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Feels Thread
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Post some feels, either original or not-original.
This picture pretty much sums up my outlook on life.
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This from last night, this was the culmination of a 4 hour, 1,000 post thread.
>tfw texting this girl every day since before thanksgiving
>no I don't initiate every time
>sext the dirtiest shit I ever have
>honestly think I'm in love with this girl
>try to schedule a date with her 3 times
>she cancels the first because of family stuff, ok
>too busy for 2 and 3
>give up hope and decide to move on
>she texts me on NYE about how she's my gf now
>we sext twice since then, both times she talks about how she wants me, needs me
>keep talking about how much we like each other
>she schedules a date for last night
>text her yesterday about what time we were meeting up
>"was that tonight? I thought it was tomorrow, I have a tinder date tonight"
>text her this morning, she's extra happy
>ask her why
>she got laid last night on her date
>it was great
>now she's explaining the sex to me
>tfw she'll probably cancel our date today
>I'm in too deep now to move on
I haven't been this depressed in I don't even know how long
Ask her why she went out and had sex if she considers herself your gf
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I should clarify that I'm non-monogamous. There was never an expectation of exclusivity. But she never has time for me yet somehow keeps having dates and such with other guys. I know she must not feel the same way I do, I know I'm nothing special to her, and that kills me inside.
Move on, if she could do that to you and she says shes your "girlfriend" there's no telling what else she would do if you where in a relationship with her; and don't think this is your fault, don't get depressed over a narcissistic slut, go be successful in life, this bitch will end up fucking her life up.
Your texts are being posted on twitter right now.
If she's explaining the sex to you then you are fucked, or should i say cucked
Cut her off.

>Read this thread
>Assume I must have accidentally clicked on /b/ or /adv/
>No, I'm still on /r9k/

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>I'm non monogamous
Then I have no sympathy for you since you're willingly making these stupid decisions. Honestly, off yourself.
Fuck this hits close to home.
I doubt that. She works three jobs while still taking a full load at college. She's definitely going places.
If she cancels tonight then I'll know for sure this is the case.
I can't bring myself to do it
This happened a few years ago, still not over her
>be best friends with grill
>in love with her
>soon we went to different schools
>try to keep in contact with her, always text her first
>she always ends the convo in like 10 mins or less
>haven't talked to her in so long, think about her every day and miss her so much.
>depressed and have not felt happy in at least 2 years.
So I met this girl on a night out and we've been texting. Only problem is she says stuff like "I don't think we're gonna be friends". I dunno if it's she doesnt want to or doesnt expect to. should I ask if she wants to meet up sometime or just leave it?
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>decide to order pizza
>realise you have no money
who /parentsfighteveryday/ here?
This isn't a feel, but it is a warning
>Going to grindr
>Not using a condom
What the fuck did you expect to happen?
What a fucking cunt. This made me clench my fist in rage. You go tell her to fuck off and die, sever all ties. Seriously, do this. And then post response. If you keep any connection at all, you are a cuck.
>engaging in gay sex
>expecting not to get AIDS

My parents used to fight but nowadays they're very fine, even heard them having sex in new years.
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>unprotected anal sex with another man
>surprised when you get HIV
I'm sorry it happened but c'mon, dude.
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>start uni
>try to be normal for once and go out during freshers week, first day there was a pub meet with other people living at said accomodation
>alcohol easing my social anxiety, think i'm doing well and stuff, even go clubbing with them, and get numbers, kinda have a 'lad group' to drink and go clubbing with i guess
>text them next day if they doing anything, all of them say no or hungover or some bullshit
>walk into kitchen, two girl flatmates invite me to a flat party.
>get dressed and predrink a little before heading over there, still no replies from 'friends'
>when I arrive them, virtually all of them are there together as a group, at which point they notice me and start giving some half-assed bullshit about why i wasnt invited.
>just walk away from them, fucking confidence just hit rock bottom, pretty much can't even talk to people at the party even while drunk.
>eventually just leave the party alone and sit in my room
>I haven't tried to make friends at uni since
>I'm non-monogamous.

Lel, what a moron. You brought this upon yourself.
It gets better man. First year, I clung to my first flatmates, who loved clubbing and taking MDMA and all the rest of it.

There's a group out there for you. Dumb as it sounds, found mine at a Celidh society. When it became the norm for us all to go to quiet pubs and play the latest boardgame someone bought, with good friends and good ale, I realised what was important.

Find em pal, they're somewhere.
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>giving some half-assed bullshit about why i wasnt invited
iktf anon
tfw they know that you know it's complete bs, yet they pretend it's fine

>some pal from university I learn with occassionaly invites me to go to a bar with two chicks tomorrow
>think it is time to come out of my shell and I agree
>he tells me he fills me in on the details later
>come home next day and just do my thing until his message comes
>he never messages me
>not even on the next day

I did not expect anything, I even predicted that he would drop me, but it still hurt a little.
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this is a pretty good one... worth the read.
This guy's right, found mine after half a year through some dude I sat next to in an extra curricular that happened to be on my course.

Don't be a faggot and give up after being rejected by a group of cunts
uni people are faggots anyway. just have fun bro, you will enjoy it regardless.
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Feels train has left station
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>he smiles the happiest smile i have seen in years
worst feel desu. All "feels" of loneliness and other shit will never compare with money or health problems
My friends would always be like "oh, I thought one of the others invited you".

I rarely hang out with people anymore, as I've also noticed that whenever I'm asked to do anything it's because there was no one else to ask.
I'm literally always the last guy invited to anything.
The last resort you never think first about.
That just reminded me that I'm sitting at home alone because my only friend found some better friends and won't even respond to my texts and calls.
wasn't there another OP that said that Elliot's dad was the one posting the rare Elliot's? I think it was because he wanted to know about the site he used
I must've missed this. What happened?
that was beautiful. left me with goosbumps

Someone posted over 100 photos of Elliot, that had never been seen before, the two threads had almost 1,000 posts between them and some people thought it might be Elliots father posting.
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>you never had and never will have love this meaningful
>hurrdurrdurr it gets better

i fucking hate you faggots

just because it got better for you doesn't mean it'll work out for everybody

eat yourself
You have been muted for 2 seconds, because your comment was not original.
Who is Elliot? I'm completely out of the loop here.
>Be me, 14 year old cringe
>big bro and his friends about to go into garage to smoke their dank hydro
>Beg my bro to let me join
>go down and they pack the bong fat and tight
>mfw shit smells like mint tea
>must be the good shit
>Bro and his buds are all giggling and saying that i should take the first hit
>tell me to hit that shit long and hard to get full effects
>Bros friend lights that shit with a torch while i fill my lungs to the max with the dank ganja
>Holy shit wtf
>I'm instantly in some fucking torture chamber, blood everywhere and getting whipped by a skeleton
>tfw a skeleton popped out and beat your ass with a spiked wip
>shit looks like a level from god of war.
>freak the fuck out, screaming and crying, literally piss and shit my pants
>come to and my bro and his friends are laughing their asses off
>i'm covered with shit and piss, and tears
>tfw they put salvia instead of weed

shit was cray
the bloke who did a mass shooting, elliot rodgers
>while still taking a full load at college
She sure is
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The supreme gentleman
original comment do not steal
The only thing I can say to you man is to don't get more into that and slowly fade that shit away from your system, it's gonna damage you even more if you keep this up.
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Elliot Hulse, the youtuber.
>gets invited to a party
>born into lower middle class family
>food for the day, but that's about it
>dad is a drunk
>shouting and fighting every night for my first 10 years
>le bed wetter
>dad starts becoming physically violent
>cops visit every now and then
>dad almost kills mom with knife
>finally me and mom move away
>get depressed, probably PTSD or something
>still have to go visit dad every now and then with mom
>she has some sort of Stockholm syndrome, "he actually is a good guy, and he has said he was going to quit"
>dad was always drunk when we visited

>fucks me up sociallly, 0 confidence no self respect
>people say "it will get better" FUCK YOU!

>friends start drinking
>inb4: normie with friends get out
>I say no, because I don't want to end up like dad
>see friends partying, drinking having fun, getting girls
>haven't told friends about childhood, I think they still know to some degree
>just sit at home playing vidya and fapping
>been doing that to this day

Anyone else drunk parent here?
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That sucks man, but it really posts my pepes how women reason about relationships.
>"Hmm, this guy is an abusive drunk. I better stay with him"
>"Hmm, I'm kinda tired of this guy. I better leave him"
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