
>walking home
>pass by a couple of early teenage ghetto kids
>feel a ball hit my back, turn around and see them laughing about 20 feet away
>wind up and kick the ball hard it goes flying between them
>they both start running at me
>they throw stupid punches at me that hit the side of my head
>by the time I realize these kids are actually trying to fight me a group of other children arrive and start yelling
>as I turn to lay out one of them I realize he's just as young as the other two and that there are a number of even younger kids with them.
>walk home go to sleep
If you count bullies pounding me as a "fight", then yes, multiple.
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That's a very robot reason to get in a fight anon. He most robot reason I could think of.

I've done the whole lying about getting down with a girl and then her finding out thing too, I regret it immensely.

But after a year of putting my fear of eternal virginity in the past I have an endless supply of Asian pussy to smash. Feels good to have moved on

In 8th grade there was this kid who weighted at least twice my weight and he spoke like a retard and I used to make fun of him. One time he just snapped and beat me up until I was bleeding and almost passed out.

Our principal was cool with it since we were only a few days away from winter holidays so he just let us go off without suspending him or shit.
And you take solace in being a weak little bitch who can't do anything. God, you're pathetic.
>some dumb beta and his fat bitch gf talking trash
>I'm fairly attractive, but I have no friends and I browse r9k
>people are still friendly to me because I'm a grill
>at bar in foreign country (went to high school in asia)
>sick of beta's shit and sick of his fat Stacy gf
>talk trash back
>things escalate
>tell him to hit me
>he swings
>I dodge and start punching him while using left arm to hold him back
>I'm 5'8" 140 but I was really into working out
>he's like 5'6" 170 but a lazy pothead
>beat him up
>he needs stitches
>I'm fine
>he's ridiculed at school until we graduate
>people are even nicer to me
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>That's a very robot reason to get in a fight anon
Well no fucking shit
Were the hell do you think you are you fucking normie?
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>women in charge of being rational human beings
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Sure,all the time back when I was in was in school and not a neet. It started when I was around grade 3,worst fucking time of my life and my only source of fun was practicing moves from movies/games I liked on the shitty kids. (Other stories on these if anyone cares to know). I was being integrated into a normal classroom because I talked to my Mom about being retarded in math so they actually put me in a retard class,but anyway and I was five and a half feet tall,I was always tall and I guess I smashed puberty early? But I was in a classroom of 30 kids. They quickly started trying to target me with everything but physical bullying because I'm the quiet awkward tall kid and even the Teachers joined in with them soon enough,except this one girl,she was beautiful and made an effort to defend me,and since no one has been that nice to me I actually started to love her,but I know it wasn't mutual. I eventually get tired of it and snap at this one kid that literally always follows me around every recess and throws stones/snowballs while I'm just wandering around in the yard because the other kids didn't want to play with me. There's always a fucking kid like this who tries to impress the other ones by 'facing you',but in his logic it's running 10 feet away from me and throwing shit. Everyone who's been bullied knows a pussy like this. It was late December when I first got sick of this cunts shit,I played it off like one of his shitty snowballs hurt me so he gets all excited with a shit eating grin and comes in closer to see if Im crying or something,probably now around 4-5 feet instead of the usual 10? I sprinted about as fast as a fat 5 and a have foot freak could and caught the fucker by the collar and threw him to the ground and did one of those ground pounds Mario did in 64 on his chest. Took all the air out of his lungs and his friends quickly ran to tell the teachers because he could hardly breath,recess ended after they sent him to the nurse.
>ex-gf mad about some irrational shit like usual
>throws her sunglasses at me and breaks them
>laugh because all she's doing is fucking up her own belongings
>she gets really mad and starts coming at me
>punches me in chest
>yelling at me
>push her away, forcefully
>she stops and looks at me, mouth agape, like i did the worst thing possible
>comes at me again
>i knock her the fuck out with one punch
I would be great if you stopped posting, please.
I've been in several "fights" in school growing up. I use quotations because none of them fought back and it was just more of me wailing on them than a fight.
I also used to fight my older brother a lot. I never have won against him.
no honour
It was self defense :^).
he technically did throw the first punch though
it terrifies me that this is probably what will happen if i manage to move out

thanks for giving me even more reasons to hesitate
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>tfw i used to do the exact same thing

crocodile tears still worked at that age even if ou were a boy, as long as you were a qt one

especially effective since britbong teachers fall for literally everything
fuck off woman
Pls no bully. Faggot
Its not too bad
99% of the time your housemates just ignore eachother
Literally went about 3 months before learning my housemates name one time
how often do you hear them knocking boots, and how often do you inadvertently interrupt them?

thank you for being there for me anon
You got the attention you wanted
what is the next step of your master plan?
It's not bullying to chase away my oppressor.
>how often do you hear them knocking boots
I dunno, most people don't wear boots were I am from
We call them sneakers here
I'm gonna start reporting all you racists for global rule 3 violations :)
>feeding it
god how thirsty can you be

do you think shes going to marry you? do you think she wants you?
File: 7MUTn.jpg (31 KB, 400x449) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>do you think shes going to marry you? do you think she wants you?
I dunno anon, but if i keep responding maybe she will notice me
>being facetious

fine, i retract my thanks
Was i the guy?
Is that you Cody, you asshole?
I noticed you, onii-senpai.
File: ahhh.jpg (71 KB, 700x525) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>tfw if I ever were I would probably get caught up in the heat of the moment and kiss him
Fighting is innately sexual prove me wrong
Only homos get in fights
It's how they release their craving for testosterone in a socially acceptable manner
Don't be like that anon, I was just playing

I have only heard housemates having sex once, turns out he brang home some 40 year old meth adict from the pub
He kept trying to deny he fucked her in the morning but we all knew, and we all gave him shit for the next year

That is the only ssex related thing, besides my female housemate trying to fuck me to get back at her bf
That was a rollecoaster
>because they were probably too embarrassed to tell on me.
I've told on girls who picked on me, and the usual response was for the teachers to do fuck all.

Only stopped when at 12yo I managed to get enough friends and use their help to fuck them up outside school hours.
The only thing I want is for her to GET OUT of this board. It's bot for her, or people like her.
>no friends
What more do you want?
naww, the worse thing i've done to someone is a bloody nose and the worse i've gotten is a black eye
You did your part anon, desu
Fucking roasties wouldn't do a damn thing to help
Does getting drunk and bare-knuckle boxing count? Because other that that yes. I was in 8th grade, stabbed the other guy with a box cutter
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sounding an awful lot like actual friends

last question: how many housemates do you have?
at University, with a Chad, he wasn't so tough, I then knocked him out and People were shouting WordStar, now that I learned he has a gang at University, he told them to hunt me down and bring me to him.
That is your own fault
I will literally date you right now, see that, that is how easy it is for you to find somone
No guy here would ever get an offer like that in a million years
We are ignored, no one notices us

You are not, people will flock around you just for a chance to talk to you
You could never understand what it is like to be a guy here
None at the moment
I have probably had about 20 since I moved out of home
Out of them I never even talked to about 15 of them
Out of all of them I would have considered maybe 3 of them friends, but they didn't even try to keep in touch when they left, 2 of them didn't even tell me they were leaving
>the current year
>wanting relationships
>wanting friends
There's your problem, anon. You talk about how shit the world is, but yet you still want to associate with it.
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I just don't want to be lonely anymore
Please explain that last bit again, about the asian pussy.
>be me
>be in 11th grade
>this one Italian fucklord failedchadlet has been bullying me
for three years now
>calls me ugly and says I have asperger's every day
>says I should date the fat loser that also has asperger's every day
>makes fun of my giant forehead and face
>makes retarded jokes like he'd fuck me with a paperbag over my head
>one day I'm sitting around, keeping to myself, doing some homework
>he says something mean but not out of the ordinary
>I snap, get up and pin him to the wall, he is my height and probably only has a few pounds on me
>punch him in the face a couple times, aware I'm on camera
>get called into the office with him, he cries like a bitch, the principal scolds me and suspends me for a couple days but when he leaves she's like "from woman to woman, I understand that he's a dick but you gotta keep your cool"
>come back the next week and everyone is still making fun of him for being beat down by a girl

2bh my only good high school experience
I don't think you mentioned your gender enough times
File: 1450138017893.png (2 MB, 1918x1192) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 1918x1192
>tfw you'll never be bullied by mystery.jpg
whhhyyy liiveee???
Sorry, onii-senpai. I know that I don't know what it's like to never be able to get attention, but like I said, there's no point to want it.
>I'm the bully

It's called self-defense, senpai. My mommy was at least proud I have that fucker a good beating down.

One thing's for sure.

In situations like that, you learn real fast what friends you can trust with your life.

My bro Cody and I have never had to doubt that we could count on each other for serious shit after that.
Yes, and I've never lost one either. It's literally the only thing I'm good at.
File: frog(4356).jpg (5 KB, 225x225) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Then why the fuck are you here?
Why the fuck are you needlessly pointing out your gender?
Your story would have been exactly the same without it

Face it, you enjoy the attention you are getting
Yet you don't try to do anything about being lonely, you could fix it in seconds but you dont
Because you prefer the small bouts of attention you get from pissing off strangers on the internet

Fuck you
>he never hit or touched you
>you pinned him against the wall and beat the shit out of him

you're the monster here, how are you not the bully?
I'm not lonely, hence why I'm fine with no having friends. I do enjoy shitposting, although my post was not meant as one. Gender shitposting is too easy, I prefer more subtle stuff.
Also the part that was memorable about the story for me is how the guy got picked on for getting his ass kicked by a girl.
In a serious fight? Yeah, once while I was a drunk. I almost killed the guy. He pressed no charges though.

I still feel kinda bad about it.
Why are you typing like an invalid?
Do you have water on the brain?
>I'm not lonely
Which is why you don't fucking belong here

>virgin by choice
>no friends by choice
>thinking you can even begin to understand us

This is why people here don't like women
I have been in actual fights but i find this more amusing. An acquaintance kept insulting me,and i got up, walked over to him, and kicked him into a wall like a spartan. That look on his face of pure shock.
>implying emotional and verbal abuse for 3 years isn't a bigger deal than punching someone in the face a few times

Literally JUST. I have to live with the emotional scars for years, whereas he probably doesn't even remember? I wish I'd left him a parting gift and broken his nose 2bh.

But I don't expect sympathy because no one ever sympathizes with the ugly autist.
I would fight / wrestle with my friends a lot when I was a kid, usually the 20 year old guy we thought was awesome who had been to prison would oversee us.
File: 1451922600724.png (64 KB, 507x540) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be skinny nerd, glasses etc. You get the picture
>change schools
>dont know anyone
>first month there, some asshole starts to start shit with me
>tell him to fuck off
>oh shit
>he tells me to meet him after school so we can ''talk''
>later find out he is supposed to be this school's badass bully who beats the shit out of everyone he doesn't like
>he has been trained in kickbox, his brother is a thug who did time in prison for assault
>realize i'm fucked if I lose or win
>later me and half the school meet him in a remote location
>i can tell there were like 50-60 people there, wanting to see how bully beats the shit out of me
>seeing as how is there no way out, I charge the fucker
>start punching the shit out of him
>hit him couple of times in the face as hard as I can
>I can tell he doesn't give a shit
>due to adrenaline, I lose my balance and trip
>basically try to hold him down like in one of those MMA fights, but fail miserably
>just try to hold him down, so rest of the group can separate us
>they eventually do
>think the fight is over
>as soon as I turn my back on him, he kicks me in the face like a fucking nigger
>immediately fall to the ground, trying to cover my head, so I don't get a fucking concussion
>he kicks me multiple times in the head until Chads separate him
>Everybody sees what a piece of shit he is and are sympathetic to me
>my face is covered in blood and I feel like I'm going to pass out
>eventually go to one of my classmates house to clean myself up (I think she had a crush on me after that day, but that didn't last for long)
>come home, and soon my parents freak out and think I should change schools, but in the end I didn't
I got a little respect after that day from fellow peers, but that didn't last for long once I revealed my power level and I was the outcast for the rest of the year. But at least people left me alone.
File: compliments.jpg (47 KB, 417x358) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
47 KB, 417x358
>because no one ever sympathizes with the ugly autist
Wow, literally the first time I have seen you post and I already understand why people hate you

You are either the dumbest cunt, or the best troll I have ever seen
>my feeelings!
What you did is actually a crime, you degenerate.

Maybe you should've taken his advice and dated the ugly autist anyway. Maybe you'd actually have a bf now.
I specifically said that I can't understand.
>projecting this hard.
>I specifically said that I can't understand.
Then why the fuck are you still here?
This board isn't for people like you

>projecting this hard.
I don't think you know what projecting is
I've been in a few fights, I got in a fight once with a homeless guy that was like 6'2 210 lbs, we were drinking with my brother at 3am and we started arguing over noah's ark. I told him it was just a story not to be taken literally, he called me a moron/idiot, I just remember him on the ground kicking him in the head once or twice after he tried to tackle me, he had a bloody nose.

I was a teenager then so I don't have to drink outdoors with bums anymore since I have an apartment now.
Not even fishing. It has been OBJECTIVELY ESTABLISHED.

Ugly autists just aren't treated as human beans unfortunately. If I was at least a 6/10 people would be like "oh yeah he totally deserved it" but instead I'm seen as violent and angry. Try being bullied for years endlessly everyday and not lash out.

I mean this is the board where a hapa cuck who shot up a school because sorority girls weren't all over his dick is worshipped. But because ugly women are worthless, it is seen as "unjust" to retaliate against our abusers.

I won't even go into the time I stabbed someone in the thumb
Holy fuck you are good
I am impressed, I didn't think trolling was possible at this level, this is some next level shit
>projecting your idea of your boogeyman onto someone
File: 1451113200004.jpg (20 KB, 306x306) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
20 KB, 306x306
i agree. i'm also pretty ugly and terrible socially. the beta males are always the one who bully the most though in an effort to impress Chad and Stacey. high school felt like a goddamn zoo.

i'm proud of you for fucking him up. i'm sure the guy you stabbed deserved it too honestly.

all men should burn.
File: chadpepe1.jpg (123 KB, 504x761) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
123 KB, 504x761
Muay thai and TKD fighter here.

>about 15 amateur fights
>mfw zero street fights

I guess I'm not aggressive or people just avoid messing with me.
It is not a boogyman
Normalfags like you who lack self awareness is the reason this board has gone to shit
You dont understand that we dont fucking want you here
>browsing /b/ since 6th grade. /r9k/ since high school
Sure senpai.
All the time with my sister when I was young. She won most, except one when I beat her up with a stick, and another time when she was winning and I choked her.

Been in a couple of fights in primary school, lost both because I'm a scrawny beta.
>i have been here a long time so that means i am wanted
That is not how it works dipshit
>muh boogeyman and weeping generalizations
File: 1452134548745.jpg (410 KB, 2732x2012) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
410 KB, 2732x2012
>Try being bullied for years endlessly everyday and not lash out.

I know and sympathise with that feeling having experienced it myself. But the fact that you're a tripfag that repeatedly advertises the fact that you're female just damages your credibility. I don't think you're aware, also, that by virtue of being female (it doesn't matter how ugly) you are several rungs higher in the social order than men who feel they are in a similar situation to you.

Pic related. Even this girl got laid through 4chan.
When 90% of the board rages at your shitty contributions it is obvious that you are not wanted here
Serious question, why do you even come here? Is it just to piss people off? you have already stated that you can't empathize or understand how we feel
What purpose could you have for posting here?
Why not just go to /b/ or any other fucking place on the internet were you will fit in, instead of shitting up the one place that people like us have?
in a psych ward some crazy maori thought I was plotting against him or some shit saying "I know what you're up to" "you're not going to get away with it" "I can hear what you're saying"

I had just walked but ti was my second time in there and he was in there the first time always fucking hassling me saying all this retarded shit calling me a snitch, cop, etc, saying all this schio shit like I was talking to him in his head and I could shapeshift he would always get right in my face and he was a disgusting cunt he would always drool and he couldn't really talk proper he smelled like smoke and unwashed maori it was gross and he would always scab smokes or pick them up and spit everywhere everyone hated him because he was disgusting

anyway he said all that shit and got all up in my face after he followed me out to smoke we were alone and he was trying to intimidate me I was sitting he was standing over me talking all this shit like he's gonna smash me I stood up to face him and he got right in my race he put his head right on mine and drolled on me like a disgusting cunt and then smashed my head with his headlike a headbutt and I'm like I'm gonna fucking kill you and he like "I'm fucked in the head bro I'm just mentall ill ;)", but then I saw he was going to headutt me again (it really hurt btw) and I had snuck in a multitool because I was afraid of crazy people, anyway I totally smashed him in the face with it basically suckerpunched him with it in my fist and he fell down in pain making these groans and probably drolling his aids spit everwhere and his face was bleeding a bit

I quickly scurried off back to my room and hid the tool and nothing ever came of it and the guy never bothered me again
I can only imagine how fat and disgusting you are. Rot in hell
sorry, did I trigger you anon?

>implying I'd ever become a disgusting landwhale

haha I have standards.
it wasn't really a proper fight but that's what happened. also some old guy tried to bully me off the computer and I told him to fuck off and this new guy who didn't understand that the old guy was a fucking cunt who wuld bully everyone took it as me hastling an old man so he picked up a table and tried to throw it at me but he didn't throw it far enogh because I ran back around the tables so he started picking up people's plates and shit and forks and starting chucking them at me he was going fucking crazy trying to smash the shit out of me and all the cafeteria stopped and watched this scene but none of his projectiles hit me because I was dodging them and these two security guards come charging in and he gets talked and taken away screaming at me "I"M GONNA FUCKING KILL YOU I'M GONNA STAB YOUR EYES OU I"M GONNA EAT YOU" all this crazy shit "NEXT TIME I SEE YOU YOU"RE DEAD", but a week later I saw him smoking outside and walked straight past him and he didn't do anything he just looked away when I looked at him I was prepared for a fight I was actually pretty scared because I'm not a big guy and he was bigger and I had heard he was back on the ward so I figured he would make good on his threats so I started carrying round a big rock in my pants ready to smash him with it if he tried something, and then I saw him outside smoking so I figured I'd go force the issue because I didn't want to be living in fear but he didn't do anything at all pussy
Yeah, of course. A bit of a hooligan, been a member in firms, so it's been alot. You'll get the latest one.

>Go to the towns only night club with my army buddies
>Standing at the bar talking with friends I haven't seen in a time
>Random guy shoulders me
>Drunk as fuck, I swing around
>Starts to glare at each other
>I ask if there is a problem
>He replies by asking me the same
>In fear of getting thrown out from club, I provoke him to give first punch
>Never recieves a punch
>Later in the toilet with a friend
>Nemesis comes in with two buddies
>Hostility arises, but yet again nothing happens.
>Later on the dance floor
>Around ten military guys just having fun
>The nemesis joins in on the dance floor with friends
>Every soldier picks one from the nemesis gang
>Battlefield mode
>Bottles thrown everywhere
>Girl shoves me aside
>Telling me to calm down
>Another nemesis guy with bottle shows up
>Grabs the bottle and hits him in the head
>Guard comes and drags me out
>Later when the night club closes
>Notices the brat with the bottle
>He speaks in his phone
>Runs after him and hit him in the head
>Telephone smashes on the ground
>The guy succumbs
>Brat stands up again
>Coming toward me
>Cops shows up and throw him into a tree
>Me and the military guys casually walks away
>Cops catches up with us
>Drags me away
>Files me with assault

Good evening out in other words.
File: 1451711291181.png (70 KB, 1024x797) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
70 KB, 1024x797
>be 8 years old
>massive ginger pikey and mates five years older take offense on account of me existing and being shitskins
>hold me down, ginger pikey proceeds to smash my head on the concrete till i'm bleeding
>pikey and co laugh and spit on me and walk away
>school leaves cricket bats out for people to play cricket at lunchbreak, grab one of those
>walk up behind pikey and smash his fucking legs, he goes down
>smash his mates till they piss off
>pikey gets up and slugs me a few times
>smash him till he learns his place
>teacher comes, i chuck bat and start crying
>get brought to headmaster, tell our stories
>mfw he gets expelled for racist attack, i get to go to school nurse and get a fucking lollipop
Chads and women have no honour.
It's a nice place. People only rage when gender is mentioned, which is rarely. I have good discussions in many other threads. I've been here for a long time.
Also where else would I go? I fit in best here
>using social media
>using circlejerk sites
>train Judo since its super popular in my country + free for most uni students
>develop muscle + pain resistance
>at a party
>crack a politicaly incorect joke
>tldr soem guy gets pissed and tells me to take it back, I keep making fun of him
>he's a typical 2tough4u frat bro, attacks me
>throws a punch
>gets me in the face
>lel felt like he just scraped me, little dazed but can tell he never really fought
>grab his collar
>harai goshi his ass onto the floor

He just started groaning really loud and his friends carried him off, turns out he broke 2 of his fingers while landing and also fuke dup his arm a bit
>I fit in best here
we have already established that you dont
You just want to fit in
>using circlejerk sites
Your posting on literally the biggest circlejerk on the internet

But I am actually done, you will never be able to comprehend why we don't want you here
I knew this about half an hour ago, but honestly raging at women on the internet is probably the most the most amount of attention i have ever got from the opposite sex, it is why I enjoy it so much

But I am to tired and fed up to continue, no matter how much i try, you just wont get it
>kek, serves that fucker right. one of my fondest >memories.

Go kill yourself bitch.
So, 25620305, did he die?
You better leave before the revolution starts you shithead
When I was in like 5th grade I went to the pool with some friends. One of them kept dunking me and I couldn't breathe, when I surfaced I raged and suckerpunched the kid. Broke his nose.
Wasn't much of a fight desu, I felt bad for suckerpunching him
>girl btw XD

fuck off.
Fuck you brown man, should have let them kill you
>and like some guys

Stopped reading. Please learn to type like an adult before posting.
File: 1451062097886.jpg (182 KB, 800x999) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
182 KB, 800x999
Rarely, the only times I can recall are of random park and playground encounters.
Couple of times when someone tried to bully me in elementary school or once on the way home. Later resuling in anti-bullying patrol, haha.
Then once or twice with some retard from highschool.
At last again once or twice trying to save someone's ass, but during childhood.
But that would be it..
Luckily enough so far I just never stumbled upon any quarrels and what not.
Drunk people always assume I'm their long time no seen friend, unluckily usually while on a bus or train haha. At least their calm near me. And none really picks fight with me either cause I do not draw much attenation, neither do I stand out beside the loner or outsider attitude, I pretty much do not even make enemies.
I pretty much only despise people, and they usually do not even realise when I mock them.
Generally I'm too big for people to want to fight me. I had one kid "bully" me for like the week or two of 1st grade. One day the kid pushed me and I was sick of tolerating his shit so I grabbed him and threw him into a desk and he never said a word to me again. I guess you could kind of call that a fight but I barely remember that. Maybe one day though. I've always wanted to properly beat the shit out of someone and never gotten the chance to.
Except the dude was someone who was in the same position as me, if not even worse, and still had a thriving social life, lots of friends, and the ability to bully an ugly woman.

So I can't really feel any pity for pathetic dudes because they've always been able to one-up me by virtue of sucking up to Chad 2bh
File: 1403730938475.png (153 KB, 700x700) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Be me working.
opened a auto-center in my town
things are going great
Motherfucker spoilled brat takes he's BMW 325i
He want to be some kinda of fast furious fucker
Install turbo, put some accessories (spoilers, wheel rim 19)
When he comes to pick the car, end up whinning about the price, and start to scream and shit.
Pays up
When he's about to goes off, he goes full reverse and werck the back of the car.
Get out of the car pissed screaming about how i need to pay up his car, and shit
Start trashing my balcony
Take the wrench from the ground
Hit him in the fucking nose, get over him and punch the face of the bastard
Arrested for 2 weeks.
Fucking brats.
I got my shit kicked out of me by a girl when I was 14.

She caught me taking creepshots of her and beat me up. I was very tiny as I had not hit puberty and she was almost fully developed. I don't know if it was much of a fight though as I tried to pretend to not be fighting back because I knew she was stronger than me and it would be embarassing. She slapped me, threw me on the ground and dragged me to a pile of snow where she kept "snowdrowning" me until I was crying.
File: 1445031459989.gif (2 MB, 200x293) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 200x293

Why the h8 m8s? Jamal been fucking your oneitis and you lashing out on brownbots?
>6th grade before class
>walking to class with black boy I want to impress
>another white kids there for the same reason and calls me a faggot to the black boy
>punch him in the jaw
>he stumbles back, I walk away confidently
>suddenly find myself falling backwards to the floor, he pulled me down by my hood
>teacher sees and we both get suspended
>never did impress that black boy
Like you said before, you choose not to have friends, and not to have sex, whereas for men on this board, it's not a choice.
>Hating men on a board that hates women
In a sense, yes I have been.

Back during my college years, I spent my summer breaks working at a camp for the retardeds. I had won a full scholarship, but I still needed to pay for books and so on, so I still had to do a job. And farming those tards was the job I was ordained to do by God, Nature, and Fate.

Now, one of our tards was a homicidal maniac. He heard voices, like the Rubbers. The Rubbers were two talking hoses that shot milk straight up his urethra while telling him dirty jokes. Maybe that's why he punched himself in the dick when they spoke to him. Who knows? Mysteries of the universe and all.

Aforementioned crazytard loved the ladies. Now, when the need to fuck came upon him, he didn't get all rapey. Oh no. He got murdery. He wanted to murder the ladies that gave him a boner (I can relate, but that's another story).

One evening I was in the bathhouse where we hosed the tards off. Psychotard saw a female counselor he liked. And he went after her. Landed a punch, grabbed her head, and was about to smash it into the concrete walls when I took him down.

Restrained him, held him as he thrashed, and screamed a bizarre exorcism, telling him to ignore the voices in the head urging him to murder. He eventually calmed down. The ambulance came, and I rode with him as he was sent to the hospital.

The fair damsel I saved treated me with nothing but disdain. I didn't expect a blowjob or anything, but merely a "thank you". However, although I had kept her from being murdered, I had allowed crazytard to land a punch, and so was not worthy of any sort of gratitude.

Fun fact. There was another man who could have helped us. He ran away screaming. No joke. He cowered like a little bitch. And went on to have a lot of sex with many of the female counselors that year.

And I am an angry old virgin.

Such is life.

But yes, I have been in something like a fight.
File: Happy-Sad-Frog-25.jpg (70 KB, 400x388) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
70 KB, 400x388
>Year 7 gets Bullied
>Year 8 Still getting Bullied
>Year 9 Bullying getting Worse
>Deicide to take up Boxing
>Train for two years without telling anyone
>Last year in high school
>P.E Lesson
>Bully finds boxing gloves in box
>asks me for a fight
>Takes Gloves of him and gets ready for fight
>Put him to the floor with one punch
>ever since he ignored me
>best day at school ever
I've been in tens of fight familia.

people bullied me because I was an ugly little fuck who didn't have any friends, but I had a shitty temper and kicked the shit out of them.

Out of all the fights that I've been in I only lost two, and I was fighting three punks at the same time in one of those two.
When something cringe happens i feel it on the air around me and give me gossebump, but when something like this happens it gives me streng
File: 1452307654533.png (67 KB, 616x596) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
67 KB, 616x596
>be me
>7th grade
>kid I know talks shit about everything, wont do nuffin
>one day, talks shit about my sister
>deck him in the face
>broken nose
>5 day suspension
>doesnt go to the school anymore
Yeah twice.

Stupid blonde cunt and her male friends bullied me in 7th grade for being a math nerd.
I brought a wrench with me to school to intentionally start shit with her and her faggot friends.
Told them to meet me outside after class next to the deli.
Broke their fucking arms and legs. Blonde cunt runs like a bitch.

Fast-forward to today.
I'm a 26-year-old actuary who passed all SOA exams. Make $210,000 after taxes & deductions. Buffed as fuck.

Meet stupid blonde cunt again at a local bar. Starts hitting on me and inviting me over for a fucking. Wasn't in the mood and I still hated the cunt, so I told her to fuck off. Got a call next morning from her BF that he was going to beat me up for "squeezing" the blonde's ass.
Me: "What the fuck? Your GF is a lying cunt".
Hang-up. He tracks me down and tries to start shit in the middle of a large crowd. Blonde cunt was with him. I knock him out with 1 punch. Call him a faggot and call his GF a whore.
Police arrest me and charge me for assault.
Found a qt college gf. Fuck her regularly. Shits tight yo

Would a 22 year old total novice joining for the first time get hazed? ;_;
You were probably shagged
File: 1435804097376.gif (2 MB, 330x270) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 330x270
when I was 6. Got owned by some super fat russian kid my age

>tfw he was just too heavy for my 15kg frail body
We get it you're trying to fit in. You're doing a great job.
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