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I was Chad once, and am Chad again. But I...
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I was Chad once, and am Chad again. But I can't get over the shit that I have seen. Let me tell you robots some red pilled stories from a Chad POV, just give me a minute.
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maybe op will deliver
>In High School
>High intelligence
>Only took classes with normal intelligence kids as electives
>One class was pretty much seniors only
>This mentally handicapped kid was in the class
>He was enjoying his senior year, because he was one of the few kids in special ed class with the electives to be in classes with normal kids
>Sat beside me
>Him on my left, a group of three Stacies on my right
>He would say... well, retarded shit. He would tell me stories about how he would drive a bunch of various expensive cars, then crash them, then run away while they exploded.
>I obviously knew that this was bullshit, but I didn't want to burst his bubble
>He was short, ugly, fat, and dumb. He didn't have shit going for him. So if he wanted to tell me a bunch of lies I wasn't going to call him out for it.
>Listened to this every day, just nodded and agreed with a smile
>One day a Stacy overhears this
>One Stacy praises me for being so nice to this kid
>The other two start calling him out on shit
>As a non-highschooler I now recognize that all of these were ploys for my attention
>Stacies get the whole class involved
>I am literally the only person in class not making fun of this special education kid
>One day class has field trip canoeing down river
>Partner with special ed kid voluntarily because I'm the only one who would
>At end we are grilling
>Grilling with the homies, marinated chicken, mmmmmmmm
>Haven't seen special ed kid in a while
>See him wrestling with a dude
>It goes beyond play
>Before I can do anything dude breaks his nose
>Special ed kid's field trip is ruined because he got beaten up
>All he wanted was to be normal until Stacy fucked his shit up

Only keep on reading if you want to go deeper.
>Later on in Chad career
>I was a shy Chad due to abusive parents, would get lengthy love notes and confessions in my year book, and immature girls would pick on me for attention
>Realized at some point that I could bang hotties
>Pick up a sexy latina on the school year book
>Relationship is fine for a while, I bump aside some 20 year old beta she was dating beforehand
>Her birthday comes up
>Talking to her by text message the day before
>I obviously want to come and celebrate with her
>She (jokingly) says to come over at 12 the day before
>She was joking about me coming at the stroke of midnight, but she had church the next day so I assumed that she meant come at noon the following day
>Show up groomed at her house early
>Nobody there
>Start texting her
>Don't get replies until well after noon
>She starts replying
>Don't respond
>Wait until she shows up with her family at her home
>Give her gifts
>Pull her in front of her house to "talk"
>Chew her out
>Tell her how dare she waste my time
>Tell her that she made a fucking fool out of me by making me wait out here for her
>I verbally humiliate her on her parents front porch, and reduce her to tears on her own birthday
>She is crying on her parents' front step on her birthday
>Latina-Stacy suddenly starts making out with me
>Making her cry made her horny
>She gave me her hymen that night
>She wouldn't have if I hadn't reacted that way
>Stacy literally only responds to anger and over the top assertiveness aka aggression
>Slightly later in my Chad career
>In college with Latina-Stacy girlfriend
>Bombarded by hotties
>The fact that I have a sexy gf doesn't stop them
>My gf is hit on by strangers in the commons area if I get up to go to the bathroom, but as I'm coming back they scamper because I'm a 6'3 former athlete and I'd beat a motherfucker's brains out for hitting up my gf in front of me
>Only see traces of them as they scamper off because Latina-Stacy tells them that she has a boyfriend, and they turn and see me before scampering
>Go to political meeting hosted by former Presidential Adviser doing a campus tour to speak on behalf for his NGO
>At a hosted dinner before this
>A Congressman is there among many other dignitaries
>Want to talk to this dude
>Beautiful women all at my table, including Latina-Stacy
>He comes by to chat them up
>Talking to hot blonde
>Hot blonde has already come onto me, but I don't give a fuck
>Look for conversational opening
>Finally get one, jump in with name of local landmark
>Join conversation
>Say a few things, ask a few questions
>Later on during speech
>He talks about problem
>Talks about problem
>Says he is there to raise awareness about problem so that we students can pursue solutions
>Recites one of my questions near the end rhetorically
>Says that he hates this question because ignorance is entailed by it
>Get incensed by this
>As he's about to take his applause and leave shout at the stage
>"Raising awareness is bullshit. It's a path for cowards who want props for fighting for an issue without doing shit about it. If you REALLY want to do something about this issue, come over here!"
>Stacies everywhere
>Form signup sheet
>Start student group that eventually lobbies successfully for stricter regulation of conflict minerals
>We literally passed a fucking Congressional resolution
>Long term, wind up fucking two or three of the hottest chicks in that audience not counting my gf at the time

Don't expect anyone to believe this one.
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>THAT'S what I should have said!
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Here is my turning point

>Eventually Latina-Stacy and I break up
>Fuck my way through a lot of blonde-haired, blue-eyed hotties
>Eventually get into writing
>Write a shit ton, it becomes a daily thing
>Miss classes, miss meals, drink heavily
>Wake up at 4 in the afternoon, catch dinner, drink, then write all night
>Then repeat
>My shitty lifestyle causes me to gain 80lbs
>No more Stacy
>Suddenly the bitches no longer squeal for me
>Surprised as fuck the first time I go to a party and don't realize how much weight I have gained
>Zero interest from Stacy
>It's taken me over a year to lose the weight
>Learn what it's like for Betas in that interim
>Stacy treats me like shit
>All women do
>Then I slim back down to ~200 at 6'3
>Stacy wants my dick again
>But I fucking hate Stacy and I love you faggots more because I understand your struggle from that period of my life

You ruined me. Seeing the world as you do has ruined my ability to enjoy it.

I give no fucks if you believe me.
>>See him wrestling with a dude
>>It goes beyond play
>>Before I can do anything dude breaks his nose
>>Special ed kid's field trip is ruined because he got beaten up
Why didn't you step in and prevent this?
good for you. hopefully this makes you a more well-rounded leader of society

Because he was a parking lot and dozens of feet on top of that away from me and it happened in a matter of seconds.
wow I'm glad we could amuse you while you were a "beta" asshole. Go back to cheating and ruining the pool of women and leave us alone now.
But a dominant Chad such as yourself could have put an end to the fight with a single shout.

>ruining the pool of women

They are looking for anyone. Anyone could ruin them.


That's not how it works.
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>High intelligence
>having already experienced it to the fullest ruined it for you dumb asshole

the fuck kind of gall do you have pretending we have some kind of hand in this? that's a rhetorical question btw you fucking normalfaggot
OP I'm disappointed. Are you holding out on us? None of these stories are particularly shocking. You've only regaled three tales.
Oh NOES not one year :O, damn you had it hard bro, you can leave now chad.
File: 1452298892749.jpg (712 KB, 1946x2400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I lifting really a night/day difference between how women treat you?
>They are looking for anyone. Anyone could ruin them.

Enabling immoral behavior is still immoral.
No cucking a dude five minutes after meeting him and his girlfriend? No gangbanging an innocent nerdy type with your broskis? Falling short on the even decent bait spectrum.
If I ever said I fucked your bitch, just know, I mean it.
Holy fugg
"6', bad credit score, no table manners"

I love it
Yeah some 6'3" former athlete getting laid left and right is on 4chan right now, top fucking kek OP
what did you write
>greentexts that never happened

A book about prostitutes. I interviewed them and asked them to tell their stories in their own words. So much of that shit was fucking heartbreaking that I developed a pretty bad drinking habit.
This thread was a cleverly disguised book promotion.
But I'll take the bait, sounds neat. Where can I read it?
>tfw you finally understand why Muslims honorkill their stacies

I might self-publish, but I have a college publisher interested.
Why the fuck does this piss me off while simultaneously impressing me?
I don't care about you at all

you seem needy, self-centered, and you're a cheat

fuck off loser
Because this is the life some men lead, literally having people want to spend time with them without any effort


I've never cheated.
That definitely does aggravate me beyond relief. I feel the sort of girls I'm into would think this guy was trash, but even still, knowing he can just say stupid ass shit to cute girls and hook up with them with minimal effort really does piss me off. Those girls are probably dumb ass shit anyway, but that's not even the point.
>So much of that shit was fucking heartbreaking that I developed a pretty bad drinking habit.
You could've just watched crack whore confessions:
>i was raped by my dad
>i was raped by my step dad
>i was raped by my brother
>my dad and brother used to share me
>brother used to make me suck his dick
>my kid is witch his grandma
He also fucks them on camera.
>stupid ass shit to cute girls
You're suffering from some serious cognitive dissonance there friend.
>girl only values him for his looks and throws free sex at him
>you value girl only for her looks and think it's a tragedy she throws sex around like that
She's a whore dude, stop looking at a girl and being disappointed that so and so cute or hot girl isn't good, nice, or innocent and value them for their actions and beliefs. If you did that you'd give no fucks about whores being whores because you don't value or expect much from whores.

The congressman was right, you know.
>Suffering from serious cognitive dissonance
You're kidding, right?

>Value girls for their looks. Whores are whores and if you stopped valuing their looks, you'd realize that
It's not like that. I mean, I do get a bit disappointed about certain girls being total whores, but only because I try to think positively about strangers unless they look like they ride dick constantly (because it's pretty fucking obvious sometimes). I'm not really mad about the girls being whores anyway. They can do what they want, it just annoys me how easy it is for this guy. Literally says the most godawfully stupid shit on earth, and gets laid. The alternative I expect. I expect stupid girls to attractive manwhores, but it's always a bit more surprising when stupid guys attract whores, but I guess looking at it realistically, what else would happen. Guys and girls can be both be whores. Don't get me wrong though, it's not like I think these girls are smart either, but honestly, some of the might be. They're probably just like the smart guys who get a lot of ass. They're just using these guys just the guys are using them. Everybody just wants a nice hookup.
Well alright then original desu
Idk if I'd call myself a chad. Lately I pretty rarely leave the house except to go to the store

I met this chick (I'd post her pic if I didn't delete our text convo, she's like a 7 or 6. kinda cubby, cute face) on bart when I groped her after a festival (people were watching). Got her number without talking to her, just passed her my phone. She became my fuckbuddy, payed for food, usually paid for beer. One time I slapped her for no reason while we were at a diner, not even in a mean way
Did that to another girl who agreed to fuck but I never followed through

I have an ex (cute) who suppprted me for half of last year/end of 2014. I used to slap her too, in a mean way (bitch was a slut who had kind of broke my heart before that)

I beat peoples' ass pretty consistently. I'm not sure what to say about that, but it's what I do. I've beat the fuck out of like 5 people because of my ex alone. Some guy who said hi to her when we weren't even going out. Some random guy that I did just because me and her were arguing in public
I used to be similar anon. I just couldn't do it anymore as the sheer disgust and bullshit eventually overwhelmed me. The cheating, the bullshit, the drama, and more. I grew to fucking hate it before quitting to spend time on other things. Granted I was no longer popular but goddamn I actually managed to enjoy it.

No more cheating cunts.
No more bitching.
No more depravity.
No more drama.
No more boring bullshit.

Its actually pretty fucking nice. Some of the stuff I was witness to and did still haunts me though. Wish I could go back and do things differently. God did I ever hate the shit that would go down and myself for participating or just standing aside doing nothing.

FUCK that part of my life so much. Despite being a broken broke ass literal cripple I STILL manage to feel better about it myself compared to back then.
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