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Post in this thread if you've had a...
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Post in this thread if you've had a crummy day.

No need to specify if you don't want to. Just say what you want and get it off your chest.
I had a shit day. I feel very sad. Too many reasons why. Not it's noon and I haven't slept, but if I sleep it will just be 8 PM and I'll be up all night. Fuck. I hate my life. I hate me.
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I wish i could give you a hug.

So have a Lemmy instead.
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I saw moonrise kingdom again and it always makes me feel like I missed out on young love even if that version is Romanticised as fuck
My life pretty much got fucked today.
It's gonna be a living hell for the next 2 months or so.
Hell happened?
Solidarity brother.
Know that you aren't alone.
what if i had a crummy life?
All are welcome in our house of misery.
got called junkie and basically asshole by my father for smoking weed
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>walking to library
>car flying down the street slams on its breaks and guy gets out and starts yelling at me
>yells about "how I must think its funny talking to his wife and he's spent all morning tracking my ass down"
>no fucking clue who this guy is and I tell him I don't know what the fuck he's talking about
>says he aint fucking around and he's about to beat me to death for talking to her
>He keeps shouting Dave at me thinking its my name
>tell him calmly I'll pull out my wallet and prove I'm not this dave dude
>slowly pull out wallet, dude pushes me to the ground and starts going through it tossing shit everywhere
>finally finds my ID, looks it, back at me, then just drops my wallet and ID and walks back towards his care
>about to get in and looks at me and says "well you're not him but don't fucking talk to my wife"

I didn't even get a fucking "sorry" or "my bad". I nearly got the shit kicked out of me by some steroid raging bastard for no other reason than having glasses and being short with dark hair.
I am having a no-good day.

Mainly because I'm trying to quit drinking and I'm on day five and life is very hard to bear without the blinders that alcohol provides.
>crummy day

go away redditor
Well when my mom asked what I'm doing today and i told her just relaxing and watching football she said i had a "boring life". I mean i do but when you hear it from your mom it kinda stings, especially the way she said it
Shame you're not a jew. That's easily at least one charge of assault you could have had him charged for if you were smart enough to remember his car rego and call you the police.
>got stood up
>no explanation
>person not around to speak to
>no plans for tonight
>still not sure what the problem is
>can't call this person in case they're intentionally avoiding me (which they clearly are)
>what if we never speak again feels

Thanks for the chance to vent, Anon.
I got woken up 3:00 AM by my downstairs neighbor screaming about white people. He repeated cracker, honky, and whitey over and over again. "Fuck you man" x100, etc.

Took awhile for me to get back to sleep, woke up groggy. Still not fully awake. This day is probably going to be wasted.
For a solid year, i've been going into town(20 minute drive) twice a week to pick up rent money that people owe my dad. Never been tardy.
So since this week there was a change in the days, the place where i would pick up the money closed on hour early and my dad flips out because i didn't go, despite the fact that he would have gotten the rent money regardless on Monday.

Get bent faggot. You took out 2 thousand pounds out of a shared savings account that you and my mom both made for my sister and i back in July. She even had to sign the fucking papers allowing you to draw it out and i still haven't seen a dime.
Fuck you and your self righteous ass.
I bonked my head and have a terrible headache now.
>tfw women will never understand this feel
Tell her to blow it out her narrow ass.

Even if she is avoiding you, you would be in the right for being stood up. If she starts making excuses, tell her to go fuck herself hard.
fuck my girlfriend, im stupid for getting back with her, i want to break up but she'll only guilt me and ill feel bad even though she deserves much worse than just a breakup
she can never admit to ever doing anything wrong and will fight with me if i passively ask for an apology for the stupid slutty shit shes done
Having your best friend dating the girl you like, and both of them constantly pour their heart out to you, is painful as fuck, man.
Dump the bitch. What's holding you back?

I can't do that Anon, as tempting as it is. I wanted to be absolutely fucking furious and instablock them but I need to see they're okay first before unleashing the fury.

Plus I doubt they'll be around this evening if they're actively avoiding me, so I'll probably have calmed down by the morning.

I just have literally fuck all to do so I'm laying in bed just ruminating over it all.
The worst feeling is not having a crummy day, but knowing that tomorrow is going to be a crummy day is definitely more painful. When you've come to the conclusion you've had a shit day, it's most likely night time and can't get any much worse. Tomorrow is going to be really shitty for this faggot.
Is there a chance that there is a decent reason you've been stood up? Your post seems to suggest that there might be.

It's unlikely, yeah, but don't draw conclusions just yet.

>wake up late
>shower too hot, and won't cool down or stay pointing in the right place
>knock some bottles over in my room getting dressed
>kick one across the room
>leave, late
>headphones tangled despite being in my pocket for seconds
>accidentally pull them out with my hand right after putting them in
>tfw know it's going to be a shit day
>tfw I'm right about this 90% of the time

>tfw know you get angry at all these things because it seems like nothing ever goes right, but that you still probably have an anger problem

Why is tomorrow going to be shit?
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