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Most people here disagree but that is fine,...
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Most people here disagree but that is fine, im not looking for friends. Let me tell you why I know the system failed me. That I should be the successful one making money but let me explain

Here is the background

>Be me 17, have 187 IQ actual genius
>Not going to graduate on time because of academic reasons
>bored to death from faggot teachers and the shitty homework and decide to drop out of school

alright before you judge me, you dont have a 187 IQ. Can you solve a rubix cube easily?
I don't care about Shakespear and where France is located, it is not important and doesn't solve problems
anyway moving on

>have worked menial jobs like pizza delivery and gas station attendant
>realized 2 years ago these jobs are fucking useless and only morons take them
>quit quickly
>Now Im 29, funemployed and living at home with my parents and not working just smoking weed all day

So why me you ask. What do i have that makes me "entitled"

Why? Because im too good for this garbage shit. I know im smarter than the engineers and CEOs of the world, I should be making that much money, fuck a stupid certificate it means nothing.

I should be making money right now but the system told me i needed some bullshit certificate to do it. The college bros won I guess, a piece of paper means you are qualified. It doesnt mean jack shit, my bro is retarded basically but because he has a degree he has a job but not me?

How the fuck does this make sense?
Fucking hell im pissed, one chance and the world throws me this fucked curveball

I should have been taken out of school because of my IQ and put in a genius camp or something. Why the fuck doesnt this exist?

How did the system fuck you robots ?
you know those stereotypical old men who work at like a gas station or something who spout bullshit like this like "ohh i coulda been sumthn but i was fukn CHEATED by the world blah blah fuk da government fuk women i should be the one" and you think they're really pathetic and don't listen to them?
you are what they were at your age
this. Just this.


I have 184 IQ, people are jelly, they dont believe me when i am telling them i can do their job better if they give me 1 weeks of training, it's like they cannot even understand since their IQ is so much lower than mine.

It's like a normal 120 IQ talking with a 70 IQ retarded black, how sad the world is, my father and mother gave birth to one of the few genius the world have ever know, and i am here with nothing.

Dont lose hope, i am learning japonese by myself and i'll go there when i'd be done with it, there, i am sure they would be glad having a superior white male.
You sound like a lazy entitled moron. You may very well be smarter than a lot of engineers, but you know what? They will be way better engineers than you are because they went to school and know they're doing.

Sure a lot of the shit you learn in highschool and the first year or two of your degree is kind of general and not directly useful to stuff you're interested in (it still has use and value, you just lack the creativity and vision to see it), but the last year or two (if you're actually smart you'll be able to get a degree in under 4 years, or a masters in 5) are for the most part pretty specific and relevant to your degree.
You sound retarded
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Kokoro-chan is a Harvard grad with 13 000 000 iq!!!!
People who talk about a 180+ IQ are almost always lying or think online tests are accurate.

Almost no tests claim to be able to accurately measure IQ beyond the 160 point, and those that do tend to be scientifically sketchy.

Either way, OP is a complete and total loser whose entire self-worth hinges on a number that he believes is superior to everyone else's number.
>falling for the iq meme
it just means how fast your brain can solve shit compared to your age group
i have a tested iq of 160 and didn't accomplish shit in my life i am just as much of a lazy fuck as the rest. i actually thought i was goong to become the second einstein too op. nah that schit takes dadication
> I have a high IQ, why do I have to work like these plebeians? UGH!

Fuck of, the reason these people are higher than you is because they worked while you spouted off about how smart you were.
If this is true, you fucked up. Geniuses either dedicate themselves to a profession which generates very little income (authors, etc) or they manipulate the system around them to become wealthy, which is why some of them drop out from Harvard while attending classes and simultaneously building multi-billion dollar companies.

Also, solving a Rubik's cube super fast has nothing to do with intelligence. It's literally just about memorizing algorithms. If you know the basic patterns, then you know how to solve it.

True intelligence has to do with both problem-solving AND creativity/inventiveness. If you've never shown any inclination to come up with new ideas or radically alter something, then you are probably not nearly as intelligent as you think you are. There's a reason people like da Vinci and Tesla are held up as the pinnacle of genius, rather than the hundreds of child prodigies who accomplish literally nothing with their lives.
>responding to stale copypasta

Jesus Christ guys

I shall tell you a few things. I was last year in the exact same situation as you.
I was lazy, arrogant and thought the whole world was being led by idiots.
You know what I did to get where I am today!?
I just got over it.
You're whining like a little bitch.
Just because you are smart and have a high IQ doesn't have to mean that you will get special treatment from everybody, this behavior is far more suited for sixth graders.
I get your feelings and I know it isn't easy, but try to act like an adult and begin somewhere, it doesn't really matter where. You will find your peace and your interest and maybe even a girlfriend. Who knows?

Or just choose suicide... Whatever.
You didn't develop any self-discipline because you never had to. I had the same happen to me. I wish a teacher would've pulled me aside and given me harder homework etc. but they didn't care. The kid is getting As so why bother.

Too bad I never developed any passions either but I "figured out" that hedonism is pretty great and got a low stress job to pay the bills and buy manchild toys.

I hope you work on your superiority complex and actually make some progress in your life. If you're lucky you'll find a passion of some sort.
>actually an underachiever at everything

You're not a genius, in fact, you are a flat out stupid loser with that neckbearded attitude.
At the end of the day no one cares what your IQ is because you have no skills. Knowing where France is is much more important that solving a Rubik's cube.

I have an IQ of ~144 (can't remember the exact number because I, and everyone else in real life, doesn't give a fuck) and I have the most amazing fulfilling career in the world and a great, beautiful partner who loves me.

Fuck you and your arrogance; do something with your life before it's to late.
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^doesn't care where france is

You absolute scum
kind of hijacking this thread. Does IQ decrease with age? I was tested when I was 9 because one of my teachers thought I was a genius, and it came back out of the threshold for genius (I think that was over 150 or 155 or something), but still in the upper range. I definitely dont feel as smart now (especially when compared to my peers/coworkers), but do you really get dumber as you get older? Im only 22. Or do some kids just develop a little later and only start getting smart later in life? When I was a kid I was barely able to talk to most kids without laughing because they could hardly string together coherent sentences. Or is it because I'm surrounding myself with more like minded people now and the difference between myself and my peers isn't as great?

Its kind of hard to articulate, but although I dont really think I've gotten dumber, I definitely don't feel as smart when compared to everyone else. wtf happened?
Yes, as IQ is comparative with a pool relative with your age. I was a high functioning child (I was articulating myself at a very, very young age, even before I knew how to walk. And I started walking before most of my peers too). I'm still considered high-functioning, but I'm failing life because of mental health.. go figure.
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You're not so smart at all if you think IQ means anything objectively or that grants you anything.

It's all about relations and favors, not about "IQ"

You're just the stereotype >>25615979 outlined

That what is not exerscised swells.

If you stop doing strategy stuff or mathematics your IQ score will decrease.

Also the internet and this place can decrease your IQ, because it kills imagination and creativity
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