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>just ERPd with my second person ever
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>just ERPd with my second person ever

>even more amazing than the first time

Guys I don't think I can watch porn anymore. It doesn't get me off like ERP does

So glad I tried it for the first time this week, its so intoxicating.

It almost prepares me for real sex since this time I have to interact and progress with another person.
Aka cyber sex
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where do i sign up OP? is there a site or two where people congregate for this kind of thing?
>>25609144fuckin hell is it 2001 again

>Shilling this hard for ERP site
you play korean and japanese MMOs
>it's le JEWS
off yourself
God, I really miss just logging into random AIM and Yahoo chat rooms and meeting damaged qts who would erp and flash their cams. God damn 2008, everything went to shit so fast then...
I mostly ERP in MMOS but jesus christ is it hard to find someone.
I can't tell if most grills are being coy/lewd as fuck but only for the sake of doing just that - never to ERP

I remember how nervewracking it was even now to get a new person and start doing the *Action* shpiel even after they cocktease the fuck out of me and whatnot.
F-list if you don't mind all the furries.

...but it's a bonus if you're into furries.
WoW on Moon Guard
>e-chat co/room/106292
Ask for socially-uncomfortable mizuki
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>you'll never bang an elf chick
>for that matter, you'll never even pretend to
>if you tried you'd just sound autistic and fuck up all the lore
More erotic role play stories plz
I just want to rp something where I'm a scrawny fujoshit NEET hikki girl with awful social skills and eventually we fuck. I'm a decent writer, and it seems like a fun idea to play out.
I can never hit this level.
How do you even wake up and think to practice haram such as this?
>You'll never bang any chick
Fixed that for ya, buddy.
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>mfw staying up to 4 am trying to convince this guy not to kill himself, all while he's beggint me to write me futa fucking him with a horsecock

Do not associate with people who ERP under any fucking circumstance

Jesus fucking christ the stories I could tell
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>wake up
>erp with someone who claims to be a milf
>who cares, assume everyone is a dude anyway
>turns into wincest
>edge for hours
>blow massive load
>go back to sleep for ~5 more hours
I used to cyber on Yahoo pool chat. Probably told a middle aged guy I was eating her pussy but whatever.
Tell them plz sempaii
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I live in Australia, far away from all the autistic shits in America (there's a few of you fucks from Australia/EU/UK but it's pretty rare)

Anyway, i've had shit like

>a husband and wife in a skype call with the wife's "master", who was definately not her husband
>friend ignoring some crazy bitch, and getting a 300 page manuscript to an erotic novel starring their characters on his porch
>said crazy bitch turns out to be a 32 year old "mtf" who'd been on hormones for three years, still looked like Homer Simpson in a dress but had the voice of a 14 year old who's balls hadn't dropped yet
>dude who stayed up to 5 am and missed a medical exam just to ERP with me
>everyone drops suicide bombs on you within 2 weeks of talking to you

https://www.f-list.net/c/myara is the best example you'll find of what awaits you in ERPing

>Choosing the biggest mound, she pissed on it, soaking it..and recreated her pet in a new, more fitting form for her amusement. And she was Navara from then on, her mistress's little cum-goo girl. The ONLY one she will EVER submit to... is her mommy. Unless told otherwise by mommy.
ERP is a lot of fun for writing. It helps that I have three separate profiles on a site and each one delves into drastically different kinks.

>negra amazon domme who I sometimes play as a psycho loli
>heroine made to be destroyed, raped, bred and worse
>profile focusing on the concept of pathetic, borderline useless girls and how they can either be exploited or "saved"

Seriously, if you're a fan of writing and are a /d/eviant you'll eventually luck out and spend the entire evening with someone, writing out the best sick shit.
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Thread images: 7
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