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Student Loan
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How bad is that student loan debt, /r9k/?

You can't ignore it forever...

This is what I racked up getting 2 Bachelor's degrees. Could've been worse.
>tfw mom is 70 with previous health problems so when she dies I won't have any debt
thanks mom
Hardly matters, you just pay it off in installments that you barely notice anyway.
>2 bachelor's

Did you go exclusively to community college or what?

I heard that some people pay that much per semester.
>not working and taking semesters off to pay for college out of pocket
This is my 6th year into my master's degree, and I still have at least 5 classes left.

OP, you are a fucking idiot. Never go into debt unless you absolutely have to.
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>Never go into debt unless you absolutely have to
For what it's worth I built up enough goodwill among faculty and a strong enough GPA that I'm getting my Master's without having to pay tuition.

Though, I've wondered what would happen if I emigrated somewhere, renounced my US citizenship, and stopped paying my loans.

Realistically, what could they do?
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I'm paying 100 glorious euros per year for uni

Feels good to be a frog
I'm also curious about this now that it's been brought up.

had a scholarship. feels great man, all my friends have crushing debt.
Keep hounding you until the statute of limitations is over. You'll never be able to come back here though.
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I went to a small state university.

>mfw my brother went to a big-name university around here and is one of the poor schmucks paying ~30 grand per semester
>mfw he's a military welfare queen and his GI bill covers everything
>mfw I couldn't enlist because of deafness
>You'll never be able to come back here though.
Not even on, say, a tourist visa or something?

Aw, hell, this is really specialized knowledge. I'd be better off talking to an immigration lawyer or something about it. It's just a curiosity, though.

I'm afraid if I talked about it with my loan officer they'd try to prevent or preempt it somehow.
>you can't ignore it forever
after another 14 years my loan wipes itself regardless of how much I've payed off

got about 19k GBP not good boy points in debt
You'll have committed a crime. You could try and come back but any DHS officer in the airport will have scanned your name and passport and then arrest you on the spot. You'll be turned over to the agency (whether local or federal) in charge. You're committing a crime, technically theft.
Doesn't sound like it's worth it over 37K in debt. But that's satisfied my curiosity a little. I'm googling around now, and the closest thing I've found is some hilarious moron on Reddit who's 220K in debt and is considering grabbing a bunch of credit cards, throwing them all at his loans, and then fleeing the country for 10 years in the hopes that his CC debt would just evaporate.
Credit card debt is worse desu because a lot of them are international and send international collections at you. Will definitely prevent you from having any sort of card in your new country and probably prevent you from getting any other loan, like for a house or car.
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Eh, growing up, my parents always told me to never get a credit card. I didn't really understand it at the time but I get it now.

My student loan debt is all I've got, and I feel like it's a manageable amount.

My degrees are in English Literature (what I really enjoyed) and TESOL (for employability), so it'd be a snap for me to go teach abroad somewhere. The idea of fleeing the country if the debt ever got too much has always been in the back of my head.
I'd teach abroad for a while for the experience desu. Looks great on a resume, is practical experience, and probably cheaper cost of living. Pray off the debt quicker that way.
>I'd teach abroad for a while for the experience
I taught in China over the summer of 2012.

I'm planning to do the same in Japan this year.
How does one do that anon?
>15k in debt
>didn't even graduate
you're right, anon, it could be worse
About 20k bongbux in debt.

I paid off like 50 pound last year, but gained around 150 in interest, so it's only going up.
Short answer: It was a cultural exchange program through my university.

Long answer: It helped that I was one of only 4 students who was able to complete the Chinese language program. I was the only one out of our group who spoke the local language; the whole group was dependent on me. I guess that the university got tired of sending over ignorant yellow-fever airhead boys who'd try to sleep around and got into trouble. There were two people like that in my group; they never did what I told them to, they didn't show up to their teaching classrooms; one of them even got put in prison (rather, a holding cell) for threatening a security guard.

Remember, I was the only one who spoke Chinese. So this idiot was yelling at a security guard who didn't speak English in English. We had to call the US embassy and have a government official sort everything out. He ended up getting sent home.

The other fuckboy would always get drunk and would stay out in bars in the bad part of town ("town" being Guangzhou). He bought a bike brand-new and was outraged when it was stolen. After he left it unlocked in a city of 23,000,000 people. He'd also flirt with our students; sometimes we'd be teaching at middle schools. Picture it: a 30-year-old flirting with 14-year-olds. Again, in English, to people who viewed English as a novelty at best. Absolutely disgusting.

The worst part is that both of these morons were rolling in non-underage pussy while the responsible teachers (me and the other boy in the group) had to cave in and buy hookers.
Lol this would not happen. You can still come into the country to visit. Debt does not equal jail time, ever. You will not be taken into custody over outstanding loans. You'll have shit credit and might be subpoenad to eventually have to go to court, if the credit agency gets notified of your arrival and whereabouts. If you're visiting they will not have enough time for either. At court they would garnish your wages but for that to work you'd have to have a job in the states
They sound like just a couple of cheeky lads m8. No harm no foul
You don't get put in jail for debts
Nah, they were useless, annoying, stubborn Chad wannabes.
The government pays for a majority of my education. I only have to pay $400 a quarter in fees. Thanks for putting me through college, wagecucks
FirSt off you dumbfuck do you know how court systems work? I guarantee a prison sentencing for a debt would be the last thing ANY judge would choose. It is a complete waste of resources in a country full of overcrowded prisons, not to mention idiotic as fuck if you're an elected judge.
Second, did you even look at your source? Those are mostly all in cases of child support or voluntary jail time. Now ask yourself this what's more likely a judge to do, sentence a father to jail time where he will no doubt pay 0 child support or garnish his wages?

Third off, absolutely 0 of those states require jail time for student debt.

I'm in an apprenticeship program so I'm actually getting paid to go to uni part time.
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