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All Slavs welcome. Tell stories, share feels.

last thread was deleted. "This thread has been pruned or deleted"

pretty sure it was the hot pocket mods, but either way
why was the last thread deleted?

it was such a good thread. i dont remember enjoying a thread that much in quite some time

the nerve of some people
Mods, live everybody else, hate slavs.
becuse racism
>endless nigger cock threads are okay
>camwhoring threads are fine
>"fembot" feel threads are gucci
>"blackbot" threads are kosher
>mods delete the one good thread in r9k that has good quality discussion and legit feels

this board is dead. fuck chinkmoot and fuck admins
Do a lot of slavs watch anime? Just finished Dagashi Kashi. This season is pretty shit and small for some reason. Also watching Kyoani shit.

I know that a lot of teens and whatnot watch Wan Piss and Naruto for some reason.
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hey subhuman, go back to to 2ch.ru
first of all, i forgot russian, being a slavic jew living in canada since i was 8

second of all, ive heard that that site is filled with cp to the brim

i dont need that shit in my life. relearning russian again isnt worth it to risk having cp on my pc

although i do wonder what kind of feels slavs feel on those sites

>tfw u will never post in high quality slav feel threads on russia's 4chan
Not to get all /pol/ on you, but you'll notice that those threads are by women and brown people.

Maybe if we start talking about gay experiences they'll leave us be.
it's not that different here in eastern europe than it is in the west. all my friends are normals who spend 24/7 on snapchat/facebook, they only talk about cars and girls. I guess the only difference is that there's a strong feel of community here. and strangely, tolerance too. you never feel left out. you can be the weirdest autist, but people will still invite you to hang out just because you happen to live near. the only thing I don't like is that no one understands that it's fucking rude to be on your phone 24/7 and that nobody gives a shit about your car or whatever.
Yes, slavs are huge weeaboos
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Polish here, most people in my country is racist and I'm tired of it. One of the new ministers hates biking and vegetarianism because it's too leftist.
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really, russia.jpg
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im a slav but im completely lost on this one

can someone PLEASE explain to me WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK is going on in this picture?
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comically fitting
I'm more confused by five nights at freddy's. At least mortal combat has some hot chicks.
small sample probably
>that feelio when playing counter strike
us slavs right
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>tfw counter strike is becoming popular amongst non-slavs

IT'S NOT FAIR, THEY TOOK THE ONLY THING WE HAD TO OURSELVES! (well maybe Heroes 3 but still...)
slav games imo

>cs 1.6
>quake 3
>age of empires 2

thats about it
im a slav
i played all of those

also a lot of starcraft and wow and dota
I'm pretty leftists by slav standards, I'm not racist, and I'm a literal faggot. But as the left is getting more and more traction in the west, I realize just how corrosive and damaging it can be.

Sexual revolution already fucked over the family unit and produced generations of neurotic, inept, and unhappy people. Multiculturalism and cultural relativism threaten our very safety, while PC bullshit infringes on our freedoms, right down to the fucking freedom of thought. I'm not quite ready to give up on being a leftard, but I can appreciate the value of having the strong right in the country. So yeah, be annoyed. But it could be so much worse.
RIP good thread

fuck you mods
oh right dota how could I forget about it

i disagree with starcraft and wow, we (slavs) never really had very good starcraft players and wow was/is p2p so obviously there werent many slavic players
>But it could be so much worse.
It could, in Russia they pretend to be gay over the internet and ask gay men to a date, then beat them. Probably to protect family unit and all that shit.
And in germany you get immigrants raping women and the mayor telling them to cover up better. Going to either extreme will get you to an oppressive, miserable state. That's why balance and diversity of opinion is important.
eh, im part ukranian and ukraine had a shit load of good sc players

whitera, strelok, etc

ukraine in sc1 was really good. bratok was the best russian player for sc1 and he wasnt as good as the ukranians

is ukraine like the sweden of eastern europe?
Bump thread for feels
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Does being half Ukrainian and half West European make me a slav or am I just white?
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Slavs are whitest people in the world.
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